2014 Annual Report - East Jefferson General Hospital



2014 Annual Report - East Jefferson General Hospital
The Foundation
East Jefferson General Hospital
East Jefferson General Hospital and The Foundation 2014 Community Report
Letter from the President
was an extraordinary
year in many ways for East Jefferson General Hospital
and our Foundation. While healthcare in our region
has been through changes, our team members,
physicians and volunteers remained focused on
caring for our community.
Dr. Mark J. Peters
EJGH President and CEO
One of the most significant topics in the hospital’s
history has been potential partnership with
another healthcare provider. In order to better
manage costs with declining reimbursements from
insurance companies, as well as the state and federal
governments, many hospitals are consolidating.
Our Board of Directors persevered through very difficult discussions and
negotiations, working diligently to make the best decision for the future of our
hospital. These were not easy times for our board members, team members,
physicians, volunteers – or our patients. I thank you all for your support and
dedication to your community hospital. The Board made the decision earlier this
year to remain a stand-alone community hospital.
With that decision made, we remain dedicated to providing the high quality of care
you expect and deserve from East Jefferson General Hospital. We continue to be the
first in the market with many new technologies and procedures.
This Community Report reflects this dedication to clinical quality and patient
satisfaction. It also highlights the Foundation’s work within the community to
support our shared mission. I am very proud of our team members, physicians
and volunteers that keep our strong culture of caring alive and well. They are your
friends, neighbors and family members – and they truly make East Jefferson General
Hospital a thriving institution.
Mark J. Peters, MD, CPE
Newell D. Normand
Ashton J. Ryan, Jr.
East Jefferson General Hospital
East Jefferson General Hospital and The Foundation 2014 Community Report
Vice Chairman
Howard I. Brenner, MD
Donald P. Bell, MD
Jim Hudson
Past Chairman
Rising to the Challenge – 2014 at a Glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2
Serving Our Community . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 4
Sherif A. Ebrahim
Michael J. McMyne
W. Henry Shane, Jr.
Arvind “Mike” N. Vira
Letter from the Chairman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6
Oncology Infusion Center Opens . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 7
Inspire Grants Program . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8
Donna Swartzfager Memorial Awards . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
Thank You Wayne Thomas . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9
In Memoriam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Christopher Guillot Golf Tournament . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10
Live Pink Events . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .11
Up on the Roof . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12
Golf Classic and Pre-Party . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14
Benefactors Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 16
Grateful Parents Honor Dr. Frank Rabito . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17
Tribute Gifts . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18
The Jake Project . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Heritage Society . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19
Donor Honor Roll . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20
Uniteam . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 22
Physician Giving . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 24
Mark Peters, MD, CPE
President and Chief Executive Officer
Judy Brown, CPA, MHA, FACHE
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
Bruce Naremore
Senior Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
Ruby Brewer, RN, MSN, MBA
Chief Quality Officer
Raymond P. DeCorte, MD
Chief Medical Officer
Valerie L. Englade
Senior Vice President of Community Affairs
James E. Hritz, MPH, JD
Senior Vice President of Compliance and Legal Services
Robert S. Hinyub, Jr., JD
Vice President of Legal Services
Austin Reeder, MHA, MPH
Vice President of Supply Chain and Support Services
William W. Bopp
President of Gulf South Quality Network
2 East Jefferson General Hospital
OVER 600 PHYSICIANS and nearly 2,700 TEAM MEMBERS work every day in an
environment that is challenging, rewarding and, at times, exhilarating. On a daily basis, these
professionals save lives, cure the sick, ease the pain and suffering of those in need and enhance
the lives of those we serve. Healthcare is a demanding field. But this report shares the many
ways EJGH meets or surpasses those demands. And for those lucky enough to be around it
every day, they see that it happens exactly that often…every day.
in Louisiana for Patient
Safety in Overall Hospital
and Surgical Care*
*CareChex ranked EJGH
#1 in Louisiana in 5 categories and
#1 in our Market in 14 categories
New “Geaux
Zone” and other
decreased patient
wait time in
the Emergency
Room for those
not requiring
patients found a cure for sleepless
nights and other sleep disorders with
help from the Sleep Disorders Program
– an increase of more than 20 percent
over the previous year.
received specialty board
certification, exceeding
the national average for
ANCC Nurse Magnet
The Foundation
was acquired for the EJGH Breast Care
Center. This new technology provides
an in-depth look into many different
layers of tissue, increasing the chances
of detecting breast cancer early and
producing the most accurate findings
to date.
EJ Lakeview is both an imaging center
and physician clinic. Services available at
the imaging center include ultrasound,
interventional radiology, mammography
and bone density imaging. Along with
radiology and lab services, our family
medicine physicians are on staff at the
neighborhood clinic to provide pediatric
and primary care.
received recognition by the March of
Dimes and the Department of Health
and Hospitals for its achievements in
Maternal Child Quality improvement
Expansion and renovation was
completed in the oncology department
to meet the growing needs of inpatient
cancer care. The new wing includes 16
beds and renovated treatment areas
that offer privacy to patients during
their stay. Renovations and expansions
were also made to the nursing stations.
EJGH proudly unveiled the new
Hybrid Surgical Suite
combining elements of a cardiac
catheterization lab and an operating
room to allow surgeons to perform
cardiac and surgical procedures
in the same room without the
need for moving the patient. This
is a tremendous advantage for
the patient and the surgeons as
the suite can accommodate all
the technology and diagnostic
equipment needed for even the
most complex and delicate surgical
4 East Jefferson General Hospital
The dollar value of EJGH
community contributions in 2014
As a community hospital, EJGH donates or provides a great many
services back into our community. These services include ambulance
services at special events, educational programs, health and wellness
events, counseling, pastoral care, meeting space and much more.
including 70 junior volunteers,
dedicated more than 66,000 hours
last year. These wonderful people
proved to be an invaluable asset to
our patients, guests, team members
and the hospital itself.
