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harvest of souls - New Light Church
March 9-17, 2013
7:00AM Prayer Agenda
Participant Line: 800-927-9434
Father we thank You for this day and for the opportunity to pray for a Harvest of Souls. You are holy,
sovereign and eternal. All creation bows down in praise to You, O Lord. Father it is by Your mercy
and grace, that You govern life, and have made the way of salvation through Your Son, Jesus, above
all earthly and material things. Father, only You can orchestrate all life events so as to bring about
repentance to the lost. So Father, we ask that You send forth laborers into the work place, in the streets
and homes of the lost. Father Your word says in John 6:44 “No man can come to me, except the Father
which hath sent me draw him: so we ask that You draw the lost by Your Spirit in Jesus name. Thank
You Father, that through the power of the Holy Spirit, every laborer is properly prepared so that they are
effective witnesses to the lost. Thank You that every laborer is filled with Your Spirit, power, boldness,
wisdom, zeal, compassion and divine insight. Father thank You for Your Word in Psalms 2:8 You
promised to give the heathen for our inheritance and so we declare that You are drawing the heathen
by Your Spirit to be saved. Father just like in the book of Acts thousands was added to the church in
one day we confess that a harvest of souls will be added to New Light Church in Jesus name. Father
we declare in the name of Jesus that we are 50 thousand members strong. In Jesus name.
Father Your Word says You came to seek and save those that are lost so Father, hear us as we ask You
to rescue the lost from the power of darkness and bring them into the kingdom of Your Son. You alone
can draw them. You alone can send Your Holy Spirit with power to convict them of the sin in their life and
their need to repent and believe in Your truth that Jesus is the only way to You, and that He alone is the
way, the truth and the life. Father, we ask You to forgive the sins of the lost. Father in the name of Jesus
we take authority over the demonic powers of darkness and we bind and demolish the stronghold in
their minds in the name of Jesus. We come against any hindering distractions, procrastination, shame,
false teaching, confusion, hearts hardened or fear that would stop the lost from receiving salvation. We
bind any attempts of the enemy to steal Your Word before it can be understood by the lost. We release
the truth of Your Word, we release understanding of Your Word, we release open hearts to receive
in Jesus name. Father we declare a Harvest of Souls into the Kingdom of God. Father we declare a
Harvest of men won to the Kingdom of God according to Isaiah 43 You promised to give men for the
vision and people for our lives. We declare a Harvest of souls coming from the North, East, West and
South. We declare a Harvest of souls from all over this nation. We declare men, women, boys and girls,
Black, White, Hispanic, and Asian will accept Jesus as Lord in Jesus name. Father we thank You that
Your word will spread rapidly and You will be glorified, in Jesus name.
Father in Jesus name we thank You in advance for manifesting Your presence in our midst. Thank You
Father that You inhabit the praises of Your people. Father in the name of Jesus, we openly confess that
the Word of God will go forth boldly and accurately during the 2013 WWW conference and that the
people who hear Your Word will not be able to resist the wisdom and the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
that will be spoken through Your Ministers of the Gospel. We confess that, as Your Word goes forth,
an anointing of the Holy Spirit will cause people to open their Spiritual eyes and ears and turn from
darkness to light, from the power of satan to You Father, and those who do not know You as Savior will
make Jesus their Lord. Father in the name of Jesus we confess as a result of Your preached Word,
restoration, revival and a refreshing will take place. Father we commit this meeting to You, Father, we
deposit it into Your charge, entrusting this conference, the people who will hear and the Ministers
who will speak into Your protection and care. We commend this meeting to the Word, the commands
and counsels and promises of Your unmerited favor. Father, we know that Your Word will build up the
people and cause them to realize that they are joint heirs with Jesus. We believe Father that as Your
Word goes forth, an anointing will be upon the speakers and they will be submitted completely to the
Holy Spirit. Father we thank You that the Word that will be spoken is alive and full of power, making it
active, operative, energizing, effective and being sharper than any two-edged sword. Father, thank
You that You will think with their minds, speak with their lips, give them clear articulation and clarity of
thought. Father when they open their mouth You will fill it with Your Words. Thank You Father Your Word
will go forth unhindered and unchecked by any force of darkness. Father we set our faith in agreement
for the full manifestation of this prayer be on Bishop I.V. Hilliard, Pastor Bridget Hilliard, Dr. Irishea
Hilliard, Pastor Preashea Hilliard, Bishop Rosie O’neal, Dr. Terresa White, Pastor Sally Davis, Pastor
Riva Tims, Apostle JoAnn Long, Harlene Johnson, Elder Valerie Brown, Elder Qwynn Gross, Pastor
Sara Conners, Pastor Marla Rowe, Destiny Praise Singers, Minister Tasha Cobbs, The Clark Sisters,
CeCe Winans, Jonathan Nelson and Ministers Terry and Tina Egans, In Jesus name.
The Teaching Ministries of Bishop I.V. & Pastor Bridget Hilliard
New Light Church
11233A Crown Park Dr. | Houston, TX 77067
281-875-4448 | www.newlight.org

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