Issue 5



Issue 5
The Blessing Of Signs And Wonders
≈ Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo ≈
fter a Holy Spirit filled worship
session with Mike Aremu, our
host announced that we should
be, “believing God beyond all limitations”
and that he will be echoing much of what
Dr Mensa Otabil had previously taught.
We were told that, “God is not limited,
his only problem is us, our lack of
faith!” and that certain issues cannot be
overcome without signs and wonders.
Dueteronomy 26:8.
YOU?”, Pastor Matthew asked and
revealed that, “This is the era of signs
When you are addicted to the word of
God then signs must follow you. You
• Be hungry for the word
• Acquire the word
• Apply the word
How do you operate
in signs and
ROOTS – your root
determines your fruit.
“You are a spirit [not
just spiritual – there is
a difference]” In John
4:34 Jesus said that
His food is to do the
will of the one who
sent Him. “Unless you
are born of water and
of the spirit you cannot
enter the kingdom of
God. “ John 3:5. When you are born
of the spirit, you have the spiritual
umbilical cord that connects you to
your Father.” … that which is born of
the flesh is flesh” John 3:6. We need
to know how to turn your spiritual
antenna on!
and change, we are called to proclaim
liberty and administer this by the force of
the Spirit.” To do this, Pastor Matthew
explained, “We need the anointing, signs
and wonders, the power of God”. Signs
and wonders are a confirmation that the
word is from God. Mark 16:20
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STATUS; that it prepares you for
dominion - this is the whole crux of
Calvary. Keep practicing, you are
a YOKE DESTROYER! Mercy will
make grace and the anointing to
flow through you. Know your new
status and power will follow you!
KNOW YOU ARE FROM ABOVE John 3:31 states, “... he who comes
from above is above all.” God
worked in Christ when he raised
him from the dead and seated
him at His right hand. Ephesians
1:20-21. We are entitled to liberty
above situations. The level you are
right now determines what you can
attempt, when you begin to grow
in spirit you reach a place where
satan’s problems are nothing to you
- the one who gave you authority is
******** to be continued **********
They must have a purpose. They were created for something
and they need to fly with eagles not time wasters
They must guard their momentum, listen to their leaders
when they are sharing with them. This will give them an
fashion, further stating to the amusement of the teenagers, “If
nobody likes you the way you are they can jump into the River
Thames and take a swim!” He said impressions would make
them conform to societal standards. They will make an impact
to their society and God is waiting to use them regardless of who
they are, where they live or the mistakes they made in the past.
If they are going to fly in life they must recognise their gifts
and talents. God placed it in them for their assignment
He testified of a 17 year old in South Africa who created
something that was of benefit to his community. He created a
device to help purify rain water and a company offered him 1.8
million dollars for his product. Teenagers shouldn’t spend their
time on KFC, the latest phone and trainers and forget there’s
something great inside of them that can make impact. They
should not waste time watching TV but stay with God until God
puts something in them.
They need to concentrate and be forward minded to gather
Going back to the scripture passage on the story of David he
said that when they are after God’s business just as David
was busy tending his father’s flock, God will show them
strategies on how to become millionaires before 20 years
of age. In spite of any abuse they may have gone through,
God is looking for the weak to make them strong.” Don’t
waste time with others,” he charged them. “Spend time with
God then your wings will mount up and you will fly into the
destiny God has for you!
How can we fly?
Their Christian life must be principled. They must have time
to wait on God and to pray. They must respect themselves,
their gifts and one another.
2nd November 2012 Issue 5
ello, It’s s a glorious day today,
the fifth day of the International
Gathering of Champions 2012,
The Yoke Destroyer. God has done amazing
things in the lives of His people already. We
have testimonies of healing, deliverance,
favour and answered prayer. It is the devil
that came to put yokes on people. He came
to steal, to kill and to destroy but Jesus
Christ came to destroy the evil work of the
devil, so that we can have life and have it
abundantly, John 10:10.
The bible says in Acts 10:38 that Jesus
Christ was anointed by the Holy Spirit and
with power, so that he went about doing
good and healing all those who were
oppressed of the devil. I encourage you to
key in to the Holy Spirit and the word of
God as we receive from the anointed men
of God that He has blessed us with.
Our Dedicated Children’ s Church team,
looking after our King’s Kids
10 AM
Pastor Matthew
Dr Mark Chironna
Tudor Bismark
Matthew Ashimolowo
Pastor Matthew
The Craftsmen
Establishing Dominion
≈ Dr Mensah Otabil ≈
≈ Bishop Tudor Bismark ≈
dream together
3) Able to achieve
For every horn there
is a craftsman, a
craftsman can only
deal with one horn.
good seed, there are four ways to
develop the roots in your life:
ishop Tudor Bismark took his text
from the Book of Psalms 1 and
Matthew 7. He started by saying
that the text in Matthew 7 was not a
discourse to the unsaved. He said that
Jesus was dealing with life principles.
To have good fruit you must have a
good tree. How do you get good fruit?
