Impact Report 2013 - Fundación Tomillo



Impact Report 2013 - Fundación Tomillo
Impact Report 2013
30 years
Helping people
to build society
Letter from the director
Our social impact
Dear friends of Tomillo,
people supported
5,239 children received scholarly support with additional
This year we have worked to help improve the lives of over 26,300 people, mostly
children and youths, along with their families, who are at risk or experiencing difficulty.
Our mission is to help them continue to advance in their education, training, and
skills for employment, to find a job or create their own business, and for them to
be fully integrated and participatory citizens in their respective communities. In this
work we have collaborated this year with over 800 people (292 employees and 512
volunteers) and over 120 funders and donors.
In this way there are important personal achievements that mark the progress and
evolution for each of the children, young people, and people who have been close
to us this year.
- Moving from primary to secondary school is the first step to overcome: 2 out of 3
children in the fourth grade who have received educational support have moved on
to secondary school.
- Not leaving school before the end of the compulsory secondary stage is the second
step: 7 out of 10 teens that have joined in this challenge have improved their grades
and have continued their training.
- Starting training with motivation and a desire to learn is the next step: 2 out of 3
students in programs PCPI and Middle Grade level passed the 2012/2013 year, and
all of them have had their first true job experience working for a company.
- Growing as individuals and learning new skills for employment, and not faltering
from their personal plan is next: 9 out of 10 young people trained in specialized
computer programs and programming languages have been certified, with 7 of them
having found a new job opportunity.
- Tackling the challenge of starting a business by creating your own job is bold: 1 in
4 people trained and advised to undertake this immense project have been able to
successfully launch their business this year.
These achievements in improving professional knowledge are important to move
forward and build a career. Skills are of the upmost importance for the improvement
and personal development of the individual. Other skills and competencies are key
motivations for life: communication, self-esteem, emotional security, autonomy and
critical thinking, and entrepreneurship to name a few. The daily work of Tomillo
professionals and volunteers, counselors, psychologists, mentors, tutors, coaches,
and educators - focuses increasingly on developing these skills, because it is in
these areas - and not in intellectual abilities - where the brakes that hinder learning
and progress can be found.
This is why this year; we have spent thousands of hours (more than 85,000) in
providing care on both an individual and group basis – focusing on the personal
development of the people we serve.
The following pages have details of many more activities we have you done this year,
which marks 30 years in collaboration with many of you - professionals, volunteers,
friends, organizations, companies, public and private institutions-, and of course the
support of donors and funders.
To everyone, I appreciate the help and express how truly thankful we are for it
because it not only encourages us, but also enables us to continue to be useful to
our community.
support provided for 1,551 families across 142 schools
337 people obtained a job
985 mentored entrepreneurs
154 new businesses
105 business plans
263 jobs created
4,037 students in the Open Center
225 personal development courses
433 youngsters took up
4,628 people trained: youth, teachers and mentors
1,483 people received socio labor guidance
683 people assisted in job hunting
Carmen García de Andrés
54 youth in housing assistance
23,800 hours of volunteer support
Pág. 02 Letter from the director
03 Our social impact
04 Who we are
06 Support of school success
10 Career and Employment
12 Entrepreneurship
14 Research and consultancy
16 Tomillo Open Center
17 Bringng the best out of people
18 How we are funded
19 Collaborate with us!
Who We Are
Our Mission
We work towards the personal development and social integration of the most vulnerable
individuals and groups through education, improving employability, creating direct
employment, strengthening social networks, analysis, and innovation.
Our activities are carried out by a team composed mostly of teachers, pedagogues,
psychologists, and social and labor counselors, who develop various programs aimed
at children, adolescents, and their families. Additionally we provide training and
professional guidance.
Why Tomillo?
We are often asked about the name of our organization, and how it came to be. The
foundation is named Tomillo, or ‘Thyme’ because of Javier Lantero, the founder of
the foundation, who thought the name appropriate due to the plant being widespread
throughout most of Spain, and for the its modest characteristics and healing properties.
Main Areas of Intervention
The Tomillo Foundation is an
independent, private, nondenominational and non-profit
organization that was founded in
1983, with the aim of contributing to
social improvement and personal
Our Vision
• To achieve excellence in the quality of our
services, coordination and integration of internal
activities and external services, whilst responding
to the changing needs of individuals and the
communities which we serve.
