The Timmelsjoch Experience.



The Timmelsjoch Experience.
High Alpine Road
“Walkway”, Hochgurgl
Experience breathtaking
views, from a new angle,
of the mighty glaciers at
the far end of the Ötztal
The Timmelsjoch
New, border-crossing paths are being forged with this worldwide unique project. Five fascinating architectural sculptures
provide visitors with a totally new experience. Discover more
about the natural surroundings, the history, culture, communities and economy of this unique Alpine region.
national border
2.509 m
The Timmelsjoch
“Telescope”, Scheibkopf
Focus your gaze on the Texel
mountain range with the
Granatkogel (3,304 m) and
the Hohe First (3,403 m).
5 Attractions, one experience.
Timmelsjoch / Passo Rombo 2.509 m
Timmelsbach Bridge
Let yourself be transported
into a world of adventure
and danger, the world of the
smugglers and their route
over the Timmelsjoch.
“Pass Museum”,
Timmelsjoch 2.509 m
Moos im Passeier
Enjoy a spectacular view
of Moos and the far end of
the Passeiertal valley.
Moos / Moso
From the outside, an erratic
boulder; inside an ice cave –
a tribute to the pioneers of
the High Alpine Road.
Pass Museum
Timmelsjoch Hochalpenstraße AG . Museumstraße 5 . 6020 Innsbruck
Tel.: Office +43 (0) 512 581970 . Tel.: Tollhouse +43 (0) 5256 6240
E-Mail: [email protected]
A unique trip to the South.
Toll prices 2012
The toll prices include use of the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road on
both the Austrian and the Italian side.
Cars (max. 9 seats incl. driver, mobile homes up to 3.5 tons)
Motorcycles (Reduction available for groups of 10 or more motorcycles)
Other Vehicles (Mobile homes over 3.5 tons, lorries etc.)
On the smugglers’ trail
Up at the summit, the closeness of the glacier is as imposing
as the vastness of the panoramic vista. Stunning mountain
trails lead hikers into the surrounding Ötztaler and Stubaier
Alps. The ancient route over the “Joch” (E5), takes you along
the smugglers’ trails. The Rasthaus Timmelsjoch serves refreshing drinks and warm meals all day.
Twists and turns
A drive over the Timmelsjoch is a fascinating experience for
car drivers and motorcyclists. The modern, barriered pass road
forks off at the far end of the Ötztal valley just before the village of Obergurgl. With a maximum gradient of ten per cent,
the twelve kilometre-long High Alpine Road leads up to the
Timmelsjoch summit at an elevation of 2,509 m. The road’s
twelve hairpin bends are perfectly embedded in the stunning
landscape. Experience up close the majestic mountains between the Ötztal valley and the Passeiertal valley. Lush mountain pastures, weather beaten stone pines, Alpine roses and
the odd flock of sheep can all be seen as you travel along the
High Alpine Road. And the stunning views lure you to stop and
breathe in their beauty again and again. At 2,509 metres, the
Timmelsjoch summit offers a unique panoramic vista.
Southward bound
The 21 kilometre-long stretch of road on the Italian side offers a taste of adventure. After a few gently rolling straight
sections and three tunnels, the journey continues steeply
down round nine tight hairpin bends to Moos Im Passeier. In
St. Leonhard, the birthplace of Andreas Hofer, motorists have
the difficult choice to make of whether to return to the Brenner Pass over the Jaufen Pass, or to continue southwards to
Meran. The onward journey to Meran offers a remarkable contrast. The climate gradually takes on a Mediterranean character and the vines unfold their leaves.
Buses return (as well as all vehicles used for commercial passenger
transport e.g. taxis, hire cars, hotel minibuses etc.)
per adult
per child (born 1998- 2005)
Season ticket for cars/motorcycles
Opening times:
The Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road is open daily from 7 am
to 8 pm from approximately the end of May until the end of
October. The exact opening date can be found at:
Important information: In accordance with the current Italian
regulations, only cars and motorcycles are permitted to travel on
the Italian side of the pass road. Mobile homes, small buses and
lorries with a max. gross weight of 8 tons, max. width of 2.55 m
and max. height 4 m are also permitted. Buses and lorries weighing over 8 tons, as well as trailers of all types, are not permitted.