Meeting your Spirit of Creativity— Damini Celebre



Meeting your Spirit of Creativity— Damini Celebre
Meeting your Spirit of Creativity— Damini Celebre
Sit comfortably, or lie down if you aren’t to sleepy. Keeping your eyes shut. Watch the movement of your breath into
your body. Hear what is around you. Smell what is around you. Feel the air meeting your skin. Sense your body
taking space up in the room. Now come back to your heart beat. Thump-thump. Thump-thump.
Feel where your body meets the earth and allow your breath to travel down to that place. With your next breath,
bring your breath down into the earth grounding you and slowing the chatter of your mind.
Bringing your awareness to your heart, notice this area expanding with blood and breath, and where blood and air
exchange. Now drop down further into the space around your heart. From your heart space, focus your intention and
put a call out to your creative spirit.
Open up all your senses. Notice in this embodied trance state environment; the temperature, what you hear, feel,
see, and smell. You may even notice an atmospheric change. Don't expect or judge anything, just let the experience
wash over you.
Invite you creative muse to join you. You may see/ sense a vibration. Your creative spirit can be an energy field,
animal, mineral, or human (ish), or a combination of all of the above. Even something that looks familiar to you.
Thank your creative spirit for joining you. Invite your creative spirit to tell you about itself: How it influences you.
Ask how you can build a deeper relationship with it.
When you are ready, ask you creative spirit to show you a vibration representation of your creative life force? Feel
that life force course through your body. With your eyes open, and still in this journey state, start to bring that
vibration into form: it can be a sound, a movement, a mark, or all of the above. Invite your creative spirit to keep
infusing that vibration through your bodymindspiritsoul as you create.
Stay in the intuitive-feeling-empathic space (out of your mind). Let the sounds, marks, and colors flow without
guiding them. Keep moving from the space where your heart and creative spirit meet. Don’t be attached to anything
that you think will make it better (that will engage your mind). Follow the flow.
As you are creating; keep breathing into your heart and keep giving the mark-making over to your creative spirit.
When you feel complete. (often you will feel the energy and excitement ebb). Thank your creative spirit, for joining
you. Ask it if there is any you can do to honor it, and when you are ready, close your eyes, and bring your awareness
back to your body.
A short daily or weekly practice of letting your creative spirit come out and play will keep your creative life force
inspired and alive!
Damini Celebre, BFA. M.Ac., E.A.F.
A lover of the natural worlds, magical worlds, and the inner realms. She is a teacher,
visionary artist, Shamanic practitioner, and a Five Element Acupuncturist.
She combined her two passions, creative arts, and healing arts, to synthesize a unique
approach to awakening your creative self. Since 1986, Damini has been passionate
about helping people heal their hearts by rediscovering their healing life-force. She began her career, over thirty years ago, as a professional artist and educator. Ten
years later, she began her practice as an acupuncturist and a shamanic practitioner
while continuing to teach creative empowerment classes.
Damini has been trained as an expressive arts facilitator and is authorized by Sandra
Ingerman to teach shamanic journeying and healing. She offers creativity and healing workshops: In person, remotely and online, all which ca
all be found through her website,
She currently lives in the United States and can often be found drawing on the Land and covered in paint. ©2014

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