• to BE A REFERENCE and a generator of good
• SHARING our knowledge within Spanish and
International networks alike.
• Transparency and accountability in our
Our activity is directed within the following areas of intervention:
- Support for the educational success of children and youth in difficulty.
- Job training for young, unemployed individuals and entrepreneurs.
- Support in job searches and self-employment as means of social integration.
- Economic and social Research.
Our Values
• Humanism
• Commitment • Determination
• Optimism
• Integration
• Rigor
Support for school success
Preventing future dropouts through
early childhood education
Since 2010, we have worked in two pre-schools located in Vallecas and Carabanchel to prevent future
cases of academic failure by working within educational guidelines, which are based on a systemic and
integrative model, that work with the family and school jointly.
Enhancing School Success
We serve the needs of young people, educational, personal, familial, and social, through a multidisciplinary
working model, where educators, psychologists, and instructors alike collaborate on comprehensive
intervention with the aid of employment counselors, doctors, teachers, family, and any other agent in the
minor’s life.
minors received school support
of students continued on from
primary to secondary education.
83% of students age 16 continued
their studies or began working.
In most cases, problems at school arise as a result of environmental factors, often time from reasons that
are beyond the child’s ability to cope with on their own.
The occupation and level of education attained by parents directly influences how at-risk a child is for
school failure. 44.8% of students hailing from a low socioeconomic status are at high risk for abandoning
formal education.
In schools where we work:
Our commitment to
We work to promote school success
of young people in difficulty.
The main objective is to support
the improvement of school
performance of children and
adolescents, and prevent their
dropping out through working on
the integration and the family with
the student’s school environment.
The average school dropout rate exceeds
35% of students have a school delay of over 2 years.
32% of students having difficulty in school integration.
37% of students lack educational resources.
The Caixa Proinfancia Progam, which the Tomillo Foundation is a coordinating entity and collaborator
of, complements our comprehensive care model in order to improve the opportunities for social and
educational development of more than 783 children in a total of 516 families in 2013. These families
received material support (school supplies, glasses, hearing aids, etc.) and specialty care (psychotherapy,
tutoring, educational workshops for families etc.).
We encourage creativity, leisure, and sport to promote and favor educational participation and success.
Learning Through Leisure:
Tiempo Joven
We work in the neighborhoods of Orcasur and La Colonia Los Olivos, which
have troubling social indicators, local coexistence conflicts, high rates of
unemployment, and a level of school dropouts that are well above that of
the national average. These factors favor the emergence of hostile isolation
and behaviors that hinder constructive and cooperative participation in the
community. This program in particular encourages meetings and exchanges
amongst adolescents through various group activities (capoeira, graffiti, break
dance, theater, and photography,) which allows for the integration of young
people hailing from different cultural backgrounds. The program acts as an
“incubator” for youth social entrepreneurship projects, from which young
people develop their skills and competencies in order for them to develop their
own projects for their participation and improvement of their community through
locating resources, managing spaces, hosting and performing at festivals, and
various activities in senior centers.
Empowerment Program for adult
life: youth in care and transition to
During 2013 we accompanied 39 adolescents ages 15 through 18 with
complicated life experiences, and were without referenced adults. This program
aims to promote their residential care standard through the integration and their
acquisition of key skills through training and professional guidance, to enable
them to develop as individuals, and successfully transition to their emancipation
and personal autonomy. Upon becoming of age, these youths, who are in a
situation of vulnerability, and have no family or social support networks, come
to the autonomy program. Here, we offer a comprehensive hosting plan,
consisting of training and professional guidance to develop their educational
processes and their social integration.
Reading and Theater: important
tools for developing creativity,
assertiveness, and communication
Reading and theater programs emerged in 2004, with the aim of improving
developing communication skills
amongst young people who had
language difficulties in school. 85%
of participating students improved
their overall grades. Scenic reading
and theater are very powerful tools
for the development of other skills
such as the ability to deal with reallife situations through fiction and
creativity, assertiveness, pre-labor
skills such as interview techniques,
and public speaking. Additionally,
scenic reading and theater allow for
the development of the students’
self-esteems. This year, the youth
program participants were finalists in the Juan Ramón Jiménez Reading
Tournament, where they had to read excerpts from William Shakespeare and
Miguel Delibes.