Membership increased to an
all-time high of nearly
5000 members
introduced include Blue Print 4 Life,
Fitness Boot Camp and MELT Method
workshops, helping dozens of participants
reach their health and fitness goals.
programs and support group programs
addressed the specific needs of those
with Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, cancer,
heart disease, diabetes and more.
For six years now,
EJGH has provided
this service that gives
peace of mind to so
many and has successfully diagnosed
impending cardiac events before
they ever happen.
took part in more than 40 different
programs provided by Woman &
Newborn Services at EJGH and
Destination Maternity including
prenatal and childbirth classes, breastfeeding, child care safety, infant CPR,
babysitting and more.
participated in 15
recruiting events at
surrounding universities, schools and job fairs,
exposing hundreds to the variety of
career opportunities available at East
Jefferson General Hospital.
EJGH was awarded more than $25,000
in grants from the Susan G. Komen
Foundation to provide free mammogram
screenings to uninsured women in the
The Foundation
Founded in 1971, the Auxiliary has a long history of supporting EJGH
and our commitment to the community. 2014 was a year in which
everyone involved with the Auxiliary could be particularly proud:
to support
Healthy Lifestyles segments on
WWL-TV gave viewers weekly insights
into new medical breakthroughs,
wellness information and healthful tips
throughout the year.
The Healthy Lifestyles membership
program grew to more than
39,000 members
who rely on the program for wellness,
health and lifestyle information as well
as special events, discounts and benefits
within the hospital and community.
Girls’ Night Out events and public
health screenings at Whole Foods and
Clearview Mall helped over
900 people
take charge of their health.
Shopping tours at Whole Foods taught
participants what to look for in order to
achieve health goals through nutrition.
Doctors’ & Nurses’
Day Celebrations
toward the
Breast Care Center
The 39th annual Awards Luncheon
honored the following for their service:
• Dr. Harriet Aguiar-Netto
• Raquelle “Kelly” Badeaux-Phillips
• Anita Barrett Brite
• James D. Garvey Jr.
• Dr. Jane Miller
• Doris Rappold
• Marilyn Mayhall Richoux
• Carol Short
Partnering for Success
EJGH is proud to sponsor some of the metropolitan area’s greatest events
and organizations.
All State Sugar Bowl Crescent City Classic - More than 40,000 runners
and walkers took part in some of America’s greatest road races including the
Crescent City Classic, Crescent City Fall Classic, Crescent Connection Bridge Run
and the Celebration in the Oaks Run-Walk. EJGH medical coverage ensures the
highest levels of safety to each participant.
Fairgrounds Race Track and Slots - EJGH raises visibility of men’s health,
cardiac care and oncology throughout the racing season.
New Orleans Zephyrs Baseball - EJGH provides medical and ambulance
coverage to the AAA Farm Team to the Miami Marlins.
Sushi Fest - This inaugural event drew more than 2,000 to Mardi Gras World
and dubbed a new King of Sushi for New Orleans.
Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure - More than 15,000 turned out to help
fight breast cancer and support the single largest independent source of breast
cancer research funding in America.
American Cancer Society Making Strides - EJGH made an impact as both a
sponsor and team joining more than 8,000 at the ACS’s largest annual event.
Relay for Life - For more than 20 consecutive years, EJGH has been a stalwart
at this American Cancer Society tradition.
AHA Heart Walk - This event drew more than 3,500 participants, building
awareness and raising funds for the fight against heart disease.
Broadway in New Orleans - With its return to the beautiful Saenger Theatre,
this series is one of the cultural shining stars for our region. EJGH is proud to be
one of the many who helped bring back the Saenger.
6 East Jefferson General Hospital
Letter from the Chairman
Robert A. Mathis - Chair
Wayne E. Thomas - Immediate Past Chair
Marc F. Eagan - Chair-Elect
John H. Gin - Treasurer
Hollie Ericksen - Secretary
Christine R. Senner
Philanthropy Committee Chair
Dianne Breaux
Eric Ehrensing, M.D.
Rubye Noble Evans
Diane Hollis
Grady S. Hurley
Thomas J. Kennedy, M.D.
Chad K. Landry
Paul D. Monsour, M.D.
Julie N. Murphy
Fred G. Parker
Stacey Shane Schott
Lawrence J. Sisung, Jr.
John B. Troendle
Darryl J. Ward
Mark J. Peters, M.D.
President/CEO, EJGH
Lorraine Cucchiara
EJGH Auxiliary President
Puneet Singha, M.D.
Medical Staff Representative
Robert Mathis
Foundation Board Chair
In 2014, we accomplished our biggest project yet – the opening of the Outpatient
Oncology Infusion Center. The memory of the grand opening celebration will stay
with me always.
“I will never forget the emotions and energy of that night as we brought
together the staff of the Cancer Center and the donors that made the new
center a reality. It was palpable.”
I will never forget seeing the tears of many donors, who had given naming gifts
in memory of a loved one, as they saw for the first time their names etched in the
beautiful sea-blue glass naming plaques that now adorn the Infusion Center.
I joined The Foundation Board to serve my community and to give back to an
institution that has healed both me and my wife. As I complete my term as Chair
of The Foundation Board of Trustees, I could have never predicted the feeling of
pride and gratitude I received in return. For that, I thank all of you that believe in
and support East Jefferson General Hospital. I am truly honored to be a part of this
wonderful organization.
Nancy Hudson Miller
Reginald H. “Ric” Smith, Jr.
Ronald J. Vega
John H. Wales, MD, FACEP
I am proud to present the 2014 Annual Report for The
Foundation at East Jefferson General Hospital. What you
will see on the pages that follow is the incredible support
that we have received from our community - businesses
and corporations, schools, organizations, patients, team
members, physicians and so many more. You will also see our
commitment to serving the thousands of patients that come
through our doors every year.
