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Historic Times - Mequon-Thiensville Historical Society
Mequon-Thiensville Historical Society
Historic Times
Published by Mequon Thiensville Historical Society
6100 W. Mequon Road, Mequon, WI 53092
262-242-3107 | [email protected] Open Thursday afternoons from 2-5 p.m. and by appointment
For research email archivist Bev Silldorff: [email protected]
President’s Message
Be Part of History!
I am very pleased to be writing
to you as the new president of
our Mequon-Thiensville Historical
Society. As you know, we recently
made significant strides to position
our society for the future. After many
years of discussion, our board and
membership approved changing the
name of the society to include the
Village of Thiensville. Clearly the history of both Mequon
and Thiensville are rooted in the former Town of Mequon,
and inclusion of Thiensville in the organization was called
Secondly, we’ve increased the size of our board by
two members and shuffled the leadership within our
board. Two well-known local residents, Allen Caucutt and
Dennis Dean, joined our board, and Dennis Dean was
elected as our vice president. Our long-time president,
Bev Silldorff, is now freed up to perform her primary
duties as Archivist for the society. And Don Silldorff, who
served as secretary of the organization for many years, is
now better able to serve as our Historian.
If you haven’t already seen our new website, please
go to www.mthistoricalsociety.org. You will find a full
list of board members, a set of historic pictures, and
links to several local resources including the Weyenberg
Library and the Ozaukee County Historical Society.
You will also find a link to a number of local historic
documents that have recently been digitized and placed
online by the University of Wisconsin. These documents
were digitized thanks to the support of Linda Bendix and
Nyama Marsh at the Weyenberg Library.
If we are to succeed, we need your help. If you
know of people who might be interested in local history,
encourage them to become members of our society. All
they need to know if on our website. If you have ideas,
talents, historical items or time to share, please call one
of us. Working together, the MT Historical Society will
be the link that binds the past and the future of our
Join the Mequon-Thiensville Historical Society!
Membership applications are available in the foyer of
Logemann Community Center at 6100 W. Mequon Road,
at The Weyenberg Library in Mequon or by emailing us at
[email protected] . Bob Blazich, President, MTHS
[email protected]
Annual Membership: Individual ..................................$10
Sustaining ..............................$100 Tax deductible 501(c)(3) donations are appreciated.
To become a member please send your name,
address, telephone number and email address with your
membership check to:
Logemann Community Center
6100 W. Mequon Road
Mequon, WI 53092
Thank you for your support!
PS - Please let us know whether you would like your
newsletter delivered electronically or by mail!
Inside . . .
This Old House You can help furnish Isham Day House!
The Rules Have Changed!
At least, the MTHS Bylaws have.
Back to the Future Upcoming events of historical note
Who knows? Test your historical knowledge
Help Furnish Isham Day House
Who Knows?
The Mequon-Thiensville Historical Society is accepting
donations of cash and period furniture as we furnish the
south room of the Isham Day House in Settler’s Park on
Cedarburg Road, across from Mequon City Hall (photo
below, right.)
Test your local history knowledge with these puzzlers from
Society Membership Chair Ruth Renz . Find the answers elsewhere in this newsletter.
the Blackhawk War of 1832.
Day is believed
to have come
to what was the
Michigan Territory
from Ohio or
about 1835 after
The home is on the National Register of Historic Places,
and considered the oldest building in Ozaukee County
and one of the best examples of pioneer life here.
1. What was on the NE corner of Freistadt and Cedarburg
Road in Thiensville before it was Egelhoffs?
2. What occupied the space that now is Walgreens on the
SE corner of Freistadt and Highway 57 (Main Street)?
3. Where was Herbst Meat Market?
4. Where is the Buffalo Synod Cemetery?
5. What construction materials wer e used in the original
dam on the Milwaukee River in what is now Thiensville
Park, also the current site of Rotary Riverwalk (pictured
The following 1850s-era pieces are needed:
Kitchen table with 2-4 basic chairs, rounded backs
with plain spindles
Cupboard for storing dishes and cooking supplies,
possibly with tin-lined flour bin
Dry sink - small
Secretary - small
Spinning wheel - small
Butter churn
Oil lamp
Water pail with dipper, metal or wood
Iron stone dishes, white
Serving dishes
Knives, forks, spoons
Cast iron pot, skillets
Wooden bowls, various
Cooking utensils
Crocks, various
Braided rug
Candle holders
To donate to the Mequon-Thiensville
Historical Society, contact the Society at
262-242-3107 or [email protected]
com Page 2
The Rules Have Changed!