It has changed my son’s life!
“My son said he wanted to either be a thief or a garbage collector.
Now, he wants to study to become a photographer. I don’t know
where he got it from, but now he always wants to take pictures,
and that’s much better; I’m happy.” – Ayada (Morocco, 40) mother
of Sufian, who is a 14 year old student and involved in our school
support program.
The youngster is one of the students who has longest been in the
hands of the Tomillo Foundations’ educators and psychologists at
one of the centers for child support. Backed by both professionals
and funding from Obra Social La Caixa, this program aims to look
after and guide kids between ages 6 and 16 who are at-risk (broken
families, low socioeconomic status) of falling into social exclusion.
We work on developing good study habits in the boys, their
patterns of relationships with others, the basic rules of hygiene
and education, and especially on managing and expressing their
emotions. Many of these students have entered a spiral of neglect,
abuse, or health problems (disease, drugs and or alcohol abuse)
that causes them to lose confidence in themselves with regard to
tackling their problems. This inevitably leads to isolation. “Here
they don’t judge. They listen and help,” sums up Monica, who is
accustomed to acting as a second mother to the attendees.”
Photo by Jorge París / 20minutos newspaper
The Impact of the Reading and Theater Program
As measured by the tool “Emplea ”:
of students improved their assertiveness,
self-esteem, and teamwork.
improved their pre-employment skills.
improved their academic results and
continue to study.
improved their communication skills.
We encourage young people to lead and
manage by themselves the development of
their environment.
Career and Employment
We are an accredited vocational training center that works in direct connection
with companies in differing sectors, offering training in all technical and personal
skills to develop a career choice in order to improve the employability of our
young people, especially those who are less skilled.
We believe in the future of youths
The training we offer is based on the concept of “career,” linking different
training and employment through the design of a learning path, which
accompanies people in their working lives, from their initial baseline levels
through the needs of the business they are involved in.
Mentors and teachers
Training is offered in the areas of: Management and IT management to varying
degrees of expertise, hospitality and cooking, electricity, aiding dependents,
and gardening.
With a youth unemployment
rate of 55%
Our main goal is to empower
young people by means of training
based on the needs of companies.
337 people obtained a job
people received job training
people received socio labor guidance
0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
Training is key to improving the
employability of an individual and
2 de cada 3 alumnos
for ensuring the social integration
de los programas de
of young people and others in
Formación Reglada
difficulty. We work closely with
han superado el curso
companies to strengthen the
2012/2013 y todos
skills that are in demand in
ellos han desarrollado
today’s job market, and help them
su primera experiencia
acquire the necessary training for
real en empresas.
people assisted in job
Combined with the training process, we work for the full inclusion of youth
and adults in society that are experiencing social difficulties through
various actions including the full service of professional guidance and
support for their employment or self-employment.
During 2013 we worked with vocational guidance to redirect training or
business interests in a realistic manner that was consistent with the individual’s
interests and talents. This was done through group workshops and individual
sessions.We have also coordinated vocational experiences for users through
company visits, sessions on the topic of careers, and through internships with
companies in sectors in line with the vocational interests of the individual as
they prepare to enter the labor market in accordance with their individualized
Further training in companies: In 2013 more than 433 young people
completed internships. This has allowed us to tailor their training according to
the new and changing demands of the labor market. Additionally, we are able
to provide skills training, raise awareness on the environment and the work
environmental companies do, and have been able to heighten the value to CV
student volunteers from participating companies.
In 2013, among other collaborations, we worked with SAP for a course on
management tools along, with the VIPS group on training young catering and
kitchen professionals, with Iberdrola in the field of electricity, and with the Caser
Foundation for the certification of individuals assisting elderly dependents along
with internships in retirement homes.
A distinctive symbol of our training is that we actively promoting service learning
(APS) as a fundamental tool in the education of our young students. Through
this, students “teach what they have learned,” sharing their newly acquired
skills with people in their neighborhood (older adults, unemployed individuals,
etc.). In 2013, 130 young people participated in various training programs,
which benefitted over 1,300 people.
It has been through these means that electrical checks have been performed
in older homes. Furthermore, kitchen or computer techs have been able to use
their skills to provide a service, and teach others in the neighborhood, resulting
in a major exchange of knowledge in between youngsters.
