"high as the sun" one sheet


"high as the sun" one sheet
Artist: Diesto
Title: High As The Sun
Label: Seventh Rule
Release Date: November 1, 2010
1) Beyond The Graves
2) All Eyes Upon You
3) High As The Sun
4) Lowlight
5) Waiting For The Fall
6) The Longest Day
Chris Dunn - Guitar, Vocals
Mark Bassett - Guitar, Vocals
Captain John - Bass
Scott Ulrich - Drums
“This is a true symphony of urban depression with sedate power chords and supremely heavy... reminiscent of a number
of other noise bands like Grotus and Eyehategod."
- Kerrang
“Pummeling ferocious rock that could cause some of your fillings to be jarred loose.”
- Razorcake
Hailing from the rain and gloom of Portland, Oregon, Diesto create epic, dark, heavy rock. Guitarist Chris Dunn describes the band
as “a combination of noise rock and sedate doom, laden with hooks and melody.” Accurate to their native landscape, Diesto deliver
sonic thunder.
Originally formed as a three piece sometime around 2000, Diesto leaned towards angular noise rock drawing from the sounds of
Minneapolis label Amphetamine Reptile. Shortly after forming, Diesto released Outland on Elastic Records (Fu Manchu, Theory
Of Ruin) followed by their epic Doomtown 7 album. Diesto toured the US extensively in support of Doomtown 7 and received
considerable press for their intense live shows. Favorable reviews for the record compared Diesto to other power house three
pieces such as Hammerhead, Unsane, and Cherubs. After a line up change, Diesto brought in a second guitar player which they
credit to really opening up their sound. Isle of Marauder came out on Exigent Records (Gaza) with thunderous two guitar tones
bringing on more doom and slower tempos. Diesto has cultivated a one of a kind sound that has given them a secure hold in the
heavy rock and doom genres.
Diesto’s fourth record, High As The Sun is a journey into the bands deeper psyche with clean spacial guitars coasting within a
beautifully crafted song. It's a "desert record" with bleak landscapes and themes of isolation - an alternative soundtrack to a Clint
Eastwood Western epic. High As The Sun contains stripped down vocals with a sung delivery and treacherous screams dropped
in for extra force. Hellride Music best describes it as “a wide open space of grassy, rolling plains being plundered by a runaway
buffalo horde; slow, vast, serene and bludgeoning all in the same breath."
High As The Sun was recorded by Adam Pike (Red Fang, Black Elk) in Portland, OR and mixed by Alex Newport (Fudge Tunnel, The
Mars Volta) in Brooklyn.
Diesto will spend the rest of the year playing shows along the west coast. A full U.S. tour is being planned for early 2011.
ALL PROMO REQUESTS: SCOTT FLASTER / [email protected] / 503 - 489 - RULE