As required in our by-laws, all changes to the by-laws are to be published. The changes below were
implemented and approved at the Society’s Annual Meeting, November 22, 2011
Mequon-Thiensville Historical Society
Bylaw Changes
Board of Directors
a. The Board of Directors shall consist of 7 directors (changed from 5) and those officers to whom board status is imputed
under the provisions of Article IV of these bylaws. The total number of members on the Board of Directors, including those
officers and directors, shall be 11 (changed from 9).
ARTICLE V, Section 1 Directors, a. Elections
a. Directors shall be elected by the members at the annual meeting of the organization. At the annual (changed from first)
election of directors in November when the Board was increased to 11 members three were (changed from shall be)
elected for a period one ( 1) year, four were (changed from shall be) elected for a period of two (2) years, and four were
(changed from shall be) elected for a period of three (3) years so that a portion of the directorships shall become vacant
each year and elections to these vacancies shall be for a period of three years.
b. The above changed from (Directors shall be elected by the members at the annual meeting of the organization. At the first
election of directors one third shall be elected for a period of two years, and one third shall be elected for a period of three
years so that there after one third of the directorships shall become vacant each year and elections to theses vacancies shall
be for a period of three years.)
Section 1. b. Six (changed from five) of the Board of Directors present and eligible to vote shall constuturte a quorum at any regular
or Special meeting of the board.
It is hereby certified that the foregoing bylaws of this corporation were adopted by the Mequon-Thiensville Historical Society meeting
at Logemann Center, Mequon, Wisconsin on the 22nd day ofNovember, 2011 by the following vote:
Number of members having voting rights __________________
Number voting in person or by proxy _____________________
(In person___; by proxy ____.
Number voting for ______; number voting against ____.
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Back to the Future
Upcoming events of historical note in our area
April 12
Historical fashion is the focus when the ThiensvilleMequon Library League presents “The Allure of the Little
Black Dress” on Thursday, April 12th at Shully’s Cusine
& Events, 146 N. Green Bay Road, Thiensville. Start with
a social hour at 11:30, followed by a gourmet buffet
luncheon at Noon, and the presentation at 1:15. Vintage
fashions provided by Goodwill Industries. Tickets are
$19.00. For more information contact Joan Buschman at
242-1738. For reservations call Marian Held at 242-3582.
May 19th
Ozaukee County Historical Society’s Nina Look and
Ron Heinritz present “Historical Landmarks and Early Life
in the Village of Thiensville” on March 19th at Willowbrook
Place Community, 205 Main Street, Thienville. MequonThiensville Historical Society Secretary Mary Sayner
will speak briefly about the Mequon-Thiensville Historical
Society. The program begins at 3:30 p.m.
Who Knows?
(Answers to questions on page 2)
May 7th
The Ozaukee County Historical Society holds
its next quarterly meeting on Monday, May 7 at the
Cedarburg Cultural Center. The business meeting is at
7:00 and the program begins at 7:30. Refreshments are
served and door prizes are given.
Wisconsin author Jerry Apps will speak on his book,
Barns of Wisconsin and hold a book signing after his
The Society is preparing an article on Mequon’s
historic Clausing barns and Clausing family for its May
newsletter, featuring an interview with Ray Clausing and
his sister, Jan. A display of Ozaukee County building
styles and materials is currently installed at the Hazel
Wirth Archives Research Center in the Interurban Depot
in Cedarburg. A display of barns will begin at the end of
Grow with Us!
Since you’ve made it to the back page of our newsletter we figure you’re interested in the Historical Society. If
you’re not a member yet, you should be!
Since the revitalization of the Society late last year we’ve
gone from 12 paid members to 98, with a good many
new members recruited during or as a result of our last
annual meeting.
1. It was Stowell’s Garage. 2. It was a strip mall that included a liquor store,
Kohls Grocery store, Schutz Fabric store and others. What are you waiting for? Join today. It’s easy. Individuals
3. It was on the SW corner of Wauwatosa Road just
can join for as little as $10 and entire families for just $15.
past Mequon Road. Send your check today to:
4. In Freistadt, west of the Landmark Inn on the
North side of the road.
5. According to the marker at Rotary Riverwalk
Logemann Community Center
(below), “The original log and dirt dam was built at
6100 W. Mequon Road
this location in the early 1840’s to harness the power
Mequon, WI 53092
of the Milwaukee River.”
Don’t forget to include your name, address and email!
Thank you, Sommer’s Automotive!
Thanks to Sommer’s Automotive, 7211 W Mequon Rd,
Mequon for their sponsorship of the Mequon Thiensville
Historical Society website:
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