SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL - Fredericktown First Baptist Church


SUMMER SUNDAY SCHOOL - Fredericktown First Baptist Church
The Lamplighter
The Newsletter of Fredericktown First Baptist Church
~ August 2016 ~
From the Desk of Pastor Tim…
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
I was recently handed a thought provoking piece that I
wanted to share with you all:
“A Tale of Two Seas”
There is something strange about the geography of Israel.
There are two seas in Israel…The Dead Sea and the Sea of
The Sea of Galilee is teeming with life. It contains
twenty-seven species of fish, some found nowhere else in the
world. Its shores are full of birds, and lush with vegetation.
The Dead Sea, on the other hand, contains no life at all.
It’s toxic and bitter.
Yet they are both fed by the same river, the Jordan. How
could two seas, fed by a single source be so different?
The answer is this…The Sea of Galilee receives water at
one end and gives out water at the other. The Dead Sea
receives water but has no outlet. It keeps it all within itself.
So it is with life: if you only receive but do not give, you
do not live. So give, live and love.
Many are content to keep Jesus to themselves but let me
tell you they are missing out of the joy. Not to bottle it up and
keep it for a rainy day but letting His love flow out of us. You
know this reminds me of an important truth: The Christian life
is so much more enjoyable when we share Christ’s love!
How can we share Christ’s love with others? This is
something that the Elders and I are in a constant conversation
as we look for ways that we as a Church can reach out into
our community. Here are just a few of the ways that we are
already doing this or strategizing to do so:
Our Nursing Home Ministry at Whispering Hills the
second Sunday of each month at 1:00 p.m. Come and share
Christ’s love with those who are often forgotten in our
Love with
While the Fredericktown Tomato Show is fun, we also
want to look for ways that we can share Christ’s love. By
enjoying, participating, and showing people what real live
Christians look and act like through the Sweets Booth,
providing space for the Free Press Museum program, and yes
even the Bathtub Race! We are preparing a float for the
parade (this year’s theme is “There’s No Place Like Home”)
and Jenny Sargent is heading this up. She would love for you
to know that if you are willing to help with the project, Just
give her a holler!
Our planning team of Nicki Dickerson, Jenny Sargent,
Mike and Marc Follett, and Carolyn Fergus is excited about
the outreach that we can do together the week between
Christmas and New Year’s. As we shared at the July Business
Meeting we are planning to set up the village of
Bethlehem and let the families and children of our
community experience what was going on the Day
after Christmas…and introduce them to the One
who was born in a manger!
These are just a few ways and we are
continuing to search for more. Let’s not get stagnant by
bottling up Christ and keeping Him to ourselves. Let’s enjoy
sharing the love of Christ with as many as possible so that
they can know true life, too!
With Love for You All,
Pastor Tim
What’s Inside...
* 2016 Tomato Show
* Mohican Men’s Meeting
* Mission Moment
..and Much More!
Mohican Men’s Meeting
Monday August 15
7:00 PM
We will be hosting the Mohican
Men’s Meeting on Monday August
15th at 7:00 PM All the Men of the
Church are encouraged to join us for
this time of fellowship. Renate Miller
will be the speaker and sharing
“Freedom Smells So Good,” as she
relates her daring escape from
Communist East Germany in 1956
and her journey to America. Menu
for the meal will include Baked
Steak, Green Beans, Potato Salad,
Deviled Eggs, Rolls, and Dessert.
Monthly Mission Moment
Jon & Amanda Good
The Rev. Dr. Jon and Amanda Good
are endorsed to prepare for
Please join us for our Nursing
Home Ministry at Whispering
Hills the second Sunday of each
month at 1:00 PM Let’s share
Christ’s Love by having a
worship service of singing
hymns, prayer, a brief
devotional and spending time
getting to know the residents.
Come join us!
ministries of evangelism, discipleship,
education and theological education in
partnership with the Baptist Union
of Hungary. Amanda will assist with
music education at the school
managed by the Baptist Church in
Debrecen, as well as those managed
by Hungarian Baptist Aid (HBAid).
She will also assist with discipleship
ministries of the Baptist Church in
Debrecen. Jon will assist the Baptist
Church in Debrecen with its
evangelistic outreach, church planting
and church development ministries,
and will assist in the training of
Christian leaders through the Union’s
seminary. Amanda and Jon will
also work with the church
planting efforts of HBAid.
8/7 Tom & Carolyn Craze
8/14 Phyllis Shira
8/21 Gordon & Jenny Sargent
8/28 Kathy Williams
Malary Shira
Ava Dickerson
Cassandra Vaughn
CJ Dickerson
8/10 Gayle Dowalter
Heather Pierce
8/13 Judy Hines
8/17 Kelly Stricker
8/20 Vivian Bone
Ministry Team
Tim Mohon – 567-231-7714
Jim Ronk -740-504-2507
Mike Follin – 614-562-7211
Carolyn Fergus – 740-501-0284
Dave Hatton – 740-397-7058
Catherine Klever–740-694-6282
Casper Schmidt – 740-694-0902
Mark Stricker – 740-398-6035
Phyllis Shira – 740-694-2902
Andy Fox – 740-225-0201
8/22 Rene’ Goeppinger
8/23 Carolyn Craze
8/10 Dean & Linda Shira
8/14 Steve & Chris Goeppinger
8/16 Casper & Leora Schmidt
Reminder Dates
Tuesday August 2nd- Deacons Meeting – 6:30 PM
Sunday August 7th – Trustees Meeting – 11:30 AM
Sunday August 7th – Nursing Home Ministry @ Whispering Hills
1:00 PM
Wednesday August 24th – Elders Meeting – 6:30 PM
Keith & Patty Hayes
Nicki’s New School Season Office Hours
(starting August 19th)
In office- Mon,Tues,Thurs, 12:00 pm ~ 3:30 pm
In Office - Friday 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
(I will be available from home on mon, tues,thurs from
9 AM – 11 AM if needed)
40 Annual
2016 Fredericktown Tomato Show
September 7 – 10
The Tomato Show is coming, and we need your
help at the Sweets Booth!
Volunteers are needed for the following: Pie
and brownie bakers, candy makers, booth
workers and pie cutters & packers. I MUST
have all of the INGREDIENTS (not recipes) for
anything you bring in per the Health
Department. To volunteer see/call Nicki
Dickerson 740-504-2125 or call the church
office. 740-694-2856
Parade Float
Our church is entering a float in this year’s parade! The
theme is “No Place Like Home”
Volunteers are needed for building, getting materials,
and of course riding in the float! To volunteer see/call
Jenny Sargent 740-397-1347 or call the church office
Pastor Tim will be in the bathtub
race Saturday September 10.
Come on out and cheer him to
Victory!! Let’s take our 1st place
trophy back!
Come on out for the opening of the Tomato Show Wednesday
September 7.
Thursday September 8, our church will host the Free Press
Museum in the Sanctuary at 7:15 PM.
22 East Sandusky Street
P.O. Box 125
Fredericktown, OH 43019
Pastor Timothy Mohon
Sunday School ~ 9:15 AM
Prayer Time ~ 9:45 AM
Worship Service ~ 10:15 AM
Parsonage: 567-231-7714
Church Office: 740-694-2856
Office Hours: Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 1:00 PM
email us:
Nicki - [email protected]
Pastor – [email protected]
Visit us on the web….

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