Robert A. Mathis
The Foundation
Shawn Hotard was one of
our first patients to ring the
“Survivorship Bell” in the new
Outpatient Oncology Infusion
Center. Upon completion
of treatments, patients are
joined by staff in a bell ringing
ceremony to celebrate an
important milestone in their
cancer journey.
Oncology Infusion Center Expands to Meet Community Needs
On May 21, 2014, EJGH and The Foundation celebrated the expansion
of Oncology Services at the grand opening of the Outpatient Oncology
Infusion Center and Oncology Clinic. Along with the Radiation Oncology
Department, these units are a part of the EJGH Regional Cancer Center
housed in the Yenni Pavilion on the EJGH campus. The celebration included
the Oncology staff and many of the generous donors that helped to make
the new space possible through a $3 million capital campaign.
By tripling the space and capacity needed to accommodate growth, now
medical personnel treat cancer patients who are receiving outpatient
chemotherapy and infusions in a soothing and confidential environment.
The project also allowed for a complete renovation of the second floor
physician and clinic offices, and upgraded the first floor radiation therapy
“Our vision for this project was to provide our patients and this community
with a cancer center that was second to none in our region,” says Dr. Paul
Monsour, EJGH Radiation Oncologist and Infusion Center Capital Campaign
Chair for The Foundation. “We now can see three times the number of
patients we could in the past and do it in a way that promotes healing,
recovery, privacy and an overall improved patient experience. We cannot
thank each and every donor enough for making this vision a reality.”
The completed Outpatient Oncology Infusion
Center includes the following enhancements:
• Capacity and footprint tripled from our former site
• Each of our 22 new infusion stations is an individualized, more private treatment area, complete with a
specialized recliner and all necessary clinical equipment
• Increased number of private patient rooms with beds
from 3 to 7
• Expanded Fast Track area to more quickly serve patients
• Multi-media conference room for physicians and care
team to host video conferencing, presentations and
educational offerings
• Expanded cancer resource library to offer patients and
their support system access to computer stations and
the most up-to-date research and educational material
• Expanded patient access and registration area to
welcome and register patients more efficiently
• Serenity area for relaxation with specially designed
massage chairs and therapeutic music
8 East Jefferson General Hospital
INSPIRE grant funding offered further
improvements in the following areas:
•New information boards were installed in
patient rooms throughout the hospital to
enhance communication.
•300 emergency medical professionals received
training in Acute Stroke Life Support.
•Patients experiencing knee and hip pain can
work out with ease with special elliptical
machines in Cardiac Rehab.
Annual Competitive Grants Program
Distributes over $220,000 in Funding for
Patient-Centered Care at EJGH
The second annual competitive grants program brought $222,000
in funding to 27 areas throughout the hospital, including Oncology,
Outpatient Rehab, Radiation Therapy, Cardiology, Pastoral Care and
Geriatric Behavioral Health.
Funding for INSPIRE is provided by The Foundation’s two signature
annual fundraising events: Up on the Roof and the Golf Classic. Since
2013, INSPIRE has granted over $520,000 to hospital departments to
fund cutting-edge diagnostic technology, capital projects, continuing
education, and programs to enhance the patient experience.
•New furniture, renovations and entertainment
equipment enhanced the Inpatient Rehab Unit
in 9-West.
•Remodeled, refurbished and rejuvenated
the Geriatric Psych Unit including the patient
lounge to create a more patient-friendly,
enjoyable space.
•Provided a blanket warmer cabinet for
CCU – thus exceeding patient expectations
while providing a great deal of comfort and
•Enabled radiation therapy treatment rooms to
play music for the enjoyment of patients.
The Foundation
Donna Swartzfager Memorial Awards
In February 2014, seven grateful team members received scholarships towards
their education and training through the 4th Annual Donna Swartzfager
Memorial Awards.
The Donna Swartzfager Fund provides financial awards to EJGH team members
seeking higher education, professional development growth and certifications.
The fund was created in 2010 after Donna – who served as Director of Medical
Staff Services – passed away suddenly from heart disease. Medical staff
leadership and Donna’s family – husband Ken, siblings Ronnie Zarba and Carol
McDaniel and children Kelly and Kyle – created and oversee the disbursements
of the fund, which serves as a living memorial to honor the service, dedication
and guidance Donna provided to the medical staff and team members during
her long tenure at EJGH.
Congratulations to the 2014 Recipients:
Heather Abadie
Labor and Delivery, Staff/Charge Nurse
Master of Nursing – Nurse Educator
Claire Biedenharn
Pastoral Care, Critical Care Chaplain
Doctor of Ministry
Shandreka Cummings
Patient Transport, Courier
Nursing Degree
Edwina Odom
Patient Financial Services, Revenue Cycle Supervisor
Revenue Cycle Specialist Certification
Jennifer Russell
Emergency Department, RN/Charge Nurse
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Ashley Loupe Serigne
Radiation Oncology, Radiation Therapist
Bachelor in Health Science and Administration
Award recipients Edwina Odom and Clare Biedenharn (center) with Donna Swartzfager Fund
committee members Dr. Raymond DeCorte (left), Ronnie Zarba and Ken Swartzfager
Janis Sita
Corporate Education, AHA Coordinator/
Nurse Educator
Nursing Professional Development Certification
Thank You, Wayne!
As 2014 came to a close, The Foundation board said farewell to Wayne Thomas, whose term
on the Foundation Board of Trustees came to an end after 12 years of service.
Wayne’s contribution to EJGH goes even deeper than his role in The Foundation, as he sat on
the hospital board for eight years, beginning in 1996, before joining The Foundation board in
2002. Wayne has been one of only two people to serve as chair for both The Foundation and
the hospital boards.
Wayne’s leadership saw The Foundation through the closing of a successful capital campaign,
strategic planning and a renewed focus on strengthening board recruitment. He has been
a generous donor and a tireless advocate, as well as an ambassador for both EJGH and The
Foundation. As a permanent emeritus member of The Foundation Board of Trustees, Wayne
will continue to serve the hospital that he loves so dearly.
