Issue 5



Issue 5
DaX: Spirit of Excellence
Pastor Andy Yawson
It was such an intense moment after the drama
ministration Pastor Andy preached a succinct
message; He took His text from the book of
Luke:39-43; When Jesus Christ hanged on the
cross, He had one criminal on each side of Him.
One of them taunted Jesus while the other
criminal rebuked Him saying; that while they
were receiving the just reward for their crimes,
Jesus was innocent. He then turned to Jesus and
told Him to remember him when He came into
His Kingdom.
Going further, he said that because the man who
spoke to Jesus was a criminal, people around
may have told Jesus that if He knew the things
he’d done, Jesus will not be talking to him.
Sometimes in life when we make the wrong
decisions people may give up on us and the
world condemns us, but Jesus told the criminal;
“ you’ll be with me in paradise”. If a
convicted criminal can make it to heaven at the
last minute, there is hope for them, Pastor said.
If Jesus could do that for the criminal, He could
do the same for them. If you reach out to Jesus
Christ, He’s able to take the mess and swap it
with an excellent Spirit.
He proceeded to make an altar call. He said there
were a number of people present who needed to
make a decision for Christ, and that Jesus is
ready to forgive them as long as they’re ready to
reach out, when the excellent Spirit from God
comes into them, nothing will hold them in
bondage. God is ready to turn their situations
Question: How have you found
IGOC so far?
“IGOC has been fantastic, full of
fastidious words, wisdom and
revelation; it has stretched me
beyond capacity and I want to
reach the next level in my life, I’m
also being challenged to live an
excellent spirit.”
“...It has been Very refreshing,
innovative and spiritual. The
atmosphere is transforming. The
main word I have picked up is
“transforming my life!”
It’s been great listening and
thinking the Word and meditating.
It’s good to listen to different
Question: How are you finding
What Da X so far?
Sarudzai bilcwa
Its rather enlightening, the
opportunity to see the teenagers
develop; they want to develop,
this serves a spiritual and mental
aspect. The Word is provoking
that and normally they would
walk out... great freedom to
Thank You
Well done to all the Stewards and Volunteers
who took time out to serve at this years IGOC
conference. Your time and dedication will
surely be rewarded by God, Who sees all.
God bless you all richly and abundantly.
Guest Pastors Welcome
Now it is time to celebrate, praise
the Lord, to give thanks for all He
has done and all He is yet to do.
See you at The Buzz...
William Stone
“I did catch praise and worship, It
was amazing! Got taken to
another level! Youth are getting
younger...Its good to get the
children in when they are young.
Simi Olufunwa, Aged 12
It’s been fun and good. Will take
away the Word, new songs and
Paul Akinnuoya, Aged 12
Good! It’s Kind of nice. I Like
Pastors word.
Today is the fifth and final day of
the International Gathering of
Champions and what an
excellent journey we’ve had!
God’s presence, healing virtues,
awesome power,
grace and favour has blessed us
immensely. I believe that there
has been a paradigm shift
providing breakthroughs in every
area of your life. Barriers have
been broken and lines have
been crossed. You came with an
expectation, with a need and
God has met with you and your
level of excellence has changed.
Children’s Church
Caring heart
fellowship Friday 3rd
September 2010
What Every
Kingdom Needs
Bishop Tudor Bismark
Increased Earnings
Bishop Tudor Bismark for his second message of IGOC began
reading from The Book of Acts 7:9-10, Genesis 41:1 and Daniel
2:1. Joseph and Daniel were God-fearing men living in empires and
we need to follow their strategy in our present world.
He continued by saying every kingdom, church, family or business
needs various types of people. These include, interpreters, prison
wardens, bakers, butlers, stewards, cup-bearers, builders, advisors,
garment makers, transportation, soldiers and merchants. Joseph had
spiritual roots and his branches extended all over the world. We
need to be like Joseph and extend our branches all over the world.
To this we need to deal with all the problems that may hinder us.
Some problems that hinder us from emerging are lack of leadership,
vision, financial understanding, order, gifts or competence, faith,
prophetic dimension,and lack of generational planning.
Bishop then continued by explaining the anatomy of the church. He
said when God made Adam, He made the human body to be a
model for everything. The head represents leadership and corporate
government, the heart; sales and distribution, lungs and respiratory
system; marketing, genitalia; entrepreneurship, blood; cash flow,
arms; offerings, product or service, legs; finance and finance control,
skeleton; infrastructure. In order to go to the next level, we need to
have the right kind of ministries and structures to get people into
the Kingdom of God. This model is useful for getting the right
people and structures.
Bishop concluded by prophetically declaring to us; “you are coming
out of prison and a new door is being opened”. He ended by saying
“God is about to make someone rich today” and we all received this
anointed prophetic Word.
