2016 Summer East Tennessee Newsletter



2016 Summer East Tennessee Newsletter
Summer 2016 Newsletter
Improving the lives of the people we serve
Tennessee links physical and mental health care
By Jerry Vagnier, CEO and president
The state of Tennessee’s Bureau of TennCare is transforming the
current Level 2 Mental Health Case Management into Tennessee
Health Link, a behavioral health home model of care. TennCare
members who currently meet eligibility criteria should be eligible
for Tennessee Health Link according to the Bureau of TennCare. The
program, as defined currently by the state, will allow providers like
the Helen Ross McNabb Center to become Health Link providers
and coordinate both the behavioral health services as well as the
physical health services that a client may need. Individuals living
with serious mental illness face an increased risk of having chronic
medical conditions.
According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness
(NAMI), on a national level, adults living with serious
mental illness die on average 25 years earlier than others, largely due to treatable medical conditions. This
statistic points to the need for integrated care.
The model incorporates nurses to lend their expertise to the care
management component of the new program. In theory, there are
many TennCare members that currently do not receive Level 2 Mental Health Case Management that would be eligible for Health Link
services. Adults with chronic mental health disorders and children
with severe emotional disorders would benefit from a coordinated
model of care. Our case managers are capable of helping improve
our clients’ health statuses by
maximizing their ability to
engage clients, facilitate
appointments and ensure proper health care
follow-up. Ultimately
this model of care is
expected to not only
improve the long-term
health of members
but also save the state
money as their health
reform for this model
of care will move the
model from a fee for
reimbursement to a monthly
case rate reimburse- The Helen Ross McNabb Center director of nursing,
ment. The two primary Kellye Hudson, and a children and youth integrated
components of the service team registered nurse, Lindsay Heath, work
model are medically to coordinate physical and mental health care at the
directed care coordi- Children and Youth Center in Knoxville.
nation and case management. The clinical model is sound, but the
funding is to be determined. As with all clinical services, the funding
must support the model.
What’s inside...
Integrative Health Homes
Foundation funds service needs PAGE 3
Supportive housing opens
Donor honor roll PAGE 5
Helen Ross McNabb Center
Boards of Directors
Center Board
Ms. Heidi Barcus
Ms. Nancy Cain
Mr. Wade Davies
Mr. Joe Fielden
Mr. Charles Finn
Mr. Mike Fishman
Mr. Ted Flickinger
Dr. Joe Johnson
Mrs. Debbie Jones
Treasurer & Chair-Elect
Mr. Dale Keasling
Mr. Ford Little
Mr. Richard Maples
Mrs. Della Morrow
Mr. Joe Petre
Mr. James Schaad
Mr. Ross Schram III
Hon. Richard Stair
Dr. Karen Sowers
Dr. Mary Kay Sullivan
Mrs. Nikitia Thompson
Mrs. Traci Topham
Mr. Clarence Vaughn
Foundation Board
Mr. Patrick Birmingham
Mrs. Linda Gay Blanc
Mrs. Leslie Blanton
Mrs. Debbie Brown
Mrs. Betsey Bush
Ms. Elizabeth Campbell
Ms. Stefanie Crowe
Mr. Greg Gilbert
Mr. Bob Joy
Mr. Steve Kitts
Mr. Mark Kroeger
Mrs. Fran Leonard
Mr. Jim Lloyd
Mr. Richard Montgomery
Mr. Davis Overton
Mr. David Ownby
Mrs. Sylvia Peters
Mr. Don Rogers
Mr. Keith Sanford
Mr. Andy Shafer
Mr. Mitch Streenrod
Mr. Jerry Vagnier
Mr. Carl Van Hoozier
Mr. David Wedekind
Our Integrative Health Homes experience
Tennessee is committed to improving the
performance and efficiency of our state’s
health care system to improve the overall health of Tennesseans. Recent legislation made it possible for community mental
health centers to hire primary care physicians
and opened the door for the Center to explore integrated health care models with a pilot program called Integrative Health Homes.