In 2009, a new integration company, Aprento S.L. was created (regulated by
Law 44/2007), which aims to facilitate access to employment for disadvantaged
groups within a maximum period of three years. The fundamental activity at
Aprento is the proper disposal and recycling of old computers in addition to the
transportation of senior citizens from their residences to a day center.
Skills for inclusion
The Tomillo Foundation’s comprehensive program is aimed at encouraging
entrepreneurship in all of its activities and projects, by facilitating the
creation and consolidation of business initiatives.
confidence,” which in turn facilitates access to
funding sources.
Since its origin, the foundation has fostered and encouraged self-employment
as a clear formula for social and labor integration (in the last nine years, we have
assisted in the creation of 590 new businesses). For this reason, since 2012
we have been working more intensively with youth entrepreneurship, integrating
entrepreneurship training modules as an essential part of the overall learning
process. It is with this initiative that we aim to encourage the development
of skills and including professional and personal, through the creation of
community improvement projects that are tailored to the specific needs of the
area, promoting the development of engaged citizenship.
Programs that support entrepreneurs include
the Business Incubator of Villaverde, and part of
the Economic Development Agency of the City
of Madrid. They, amongst others, offer advice,
training, the commissioning of telematics, and networking.
In order to implement entrepreneurship in the classroom, (with students in PCPI
and training) we have counted with the support and experience of Valnalón,
management entity that depends on the Ministry of Industry and Employment of
the Government of the Principality of Asturias, who has spent 25 years promoting
entrepreneurship culture amongst young people. We also have the support of
organizations and agencies such as JP Morgan, Accenture, The Telefónica
Foundation, The Iker Casillas Foundation, The Ministry of Employment
and Social Security, The European Social Fund, and The Ministry of Social
Affairs of the Community of Madrid.
In 2013 we participated in the
implementation of the project Youth
Business Spain (YBS). We belong
to the Youth Business International
network, and are partners with the
CP’AC Foundation, where we provide
counseling, mentoring, and access
to finance for young entrepreneurs.
For the second year in a row, we have continued to promote social
entrepreneurship in young people across Spain through the “THINK
BIG” project, which received have 1,300 student submissions of ideas
concerning social entrepreneurship, environmental improvement,
and public awareness. The 300 finalists received financial support for the
implementation of their idea along with the support of a mentor. From the first
edition, 60 of the projects wanted to expand, of which 34 were chosen to receive
greater financial assistance and support along with specialized training. Think
Big Red consists of more than 30 social organizations and schools, which have
formed 350 mentors accompanying youth entrepreneurs in the development of
the final ideas.
Our intervention in the form of support for entrepreneurship is takes place from
the initial phase of development, is accompanied by guidance in formulating a
formal business plan, and is analyzed for technical and financial viability. Our
actions are also directed towards facilitating the obtention of a “guaranteed
2,130 social entrepreneurship ideas.
985 entrepreneurs advised.
97% survival in the first year.
A new concept of tourism, Madrid
Sensations Tours
“The Tomillo Foundation has been a very important factor
for my idea to grow into what it is today: an exciting project,
and a business that makes me happy.
I knew that I wanted to guide tours in Madrid, wanted to show my beautiful city
to foreigners who visited, but in a different way than what is normally done; I
wanted to make them feel like they were from Madrid for the day. I did not know
exactly what steps I had to take to do this, or how to take them. The Tomillo
foundation helped me set up a business plan, find out what steps I needed to
take, and how to take them. I was also invited to take a free year long course
to learn about taxation through YBI. They contacted me, assigned me a tutor to
help me out with any questions or doubts that I had about the business world.
It is a great tool and help for those of us who still see little, but face our projects
with great enthusiasm. Thank you to Tomillo and its team!”
Esther Angélica Almena Álvarez
Research and Consultancy
Research, Studies and Consulting
From the Department of Research, Studies and Consulting, Tomillo is committed
to finding solutions to some of the most difficult problems facing the country:
poverty reduction, strengthening employability, improving education, improving
training for employment-through designing effective interventions, conducting
program evaluations, the measurement of and impact of social policy projects,
all with the highest standards of rigor in research and providing technical
assistance to create better programs and scale effective interventions.
proyects developed.
