Spring 2015


Spring 2015
Spring 2015
Easter Math
Easter is more than a one-day celebration. Find out how many days it lasts. First read the
clues and write the answers in the colored boxes, beginning with the second block. Then
do the math and write the answers in the white boxes, beginning with the first block.
Begin with the
number of feet
Jesus washed at
the Last Supper.
Times the number
of great lights God
made to hang in the
sky. (See Gen. 1:16.)
Minus the
number of apostles
remaining after Judas
betrayed Jesus.
Plus the number
of years Jesus
Minus the
number of
Zebedee’s sons.
(See Mt. 4:21.)
Plus the number
of apostles who
breakfasted on a sea
shore with the Risen
Jesus. (See Jn. 21:1-18.)
Plus the number
of days from the
Resurrection to
the Ascension.
Minus the number
of wise and foolish
bridesmaids in Jesus’
parable. (See Mt. 25:1.)
Minus the number
of apostles who
doubted the
resurrection of Jesus.
(See Jn. 20:24-25.)
Minus the
number of days
in the Triduum.
Divided by the
number of disciples
who met Jesus on the
road to Emmaus.
(See Lk. 24:13-14.)
Minus the
number of
apostles at the foot
of Jesus’ cross.
(See Jn. 19:26-27.)
The Church celebrates Easter for _____ whole
days. The very last day of the celebration is
Pentecost, which comes _____ days after Easter.
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