Norman Rockwell was born on
February 3, 1894 in New York City.
When he was nine years old, he knew
that he wanted to be an artist. He
started going to Art School before he
finished high school!
Norman loved to paint pictures about everyday
life. What is the girl here doing? How do you
think she feels?
Norman painted hundreds and hundreds of pictures
for a magazine called the Saturday Evening Post.
That magazine isn’t around anymore. What
magazines do you like? Do you like to look at the
pictures in the magazines?
Norman would take pictures of people doing many
different things. After he took the pictures, he
would paint them for the magazine. Do you see
how he did that here?
Here is another example.
Do you think these kids are
using their “inside voices??”
Do you think they are
getting along and
It seems like these kids are
cooperating and getting
along a little better in this
What do you think is
going on in this
picture? Do your
mom and dad give
you medicine when
you are sick?
Here is one more example of how
Norman Rockwell painted his
How do you think
this baseball
player is feeling?
How do you think
the crowd feels?
Are the other
teammates happy?
Do you think that’s
how the CUBS
fans and players
feel now?
Think about a time when you were feeling something. Were
you happy? Were you sad? Were you excited or
surprised? Maybe some things to think about could be the
first day of Kindergarten? What about the first time you lost
a tooth? What about going on vacation? Let’s draw our
own magazine cover.
Art Project
• Think of a time in your life
when you felt very happy, sad,
excited, nervous, or surprised.
• Draw a picture using markers,
crayons, or colored pencils of
this time in your life to make
your very own Rockwell style
magazine cover.
• Make sure you show a lot of
emotion in your drawing!