With funding provided by the first Helen
Ross McNabb Center Foundation grant, the
Kellye Hudson was promoted as the director of nurs- Center developed and implemented the proing to implement Integrative Health Homes.
gram. The Center used funds to hire a director
of nursing, an adult nurse care coordinator and a pediatric nurse to coordinate clients’ behavioral health needs as well as primary care needs and ensure they are cared for in an integrative
manner. To date, the team has served 110 adults with severe and persistent mental illnesses
who have comorbid medical conditions and 102 children experiencing serious emotional disturbances and chronic medical conditions in the Integrative Health Homes Pilot Program.
“We are looking forward to continuing to develop a model of care that takes into account our
clients’ behavioral health and physical health needs,” said Mona Blanton-Kitts, vice president of
clinical services. “While it is in its formative stages, Tennessee Health Link has the potential to
improve the lives of the people we serve by broadening our continuum of care.”
Gavin* is a life improving through Integrative Health Homes. Due to dysautonomia, Gavin has
cardiac and neurological problems, along with other medical issues, that were making it difficult for him to receive mental health care. Mental health providers were hesitant to treat
Gavin and risk interfering with or exacerbating his medical conditions, and Gavin’s mom says it
was difficult to find doctors willing to work together to help her son. By the age of 15, he had
been hospitalized twice for depression and anxiety symptoms, including thoughts of suicide.
Then, a friend told Gavin’s mom about the Helen Ross McNabb Children and Youth Center in
Knoxville. At his first appointment, the intake clinician told Gavin and his mom about the Integrative Health Home Pilot Program that began in October 2015 and asked the health home
coordinator to meet with them. Gavin’s mom had tears of joy and relief in her eyes when the
health home coordinator asked for the names of all Gavin’s doctors in order to coordinate care
between the McNabb Center and his medical providers.
“That was such encouragement that we were in the right place,” Gavin’s mom says of that first
meeting. Gavin and his mom felt safe for the first time with a mental health provider thanks
to the in-depth, quality, and compassionate continuum of care provided by Integrative Health
Homes. It has been 4 months since that initial visit, and Gavin’s mom is happier than ever with
the care he is receiving. “I am so impressed with your program and the fact that you are willing to work as a team,” she said. “You are the first people to do that for us and it’s a breath of
fresh air!” The program will soon launch as Tennessee Health Link, an initiative by the Bureau
of TennCare.
*Name changed
McNabb Foundation funds first-episode psychosis
programming for young adults
Due to continued community support, the Helen Ross McNabb
Center Foundation will use funding to meet identified service
gaps in our community. The Center’s clinical leadership applied
for the second annual grant through the Foundation, and firstepisode psychosis programming for young adults was selected
for funding. The Foundation will provide $180,000 to meet
the unique needs of young adults experiencing initial psychotic symptoms with the goal of preventing future episodes. As a
mental disorder, schizophrenia and psychosis involve symptoms
of delusions, hallucinations, disorganized thinking, impaired motor skills, lack of emotional expression and a decreased ability to
engage in daily activities. While psychosis can be experienced at
any age, most symptoms onset between the ages of 15 and 35.
It is estimated that approximately 1 percent of the population in
the United States will experience schizophrenia or psychosis at
some point in his or her lifetime. At the time of the initial episode,
a person may have had a full and functional life with no indication
of schizophrenia or psychosis up to that point. After the symptoms onset, however, psychosis can be intruding, distracting and
even disabling. Getting help early is essential to treat symptoms
and provide support so the activities and relationships that are
important to stability and wellness can stay intact.
“The majority of individuals with serious mental illness experience their first symptoms during adolescence or early adult-
hood, and there are often long delays between the initial onset
of symptoms and a person receiving treatment,” said Substance
Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)
Administrator Kana Enomoto during her testimony to Congress.
“The consequences of delayed treatment can include loss of
family and social supports, reduced educational achievement,
disruption of employment, substance use, increased hospitalizations and reduced prospects for long-term recovery.”
