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Heritage Happenings - Heritage Christian Reformed Church
Volume #11 Issue 15 April 8, 2012
Heritage Happenings
Heritage Christian Reformed Church ● 2857 S 11th Street ● Kalamazoo MI 49009
Henrietta Mentor ~ April 8 ~ 97 years young!
Zach Razenberg ~ April 8
Marge Booden ~ April 9
Richard Visser ~ April 11
Judy Wieringa ~ April 13
25th Anniversary: If you have a
picture you are willing to loan or
a memory you would like to
share, please drop this by the
Church office.
Comes Calling: Welcome to study of men and
women God engaged in conversation in both Old and
New Testament, and how these moments changed
people (or not). Today, April 8, Easter Sunday
through Sunday, May 6 there will be no class. Class
will resume again on Sunday, May 13 when we will
look at Gideon (runts become warriors when God
comes calling) & on May 20 we will look at Job
(God bets on certain hearts?). Grab a cup of coffee
and join us today from 10:55 to 11:50 in the choir
room. All are welcome and don’t worry if you have
missed previous classes ~ each lesson stands on its
own. If you have any further questions, please see
Amy Blackledge, who is leading this class.
Congregational Meeting: A meeting of the
congregation is scheduled for next Sunday, April 15
following the morning service to discuss and vote on
the proposal from the Council to hire a part-time
Youth Director.
Orange District Potluck: A
potluck will be held on Sunday,
April 22 at noon. The Orange
District consists of members
Hegelmann through Stremler.
Marge Booden or Jerry Oele will
be contacting each of you in the
next week or so to inquire how many are able to
attend and what dish each family might be able to
bring (salad, main dish, or dessert). Please call Marge
or Jerry if you have questions or have not been
contacted by April 14.
Thank you
We extend a big thank you
to Norm Langeland for all his
work behind the scenes in
keeping our pulpit here at
Heritage filled. Thanks for all
your phone calling, emails,
and follow up work Norm!
Men’s Bible Fellowship: our next Bible study will
be THIS Wednesday, April 11 at 7 am. See you
around the table! (Note the May meeting is
Wednesday, May 9.)
Nursery Coordinator Needed: We
are looking for a new Nursery
Coordinator to oversee the Heritage
Church Nursery. After 4 years of
ministry in this position, Dorothy
Broekhuizen is stepping down and we
thank her for her invaluable service to
our children and families. Please contact Pastor
Simon if you are interested in this ministry or if you
would like more information!
Children & Youth Sunday School: Please take note
the Sunday School and catechism classes will not
meet today, April 8 but will resume classes next
week, April 15.
Children and the Lord’s Supper: Two years ago
the elders re-affirmed their commitment to the faith
formation journey of our children and youth and
what should be done to welcome children and youth
to the Lord’s Supper. In keeping with this the elders
encourage our parents to visit the Information Center
and pick up a copy of the brochure Nurturing Your
Child’s Faith: Leading Your Child to the Lord’s
Supper. This guide is a resource for parents to help
them discern the spiritual development of their
children, to assess a child’s readiness to come to the
Lord’s Table and the steps the shepherding elders
will follow to ensure this process is a meaningful and
joyful experience for the child, their parents and the
congregation as a whole. If you have any questions,
please contact one a shepherding elder or Pastor
Evangelism & Missions
Emails or Letters to Missionaries
Ed & Karan Finch ~ Wayne DeYoung
Nick & Stephanie Finch ~ Jimmy Lin
Bruce & Ruth Fletcher ~ Joseph Mutebi
Check out the latest news at the missionary table.
If you do not have a copy of our missionairies’ email addresses,
both their most current newsletter and email addresses are on
the Missionary table right next to the mailboxes!
Loaves & Fishes: Wish list:
April: Pasta
May: Pasta Sauce
Please place your donations in the
grocery cart in the fellowship hall
Offerings and Tithes
Offering is always for the General Fund
April 8 General Fund
Ministry Shares
Loose Change
Benevolence Fund
April 15 General Fund
Faith Promise
Loose Change
K-zoo Christian Sch
April 22 General Fund
Debt Reduction
Loose Change
Kids Alive
April 29 General Fund
Loose Change
Wycliffe Bible Trans
Requested Announcements
Favorite Verses: In this week’s Letters from Prison,
we explore favorite Bible verses of CBI students. Go
to www.cbi.fm to listen to Crossroad Connection – a
restorative justice ministry of Crossroad Bible
I am the Bread of Life: Bread is a symbol of
nutritional sustenance and satisfaction. So when
Jesus calls himself the Bread of Life, that means he
can satisfy all our needs. But do we really know what
our needs are? Join the April 15th Groundwork
conversation on John 6:25-40 to discuss what it
means that Jesus is the bread of your life. Find a local
Three On Responsibility: If it isn’t Liz’s fault, then
whose fault is it? Help Liz figure out responsibility
on this week’s Kids Corner. Then check out
www.kidscorner.net for devotions, puzzles, and more
of Liz’s adventures.
Birch Run & Frankenmuth Bus Trip: please join
us for a wonderful day of
shopping and see the
sights of Frankenmuth
on Saturday, April 28.