Wayne, we thank you for your service and devotion to East Jefferson General Hospital.
Wayne Thomas
Foundation Board Past Chair
10 East Jefferson General Hospital
In Memoriam
East Jefferson General Hospital never forgets those who have had a significant impact on the hospital and its
patients. Those who have come before us have set the standard for excellent care and innovative technology
that make us an industry leader. We thank Dr. Euans and Dr. Bleich for their incredible service to EJGH.
Dr. David W. Euans
Dr. David W. Euans worked
tirelessly as a physician, director
of the EJGH Family Practice
Residency Program and chair of
the Graduate Medical Education
Committee. Joining EJGH in
1996 to develop the Family
Practice Residency Program,
Dr. Euans instinctively valued
the role of philanthropy at EJGH and became a donor
to The Foundation, making a gift every year until his
untimely passing at the age of 66 in October 2014.
Dr. Euans was a supportive educator, reliable colleague
and an attentive program director. His level of expertise
and enthusiasm propelled many programs not only into
reality but into overwhelming success.
Says former resident Dr. Billy Hays, “Dr. Euans was
responsible for training nearly 100 physicians at EJGH.
He dedicated his final years to ensuring that this
program continues to maintain a level of excellence
that is exemplified not only in the doctors he trained
but also in the countless patients he treated. His
practice in the art of medicine will live on through these
physicians, leaving a lasting impact on the healthcare of
CYPRESS LAKES COUNTRY CLUB • 10am registration
Benefitting cancer care through The Foundation
at East Jefferson General Hospital and The John
Curtis Christopher Guillot Scholarship Fund.
For more information contact:
Fred Guillot at 985-809-3423
Michael Guillot at 504-628-2068
Lorraine Guillot at 504-439-4611
Christopher Guillot
Raffle Tickets
$2 for 1
$10 for 6
Dr. Stan Bleich
To summarize Dr. Stan Bleich in one
word, it would be “dedicated.”
Dr. Bleich was incredibly dedicated
to his patients, his staff and East
Jefferson General Hospital.
When Dr. Bleich joined the medical
staff at EJGH as a cardiologist in 1989,
he committed himself fully to helping
EJGH grow into the cardiac care center
of excellence that it is today. He also served on the Medical
Executive Committee and EJGH hospital board. As a clinician, his
research as a primary investigator in the study of TPA and strokes
was considered especially noteworthy, and he was one of the
lead physicians to advocate for the EJGH hybrid suite.
In addition to his dedicated service to the hospital as a member
of the medical staff, Dr. Bleich was a true and generous friend
to The Foundation. He was a regular and generous donor and
helped to organize the Donna Swartzfager Memorial Fund.
Donna served EJGH since 2000 and became director of the
Medical Staff office in 2010 when she suddenly passed away
from heart disease. Dr. Bleich brought together Donna’s family,
friends and other members of the medical staff to raise money
for the Donna Swartzfager Memorial Fund. This fund is now in its
fifth year of operation and has provided scholarship and professional development support to many EJGH team members.
Dr. Bleich passed away on October 21, 2014, at the age of 59.
5th Annual Christopher Guillot
Memorial Golf Tournament
The Foundation at East Jefferson General Hospital participated in the 5th Annual
Christopher Guillot Memorial Golf Tournament in November 2014. Over $10,000 was
raised in memory of Chris Guillot, who passed away from metastatic melanoma at
the young age of 18. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the EJGH Regional
Cancer Center, where Chris was treated before his death.
The Christopher Jordan Guillot Memorial Foundation was formed by his parents,
Mike and Lorraine, to support local organizations and to create awareness of the
danger of skin cancers.
The Foundation 11
Community Comes Together in Support
of Breast Cancer Awareness
The annual Live PINK program at EJGH inspires our community to get
involved in the fight against breast cancer. From the support of local
schools, businesses, organizations and restaurants, over $15,000 was
raised through this initiative. 2014 also marked the first ever Zumbathon
for the Cause which was hosted by the EJGH Wellness Center and attracted
nearly 100 participants.
Proceeds from the Live PINK initiative will be designated for the expansion
of the EJGH Breast Care Center, scheduled to being at the end of 2015.
Thank you to our Live PINK Partners for their gracious support:
• Metairie Park Country Day, 8th Grade
• Academy of Our Lady
• Ursuline Academy
• De La Salle High School
• Copeland’s
• Martin’s Wine Cellar
• Magic 101.9 FM
• EJGH Wellness Center
12 East Jefferson General Hospital
– an Over the Top Success!
The Foundation received an overwhelming amount of support
for the 8th Annual “Up on the Roof” Beer Tasting event presented
by Canon Hospice. The event was sold out with over 1,500
people in attendance. “Up on the Roof” raised $160,000 for the
Foundation’s INSPIRE Grant Program that funds several projects
and initiatives for patient care at East Jefferson General Hospital.
The event was made possible with the support of 55 event sponsors, a wide variety of over 50 beer donors, delicious food from
26 different restaurants and a VIP Patron Party sponsored by the
Shane and Holley Guidry Foundation.
The Foundation also presented the hospital with a $500,000
check to assist with renovations at the EJGH Regional Cancer
Center that just opened in April.
The Foundation 13
Co- Chairs:
Rubye Noble Evans
Stacey Shane Schott
Dianne Breaux
Julie Chappuis
Hollie Erickson
Christina Garrett
Brittany Gilbert
Diane Hollis
Elise Kiser
Kelsey Kiser
Cindy Perry
Vanessa Robert
Christy Senner
Jason Stewart
Katie Teen
Amy Uddo
Melissa Ursin
Nina Victory
Alyssa Walter
Julie Willoz
Canon Hospice
A-MMED Ambulance Inc.
