NIRPC Complete Streets Guidelines


NIRPC Complete Streets Guidelines
NIRPC Complete
Streets Guidelines
Mitch Barloga, AICP
Northwestern Indiana Regional Planning
Commission (NIRPC)
NIRPC CS Guidelines
n  Modeled
after Central Ohio MPO’s
n  Requires Complete Streets consistency
for all NIRPC-attributable funds where
n  Extends to both new construction and
resurfacing projects
n  Would not apply to INDOT or NICTD
NIRPC CS Guidelines
n  NOT
a comprehensive design manual
n  Consistency will be reviewed case by
case by subcommittees
n  Additional consistency question on
n  Numerous exemptions
n  No new ROW mandated to comply
CS Applications
n  For
3R and 4R projects that either add or
do not increase capacity
Projects Include:
–  Resurfacing: Striping for lanes or added road width
–  Signalization: Ped-Countdowns
–  Added bridge deck shoulder width
–  Bridge deck replacement: Separated path
–  Markings: Crosswalks at intersections
–  Paved Shoulders in Rural areas (+ 1,000 ADT)
Project Exemptions
n  Where
non-motorized users are
prohibited by law
n  Cost of implementing CS standards
exceeds 10% of total project cost
n  Minor maintenance & repair only
n  Natural constraints (topography, etc)
n  Where factors indicate an “absence of
Implementing CS
Implementing CS
n  CS
Task Force meets four times
n  Propose additional questions for STP
Application (checklist)
n  Propose Post-award design scope
review ahead of INDOT review
n  Design “Toolkit” to be available online
n  Recommendations broadly accepted
and cycle ongoing until March 16th
Post-Award Questions
n  Cite
sources for design (AASHTO)
n  Transit consultation (if necessary)
n  Speed Study (if necessary)
n  Parking Study (if necessary)
n  Telecommunication needs
n  Street Tree specifications (if necessary)
n  Safe Access during construction?
Cost Issues
Prevents costly delays & retrofits
ADA Compliance
Requires minimal to zero additional funds
For most projects; low cost = major benefit
Save money through better design
3 lane road with bike lanes vs. 4 lane road, narrower
Investment in the community
Improved safety, public health, property values

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