Bus leaves promptly at 8
am from Calvary Church
(7829 S. 5th Street,
Mattawan, MI) & the cost is $35.00 per seat
(payment confirms seat). The cost includes a
continental breakfast. We will head home from Birch
Run at 7 pm. Please call Lori Lacoss at 372-2851 to
reserve your seat. All profits go toward an adult
mission trip to Haiti.
Rodney J. Hugen
Arlington is no longer.
Its perfect rows of whitewashed markers
blown a thousand miles away,
all plowed up in furrowed ground,
an awesome, massive rending.
Fertile ragged soil,
unkempt and wild,
lies in heaped haphazard piles.
Gettysburg is the same,
the ancient battlefield
newly scarred and ripped,
torn and twisted,
as if a thousand cannon balls
had lashed the earth again.
In Orleans town
ancient sacred mausoleums
crack and crumble,
lie crushed in awful ruin
as in Katrina's days.
In Tombstone's sunlit desert
Boot Hill is blown apart.
Cowboys laid there,
boots turned up,
their epitaphs now gone,
forgotten words found tangled
in ravaged thorny weeds.
Across the roiling seas,
the greens of Normandy
feel once again the gash of war,
rocks and boulders tossed about,
flowered fields quick overturned.
All has gone amuck.
In lands beyond the sun,
Khmer's killing fields
are carved asunder
and further still
Rwandan ditches
open wide to brighting sun.
Green Acres no longer green
my father's grave open wide.
On that great day we all will know:
it's not just One
who rises up!
In Celebration of Resurrection Sunday and
in memory of a loved one, the following
have purchased an Easter
Easter lily for our
worship service this morning:
Jim & Marian Razenberg ~
Evelyn Razenberg & Bill VanderMeer
Simon & Heather Tuin ~ Emily Grace Tuin
Jerry & Ruth Mather ~ parents & Diane Mather
Dave & Carole Bickle ~
John & Ann Talsma and Franklin Bickle
Ken & Judy Fletcher ~ Parents
Ferrel & Marilyn Stremler ~ Ruth Stremler,
Clarke DeKryger & Darrell Stremler
Judy Wieringa ~ Mom, Dad, siblings
Helen Selles ~
Bob (son) Selles & Bill (husband) Selles
Phil & Barb Nieboer ~ Parents
Vicki Kinens ~ family
Roger & Jackie Croy ~ parents
Angie Schippers ~ Bob Schippers
Stephanie Finch ~ William Taylor
Betty & Lisa Vlietstra ~ Donald Vlietstra
The Bruinwoods ~ John Bruinwood
Bruce & Ruth Fletcher ~ Parents & brother, Jim
Bob & Barb Razenberg ~ Evie Razenberg
Bonnie & Norm Langeland ~ parents
Please remember to take your lily home with you
after the morning worship service.
NURSERY: April 8: Dorothy Broekhuizen & Pam Gould
April 15: Lyndsay Berkenpas & Ruth Wagner
COFFEE SERVERS: April 8 & 15: Pat & Carol Schewe, Norm & Bonnie Langeland, Herm & Gretchen Vanders
April 22 & 29: Lisa Vlietstra, Dick & Nadine VanDam, Jim & Marian Razenberg
HEARTLAND HEALTHCARE CENTER (Services begin at 3:30 pm & last approx 30 minutes)
April 8: Gary Broekhuizen & Ellen Byle
April 15: Glen Wagner
If you can’t speak or play on the date you are scheduled, please trade with someone else on the list.
PRAYER LINE MINISTRY ~ Glen Wagner/Judy Fletcher
PRAYER EMAIL MINISTRY ~ [email protected]
SERVICE MINISTRY ~ April: Betty Vlietstra
April 15: Paul Booden
Coffee Break
Bible Study
9:30 – 11 am
(last meeting
until Fall!)
9:30 am Pastor Simon
“Three Days Changed
the World”
Matthew 28:1-10
PM: Gary Broekhuizen
Men’s Bible
7 am
Bible Study
9:30 – 11 am
Admin Board
7 pm
5 pm “Easter Song
9:30 Pastor Simon
“After Easter: Now What?”
1 John 3:16-24
Congregational Meeting
10:50 Sunday School
5 pm Pastor Simon
“From Antagonist
to Evangelist”
Acts 9:1-31
9:30 Rev. Greg Sinclair
10:50 Sunday School
5 pm Pastor Simon
“Brought to New Life”
Acts 9:32-43
Mission Emphasis
9:30 am Rev. John DeVries
10:50 Sunday School
Celebration Sunday
5 pm Pastor Simon
“Good News For All People”
Acts 10:1-11:18
Prayer Meeting
7 pm
Bible Study
9:30 – 11 am
(last meeting
until Fall!)
Book Club
2-4 pm
Elders Meeting
3 pm
Deacons Meeting
7 pm
Praise Team
6:30 – 8 pm
Newsletter deadline: Wednesday at noon.
Call, leave a note, or e-mail to [email protected]
Cancellations A tornado watch or warning in effect 1 hour prior to a worship service or
meeting will result in the worship service or meeting being cancelled. Announcements
regarding worship services will be announced on WWMT channel 3, WOODTV Channel
8 and WOTV channel 4.
Office Hours Tuesday – Wednesday: 9-2 pm & Thursday 9-Noon

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