e greatest waltzof all will soon be - Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East


e greatest waltzof all will soon be - Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East
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Holidays 2013
Interpretively presented by:
s wonderful and wintery as the Christmas season itself,
the Nutcracker is a magnificent fantasy where dancers tell
a wordless yet enchanting tale of a magical and dreamy
romance. In this time honored holiday tradition, we witness a
fairy tale come to life as Clara dreams of dainty sugar plums,
companies of shining toy musical instruments, sweetly glazed
flowers, and various
others dance in
mesmerizing patterns
to the harmony and
rhythmic beat.
The curtains have risen and fallen many times over this past
year as companies of Muttcrackers have waltzed their way
into our hearts, looking for their very own fairy tales to
come true. Our Presidential Flowers Jackie O, Reagan,
Monroe, Ladybird, Carter, Harry T, Ike, Kennedy Rae and
Quincy have all danced their way into the hearts of their
families and Sugarplum Fairies Honey, Belle, Katy, Gem
and many others have twirled their
way into their Lands of the Sweet.
Our tiniest dewdrops Gracie,
Tori, Paisley Rae, Paul Henry,
Scout, Trooper, Chip, Bennett, Ellen, Jimmy, Turner,
Vincent, and Tyke danced
round and round and each
landed in their very own
Candy Castles while
Nutcracker Princeton and
Princess Melody continue to
dream of their fantasy homes.
P.O. BOX 28, SUGAR LAND, TX 77487-0028
e greatest waltz
of all will soon be
performed by Princess Lainey as she continues recover from
her amputation and learns to dance on three legs. Lainey
was in pain because of an old leg injury which never healed
properly and the only way we could help her is to have the
leg amputated.She came through beautifully and will soon
be twirling and whirling with the rest of the sugarplums.
It has been a magical year for our CockerKids® and once again,
it was a delight seeing many of our alumniat the Mardi Gras
Reunion. We look forward to seeing everyone again at the
2014 reunion set for Feb. 15, 2014.
HOTLINE: 713-208-1314
E-MAIL: [email protected]
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hile many of our CockerKids®
waltzed their way into their forever
homes, the curtains fell for a
precious few who waltzed and twirled
until they could dance no more and
have been welcomed by dancing
snowflakes at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest
in peace our little snowflakes, Jenny,
Honey Lee, Mariah, Katie Jane, Bo,
Kirby, June, Buddy, Cricket, Kaitlyn,
Vinny, Chip, Tommy, Marbles, Lexie,
Armstrong , Dude, Annie,Aspen
Boudreaux and Flynn Bob.
As Christmas grows near,
Santa will visit Lone Star Pet Lodges in Missouri City and Cypress Falls Pet Resort in Tomball during
December to pose for pictures with pets of any type. Please visit our website, www.cockerkids.org, for
details and be sure to tell your family and friends! Donations will support CSRET rescue efforts.
AT THE COCKER INN® rely on your
support for a continuing successful
performance throughout the year.
As an all volunteer organization,
100% of your donations go to caring for our precious CockerKids®
and the show could not go on without your help. This year, in the
spirit of The Nutcracker, for each
donation that comes in before December 25, 2013, your name will
be entered into a drawing for a
Nutcracker. The first three names
drawn will receive one of the
nutcrackers on the left.
A (Foster) Home for e Holidays
Like Clara, we too have a holiday dream — that each of the dogs in our program
spends at least a few days in a foster home rather than boarding. Of the nearly
80 dogs in our care currently about a half dozen are in boarding. Please consider
sharing your holiday with one of our CockerKids®. For more information leave a
message on our hotline at 713-208-1314 or e-mail [email protected].
The cast & crew of the Muttcracker wish everyone a happy holiday season.
May your cocoa be hot and the aroma of gingerbread fill your home.
Texas’ Oldest Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Merry Christmas
from everyone at Cocker Spaniel Rescue of East Texas.
HOTLINE: 713-208-1314
E-MAIL: [email protected]