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3 WAys m Decorate Me Happy n
…Home Décor that Inspires!
To Improve Job Happiness:
Do you feel like you need a new
infusion of joy in the pursuit of your
work? Here are a few tips!
1. Add positive energy
to your workplace
Sometimes work environments can be
bare of human comforts, simply because
everyone’s got their hands full just
performing the necessary functions. Take a
few minutes to bring in fresh fruit or create
a collage of fun photographs and invite
everyone to contribute -- or even splurging
on fresh flowers for the stockroom can
bring you the satisfaction of enhancing
your setting with a few meaningful
touches that everyone can appreciate!
2. Get up and move around
There’s an abundance of research
demonstrating that you’ll be happier,
less stressed and even smarter if you
add some periods of physical exercise
to your day. Thankfully, as a Gift Shop
Manager, you are already pretty active.
That window display took a lot of work
-- not to mention unpacking all those
boxes! Still, it’s nice to clear your head
with a brisk walk around the block, or
try jogging up and down the stairs for a
few heart pumping minutes. You’ll feel
healthier in body and mind, and better
equipped to handle the stress of the day.
The Sentiment Collection Plaques from AngelStar
Inspired Products, Inc. (10%) showcase touching
sentiment in mirrored text. A wonderful addition to any
room, freestanding or hanging. $8.00 (800) 264-3577
Montana West’s (10%) collection of home
décor includes tabletop décor, wall décor,
night lights, crosses, stationery, and photo
frames, The featured “Hope” photo frame
offers inspiration with an opening for a 4” x 6” photo. $10.00 (972) 241-9998
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3. Focus on improving
your non-work life
When things aren’t going well
in general, it’s easy for that
dissatisfaction to spill over to our jobs.
After all, you are the same person
whether you’re at home or at work.
Pursuing new creative or educational
pathways in your spare time, such as
exploring Pinterest Boards, starting an
exciting project, spending more time
with the people you love; there are
countless ways to make small positive
changes. Even making the effort to
get a full night’s rest can transform
your whole way of responding to daily
The essential ingredient for
improving your job happiness is
empowerment. When you make
a small effort to change the status
quo, you realize how much of your
life is actually yours to define -- and
this sense of power is the basis for
happiness in any realm!
is the
and the
purpose of
life, the
whole aim
and end
of human
~ Aristotle
e PETPARADE fuvwxyz
A recent Packaged Facts survey reveals
that 83% of pet owners consider their
pet to be a member of their family.
This “humanization” of our furry friends
continues to drive high-end sales, including
that of non-traditional pet items. Products
such as pet supplements, human grade
food and luxury items are all on the rise.
The wellness of their pets is uppermost in
owners minds! So consider items such as the
featured items from Jeremiah Junction and
round out the offerings with merchandise
that will appeal to all pet lovers.
Beautifully illustrated,
Jeremiah Junction (10%)
flags are especially vibrant,
printed with fade resistant
dye on quality blend of
polyester/nylon, guaranteed
to NEVER mildew for longer
lasting outdoor enjoyment.
12” x 18” $5.00 & 28” x 40”
$10.00 (800) 231-8108 www.
Each DaVinci Bead is a small work of art.
Every bead is handcrafted; each crystal
hand set; enamels are painstakingly applied
by artisans. Center Court’s (10%) DaVinci
jewelry is made from only the highest quality
materials. $2.50 (888) 905-3935 www.
Place a photo in Okiehana’s (10%) photo
mug for the ultimate in personalization.
This exciting product includes a specially
designed waterproof pouch that keeps
photos dry during washing. Slide in any
favorite photo and remember the ones
you love with every sip. (888) 981-9635
Designs (5%) is
ranked the #1
frame vendor by
GiftBeat magazine
9 years in a row.
This distressed gray
wood photo frame
with antique silver
metal attachment
holds your favorite
4” x 6” pet photo.
$6.00 (800) 426-3578
Fondly memorialize the loyalty
and love of a cherished pet with
the pet bereavement plaques
from Boston International
(10%). The cast cement
memorials can be used inside
and out so that a beloved
pet will never be forgotten.
$9.75 (800) 637-5061 www.
A Sara Kety Baby and Kids (10%) has the funniest snapsuits on the planet! A
perfect gift for new baby while giving the sleep deprived parents a chuckle! Boy
and Girl designs available. $12.00 (866) 699-6660
B Six of African American Expressions (10%) most popular designs are now
available as cosmetic bag duos. Carry them in your handbag or at keep at home
to inspire you anytime! $10.00/set of two (800) 684-1555
C Boelter Brands (10% ex. Handpaint & Fridge) recently acquired the sports
licensed assets of Topperscot. Boelter provides an unparalleled product range of
Christmas ornaments, Halloween and tailgate items featuring NFL, MLB, NBA,
NHL, and College licenses. (877) 233-7287
D Have fun with this two toned messenger from Passion NYC (10%) with a
strap wrapped around into a bow. This bag comes with zipper to secure all your
treasures and adjustable shoulder strap for ideal length and comfort. $15.00
(855) 880-4598
E Selected from the archives of the V&A Museum in London, this set of nine
bookmarks reflect the changing trends of fabric and wallpaper designs during
the 19th and 20th Centuries from That Company Called IF (10%). SRP $4.95
(866) 729-6160
F Just arrived to World Buyers (10%)! New jewelry displays make easy add-on
sale and pick up items near the cash wrap. The featured natural wood display
includes 72 piece colorful knot twist bracelets with adjustable sizing to fit all.
$2.60 (800) 996-7531
Kathy Ireland
10% Discount
(855) 580-1114
Opening $250 Reorder $100
Accent Accessories
10% Discount
(310) 984-6857
Opening $100 Reorder $75
Accent Accessories is a fun fashionable accessory line that
your customers will love. They offer scarves, necklaces, bracelets,
earrings, unique badge holders, ponchos, leggings, palazzo pants,
bags, etc. All affordable and all with low minimums.