Breaux Mart Supermarkets
Cerner Corporation
Compliance Technology Group
Cox Business
Hogan Marren, LTD
Jones, Walker, Waechter, Poitevent,
Carrere & Denegre, L.L.P
JPMorgan Chase Bank
LaPorte CPAs & Business Advisors
Lillibridge Healthcare Services, Inc
Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects
Stacey and Paul Schott
Superior Energy Services
Whitney Bank
The Shane & Holley Guidry
Coca-Cola Enterprises Company
Event Producers
Brand Junkie
EJGH Medical Staff
First Lake Properties, Inc.
Hand Surgical Associates
Karl Senner, Inc
Nola.com/The Times Picayune
St. Anthony’s Healthcare and Rehab
The Sisung Group
A First Name Basis Home Care, Inc.
Blue Williams, LLP
Bryan Wagner Insurance
CarePoint Partners
Chehardy Sherman Law Firm
Clearwave Corporation
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Cucchiara
East Jefferson Radiation Oncology
Kevin and Hollie Ericksen
Bob and Rubye Evans
Fidelity Homestead Savings Bank
Financial Assurance, LLC
Group Insurance Associates, Inc
Diane Hollis
Influence Health
Jefferson Parish Employees Federal
Credit Union
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kennedy
King, Krebs & Jurgens, PLLC
Kushner LaGraize, LLC
Newman, Mathis, Brady & Spedale,
Oceans Behavioral Hospital
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Peters
Radiology and Interventional
Associates of Metairie, LLC
Sheriff Newell Normand
Sigma Consulting Corporation
SRSA Commercial Real Estate, Inc
Sutton, Alker, & Rather, LLC
14 East Jefferson General Hospital
Golf Classic
On May 11, 2014, 144 players made up of sponsors, physicians, leadership and
board members came together at Metairie Country Club for the most successful golf
tournament in Foundation history. The 12th Annual Golf Classic, presented by Millennium
Healthcare Management, was started years ago by a group of volunteers who wanted to
make a difference in the lives of our patients.
A couple of days before the Golf Classic, Dr. and Mrs. Gerry Cvitanovich graciously opened
their home to host the 2nd annual Pre-Party. Guests at the Pre-Party, which included
many EJGH physicians, enjoyed food catered by Drago’s, live music and a silent auction.
The Golf Classic and the Pre-Party, raised a combined total of over $105,000. All event
proceeds were designated for INSPIRE, the Foundation’s competitive grants program that
promotes patient centered care.
“Whether you are a corporate sponsor, you work at the hospital or you rely on this
hospital for excellent medical care, your involvement in our Foundation directly
impacts the care our patients receive,” says Amy Uddo, pre-party chair.
Amy Uddo
Honorary Chairs:
Dr. and Mrs. Gerry Cvitanovich
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Uddo, Jr.
Tami Bopp
Dianne Breaux
Sarah Ehrensing
Holly Gordon
Danielle Hinyub
Diane Hollis
Katherine Raymond
Vanessa Robert
Christy Senner
Jessica Waguespack
Marc Eagan
Bill Bopp
Carlo Christina
Tyler Griffin
Bill Goggans
Bob Mathis
Nick Moran
Dean Powery
Matthew Sherman
The Foundation 15
MHM Urgent Care
Cerner Corporation
Drago’s Seafood Restaurant
Financial Assurance
Johnson Controls
Med Assets
Aucoin Heart
Parish Management Consultants
Breaux Mart
Chehardy Sherman Law Firm
Coca Cola
Cox Business
Eagan Insurance
East Jefferson Radiation Oncology
EJGH Medical Staff
EJGH Emergency Physicians
First NBC Bank
Global Data Systems
Gulf South Quality Network
Jones Walker
LaPorte CPA’s & Business Advisors
Mary Beth Rittiner, State Farm
Metropolitan Gastroenterology
Moises Wine
Newman, Mathis, Brady & Spedale
O’Brien Flooring
Peake BMW
Radiology & Interventional
Associates of Metairie
Sizeler, Thompson, Brown
The Sisung Group
United Health Care
William Goggans
16 East Jefferson General Hospital
The Foundation wishes to recognize its most generous supporters of who have contributed or announced their intent to
contribute a minimum of $10,000 to The Foundation’s annual fund, endowment, capital projects or other restricted funds.
Gift levels recognize a donor’s cumulative lifetime giving.
Jefferson Society ($250,000 - $499,999)
Baptist Community Ministries
Gulf Emergency Management, APMC
(EJGH Emergency Physicians)
Clay* and Michelle McGrath
Mr. Leonard L. Werner*
Trustee’s Society ($100,000 - $249,999)
EJGH Women’s Auxiliary
Mrs. Georgiana Bretz
First NBC Bank
Ms. Catherine Gonzales*
Mr. Robert Graebe
Lymphomaniac Benefit, c/o Chad Landry
Rich Mauti Cancer Fund
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Shane, Jr.
Martha and Gary Solomon
The Frank B. Stewart Foundation
Chairman’s Society ($50,000 - $99,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Callicutt, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Cvitanovich
Dorignac’s Food Center, LLC (Joey Dorignac*)
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gin
John Lee Memorial
Dr. and Mrs. Paul D. Monsour
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Peters
Radiology and Interventional Associates of
Metairie, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ashton J. Ryan, Jr.
