Welcome to BreathDance… Fusion!


Welcome to BreathDance… Fusion!
Welcome to BreathDance…
This audio is a personal yoga practice that combines breathwork with rhythmic, free style
body movement. Its purpose is to help you self empower your full-embodied expression
of ecstatic joy, as a permanent state. The practice has the potential to be highly transformational in its ability to clear negative
subconscious patterning while simultaneously connecting you into higher states of
consciousness. As a consciousness expanding practice, it is the perfect companion to
Morphogenesis program. !
This 45-minute practice can be done alone in your home or with others. !
The Flow ~ This is a 4-part sequence synchronized to music and facilitated through voice
narration. Wear loose clothing and make sure you have a yoga mat or cushioned floor
space. The Sequence
Breath of Fire (3 minutes)
You will begin the practice with a pranayama breathing technique called, 'Breath of Fire’.
This energizing breath is done first to cleanse and attune your system for the rest of the
There are many benefits to this cleansing and energizing breath. It oxygenates and
detoxifies your blood, recalibrates the nervous system, builds lung capacity, and releases
stress, to name a few.
How to Breath the Breath of Fire:
Sit in an easy pose, preferably in a simple cross-legged position on the floor or soft
cushion. The most important thing is to keep the spine straight.
1. Relax the body by taking a few deep breaths.
2. Then, focus your energy in the navel point. You are
going to force air, in and out through the diaphragm, with
a rapid breath, only through the nostrils. It is continuous,
with no pause between the inhale and the exhale. The inbreath and out-breath are balanced. 3. Inhale quickly through your nose, expanding your belly. Exhale immediately, expelling
all of the air from your lungs with a powerful abdominal contraction. Pull your belly
button toward your spine.
Just remember, breathe in, belly out. Breathe out, belly in.
Do this for three minutes in continuous rhythm.
Note: You can find You Tube clips that explain how to do the Fire Breath. My advice is to
keep it simple. You are basically sniffing and snuffing rapidly, in and out through the
nose. Do not be so concerned about the rhythm of the belly. After some practice, your
abdomen will begin to move effortlessly in its natural rhythm.
Intentional Breathing (7 minutes)
In the next 7 minutes of the practice, you will breathe, gently
and rhythmically through your nose without stopping.
Your gaze remains at the third eye as you focus and attune your
entire energy field in coherence with your greater self and
omnipresent nature. You are breathing the stillness of union, in and out only though
the nostrils.
Allow the voice to guide you as you begin the journey through the portals of the
expanding self.
Activational Breathing (10 minutes)
This breathing exercise takes you deeper into the emotional body to bring up and clear
subconscious patterning and make room for new patterns of perception to crystallize. If
done in full sincere intention, this breath can recalibrates and recodes the body blueprint. How to:
In this third segment, you will transition
to a position lying down on a cushioned
floor or mat. In traditional yoga, this
position is knows as corpse pose.
You are breathing deeply and steadily
through the nose without stopping. As you breathe in, fill the abdomen first, and then,
fill the lungs. This is done in one very deep, long inhale. Then exhale slowly and deeply. Follow the guided narration in the audio. Allow any rising emotion or negative thought
forms to surface and be released through the breath. Cry it out, shake it out… just let all
come up to be released.
Movement and Dance (15 minutes)
During this final phase, remain deeply connected to the self as you
elevate your energies into your transcendent nature.
Allow the body to move as a great spiritual presence, unbounded by
time and unlimited by space. Breathe the joy of union! Dance your
freedom! Beam the bliss!
After this practice, drink some water and get some fresh air. If you can,
remain free from the hustle bustle and technology until you are fully
grounded from this profound attunement practice.