The Kathy Ireland Candles collection highlights fabulous brand
designs combining them with fragrances selected from over 200
choices. These candles use soy waxes, pure cotton wicks, and
essential oils. Root Candles has been making the best candles
in America since 1869 and is the exclusive manufacturer of kathy
ireland Candles.
Queens Designs
10% Discount
(404) 589-9897
Opening $300 Reorder $0
SNIFTY Scented Products
10% Discount
(908) 486-1000
Opening $100 Reorder $100
Queens Designs has been a leader in the fashion watch and
accessories industry for over 10 years. Founded in 2004, in Atlanta,
Georgia, Queens Designs has a distinctive line of accessories and
watches for men, women, and kids. They also carry a wide selection
of collegiate merchandise and fashion sunglasses.
SNIFTY is the manufacturer of scented pencil toppers, scented
pens, scented rulers, and scented jewelry. These impulse items
are great for “Back to School”, Holidays and Everyday sales.
SNIFTY scented products feature fun and collectible fragrances
and designs; perfect for POP displays. Manufactured in the U.S.A.
Trend Lab (10%)
recently signed a
license agreement for
Paddington Bear. The
product lines scheduled
launch is late 2014 to
coincide with the
movie release.
Designs will reflect
the endearing appeal
of the story along with
iconic British motifs.
(866) 873-6352 www.
For those who crave luxurious,
natural body care products without
the fragrance, Natural Inspirations
(10%) has the answer! Hydrate,
soften and soothe skin with the
nourishing lotions and crèmes
loaded with potent antioxidants.
SRP $7.00 - $16.50 (952) 466-7417
Disney movies, Planes and
Frozen are hot properties and
emblazoned on 22” bubble
balloons from U.S. Balloon (10%).
Stretchy plastic balloons inflate
round with smooth, wrinkle-free
seams creating an amazing 3-D
effect from every angle! They
never oxidize, are non-allergenic
and float for weeks! $3.03 (800)
to Member
Karen Badgley, Grand
Blanc, MI shared a bit of
her experience from the
July Show at AmericasMart,
Atlanta, GA ~ We bought
a lot of merchandise and
thought the market looked
good….A line that I liked as
far as fashion accessories
was Howard’s Jewelry
(5%), I thought their scarves,
ponchos and bracelets looked
great. Burton and BURTON
(5%) for spring had some nice
things. We did a big display
of the colored recycled glass
vases from Burton.
Due to a lack of orders, the following Vendors will no longer be extending a discount to Retail
Advantage Group Members: Camille Beckman, Carousel Candles, Gooseberry Patch,
Legacy Publishing Group, Psi Health Solutions Inc., Spoontiques, Inc., TangledFaith
5224 W. State Rd. 46 #337
Sanford, FL 32771
phone: 407.268.4444
fax: 407.268.4449
Be sure to visit our website at
m Decorate Me Happy n
…Home Décor that Inspires!
Trending P
We know more than one guy holding
on to his favorite brand of bar soap! But
now woman are re-embracing this old
standby as a new wave of bar soaps hit
the shelves. Gone are the blocks of oilstripping ingredients! Many bar soaps
have been reformulated using gentle
ingredients that no longer dry out your
skin. Beautifully crafted, packaged and
environmentally-friendly these bars are
typically less expensive and boast the
use of less preservatives and chemicals –
this is a trend we can embrace!
Featured: Caren Products LLC (10%)
(800) 626-6272
& Crabtree & Evelyn (10% ) (877) 2809451
The birth of a child calls for
celebrating new life! Let Roman
(10%) help you capture and
celebrate the big and little
moments with everyday baby
gifts. The Learning to Fly photo
frame holds a 4” x 4” photo of
baby. $9.50 (800) 729-7662
Adorn your walls with Stencil Art from P. Graham
Dunn (10%)! This piece features a carved out tree,
combined with a strong sentiment “Our family
is a circle of love & strength – founded on faith,
joined by love, kept by God.” Unique in its design,
add dimension and depth to your walls. $18.00
(800) 828-5260
Bottled Poetry
“Wine is bottled poetry.”
~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Cards to celebrate
the wine-lover
in your life -- no
corkscrew required!
Like all Cardthartic
(10%) cards, it’s
proudly made in
the USA using soy
ink on recycled
paper. $1.48 (800)
814-8145 www.
Functional and
beautifully crafted,
(10%) bestselling
Wine Wall Plaque
would make a
great addition to
any kitchen or
dining area. Also a
wonderful gift for
someone with a
taste for the finer things in life. $15.00 (800)
This “Home is where the Wine is” sign
is a great gift for any wine enthusiast.
Designed by Cindy Lowry for Blossom
Bucket (10%); delivering “Gifts that
Celebrate the Journey” with products for
all of life’s special occasions. $5.25 (800)
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Perfect Timing’s (10%)
Wine Country 2015 Wall
Calendar is a must-have
for wine aficionados!
Highlights the pleasures
of the grape: glasses
filled with crisp whites
and full-bodied reds,
and the rolling hills of
vineyards. SRP $15.99
(800) 262-2611 www.
Dress it up with an exciting
bottle gift bag from Design
Design Inc. (10%). This bag is
perfect for wine, champagne,
bottled water or even candles.
Your hostess’ gift will be the
first opened! This bottle bag
has gem embellishments.
$1.98 (800) 334-3348 www.
Add a festive stylish
bottle neck tag from
The Gift Wrap
Company (10%)
when you gift a
bottle of wine to
someone special.
“Friends of Wine
are Friends of Mine”
$18.00/dozen (800)
443-4429 www.