Ralph and Christine Senner
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher “Kit” Smith
Southern Brain and Spine, LLC
Dr. and Mrs. Henry K. Threefoot
Patron’s Society ($25,000 - $49,999)
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo C. Christina
Coca-Cola Enterprises Company
The Cvitanovich Family - Drago, Klara, Gerald
and Tommy
Mr. Stephen A. and Dr. Catherine T. Fitzmorris
Mrs. Lynn C. Giordano
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Goggans
Tamberly and Walter Gray
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Kishner
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Maher
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mathis
Mrs. Nancy Hudson Miller
Dr. and Mrs. Bennie P. Nobles
Mr. Thomas B. O’Brien
Parish Anesthesia of East Jefferson
Peoples Health Network
Sizeler Thompson Brown Architects
Susan G. Komen for the Cure New Orleans
Wayne and Roni Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Vega
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Wales
Whitney Bank
Keystone Society ($10,000 - $24,999)
AARP Central Metairie Chapter #4417
AARP Heart of Metairie Chapter #4924
AARP South Lake Metairie Chapter #4273
Mr. Norman E. Anseman
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Ashley
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Azzarello , Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Beltz
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Betts
Drs. Christopher and Betty Blais
Dr.* and Mrs. Stan Bleich
Mr. Ronald Blitch
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Bonitatibus
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence L. Boudreaux, III
Dr. Clay N. Boyd
Dr. and Mrs. Howard I. Brenner
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brousse
Terry and Judy Brown
Mr. and Mrs. John Burris
Dr. and Mrs. John Carradine
Ms. Cheryl Kelly Carter
Archbishop Chapelle High School
Mr. and Mrs. Carol V. Charvet
Mr. and Mrs. Jamie Coleman c/o Owen
Coleman Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Sean Collins
Dr. and Mrs. Gustavo Colon
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Corales
Mr.* and Mrs. O. Anthony Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. Oscar L. Coston , Jr.
Mrs. Jerry Crawford (Ginger)
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Cucchiara
Mr. and Mrs. Terrence Cullen
Mr. and Mrs.* James J. Culotta
Mr. James J. Culotta II
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond P. DeCorte
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Diefenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Alan M. Donner
Dr. and Mrs. Fortune A. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Marc F. Eagan
Dr. and Mrs. Charles E. Eckert
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Clement C. Eiswirth , Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Tod Englehardt
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan B. Englade
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eppling
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ericksen
Dr.* and Mrs. David W. Euans
Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Eversmeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Feliu*
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Foret
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Gardner , Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Lucas J. Giordano
The Christopher Jordan Guillot Memorial Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Karl M. Hansen , Jr.
Mrs. Mattie J. Hobley
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hritz
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Grady S. Hurley
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Hymel
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Jacobs
Dr. William Johnston*
Mr.* and Mrs. William B. Jones
Dr. and Mrs. John Joslyn
Ms. Paula Ann Kensler
Susan G. Komen for the Cure New Orleans
Mr. Chadwick Landry
Ms. Lucy LeJeune
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Leone
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. L’Hoste, Jr.
Mr. Jerry J. Lobrano and Dr. Mary Beth
Dr. Chantal Buisson Lorio, DPM
Mrs. Elsie J. Manos
Ms. Shirley V. Matta *
Mr. and Mrs. Scott McGarry
Dr. and Mrs. Gary D. Menszer
Metairie Woman’s Club
William M. Meyers, Jr., M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Miller
Mount Carmel Academy
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Q. Niehaus
The Foundation 17
Grateful Parents Honor Dr. Frank Rabito
and EJGH Wound Care Center with Gift to
The Foundation
Sheriff and Mrs. Newell Normand
Mr. and Mrs. Don Norris
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon Nutik
Dr. Siddhartha Padmanabha
Dr. and Mrs. Lehman K. Preis , Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Raymond
Shannon and Jennifer Respess
Mr. & Mrs. Gregory G. Rittiner
Ms. Harriet E. Robin
Mrs. Leona T. Roy
Mr. John Sartori
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony N. Scalco
Mr. and Mrs. Mackie Shilstone
Dr. Jeffrey L. Schwab
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Sherman
Dr. Leon Shingledecker
Dr. Puneet Singha
Dr. and Mrs. David R. Silvers
Mr. and Mrs. I. William Sizeler
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald H. Smith, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Snyder
St. Mary’s Dominican High School
Dr. Robert A. Steiner
Drs. Najeeb M. Thomas and Summer Black
Robert Thomas, Ph.D., and Polly Thomas, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel W. Tobin
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Trapani
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Uddo, Jr.
Ursuline Academy
Mr. and Mrs. John Victory
Mr. and Mrs. Roger F. Villere , Jr.
Drs. Rand M. and Theresa M. Voorhies
Mr. Bryan Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Darryl Ward
Dr. Patrick Waring
Mr. and Mrs. Hugo Wedemeyer
Dr. and Mrs. Gerald M. Weiner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Wetta
Ms. Ellaine Wilson and Mr. Donald Olson
Dr. and Mrs. Neil Wolfson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Wusthoff, III
A diagnosis of Compartment Syndrome, a life-saving leg amputation
and a battle with chronic wounds led Sandy and Bruce Warner to many
clinics and physicians in search of care for their son Scott. When they
finally met Dr. Frank Rabito, Medical Director of the EJGH Wound Care
Center, everything changed.
“Scott saw so many doctors and practitioners while fighting his battle.
But nothing felt right. Our voices were not being heard. And then we
found Dr. Rabito,” said Sandy. “Dr. Rabito was the first doctor to step back
and look at Scott’s situation from every angle. He left no stone unturned.”
The emotional care he received was even more impactful. Said Sandy:
“Dr. Rabito truly lifted Scott up psychologically. The nurses were
wonderful and so very kind. Everyone was so gentle with him. Scott
used to dread his appointments at other clinics; here at EJ they made his
treatments as pleasant as possible.”
When Scott succumbed to complications related to his illness in May
2014, at the age of 25, Scott’s father called Dr. Rabito to share the
news. “Dr. Rabito was genuinely devastated. I was so touched by his
compassion,” Sandy said.
“I truly believe that Dr. Rabito gave the best care
that is humanly and medically possible.”
In the wake of the family’s tragedy, their faith has been their guide.
And to thank Dr. Rabito for his care, they made a gift to The Foundation
in his honor.
