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Newsletter - Calvary Baptist Church
Women’s Ministry
January 2014
Coordinator’s Column
Happy 2014!
It is a new year and WiT is offering a new season of Bible study classes and service and fellowship
opportunities for the women of Calvary. Some of our old favorites will return—a Beth Moore class,
discipleship classes, our 2nd Annual “Big Hats & High Tea” spring party, monthly Feature Day luncheons, and various food ministry activities! New offerings will include an International Cooking class
and a new newsletter column to encourage us to read some of the “Christian Classics,” as well as
some contemporary “classics in the making.” Please check out all the details in this month’s newsletter.
Feature Day............................................................ January 9
Orientation for Bible Studies/Equip Courses ..... January 15
WiT Bible Studies .................................................. January 22
Ladies Bowling Night .............................................. February
Exact date to be determined.
2nd Annual Tea Party .................................... February 22nd
Home of Tracy Hughes
Spring Family Picnic .................................... (date tentative)
Spring Missions Conference ...................... (date tentative)
Fall 2014 Mission/Vision Trip........................ (date tentative)
Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not depend on
your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him,
and He shall direct your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6
I never know what the day will bring, Lord. A perfectly ordinary day may end with glory or grief, or it may end like a perfectly ordinary day usually ends. I try to prepare myself for
anything that comes my way, at least mentally, but the truth
is, there are too many possibilities for me to even consider.
All I can do is put my trust in you and live each day in the
belief that You know how everything will work out—even if I
don’t. You will show me which way to turn. You will guide
and protect me day after day. You have a plan, and although I don’t know or understand it, I trust in you.
Richard Foster recommends the following in Celebration of Discipline:
Inward Disciplines
Outward Disciplines
Corporate Disciplines
Luke 11:1...Lord, teach us to pray...
Healthy Living
with Nicci Southwell
A New Year, A New YOU!
lifestyle where people are encouraged to get healthier together by
optimizing the key five essentials:
Unlike thousands of other books on
the market, this plan is not about a
new diet fad, guilt-driven gym sessions, or shame-driven fasts. Nor is it
a “do-it-all-now” approach. The
Daniel Plan shows you how focusing
on the powerful combination of the
key essentials can change your life choice at a time.
Are you looking for a Christian classic to read or a thought-provoking
book on discipleship or personal
Here are a few recommendations
from our Pastors …
 Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis
(Julio & Chad)
The Pilgrim’s Progress
The concepts in this plan will encourAre you a New Year’s Resolution
by John Bunyan (Julio & Chad)
age you to deepen your relation The Chronicles of Narnia
person? Do you start every year with
ship with God and develop a comby C.S. Lewis (Julio, Chad & Susan)
a list of things you’re set on doing,
munity of supportive friends who will
books to read, places to go, goals
encourage you to make healthy
to accomplish, vices to quit, chalchoices each and every day. The
 Celebration of Discipline
lenges to conquer, and adventures
result for you: gradual changes that
by Richard Foster (Julio)
to start?
by David Platt (Chad)
transform your life inside and out.
 Teaching Kids Authentic Worship
Well, if one of those “goals to acby Kathleen Chapman (Susan)
Join us for the Daniel Plan group
complish” is to become healthy,
study on Wednesday, January 22nd
then the Daniel Plan: 40 Days to a
at 9:30am and start living the life
Healthier Life by Rick Warren is the
God intended you to live. This sixperfect plan for you.
week study will equip you with the
The Daniel Plan offers an appetizing tools to become healthier mentally,
physically and spiritually.
approach to achieving a healthy
Lemony Dill Chicken
Salad Pita
A few squeezes of lemon juice
Enjoy a slight twist on a classic chicken
salad. Try this as an open face sandwich
on gluten-free bread or rolled into a
brown rice tortilla.
Serves 4
2 large whole wheat pitas, sliced in
3 cups cooked chicken breast,
Salt and pepper to taste (or lemon
Red lettuce
Sliced tomato
4 small celery ribs, finely chopped
4 tablespoons red onion, finely
1 generous tablespoon fresh dill,
4 tablespoons organic mayonnaise
or Veganaise
In a medium bowl, gently mix chicken, celery, onion, dill, mayonnaise,
lemon juice, salt, and pepper. Fill
each pita half with a lettuce leaf, a
slice or two of tomato, then a quarter
of the chicken salad.