Excellence in All
Pastor Dipo Oluyomi
Daniel 5:12
Pastor Dipo started the
message by reminding us
that we need to take our
responsibilities as christians
seriously. Daniel had an excellent spirit and people who
didn’t like him admitted as much. Daniel’s example must be
evident in our lives so that unbelievers can see the spirit of
excellence in us.
God is the source of all excellency. We belong to God and we
must be excellent like God. Pastor continued encouraging us
to be excellent by saying; ‘excellence is not so much what you
By Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo
As Pastor Matthew stood before the altar he declared; “it is not about starting but
finishing well, the people who where brought out of Egypt could not enter the promise
land but you will cross the line”. He continued, ‘any Satanic line that has come from
your fathers house; TONIGHT you cross!’ There are things that tend to stop your
Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark took his
message from Psalm 89:15
and Revelations 1:10. He
explained that John was in the
7th day when he turned
around looking into the 6th
The tabernacle of Moses
made up of the outer court,
the Holy Place and the Holy of
holies. The ark of the covenant
was where John was standing
on the 7th day and when he
turned around to the 6th day,
he saw the candlestick within
the Holiest of holies.We want
to be like John in the holiest of
holies. The church collectively
around the world want to go
from the outer court into the
holy place, we don’t want to
play in shallow water any
more we don’t want milk any
more, we want the meat of the
Bishop explained further that,
God made man out of the
depth of the ground, He
started by working on the
skeletal system structure first,
and then building the man
with the head first. Jesus is the
Head and controls the whole
body which is His Church. We
need to lift Christ up just as
God lifted Adam from the
earth. When we lift up Christ,
what’s in the earth comes to
When John saw Jesus on the
Lord’s day he saw an era that
was going to release the
power of God in the earth.
Bishop stated we’re in that era
where we’re able to do all
things through Christ and
concluded by declaring, the
church around the world has
entered into the power of the
Kingdom of God where there
will be an outpouring of Gods
Spirit and His blessing!
do, but who you are! We need to renew our minds with the
Word of God constantly so excellence becomes who we are!
Pastor also warned us to watch our speech as this is one of the
main ways of knowing how excellent someone’s spirit is. If
you want a good life, you need to keep your lips from
speaking wrong. Pastor concluded by encouraging us; ‘speak
things that glorify God and God will turn your life around!’
success just as it’s about to happen. Last minute failures are from satanic effort wasters.
This spirit fights people vehemently to hinder their breakthroughs.
Pastor Matthew continued, “better is the end of a matter than the beginning of it”. God
is the Alpha and the Omega, He is the author and the finisher, it is His plan for you to
have success, His intention for you is to finish everything that you start, break barriers
that the enemy has placed in your life and your mind. You are a barrier breaker!
As the congregation sang victoriously, I am a line crosser, I am a barrier breaker, Pastor
Matthew opened the healing service calling out those that God had laid on his heart for
Concluding Pastor spoke prophectically, stating what the Lord had shown him:
God is tearing off satanic rags in your life!
Any Satanic cloud that was over your life, God has blown away. You will no
longer be contained! Angels shall wipe your tears away and your test shall be
your testimony.
Doors that have been shut against the enemy have been sealed by God.
The Battle of
Dr Creflo Dollar
As Dr. Creflo Dollar stood before
thousands, he declared; “I am
honoured to be here, KICC has an
anointing of barrier breaking and
it’s troubling the devil”. Reading
from John 8:31-32 he continued,
satan is waging a battle of
containment against the body of
Christ, he has no problem with the
unsaved but when it comes to the
believer, he knows that you will
give back something and you will be a
blessing. He defined containment as developing only to a certain point,
being stopped, held back by the tactics that the enemy uses of
ignorance, distraction and deception to contain you.
The Grace of God that you started out with is not the Grace you should
end with. Dr. Dollar spoke with passion saying, in the earlier scripture we
read that the truth shall make you free, but the truth has never made
anyone free. Highlighting further he said a man struggling with a weight
issue, knowing what to do but eating a hamburger in one hand and
doing weights in the other, is not free, he is contained. At this point Dr.
Dollar asked everyone to confess “I will never be contained another day
in my life, and the walls of containment are no more”.
It is when you know the truth and use it in your daily life that the walls
of containment will not hold you, but you have to be consistent, as
consistency is the key to breakthrough. However, satan will wait to see
if you will break from being consistent. Be disciplined, learn to take the
principles of the truth you know and be active with it in your life.
You could hear a pin drop at this point and Dr Dollar continued, ‘I got
you now’; you need to read the Word, study it daily to get breakthroughs.
In Matthew 12:29 the Pharisees were in the midst of slander, but we are
told that we have authority because we are authorised by God, when we
speak to mountains they move and things happen. God has given us
dominion ‘and I believe’ said Dr Dollar, that in these last days there is an
outpouring of the Spirit of God and we should be letting the world know
that God is alive and working in us..

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