Economic and Social Research
The main topics of analysis throughout 2013 continued to have been related to
the impact of the economic crisis on poverty and social exclusion, employment
and social policy, and education. During 2013 we developed 27 projects, among
which are:
We work as an independent agent
between social organizations,
companies, and governments to
test new proposals, measure, and
communicate those lessons to the
officials involved in these fields
with the aim of improving the
lives of individuals, families, and
children at risk.
- Comparative Study on Roma students in secondary school. Gypsy Secretariat
- Design of the synthetic indicator measuring wage inequality. Institute for
- Access and use of ICT by persons with disabilities. Vodafone Foundation.
- Prospective analysis of the demand for skills for the anticipation of training
As Spanish representatives of The European Employment Observatory
( we have prepared quarterly
reports on the labor market in Spain and various reports on green employment,
and youth entrepreneurship among other topics related to employment.
Impact Measurement
During this year we have made progress in evaluating and measuring the
impact of social projects developed by Tomillo, as well as other social entities
such as Telefónica Foundation and Caixa Foundation.
Action – Research and Consultancy
In Europe, during 2013, we continued our participation in the “Networking for
Quality” project, which is part of the Transfer of Innovation, and Leonardo
da Vinci whose aim is to improve quality and coordination in the work of
organizations working against early school leaving We have continued to
collaborate on the development of the Reincorpora Program spearheaded by
Obra Social La Caixa, which is aimed at supporting, evaluating, and monitoring
the development of labor integration Itineraries in inmate populations.
Bring the Best Out of People
Tomillo Open Center
During this past year, the open center continued to offer programs, courses, and workshops for
personal growth and development on a deeper level, not only as individuals, but also as a society.
Our approach this year has kept the usual three formats: short courses serving as an introductory
approach to a specific area of knowledge, annual workshops that consolidate and deepen the
knowledge or experiences of a group, and finally training courses that focus on the training and
creation of new job profiles in various fields.
We have expanded the training programs to be longer in duration in order to support
professionals in their professional performance as well as in their personal lives, offering courses
such as Mindfulness, Continuous Training in Nonviolent Communications Specialist, Practice
of Transpersonal Psychology, Master in Emotional Ecology, Specialist Systemic Intervention
Strategies, Focusing and Coaching, Psychosocial Intervention, Introduction to Waldorf, Work
Coaching, and Pedagogy.
During 2013, through the “Casa de la Educación” (“House of Education”) project, we continued
training programs using the methodology of “service learning” for professionals of formal and nonformal education. This year we have worked this methodology with 225 beneficiaries, of which 99
are primary, secondary, and vocational teachers. 55 are professors and 68 are professional social
entities working in educational sectors around the world. We estimate that there have also been
about 6,000 indirect beneficiaries.
The Open Center
focuses on
community, and
During 2013
the open center hosted:
free lectures.
Testimony on the House of
Education Project.
“Learning has been enriching and above all hands
on. I felt that I left having experienced the ideals
on which service learning is actually based. Congratulations on your methodology. I hope to remain
part of the House of Education. In the sessions that
I have been able to attend, I am still learning and
getting to know many people who bring so much
into my life and into my work. “
Overall rating
score of 10
Marga Fernández
Volunteering Manager
From the Gypsy Organisation
During 2013, the financial crisis has hit hardest the homes of our beneficiaries,
and as a result a joint initiative led by the employees of Tomillo has emerged.
The “Emergency Solidarity Fund” is there in order to help users meet certain
needs such as buying school supplies, eyeglasses, hearing aids, etc. during
times of exceptional needs or situations. The allocation of funds, in addition to the
generous support of some companies, had enjoyed the overwhelming support
of many teachers, students, and Tomillo employees. Thank you for your support!
Awards 2013
The Board of Directors
This year we received two major awards for the good development of our
actions, which fills us with great satisfaction, and helps us to continue to work
energetically in for those who need it most:
President: Javier Lantero Rózpide Vice president: Pedro Lantero Cervera
Honorary Vice President: Manuel Fierros Fdez.
The Tomillo Foundation was awarded the 2013 Citizen Award in recognition
of the work done in the development of the individual, the social integration
of citizens and most vulnerable groups, through education and improving
We also received the Award for Best Practices in Social Action 2013 from the
Spanish Red Cross, in recognition of the Solidarity Service Learning program
that takes place at the Tomillo Foundation.
corporate donors.