As a premier mental health agency, the Center is a leader in the
provision of innovative services for people living with a mental
illness. First-episode psychosis programming will complement
our continuum of services by allowing us to place an emphasis
on treating an individual at the initial point he or she experiences symptoms. The Coordinated Specialty Care (CSC) approach
shows promising outcomes. The evidence-based practice includes a team that works collaboratively with youth to identify,
assess and treat early psychosis. Evidence shows the earlier the
intervention for first-episode psychosis, the better the outcomes
in terms of stability and management of the illness. Identifying
the illness early is key for young adults. Moving forward, the state
will continue to create funding opportunities for first-episode
psychosis programming, and the Center will be well prepared to
actively seek ongoing revenue streams to sustain the project into
the future with positive outcomes and expert staff.
McNabb welcomes new medical director, Dr. Karthi
Namasivayam, to clinical staff
The Helen Ross McNabb Center is
proud to announce the addition
of Dr. Karthi Namasivayam to
its team of providers.
am will oversee medical practice and policy for all adult psychiatric services at the Center. He is board certified in psychiatry by
the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Namasivayam
has lived in and served East Tennessee for nearly 10 years.
Dr. Karthi Namasivayam, also
known as Dr. Karthi, is now
providing care through the
Helen Ross McNabb Center’s adult outpatient mental
health centers. As the adult
medical director, Namasivay-
“We are honored Dr. Karthi has joined our mission
of improving the lives of the people we serve,” said
Leann Human-Hilliard, vice president of clinical services. “Experienced medical doctors like Dr. Karthi
increase the Center’s ability to provide excellent care
as well as provide greater access to services.”
Bob Kesling and Bert Bertelkamp Golf Tournament
raises “MONEY!” for mental health services
The annual Bob Kesling and Bert Bertelkamp Golf Tournament, presented by Regal Entertainment Group, was held at Holston Hills Country
Club in Knoxville. This record-breaking day brought together 160 golfers
and raised more than $62,000 for the Helen Ross McNabb Center.
East Tennessee golfer, Drew Langley, beat the odds on the greens. He
made a hole-in-one and won $25,000. This is no easy feat considering
the chances of making a hole-in-one on a par 3 for an amateur golfer
are 12,500 to one, according to the National Hole-in-One Association.
“The Helen Ross McNabb Center has been near and dear to my heart for
many years,” said Bert Bertelkamp. “It provides services to people who
are often forgotten and in the most need of supportive services.”
The golf tournament is a Helen Ross McNabb Center tradition, lasting
more than 20 years and was previously hosted by basketball legend –
Coach Pat Summitt.
Home is where the story begins:
New supportive housing serves Hamilton County
Home is where the story begins! The Helen Ross McNabb Center
opened the doors to Bailey Home for the first time to celebrate
with the community. Bailey Home is a new supportive living facility in Chattanooga for adults living with mental illness who are
in need of supportive services. In 2015, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee awarded the McNabb Center a grant
in the amount of $341,300 to create a supportive living facility
for adults who need a place to stay after being discharged from
a mental health facility. This funding allowed the McNabb Center to build a brand new facility and to provide greater access
to affordable housing for individuals with disabilities in our community. The new facility has five bedrooms and houses 10 adult
individuals at full capacity. Bailey Home provides comprehensive
support services to each resident through both on-site and community resources with a dedicated staff who works 24-hours a
day to assist with daily living skills, ensure medication needs are
met and coordinate daily life skills groups. In addition, McNabb
Center outpatient mental health care and The Lighthouse peer
support services are in close proximity to Bailey Home.
“The Center has provided supportive services
and quality mental health care in Tennessee
for nearly 70 years. If provided access to quality care, individuals and families can find hope
and healing. Community partners, like UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Tennessee, are
helping create more opportunities for individuals with mental illness to find the help they need,
when they need it,” said Jerry Vagnier, Helen
Ross McNabb Center president and CEO.
Integrating supportive living with access to mental health
care and social support greatly increases the opportunity
for success, health and independence. Between 70 percent
and 90 percent of individuals with mental health problems
have significant reduction of symptoms and improved quality of
life with a combination of therapy, medical help, and continued
support, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.
“We recognize that without a place to call home, people who
suffer from mental illness can get caught in a pattern of staying
in hospitals, shelters and even the criminal justice system,” said
Rita Johnson-Mills, CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan
of Tennessee. “People who are living with and recovering from
their mental illness deserve the opportunity to live healthier and
more independent lives, and the purpose of this support is to
help make that a reality for more Tennesseans.”