The gift was used for educational training for the wound care staff. The
Warners were thrilled. “We are so happy that our gift was used to help
expand the knowledge of someone that cared for Scott. It feels good to
know that our gift will in some way help other patients like Scott.”
Names in bold reflect that the donor has
reached the minimum in cumulative giving.
EJGH Wound Care Specialists, Juanita Daigs, LPN, Dr. Frank Rabito and Janelle Green, RN
18 East Jefferson General Hospital
Tribute gifts provide a meaningful way to help support the mission of East Jefferson General Hospital while honoring or paying tribute
to others. These gifts provide the opportunity to honor a friend or caregiver or to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed away.
A tribute gift gives twice; it honors the recipient, and it supports the lifesaving work at East Jefferson General Hospital. Listed below
are the names of people for whom tribute gifts were made in 2014.
Mr. Nick Aranda
Stanley Bleich, MD
Mr. Warren P. Bourgeois
Ms. Shirley Carreras
Ms. Rose Mary Collins
Mr. Roger Corbeille
Mrs. Cheryl Fourcade
Mr. Eugene Hritz
Mr. Joseph Lago
Mr. Jake Noullet
Mr. Melvin Parnell
Mr. Timothy Rolf
Ms. Ratti Shroff
Mr. Stewart Sheng
Mrs. Donna Swartzfager
Mr. Robert Tobey
Mr. Scott Warner
Richard Airhart, MD
Blaise N. Angelico, MD
Luis R. Arencibia, MD
Christopher N. Barrilleaux, MD
David Bateman, MD
Jennifer Baur, MD
Donald Bell, MD
Vipul K. Bhanderi, MD
Christopher Biondolillo, MD
Joseph Biundo, MD
Marcus L. Black, MD
Deanna Blanchard, MD
Marcelo Blaya, MD
Stanley Bleich, MD
Robin Bone, MD
Roland Bourgeois, MD
Warren R. Bourgeois, MD
Clay N. Boyd, MD
Howard I. Brenner, MD
Laura Brinz, MD
Michael N. Brothers, MD
Robert Brousse, MD
Judy Brown, MD
James C. Burns, MD
Janet Burroff, MD
John R. Carradine, DPM
Lisa Casey, MD
George Catinis, MD
Debbie Chesser, MD
Ralph Chesson, MD
Alfred Colfrey, MD
Sean Collins, MD
Kelvin Contreary, MD
Thomas M. Cosgriff, MD
Brian Creely, MD
Terry G. Creel, MD
Charles Cucchiara, MD
Frederick W. Dantagnan, MD
Ms. Joan Davis
Rene DeBoisblanc, MD
Raymond P. DeCorte, MD
Orlando Deffer, MD
Scott Delacroix, MD
Michael DeSalvo, MD
Fortune A. Dugan, MD
Eric Ehrensing, MD
Clement C. Eiswirth, MD
EJGH Medical Staff
Jasmine Elison, MD
Tod Engelhardt, MD
John Finney, MD
Tim Finney, MD
Nathan H. Fischman, MD
Catherine Fitzmorris, MD
Eric George, MD
Monty Glorioso, MD
Tejas T. Godiwala, MD
E.H. Goodier, MD
John Gordon, MD
Jayne Gurtler, MD
Eric Gustafsen, MD
Don Guzzetta, MD
Mr. Karl Hanson
Michael Happel, MD
John N. Harrington, MD
Michael Hickham, MD
Mr. Robert Hinyub
David Hoerner, MD
Robert M. Hogan, MD
Mr. James E. Hritz
Henry Jackson, MD
Benjamin F. Jacobs, MD
Ryan Jacob, MD
Wendy Jamison, MD
Robert Jeanfreau, MD
R. W. Junius, MD
Leonard B. Kancher, MD
Glenn P. Kelley, MD
Rajiv Khurana, MD
John Kinney, MD
William Knight, MD
Robert Koppel, MD
Stephen Lacour, MD
Keith E. Larkin, MD
Stephen Layne, MD
Van T. Le, MD
Bryce J. LeBlanc, MD
Lawrence Levy, MD
Walter Levy, MD
Jill Lindberg, MD
John T. Lindsey, MD
Mary Beth Lobrano, MD
Mr. Santo J. LoCoco
Arnold Lupin, MD
Gordon Magonet,MD
Lois Mailander, MD
Arshed Malik, MD
Mark Marino, MD
Richard Marino
John Marker, MD
Sean Mayfield, MD
Robert McCord, MD
James McCullough, MD
Elizabeth A. McDonald, MD
James McKinnie, MD
Ellen McLean, MD
Archibald Melcher, MD
Gary D. Menszer, MD
William Meyers, MD
Chad Millet, MD
Paul D. Monsour, MD
Hector Montalvo, MD
Frank Monte, MD
Steven Morris, MD
Joseph Murray, MD
Brian Naccari, MD
Christopher Naquin, Md
Elise Nicaud, MD
Bennie P. Nobles, MD
Robert D. Normand, MD
Thomas Nuttli, MD
Siddhartha Padmanabha, MD
Paul Page, MD
Archana Paine, MD
Mr. Eric P. Palmer
Maria Palmer, MD
Nicholas Pappas, MD
Patrick Patten, MD
Robert Pollock, MD
Lehman K. Preis, MD
Henry A. Pretus, MD
Joseph Puente, MD
Ronald Rabin, MD
Frank Rabito, MD
William F. Rachal, MD
Sidney Raymond, MD
Mr. Austin K. Reeder
Miguel Rivera, MD
Harry A. Roach, MD
Leslie Rodrigue, MD
William Rolston, MD
Michael Rooney, MD
Kevin Russ, MD
Angelo Russo, MD
Robert C. Ryan, MD
Joseph Sampognaro, MD
Angie Rhett Sassard, MD
Sergio Schabelman, MD
Mr. David Sherman
Riley Sibley, MD
Jennifer Silinsky, MD
Kenneth B. Smith, MD
David W. Snyder, MD
Robert Songy, MD
Luis F. Soto, MD
David St. Germain, Sr. MD
Geraldine St. Germain, MD
Ms. Margo A. Stamoulis
W. Lee Terrell, MD
The Nurses and Staff of Labor &
Delivery and 4 East
Najeeb M. Thomas, MD
Greg Tilton, MD
Andrew Todd, MD
Ka-Yan Tong, MD
Tuan-Huy V. Tran, MD
James M. Tubb, MD
Joseph F. Uddo, MD
Michael Valdes, MD
Robert Veith, Md
Robert Velez, MD
Rand Voorhies, MD
Vivian Vu, MD
John H. Wales, MD
Ms. Jeanne Wallace
Mark Wegmann, MD
Gerald M. Weiner, MD
Wermert Family
Alan Yager, MD
Bahram Zamanian, MD
Kiran Zaveri, MD
The Foundation 19
The Jake Project
Jake and Bit Noullet were Jefferson Parish residents for 35 years before retiring to the mountains
of North Carolina in 2010. For them, no matter where they lived, Metairie would always be home.