(funding, free assistance,
materials, or volunteering).
76 volunteering activities benefitting 1,300 people
Silverio Agea Rodrígez
Luis Alonso Casillas
César Cort Lantero
Santiago de Andrés Solana
José Fierros Sánchez Cuenca
Carmen García de Andrés
Piedad García de la Rasilla
Guillermo Gil Escudero
Jorge Lantero Lizcano
Teresa Mogín Barquín
Jose Luis Pérez Larios
Rafael Ruíz Hernández
Felipe Ruiz López
Luis Ruiz del Árbol
Mercedes Valcárcel Dueñas
“Para mí la Fundación Tomillo ha sido una puerta abierta, he aprendido mucho, no sabía lo que era un ordenador ni sabía cómo encenderlo. Ahora mi
vida ha cambiado. He aprendido a buscar trabajo en portales de empleo y de
la Administración. También hago cursos de formación. Gracias al Fondo de
Emergencia, me ayudan a pagar el transporte para poder asistir a los cursos.
Los asesores de Tomillo son grandes profesionales. Gracias a ellos mi vida
ha cambiado mucho. Espero que dure mucho tiempo.”
23.800 hours of support from 512 voluneers
Beneficiary of the Solidarity Fund
How we are funded
The budget for The Tomillo Foundation was €9.4 million.
For a more detailed report on our annual accounts, and the foundation’s audit report,
please visit our website at
Major Funders 2013
Thanks to the collaboration of public and private funders, individual donors, our mission has been able to progress each day and has enabled greater efficiency in working
with the groups of people that need it most.
¡Leave your
Public fundings
Donations and Private fundings
Support for school success
Career and Employment
Open Center and Research & Consultancy
Central Services
Wealth management and exceptionals
Now, more than ever
we need your help
Since the beginning of the financial crisis, more
than 427,000 people have become unemployed
in Madrid,* which raises the unemployment rate
at 20.43%. These figures nearly double in the
deprived areas of Madrid where we work.
Youth unemployment (under 25) reaches 54%.
In addition, nearly 4 out of 10 people in primary
education are living in a state of poverty.**
How you can help change things?
The Tomillo Foundation is registered in the
Foundations Protectorate of the Ministry of Labor
and Social Affairs, and its accounts are audited
annually. We remain committed to excellence
and transparency as priority objectives in our
performance. In 2013 we renewed the EFQM
seal of quality, reaching 400 points of excellence,
something that only a total of seven NGOs in
Spain achieved.
The foundation holds The Seal of Transparency
(www. and meets all its principles.
Collaborate with us!
Joining us: Projects are carried out with your
help. By selecting the area you want to support
the most, you can make a direct donation to the
area you believe needs must be suited. The
areas in which we operate in are education and
the prevention of school failure, job training and
employment, and in entrepreneurial projects.
Making a donation: Thanks to your contribution,
programs are able to operate. Funds are
allocated regarding the project in heavy need of
funds at the time.
Volunteering: Join our team of 512 volunteers
and participate in a solidary manner.
Build a business partnership with Tomillo. The
social responsibility of your company can be
reinforced with a partnership that benefits the
community in which they operate. Now more
than ever, there is a need for the commitment of
businesses meeting the needs of citizens. If you
belong to a company that shares the values of
The Tomillo Foundation, collaborate with us.
How to do it?:
- Financing a project and participating in its
- Share your knowledge and experience with us
you can participate actively by developing a free
assistance project!
- Hire a professional of ours: Work with our
employment brokers (job placement available,
free of charge. In addition, our students can do
unpaid internships at your company.)
* EPA data between the first quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2014.
** Arope 2012 (evaluates not only household income but the deprivation
of material goods and the low employment intensity in the family home.)
[email protected]
Phone: 913698201
Ask for: Irene Lantero
Account Number:
Por :
10 € per month
you will help to improve the school
performance of a child.
35 € per month
You will help a person to find
“I am riding with taut reins
and restraining the flight
because it does not matter to arrive alone and early,
but to arrive on time and all together”
León Felipe
Contact us:
Tomillo Foundation
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School support
Albuñuelas, 15.
28041 Madrid
Tel: 91 369 82 01 Fax: 91 369 81 25
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Career and Employment
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Open Center
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Research and Consultancy
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Human Resources
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