Number of surgery/ procedure done : 1,86,090 Amount spent


Number of surgery/ procedure done : 1,86,090 Amount spent
Kalaignar Kaappeetu Thittam
Chief Ministers Health Insurance Scheme For Life
Saving Treatment
Sum Assured One Lakh Per Family
Number of surgery/ procedure done : 1,86,090
Amount spent : 491.86 Cr
• Patients treated 86654
• Amount
268 Cr
Indication of disease – established
Payment is outcome based
Claim Settlement – in record time
Proof of Identity & Evidence of Procedure Performed
Sandhya Scoliosis
Radioluscent Operating Table / Sliding CT Gantry
SOL Brain
Post – op XRay
• Private Hospitals & Government Hospitals should co-exist for
a long term health care needs of the community
• Active participation of P/H to tackle the current load
• Development of GH – phased manner
• Reducing the over-all health care cost – volume
• Amount spent – influence the availability of facilities
Mile stones achieved !
• Successful coverage of >126 million population
through Community Health Insurance Schemes !
• Improving infrastructure and expertise at all NH
• Implementing quality norms and creating a health
care revolution !!
• Contribution to health education & research
• Aims to modulate economy of health care
• Successfully treated > one million people through
Insurance company to revolutionize Health
System !
for the first time ,,,,,,,,
Creating record
It,,,Is possible
Health care cost – reduced
More people benefitted by inclusive approach
Development of infrastructure in Semi-urban and rural areas
Quality of health care - strengthened
Improved expertise
IBM & Healthsprint Confidential
Jaihind ! Jai-hoe !!
Challenges faced in Implementation
• Mismatch between supply and demand
• Setting standards in Network Hospitals
• Existing administrative procedures – an
• Covering of Indirect cost
• Parallel development of infrastructure and
quality in Government sector

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