The new facility is more than just a place to sleep. It is a newfound reality of recovery and wellness for the Bailey Home residents. The Center is in the process of renovating three other supportive living facilities in Chattanooga through its Access to Care
Campaign. To learn more visit, mcnabbcenter.org/foundation.
(From left to right) Stephanie Carter, HRMC; Mona Blanton-Kitts, HRMC; Jerry
Vagnier, HRMC; Ross Schram III, Center Board; Gayle Lodato, HRMC; Ute Strand,
UnitedHealthcare; Mayor Andy Berke, Chattanooga; Rep. JoAnne Favors, State of
Tennessee; Sen. Todd Gardenhire, State of Tennessee; Hayley Clothier, UnitedHealthcare; Rep. Mike Carter, State of Tennessee; Lilli Correll, UnitedHealthcare;
Michelle Berthon, UnitedHealthcare
Big BBQ Bash draws tasty talent to East Tennessee
The smell of delicious barbecue filled the air of downtown
Maryville in the scenic foothills of the Smoky Mountains when
more than 35
teams from
nation competed in the
BBQ Bash.
The event is
a Kansas City
Society (KCBS) sanctioned, professional barbeque cook-off and
a fundraiser for the Helen Ross McNabb Center. Teams competed in the categories of pulled pork, ribs, brisket, chicken, dessert
and a special Wampler’s Farm Sausage category. Prize money
totaling $10,000 was awarded and, of course, bragging rights
for the top three teams in each category. Under the Radar, from
Kingsport, Tennessee, will hold the title of Grand Champion until
next year’s competition. For a full list of scores and placements,
visit www.blountbbqbash.com. Since its inception in 2007, the
Big BBQ Bash has raised nearly $125,000 for charitable causes
in Blount County. All proceeds from the 2016 Big BBQ Bash will
benefit mental health, addiction treatment and social services
provided by the Helen Ross McNabb Center.
The following gifts were made between April 1 - June 30, 2016
Access to Care Hamilton
County Campaign
City of Chattanooga
First Tennessee Foundation
Tennessee Health Foundation
Access to Care Hamilton
County Staff Campaign
Tiara L. Brown
Nancy Cain
Mark Dickson
Heather Ericson
Angela Glass
Trish Horner
Tim Larson
Gayle Lodato
Alisha Montgomery
Matthew Naylor
Mariah O’Bryant
Alex and Amanda Patterson
Jewell Payne
JoAnn Poschke
Teresa Robinson
Access to Care Knox
County Campaign
Joel W. and Melinda Connell
First Tennessee Foundation
David B. and Wendy Fiser
Ted Flickinger and Julie Howard
IT 4 The Planet, LLC
David and Martha Reynolds
Bo and Jane Shafer
Addiction Treatment Services
Humana, Inc.
Jane L. Pettway Foundation
Trinity Health Foundation of
East Tennessee
Big BBQ Bash
Wayne Blessing
Tom and Mary Bogart
Randy Boswel
Calvin and Amanda Broom
Eliot Brown
Larry and Beth Brown
Bush Brothers & Company
Bradford Carraway
Terry Chandler
Cherokee Millwright, Inc.
Mark and Melony Colquitt
Community Network Services
Chris and Melissa Conner
Denso Manufacturing
F&W Floor Covering
Ferguson Enterprises, Inc.
Janie Fields
Margaret Flynn
James Frankovich
Friends of Doug Overbey
John D. and Sharon Grigsby
David and Myra Hair
Hoggy Bottom Boys
Doug Horn
JDC Masonry, Inc.
Kyle and Raina Kant
Lamon & McDaniel Builders, Inc.
Philip and Amy Large
Christopher J. Leonard
Tom and Debora Leonard
Massey Electric Company
Abriel McCord
McGaha Electric Company, Inc.
