Seaford North Calling card


Seaford North Calling card
Con Lib
19 Dem
Ind 2
Only the Lib Dems can stop the
Conservatives from controlling
the District Council.
Source: Current amount of seats in Lewes District Council
Help Norman,
Alex and Adam
win for our area
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Please make cheque's payable to ‘Lewes Liberal Democrats’
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tick here if you do not wish to be enrolled q
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Return to: Norman Baker
Freepost, 23 East Street,
Lewes, BN7 2LJ
Printed, published and promoted by A. De Vecchi on behalf of Norman Baker, Alex Lambert and Adam McLean (Liberal Democrats) all at 23 East Street, Lewes. BN7 2LJ
The race We called to
Alex Lambert
Adam McLean
Tel: 01273 480 268
Email: [email protected]
Working all year round for you
l Norman has been
campaigning for green jobs
and improved renewable
energy services.
- Norman Baker has represented our local area as a
Councillor and MP for over 25 years.
- He has been successful in his campaign to improve
transport links to London, including adding extra services
and reducing the journey time to London.
- Norman has also been working to localise health services
in our area and to stop patients having to travel long
distances for basic services.
- Remember, Norman Baker is the only hard working and
local candidate who can stop the Tories taking this seat
next May.
l Norman is campaigning to
make sure residents can
access basic health
services in their local area.
Alex Lambert & Adam McLean
Alex Lambert is running to be a District
Councillor for Seaford North. She grew up in
Seaford and was a beach lifeguard on
Seaford beach during her teenage years.
She has worked in local businesses in
Seaford before and after graduating from
university. Alex currently works as a
photographer and media consultant for a
design company that specialises in the social
enterprises, NGOs and charities.
Adam McLean is running to be a District
Councillor for Seaford North. Adam is a former
Metropolitan police officer and RAF Serviceman.
His children attend Cradle Hill School and one
of the main issues Adam would like to improve
upon is road safety around schools. Adam is
also a dog owner and believes a lot more
needs to be done to reduce dog fouling in our
local parks. Adam is also focused on improving
parking and reducing anti-social behaviour.