Textile Architecture San Michele Arcangelo


Textile Architecture San Michele Arcangelo
Textile Architecture
San Michele Arcangelo
Place: San Pietro Infine (CS), Italy
San Pietro Infine is a small town scene of many battles
during the Second World War. Suffered violent bombing
after which tat he beginning of the XXI century it has
been established the "Park of Historical Memory" with
the aim to restore and enhance this part of the territory.
Inside the park there is the church of San Michele
Arcangelo recovered and accessible to the public. It is in
this context that it has been created a double-layer ETFE
air cushion to cover the hole formed by the collapse of
part of the vault. The strengths of this intervention are the
transparency and lightness which find in restoration of
historical monuments an ideal application.
Year: 2016
Client: COEDI
Engineering: Canobbio Textile Engineering Srl
Area: 120 m2
Fabric: ETFE foil
Type: double layer air cushion