Sean E. and Whitney L. Mikel
Marty and Kristie Milsaps
John and Becky Molloy
Shelley Newby
Newell Rubbermaid
Roy and Sharon Oller
Mike and Jill Owens
Kenneth Patton
Pilot Travel Centers
Process Supply
Josh and Emily Pruitt
William and Cindy Shepard
Otto and Kim Slater
Smoke On This
Soggy Bottom Smokers
Spicer Rudstrom, PLLC
Scott and Cynthia Spitler
Stowers Machinery Corporation
Art and Janet Swann
The Bar-B-Q-Pit Crew
Jeff and Cindy Thompson
Chad and Melissa Tindell
Andrew and Amanda Tinsley
Fred and Jane Tolhurst
Volunteer Veterinary Hospital
Watson Family Dentistry
Blount County Clinic
Family Promise of Blount County
Bob Kesling and Bert
Bertelkamp Golf Tournament
Bacon & Company, Inc.
Balter Beer Works
David R. and Denise Breeding
Business Graphics and Services
Citadel Construction, Inc.
City-Wide Service Club
Creative Structures, Inc.
Denark Construction, Inc.
Eagle Distributing Company, Inc.
First Watch
Garza Law Firm, PLLC
Charles E. and Martha Gaut, Jr.
H.T. Hackney Co.
Hiller Plumbing, Heating & Cooling
Company, Inc.
Hodges and Pratt Company, PC
Home Federal Bank
Jeff Jacoby
Robert K. Kesling
Knoxville News Sentinel
Lakewood Capital Group, LLC
Land Rover of Knoxville
Andrew and Andrea Langley
Jason Lay
Martin & Company
ORNL Federal Credit Union
David and Jessica Ownby
Hilde Phipps
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Regal Entertainment Group
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Sports Radio
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The Cherokee Group
William S. Trimble Company, Inc.
ChildNet East Tennessee
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Young Professionals of Knoxville
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Girl Scout Troop 20339
Dear Santa
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Pajama Program
Gina Reed
Oliver A. and Sarah Smith IV
Domestic Violence Shelter
& Sexual Assault Campaign
City of Knoxville
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Immaculate Conception Church
Cameron Koucheki
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Tennessee College of Law
Pilot Travel Centers
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Timothy Priest
W. James and Angela C. Pugh, Jr.
Student Organizations Fund of
the University of Tennessee
Tanya L. Townsend
United Way of Greater Atlanta
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In memory of Curtis Wright
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Dorothy and Clifford Barbour
Mary H. Bedinger
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James A. and Dee Haslam III
Graham A. and Cynthia Hunter
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Tennessee Automotive Association
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Sexual Assault Center
Staff Campaign
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In honor of all foster children
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In honor of every man who has
been a victim of sexual assault
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Wellness Center
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Ritter Ridge Landscaping
Season’s Cafe
Staybridge Suites
J. Norman and Virginia Swain
Nikitia Thompson
Tomato Head
Carl and Gail Van Hoozier
Courtney Zirkle
Therapeutic Preschool
Akima Club
Central Flats and Taps
Church of the Good Samaritan
Kiwanis Club of West Knoxville
Veterans Housing
Federal Home Loan Bank of
Veterans Services
In memory of Norma J. Kitts
Floy Blanton
Wanda Day
Home Federal Bank
Deborah Kirby
Evelyn Kitts
Kimberly McCall
Cheri Nuchols
Pete and Mary Jo Zurcher
Youth Emergency Shelter
Central Baptist Church
GE United Way
Hillcrest Baptist Church
Hopewell Presbyterian Church
Mount Olive Baptist Church
Through the Foundation’s giving options, you have the opportunity to leave a legacy starting today. There are many ways you
can create a brighter future for children, adults and families in East Tennessee by remembering the Helen Ross McNabb Center
in your financial planning. For more information, please call the Foundation at (865) 541-6684.
August 5-6, 2016
Chilhowee Sportsman’s Club
Maryville, Tennessee
In memory of Herb Ogle
Administrative Office
201 West Springdale Avenue
Knoxville, TN 37917
With Laurel Wright,
contestant from
Saturday, August 13 at 7 p.m.
Morristown-Hamblen High School West
Admission $12
The Young
(423)581-5630 ext. 320

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