Coffee Chat By: Jeanette
Genesis 1:1
In the beginning God created
the heavens and the earth.
God created the world and
people as an expression of His
God is creative and you and I,
as His children, are creative,
too! We are not asked to create a new animal or create a
new star in the universe, but we
are called to use the creative
talents and interests He gives us
for His glory. Maybe you cook,
or sew, or paint or would like to
help some of the women of our
church to learn English. Is there
a community ministries class
with which you could share
your skills this spring? Maybe
you can swing a hammer or
throw a baseball. Is there a
ministry building project or
youth activity with which you
could share this creative talent
this spring?
It is the beginning of a new
year and let’s all commit to find
new ways to share our creative
interests, skills and talents with
those around us for the glory of
our Lord! Let’s express our love
through our creative talents.
May the Lord
bless you today!
If you’re looking for a way to get involved, here are some areas in need of help:
Baskets of Hope Food Distribution:
Distribution on the last Saturday of each month; contact Betty Flores.
Bread of Life Market Food Pantry:
Distribution on the 2nd Saturday of each month; contact Jeanette Ahlenius.
Sundays in Children’s Department:
Contact Pastor Susan.
Don’t Miss These Exciting Events!!
WiT in Action
More WiT in Action
Cookie Exchange
On October 25, 2013, the Mission In-Possible Class
took a team to the Nopalera Colonia in Reynosa,
Mexico. The team of eight consisted of Chely
McBain, Lulu Gamboa, Lety Guerra, Alise Mason, Tracy Hughes, Carmen Gaytan, Paula Hepburn and her
friend. Bruce and Paula Hepburn have a ministry in
Nopalera and our team specifically went to minister
to the women by giving a tea party to make them
feel special and show God's love. Over 50 women
came! Lulu was our emcee and host for the event,
Chely led the devotional, and Lety led the games.
We sang, played with the babies (Alise), and served
the women to a sit down lunch on china (Carmen
and Tracy). Our activities included playing games
(the Spanish version of Bingo) and decorating cupcakes. We also gave out door prizes to the winners
and every woman that came
received a "girly" gift package.
One the things that struck my
heart the most was the women
wouldn't eat their decorated
cupcakes--they saved them
and took them home to their
children. What a blessing it was
to minister to these precious
Spotlight on a Calvary Woman:
Sylvia Riddle
What areas of our church do you volunteer?
Children’s Welcome Center, Sunday
AM and Wednesday PM Ladies Bible
Classes, and coordinator for Feature
Day Monthly Luncheons
Tell us about your family.
Married 37 years to Chris Riddle,
three children: Bianca Gonzalez,
married to Lorenzo and parents to
my grandsons, Cristian (14), Nicky
(12) and Zack (10); son, Andrew,
married to Suzie and their precious
little 2 month old son, Hunter; and our
youngest daughter, Christa Roberts
married to Richard. I am crazy
about my family!
What is your favorite song?
“God of Wonders” – Third Day’s version.
What do you do for fun?
It’s seasonal with us, since my husband is an accountant: OctoberMarch, my husband and I go antiquing on Jackson Street in Harlingen;
spring and summer hang out in our
backyard with our family.
Where do you go for your favorite
New York Deli in Harlingen after a
day of walking up and down Jackson Street.
Who or what have been the main
influences for your life/career?
My husband, because he wouldn’t
marry me unless I knew Jesus as my
Lord and Savior, then JESUS took
over and changed me completely!.
Where would you most like to travel?
Well, if we would ever leave home,
Chris and I would like to drive across
What is the
one item
you would
not travel
On no, I’d
have to
have two –
my glasses/
contacts and my Bible! (Perhaps I
should consider lasik eye surgery).
What is your greatest passion?
I pray Jesus is my passion.
What is your favorite thing to cook?
I love preparing Thanksgiving Dinner
– I spend days in the kitchen!
What is your favorite book?
What is the one thing you want Calvary women to know about you?
That I care about them.
Do you have a suggestion, announcement, or comment? We want to hear from YOU!
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