Issue 3



Issue 3
Tobi Ashimolowo
Tobi Ashimolowo
obi defined
Glory as Light.
He reminded
us that we
are meant to
reflect the Light of God,
because we are the Light of
the world (Matthew 5:1314). He emphasised that
it is imperative we shine
the light of God through
our lifestyle, as stated in 2
Corinthians 3:18.
What is the glory of God?
The Glory of God
can be manifested in the
physical. In Exodus 13:2122, the glory was made
manifest as a cloud and fire.
The Glory of God was manifest through people –
in the life of Moses in Exodus 14:21-22 and also
in the life of Paul in Acts 19:11-12. Tobi
prophesied that God is ready to use the youth.
JN: What does My Glory mean
to you?
C: It means the Glory that God
has put in me.
JN: Describe Da X conference
so far?
C: The conference has been
brilliant and seeing the outcome
makes me more joyful.
He continued by showing
that when you give your
life to God, the Glory of
God resides in you. We
also have the same Spirit
that raised Christ from the
dead transforming us into
more glorious people.
Pastor Wilson Bugembe
he atmosphere in TNT was filled with
expectancy as Pastor Wilson took
the stage. He was very relaxed and
engaging, he started by prophesying
to the youths that he believes they are going to
be the next generation of God’s Generals. In line
with the prophecy, he gave his testimony of how
God turned a hopeless situation around for His
interestingly after his nickname, because of
the one yellow coloured shirt he wore whilst
growing up. Due to this song, he became the
Best Gospel Artist in Uganda for 10 years.
His story was told everywhere and he
began to give his testimony. At 19 years he
started his ministry with nine other students
under a mango tree – it has now grown to
5000 members and the ministry takes care of
190 orphans.
Quoting from Luke 11:21-24, coupled with a
very interactive demonstration of an arm wrestle
between two young
saints, he challenged
always be on the
Yesterday’s KYAM
winning side and
convention was visited
by Pastor Dipo, with a
beaming smile he tried to
because He will
gain entry. Fortuitously
protocol was adhered
to and the young adult
To listen to the full
peace keeper handled the
situation gloriously stating,
please buy the tape!
“We require ID proving that
you are under 30, sir…”
Gate Crasher
2 8 T H
WELCOME! praying for revival!
eople can argue against many things but
they cannot argue against the move of God.
Creation is waiting for the manifestation of
the sons of God. We need a revival.
Yesterday afternoon we stood as one body and
prayed for Europe; for a move of God that cannot
be denied. We prayed for revival.
We need the enemy to be silenced; for hell to be
defeated. As people of God we prayed to shift
darkness, we broke the power of the enemy,
releasimg grace in Jesus’ name.
I believe there will be a shift in Europe, that
darkness will be overpowered, that the power
of the enemy will be broken. God will silence the
silencers. God will do a new work. His hands will be
stretched out.
I pray that God will use you and make you a
blessing. That He will use you to touch your world.
Don’t let the enemy condemn you, don’t let him
limit you, or remind you of your past. You are a new
creation. Just tell God that you are available. He
will use you, He will make you a blessing in Jesus’
The power and the presence of the Holy Spirit is
here. You will walk in His glory
Matthew Ashimolowo
Don’t miss interviews with all the speakers at IGOC 2015 on
Champions Xtra on KICCTV each day 2pm and 8pm on
Sky channel 591.
Tomorrow’s Agenda
By Dr. Mensa Otabil
Keen to get a good start to the day with a solid
breakfast… a member of the media team arrived with
some delicious boiled eggs to enjoy! Her colleagues
however did not share her enthusiasm… “Please! Take
it outside where there is a lot of air!” Oh dear… never
mind sister. Pray the scent away
Dr Mensa Otabil introduced his powerful teaching with the words, “We are
heirs of the Father, We are joint heirs to the Son, we are children of the
kingdom, we are family; we are one”. Dr Otabil explained that w –hen we
receive Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, we become children of God. He
then asked us: In what sense are we children of God?
As said in Ephesians 1:5, we were ‘predestined to adoption’. Dr Otabil proclaimed
that adoption means we are not children
of God by blood or natural birth (as
we know it to be on earth), but we are
children by a spiritual conveyance from
the earth realm into the Kingdom of
God. In other words, we do not receive
the Spirit of bondage to fear, but the
Spirit of adoption in which we are: free
to call God “Abba, Father” and we are
joint heirs with Christ to share in the
fullness and richness of God’s abundant
and everlasting inheritance (Romans 8:
We have unrestrained, uninhibited and unlimited access to God’s inheritance,
so what’s the challenge? Dr Otabil explained that our biggest battle is with our
mind, because adoption occurs when we have already learnt bad habits and
become accustomed to being a slave to fear and living in lack. He highlighted
that our greatest battle was not with the enemy, but with our mind. We need to
allow the spiritual reality to manifest in our mind (Romans 12:2). We need to
renew our mind!
Dr Otabil urged that we need to LEARN that we are not slaves in transition, but
we are JOINT heirs and masters of all (Galaians 4:1-3). The man of God wittingly
unfolded that the value and worth of a thing is determined by the price
tag, Therefore £5 shoes are bound to forsake you in the winter. However,
Jesus who desired to redeem us looked around and found nothing more
precious than His life to give for the sake of our sins. Therefore, we have
access to all of the inheritance made available to Jesus Christ by God,
because he paid the price with His blood (which bears witness for us in the
most holy place in heaven) so that God would love us the way that God loves
By His blood, we have total redemption (Hebrews 1:1-3).
