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Camp Awanita - Pelham Road Baptist Church
A Newsletter of Pelham Road Baptist Church
Camp Awanita
In Psalm 122 it is written, "I rejoiced
when they said let's go to the house
of the Lord." Of course, the house of
the Lord is not fixed. Wherever the
family of God meets, the house of the
Lord has been built. In the mountains
of Marietta, we rejoiced to be in the
house of the Lord.
object. From exercise to craft
classes to religious training
we have found some things
are best learned TOGETHER.
youngest classes, “We are all
good friends and Lilly’s teachWhy would anyone leave a
ing is in depth.”
comfortable bed earlier than
Yet for other classes the
necessary on Sunday mornconversations are never long
ing? When all you would ever
We call it Sunday School or
enough. According to Melissa
want to know about the
Bible or Spiritual growth can Bible Study or Spiritual Devel- Hull, “Our class (Tracy Newsome class) is fun loving. We
be accessed from your laptop opment, but class members
speak about good friends,
have lots of participation and
sitting in your recliner, why
good teaching, long converconversation around Scripwould you get dressed and
sations and care. Once you
ture.” In Sam’s class – Leigh
meet with people and pracWoerner’s says the “class is
tice an ancient ritual of study- come to a Bible study it’s no
longer about getting up it’s
Scripture mixed with lots of
ing scripture?
about being TOGETHER.
conversation. Often it’s just a
“It’s a place you feel right at good therapy session.”
There is a lot in this world
home. Deep friendships and
Meaningful Spiritual develyou can do without human
support are the mark of our
opment will often have the
contact. You can pay your
class,” is the way Joan Scrip- Bible in one hand and the
bills online. Make purchases
ture describes Corbett Parknewspaper in the other.
via After all,
er’s class. Bob Miller echo’s
Spiritual development is
much of our human contact
these days involves long lines these feelings about Spencer about building meaningful
LeGrand’s class “It’s a very
relationships, being inspired,
and rude people.
caring class. We have to look and turning faith from a noun
Even with the long frustratout for each other. We are all into a verb.
ing lines and the insincere
If you are not already a part
and overworked sales people very close friends.”
For others the TOGETHERof a Sunday morning formawe instinctively know we
tion community then join us
need human contact. We can NESS is about growing. The
this Sunday at 10 a.m. There
do yoga in our den, yet most Flemings are in Dorothy’s
class “It’s a fantastic class.
is always a place for you. For
do it in a yoga class. We can
The people are welcoming
directions to a particular class
paint in our own home yet
and Dorothy is so knowledge- ask an usher. TOGETHERweekly people attend paintable.” Jonathan Duvall in a
NESS is under rated, and it’s
ing parties where 40 people
similar fashion reports the
cheaper than therapy.
gather to paint the same
same happens in one of our
Wednesday Summer Schedule at PRBC
There will be NO suppers, choir practice or
children’s activities in JULY!
A person who changed my life
In 1995 I joined a Wednesday morning ladies Bible
study. A good way to meet other women my age
at a new church, I thought. When I received my
book and looked at the first weeks’ homework,
I realized quickly: this is not going to be social
hour. This was in-depth, gather your own manna,
Bible study! The group was called Pilgrims Pathway , the result of two women who had a burden
for leading young women in God’s Word. One of
those women, my inspiration, was Martha Lewis.
wanting to serve God and learn more about Him.
Her stories of life on the mission field made me
realize what a responsibility I had as Christian and
an American. One in particular was about a time
she brought some girls from Surinam to Miami
for a Bible conference. On their way back to the
airport in Miami, they stopped at a grocery store
for some supplies and the girls started crying in
the pet food aisle. “You have more here for pets
than we have for people!”.
Martha and her husband had just retired from the
mission field where they spent 29 years in Trinidad, W.I. and Surinam. She believed that even
though she had retired from the mission field, she
had not retired from serving God. Her life verse,
Romans 12:1, presenting your body as a living
sacrifice, was truly her verse for life. She was an
inspiration and role model for us young moms
Martha’s love for Christ was contagious and she
glowed with the glow of someone who had been
in God’s presence. I thought she was beautiful!
Martha died in 2011 and is with her Lord Whom
she served so faithfully in life. I’m very sure she
does not think she sacrificed anything at all.
-Shelley Sturgis
CDC Graduation!
Non-Profit Org.
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Greenville, SC 29615
1108 Pelham Road
Greenville, SC 29615
July 2016
John Roy pastor
Sam Coates associate pastor
Lana Ogle administrator
Susan Kear cdc director
Rachel Cernogorsky office assistant
Kelly Spencer student pastor
Telephone: 864-288-3283
E-mail: [email protected]
The youth are headed to Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the week of July 9-16 to serve
alongside Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church. Headed back to the church that Kelly interned with last summer, the youth will be assisting with a camp for underprivileged
children in a local low-income community. The team will also have a chance to experience the benevolence ministry to the homeless in the area in addition to exploring
some of the best parts of south Florida in their off time. We are excited to see what
God has in store with these new places, new ministries, and new friends!
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