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codetalk - St. Joseph Center
“The world needs more women leaders
and our future depends on every girl
being able to reach her full potential.”
-Mark Zuckerberg, Founder of Facebook
Program Outline
HTML and Advanced CSS
Image Editing
User Experience Design
Media Queries & Responsive Design
Basic Search Engine Optimization
Have a High School Diploma/GED
(preferred but not required)
Have an interest in web
development & enjoy using
Are looking for a new beginning and
creative career path
Desire to work in a creative office
Are comfortable working with others
Are a hardworking and committed
enthusiastic learner
Developing on a Local Server
Site Migration
For more information visit:
Working with Potential Clients
or email: Collaborating in Office Environments
[email protected]
Spiritual Wellness & Holistic Self-Care
Learn Web Development
in 15 Weeks
Introductory Javascript
CODETALK is the perfect
program if you:
Train for a new career
CODETALK is a job training program
like no other. It provides a safe and
supportive space where women learn
the skills necessary to enter the
growing field of web development.
If you have basic digital skills, you can
apply for this program. It will change
your life!
Spaces are limited. Apply now!
CODETALK's mission is to transform
the lives of women in need.
CODETALK achieves this mission via
an innovative program that trains
participants in the necessary
technical and professional skills for
careers in front-end web
In just 15 weeks, participants learn
the foundational skills and
confidence necessary to seek
employment in a web-related field.
Program Highlights
Industry professionals as guest
Job placement assistance
Online Student Portal and
community support system to help
you succeed
Professional development skills,
including resume feedback
Opportunities to work on real-world
projects in collaboration with
Taught in a friendly and supportive
Web development is a broad term for
the work involved in developing a
website for use on the internet.
We will focus on Front-End Web
Development which includes learning
HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This
program will give students a clear
process and understanding for building
websites using industry standard tools.
204 Hampton Drive, Venice CA 90291
15 weeks of hands-on instruction
(Monday - Friday 9am - 1pm)
Creating your own web portfolio to
put on your resume
What is web development?
Alumni Testimonial
"I can't believe how much I learned and
soaked in in a short period of time. [The
instructors'] knowledge and ability to
teach in a way that everyone understands
in a gift! Breaking down the various
concepts, programs, frameworks, tools,
etc., was exactly what I was looking for in
an instructional program. It was truly a
wonderful experience!!"
St. Joseph Center’s mission is to provide
working poor families as well as homeless
men, women, and children of all ages
with the inner resources and tools to
become productive, stable and selfsupporting members of the community.