According to Matt 13 we have to start
by preparing the ground, confession
of the word is important but without
action there will be no good fruit. He
then expounded on the different types
of ground highlighted in the scripture
Wayside ground – this is when there’s
too much traffic and is common with
a person not focused, the seed cannot
germinate here. You must know your
gifts; your major gifts make room for
you while your minor gifts establish
Stony ground – refers to the obstacles
in your ground. We need to focus on
what we want to manifest then we
ruthlessly take the stones out of our
Thorny ground – represents systems
that are antagonistic to us. When your
business starts to gain prominence
you start to deal with systems in the
Good ground – brings forth 30, 60 and
100 fold. It is not usual to produce a
100 fold immediately. This would follow
successively, 30 then 60 then 100 fold.
Once you have good ground according
to Matt 13:24 then you can plant the
Build with structure. A lot of people
focus on the aesthetics before doing
their foundation work. When nobody
knows your name is the time to make
preparation in prayer, the word, integrity
and honour. It takes time to build an
oak tree.
Once the roots are complete, the trunk
is then built. The trunk is the spine, the
core of your life. Everything in life that
is successful has a strong head and a
spine. Jesus is the head and He chose
three men to be His spine.
Branches are the systems of your life.
It is on the systems that the fruit will
grow. According to Gen 49:22, If we are
going to be a tree planted by the rivers
of water we must have branches that
grow beyond limitations.
The message rose to a crescendo as
he stressed that we need to identify the
‘that’ in our lives. ‘What you are right
now is what you’re full of. If you want
to be something you have to be full of
it. What is burning in your heart?’ he
asked. ‘Identify what you are and then
be it. Don’t have ten trees in you, do
one thing, that’s the way to establish
your dominion, the object is to get your
branches over the wall!’ Hallelujah!
Da X C
≈ Pastor Ike Nwanze ≈
How we can get the best
The word craftsmen means special
agents specialised in woodworks
Attributes of craftsmen
1) Engraver
2) Builder
Not just a dreamer but able to put the
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Qualities of craftsmen
Exodus 31:1 - 6
1) He’s called of the Lord
2) The craftsman identifies with the
people; he must be identified with the
people as citizen or other.
3) He is filled with God’s Spirit, anointed
The work of a craftsman
1) Terrify the horns, - they surprise the
In a split second he rises to prominence
to do the work he has been called to
do. They shake the system.
Part of the horns is the idea of the
church being called a charity which is
quite derogatory.
2) They cast down the horns, they
restore the people. As God raised
Pastor Matthew, He will raise others
among us to be craftsmen in the arena
of business, marriage, politics etc.
Craftsmen who will break yokes over
the lives of other people, even globally.
Stretch Out Your Hand
≈ Dr Mensa Otabil ≈
he congregation waited with eager
anticipation for Dr Mensa to preach
the word of God. He started by
sharing his concern for where Christianity is
going and where it is being taken. It seems
to be that Christ is being shifted from our
preaching and we need to take things back
to the right foundation – Christ Jesus.
From this standpoint the message began
as he took us back to a story based on
a specific miracle of Jesus found in Mat
12:9-13 and Luke 6:6-11, the man with the
withered hand whom Jesus healed.
astor Ike took the scripture reading from 1 Samuel 18:1-5
and started by making an announcement to the teenagers
that they were born to fly and they must accept nothing
but the best in life. He said that God has given man the capacity
to be able to think about the best for our lives and many young
people don’t realise they have the capacity to have anything they
He declared “Don’t spend your time making an impression.
Some people like to be like someone else. You don’t want to be
a bad photocopy of an original. Making impression on people do
not allow you to fulfil your potential” and in his humorous
ech 1: 18 – 19 reveals a very
profound vision Zecharia saw and
it portrayed the situations that
Israel was going through. The horn he
saw was a strong force that intimidates,
a compelling power which works
and subdues something brilliant, that
The horns scattered the
people; to make sure
that the people could
not come together
to do anything; it is a
picture of a bull that
scatters people tearing
them apart.
The horn blows people away. The
people know the name of the Lord but
are scattered and they were subdued,
everybody bowed to the horn out of
intimidation. This vision is relevant to us
today. When a horn rises it ensures that
nobody is able to lift up their heads.
in a practical way. He dismantles a
system like Nelson Mandela who
fought against apartheid, Martin Luther
King fought against segregation and
there is also William Wilberforce
4) He is able to design solutions: all of a
sudden they come up with solutions
5) They are able to execute concepts
6) Versatile operator: he can operate
in many different areas. He can be a
business man etc
7) He is a team leader
As he broke down the definition of the word
‘withered’, he pointed out that this man may
have had a withered hand but some of us
have withered minds, mental constraints.
Dr Mensa took us through 5 questions
that we need to ask in order to receive our
miracle. These included;
Will God overrule man’s rules? Can he do
it and will he do it? Can God bless us in
an economy when there is a recession?
The answer is absolutely YES! We were
reminded that there is a Jesus who is Lord
of the Sabbath who can overrule the rules
of men and we were warned not to let the
standard of men become the standard of
Will people like it (if I am blessed)? Pleasing
God will often displease people but we
must choose to please God. God does
not need anybody’s permission to bless
us. To this there was the nodding of heads,
the sound of hands clapping and shouts of
amen as people rose to their feet as their
faith levels continued to rise.
You may not receive goose bumps, or
necessarily fall under the power of the Holy
Spirit but something will be imparted into
your spirit. Somebody is going to leave
here and do things that they haven’t done
for 30 years Dr Mensa declared.
Your life will be complete tonight. There will
be wholeness tonight. I release this same
Jesus in here tonight. Receive it now in
Jesus name.
IGOC in style!