Article - Lawrence Powell Ministries



Article - Lawrence Powell Ministries
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Pastor Kim Brown
3:11 PM
Page 48
Bishop Timothy Clarke
It’s just like
Dr. Philip M. Davis
Dr. Cynthia Hale
Passion is that dynamic
force that motivates you.
It’s the “fire” that burns
deep within and propels
you forward.
If you could do one thing
and one thing only, even
without compensation,
affirmation or reward…
what would it be?
Gospel Today |
Edited by Ellen Sanders
Pastor Gary Oliver
Bishop Alfred Owens
Pastor Lawrence Powell
Dr. T. DeWitt Smith
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Dr. Benson Karanja
Bishop Kenneth Moales
Bishop Paul S. Morton
Pastor Terrell Murphy
ry Leaders
15 Phenomenal
Portraits of
Dr. Maurice Watson
Dr. Lance Watson
Gospel Today |
Pastor R. A. Vernon
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Pastor Lawrence
Pastor, Agape Family Worship Center
Rahway, NJ
A church that
really matters
Gospel Today |
As a child, I remember saying to myself in a moment of
inexpressible boredom, “When I grow up, I’m not going to church
As a young boy, church seemed extraneous, and most
significantly, a waste of precious television time. I couldn’t
understand the point of it all—having to sit quietly and be still
for what seemed an eternity was tantamount to child abuse in
my opinion. It was only after receiving salvation as a teenager
that my attitude radically changed.
It was good for me to feel what I felt then. Indeed, it has
affected my ministry today. I’ve come to believe that “church”
should never be boring and impertinent. Instead, it should be
alive, vibrant, relevant and transforming. After all, Jesus, the
Head of the church is every one of these things.
With this in mind, I am passionate about leading a church
that really matters. Let’s face it, the sad reality is that there are
some churches that don’t. If they closed their doors today no
one would even notice. On the other hand, if a viable, lifechanging church should cease operations, the world should feel
the devastating effects immediately.
A church that really matters is one that is clear on its purpose.
The church is not just brick and mortar, it is the “Body” of
Christ—an innumerable company of redeemed, born again
believers whose faith is in Jesus Christ. Basically, the church
universally exists to glorify God, edify believers and evangelize
the lost. All that we do as members of the church should facilitate
this mission. If what we are doing fails to fulfill this purpose,
then we must make instant corrective changes.
To truly glorify God, edify believers and evangelize the lost, we
must have vision and wisdom to act. While the message of the
Kingdom remains the same, our methods must change from time
to time in order to best reach people. We are no longer living in
the 1960’s. We must employ current technology and other
pertinent advancements to most effectively communicate the
Gospel in every man’s world (i.e. business, medicine, education,
government, athletics and entertainment).
Purpose, position and
power are master
keys to reaching
people effectively.
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Pastor Powell and Mrs. Vanessa Powell
or powers of hell shall not prevail against
the church (Matthew 16:18). We’ve been
given Kingdom keys to bind what is loose
and loose what is bound. We’ve been
empowered by God Himself to enforce
heaven’s victory here on earth according
to His will and pleasure.
Purpose, position and power are
master keys to reaching people
effectively. Relevant churches and
ministries can reshape societies with the
Gospel of the Kingdom. Good news
exposes people to the joys of receiving
and walking with Christ. Let’s not keep
the world waiting or make them
indifferent to our message because of our
methods. “He that wins souls is wise”
(Prov. 11:30).
Gospel Today |
A church that really matters is clear on
its position. “We are seated together in
heavenly places in Christ” (Ephesians
2:6). What an advantage! From this place,
we function in delegated Kingdom
authority. We are not seeking the earth’s
permission to exist; we are here by God’s
choice and design to be the salt and light
of the world (see Matthew 5:13-14). Like
salt, we can season, preserve, create
thirst and melt hardened hearts. As light,
we reflect God’s love in the world’s utter
darkness to bring mankind to a saving
knowledge of Jesus Christ.
A church that really matters is clear on
its power. We are not wimps among
wolves. We are more powerful than we
imagine. Scripture teaches that the gates

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