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Volume 14
Wednesday, March 24, 2010
Number 6
An Easter Celebration
6:15 PM
Main Auditorium
Upcoming Events
Attention College students
and High School Seniors...
Now Available
June 21-25
Vacation Bible School
Deadline to submit: FRIDAY, APRIL 9 4:30 PM
Applications for the Chalker W. & Kathryn Brown
Scholarships are available and can be picked up from the
literature rack in the Preschool Foyer. Applications may
also be downloaded from our web site at: www.callahanfbc.
org. Correctly filled out applications must be turned
into the church office by 4:30 PM, Friday, April 9 to be
3rd Annual CSF*
Golf Tournament
April 17-10:30 AM
Kings Bay Golf Course
Kings Bay, GA
$25 per person (Lunch is included)
Contact Tommy Dunlap at 675-9116
Sign up in the foyer following services
Sponsored by: *Callahan Sportsmen's Fellowship
Focus on Missions
Next week, Ken Welborn, our missionary
to the United Nations in New York,
will hold a very special Easter dinner
where the story of the resurrection will
be shared with embassy personnel from
around the world. These folks will come
from a myriad of cultures and religious
backgrounds. Ken’s message will be
simple and clear.
Three ladies from our church traveled to
New York last month and another team
will be there next week to help him with
the clerical logistics of this event. Here
are testimonies from that first trip:
Inviting over 800 people (to an Easter Celebration)
from almost 200 Nations is exciting, knowing
that those who attend will hear the Easter Story,
and why Jesus died for us. The Lord is at work
at the United Nations and Bro. Ken Welborn is
the vessel.
Mary Kate Thompson
Saints Alive!
The platform Bro. Ken Welborn has with the
United Nations is remarkable and he takes
advantage of each moment that the Lord gives him
without hesitation and with a servant’s heart. It
is such a blessing to witness and work with the
ministry God has given him.
Sera Lewis
By using ordinary clerical skills we completed a task
that has the opportunity to impact the WORLD
for Christ. It is hard to express in words the joy I
feel when I step out in faith and allow the Lord to
use me. Brother Ken is a fine example of what a
Christian should be. He reminds me of David and
Goliath. He has an enormous mission without any
staff and yet he faces it eagerly and unwavering.
He totally relies on direction from the Lord and
once he receives it, he steps out in faith.
Sandy Matthews
Ladies' Tea
Thursday Night Live!
Reaching Others for Christ
7:00 PM
Adult Bible Study
Every Wednesday
6:45 PM
in the Main Chapel
it's not just about sitting anymore...
If you are tired of Bible Studies where you go,
and sit, and don’t ever get a chance to exercise
your faith, then you have found the right place.
TNL is a place where we will meet a few times
each month at the Chapel for worship and
training. Then the weeks we don’t meet, we
will be out serving God by serving others.
Check out our Service Opportunities for info
at, or by clicking on
the TNL link at
Global Impact
Celebration 2010
Discipleship Connection
Wednesday Evenings at 6:45
Facilitated by: Larry Tipton and
Linda Reddish
January 6- March 31
Room E226
Facilitated by:
Martha Fachko
Room C101-103
April 8
11:00 AM
Bethesda Park
Jacksonville, FL
Contact Phil Moore at 879-5754 if
you have questions. There will be
transportation from the church.
being a woman
10 am -1 pm
Family Life Center
Special Music
Best Hat Contest
Fashion Show by Ritzy Resale
Clothing, Jewelry, fashion bags &
purses available from local vendors.
Tickets are $6 and go on sale soon.
Facilitated by: Wanda Rogers
Global Impact Celebration 2010 is still
several months away, but planning and
preparations have already begun. Go to and click on the Global
Impact button to sign up to be a prayer
partner or a host home, check out our
speakers and get involved!
Indicates a link or additional
information on our website
* Also meets on Sundays at 4:30
February 21 - April 25
February 24 - March 31
Room C102
Your Money Map
A Crown Financial Class
Facilitated by
Duane & Sharon Grice
Each month Kid World introduces a biblical
concept. Be on the look out for Sunday School
take-home sheets and other tools. YOU are
the most important teacher in your child’s life!
Preschool (Babies-Kindergarten)
“Jesus Is God’s Son”
March 28
Children Welcomed Jesus (Matthew 21:1-11,14-16)
April 4
Jesus Was Kind to a Woman (John 4:4-11,16-30)
Jesus Is Alive! (Pre-K–Kindergarten) (John 20:1-18)
April 11
Jesus Helped a Man Who Could Not Walk
(Mark 2:1-12)
Two People Met Jesus (Kindergarten) (Luke 24:13-35)
April 18
Who can participate?
Middle School Students who have completed 6th
grade. Space is limited - we can only take 50 participants
(including chaperones). Those wishing to participate must
have turned in a blue release form and a $25 deposit by
March 31st. This event fills up fast!
Jesus Cooked for His Disciples (John 21:1-17)
April 25
Jesus Talked About Love (Babies–2s) (Mark 12:28-34)
Peter Told About Jesus (3s–Kindergarten) (Matthew 8:1620; Acts 2:1-2,6-11,14,22,37-41)
Grade School (First-Fifth)
“The Savior”
March 28
The Triumphal Entry (Luke 19:28-40)
What is the cost?
Option 1 - For students who have: a minimum
50% attendance record, participated in FAITH,
completed their quiet time book, and memorized
the selected memory verses, cost is $250.
Option 2 - For students who have: a minimum
50% attendance record, completed their quiet
time book, and memorized the selected memory
verses, cost is $275.
It’s tough
May 8
Eagle Ranch on Ice Mountain
375 Eagle Ranch Road
Copperhill, Tennessee
January 6- March 31
Tickets are $6 and go on sale soon.
June 28th - July 2nd
Chapel C202
February 17 - April 21*
Senior Adult
Middle School
Rafting Trip
Option 3 - For students with minimum spring
attendance of 50%, cost is $325
See Bro. Todd if you have questions about
your cost. Prices include all meals at the camp
and all activity fees. Students must purchase
their meals to and from camp. $25 should be
sufficient spending money. Checks should be
made out to FBCC and should be submitted in a
youth envelope along with the blue release form.
Activities include whitewater rafting down the
Ocoee River: Tennessee State law requires that
you must be 12 years old to participate. Other
activities include tubing, extreme rapelling tower,
and visits to the Ocoee Center Blue Holes.
April 4
Crucifixion and Resurrection
(Matthew 26:36–28:10)
April 11
Jesus Met with Two Disciples After His Resurrection
(Luke 24:13-35)
April 18
Thomas Believed (John 20:19-29)
April 25
Breakfast by the Sea (John 21:1-19)
REACH Kids Choir
and WAM!
Sunday Afternoons
5:00 PM
Education Building
For children K4-5th Grades