By His blood, Jesus obtained a more excellent ministry that thrives internationally,
around the clock, through us and for us (Hebrews 8:6).
By His blood, Jesus obtained a more excellent name that we can call upon. Only
at the MENTION of His name, with a little bit of faith, EVERY KNEE SHOULD BOW
(Hebrews 1:4; Philippians 2:10).
To conclude his message, Pastor Otabil invited us all to call on the MIGHTY
What teaching has impacted you the most from the Daytime School of Ministry?
I was especially impacted by Pastor Matthew’s opening message while he was talking
about a change of season. I believe I am going through a change of season right now. All
the teachings have been great. What also stood out for me was Dr Bill Winston’s message
– ‘Faith, the missing ingredient’ Faith is at the core of our Christian walk, you
cannot walk with God without it. We all face difficult situations just like the
disciples in Mark 4:36-41 but the question is: will you be able to stand
when challenges comes? We are like diamonds picked out of the dirt but
we should be willing to go through the fiery furnace in order to shine for
His glory. I like one of the statements he made – ‘Faith is the title deed’!
Tafadzwa Muyanduki
Dr Mensa Otabil earlier said
“the value and worth of a thing
is determined by the price tag,
therefore £5 shoes are bound
to forsake you in the winter.”
This sister clearly has no
problem with choosing what
shoes to wear!
We couldn’t help but chuckle as we overheard two
sisters talking about the availability of eligible
bachelors during IGOC…
Sister 1: There always seem to be ‘good ones’ when
(we have deliberately withheld the name) speaker
Sister 2: I know!! They came to my stand – last time
I got so carried away, I nearly gave away all of my
Be led by the Spirit sisters
spiritual centre - cycles of blessings
by bishop tudor bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark powerfully opened his
message by letting the congregation know
that this message was about ’Spiritual Centres’
and ‘Cycles of Blessings’, to which he asked
all present to shout it out.
Laying a foundation of scripture from Acts 13,
he went on to explain how the Church at
Anitoch was in disarray – they even
had racial wars and a curfew at
6pm. When the Apostle Paul came
to Antioch all of that changed and
the church at Antioch became
a spiritual centre. He declared
that KICC is a spiritual centre and
has a responsibility that only God
knows just how much.
So what is a spiritual centre?
1. It is an epicenter – a place of revelation
2. God trusts you with gifted people in a
spiritual centre – God gives you these people
to do the things they need to be able to do
3. Unusual amounts of revenue are within the
spiritual centre – this helps to buy the future
4. The move of the Holy Spirit – It is not
about having church but about setting the
atmosphere for God to rule in the region
Giving an example, he showed us how God
is moving in the Spirit and how that move of
the spirit is like a flame. The flame comes
and it
operates in the afterglow and that is where we
really enjoy the Holy Spirit. But God only operates
in cycles and seasons. They begin to release
something that we have to tap into.
Cycles are:
1. Universal 2. Political 3. Economic
4. Social 5. Family 6. Spiritual
7. Behavioural
When we see the signs of these
cycles, we know that we can
wait and receive. In Genesis
1:15, God clearly shows us
the cycle of day and night.
In Genesis 1:14 he shows us a
scientific cycle and in Genesis
18:10 he shows us a time cycle.
Whatever cycle you find yourself in,
there is always the time to wait, but it is how you
manage your highs that will give you the wisdom
to succeed. The keys are in the change of the
cycle, because it is not just ‘happen-stance.’ You
have to prepare for the revival as it is part of the
cycle. At this juncture, he instructed us to shout “I
am a spiritual centre” at the top of our voices. This
caused a shift in the atmosphere and he began to
give the testimony of Tommy Tenney. The truth is,
when you follow the Apostle Paul’s example, you
will be a spiritual centre.
by Dr. Bill Winston
Dr Bill Winston has such an
anointing when it comes to
revealing the true things of
God, Prayer Palace was filled
with the Holy Spirit when the
guest speaker continued in
his topic on Faith. For without
faith it is impossible to please
God. Hebrews 11:6.
Living in the world we were
reminded just how easy it
becomes for us to minimise
our faith through doubt
and distractions planted by
the devil but we must keep
our faith maximised. Faith
alongside belief is an extremely important aspect of our walk with God.
There are things that God cannot do for us until we believe - and belief
and faith are two halves of the same coin that work supernaturally in
Gods kingdom. When you believe something, you see it in your spirit
and it eventually manifests to the Glory of God.
We were given examples in scripture of times when men of God used
their faith to create miracles that without it - they couldn’t have achieved
the impossible. In 1 Samuel 17: 32 - 46 we see David using the belief in
the name of God to defeat Goliath and deliver God’s people from
the hands of the Philistines. A huge accomplishment for a mere
teenager. Proof that God is no respecter of persons. Acts 10:34.
In Luke 5: 1 - 10 we see Jesus perform a miracle in the presence of
Simon Peter - whom after toiling all night caught no fish. However
once Jesus directed him to throw in his net another time - after
hesitance it was faith in the word from Jesus that led to a catch of fish
so huge that the nets broke and Simon Peter was left astonished. It
can therefore be said that faith comes by hearing, and hearing by
the word of God. Romans 10:17.
We were instructed to bring out the faith that is lying dormant within us.
The faith that God has given to us is not for us to stay in one place. Faith
is like money - the more you have, the more you can do with it.
PRAIsing with doug!

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