So when Jake passed away in November 2012 after a brave four-month battle against pancreatic
cancer, it came naturally to his friends and family to honor his legacy right here at home.
The Noullets’ life-long friend Dr. Robert Songy, an Internal Medicine physician here at EJGH,
wanted to honor Jake’s legacy and help cancer patients at the same time. In the spring of 2014,
with many gifts from Jake’s friends and family, The Jake Project was launched to help cancer
patients facing severe financial difficulties and limited or no access to transportation.
“Cancer can be a terrifying diagnosis and the treatment process is often overwhelming for our
patients. Having free, guaranteed and reliable transportation truly lifts a huge burden for many
of our patients,” says Cancer Care Navigator Debbie Schmitz, RN.
Jake Noullet
Bit and her daughter Faith have been delighted with this project.
“In the 35 years we lived in Metairie, EJGH was the hospital that cared for us, so selecting EJGH as the
hospital to house and operate The Jake Project was an easy decision. We are so happy to be able to keep
Jake’s memory close to the surface through this fund, knowing this will in some small way make life a little
easier for a cancer patient struggling financially. We think Jake would be humbled but so very pleased.”
The Heritage Society honors the philanthropic leadership and vision of
individuals who have provided for the future health of our community
by including The Foundation in their estate plans.
Mr. Ron Atchley
Ms. Georgiana Bretz
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Earl
Mr. Dan Hall
Mrs. Rose Marie Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen Kishner
Mr. and Mrs. J. Stanley Maher
Mrs. Doris L. Segal
Ms. Maria Scalia
Mr. Herbert Thomson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Thomas
Members listed below are deceased. We thoughtfully remember their generosity
and commitment to the Foundation at East Jefferson General Hospital.
Mrs. Marie Louise Atchley
Mrs. Catherine Gonzales
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Feliu
Mr. and Mrs. Clay McGrath
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher (Kit) Smith
Ms. Charlotte Thompson
Mr. Leonard L. Werner
20 East Jefferson General Hospital
The donor honor roll highlights the thoughtful donors who provide philanthropic support to The Foundation at EJGH by contributing to
the annual fund, endowment, capital projects or other restricted funds.* The following lists acknowledge gifts of $100 or greater that were
received January 1 – December 31, 2014. We are grateful for the many people that support this community hospital in our mission to provide
the highest quality, compassionate care to the people we serve.
The Foundation gratefully acknowledges the following individuals, corporations, organizations and foundations for their charitable support.
We have made every effort to provide an accurate listing of donors. We sincerely apologize in advance for any errors or omissions. If you have
any questions or concerns about your listing, please contact The Foundation at 504-503-5800.
* This list does not include signature event sponsors.
Martha and Gary Solomon
$25,000 - $49,999
Mrs. Georgiana Bretz
Peoples Health Network
Susan G. Komen for the Cure
New Orleans Affiliate
$10,000 - $24,999
Coca-Cola Enterprises Company
Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Diefenthal
Mr. and Mrs. Paul M. Feliu **
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Stewart, Jr.
Parish Management Consultants
Dr. and Mrs. Mark J. Peters
Radiology and Interventional
Associates of Metairie, LLC
$5,000 - $9,999
Chehardy, Sherman, Ellis, Breslin,
Murray, Recile & Griffith
Entergy Services, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Gin
Christopher Jordan Guillot
Memorial Fund
Ursuline Academy
$2,500 - $4,999
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Bopp
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Eagan
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Ehrensing
Dr. Susan Fuzzard and Mr. Charles
Mr. and Mrs. James Hudson
Dr. Lesley A. Meng
Metairie Woman’s Club
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert M.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mathis
Mrs. Jake Noullet
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Schott
Ralph and Christy Senner
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Thomas
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Troendle
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Uddo, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Vega
Mr. Bryan Wagner
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Wales
$1,000 - $2,499
AARP Central Metairie Chapter
AARP #4924 Heart of Metairie
Almar Family Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Luis R. Arencibia
Mr. Elliott Black
Drs. Christopher and Betty Blais
Dr. * and Mrs. Stan Bleich
Dr. and Mrs. Roland Bourgeois, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brousse
Terry and Judy Brown
Mr. Ciro A. Canzoneri
Dr. and Mrs. John Carradine
Chevron Humankind Matching Gift
Dr. and Mrs. Sean Collins
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Cucchiara
Mr. and Mrs. Drago Cvitanovich
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond P. DeCorte
Dr. and Mrs. Fortune A. Dugan
Mr. and Mrs. Rene Edwards
Dr. and Mrs. Tod Engelhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan B. Englade
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Eppling
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Evans
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Finkelstein
Mr. Stephen A. and Dr. Catherine T.
Nicole Giambrone, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Goggans
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Gray
Ms. Mattie J. Hobley
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hritz
Mr. and Mrs. Grady S. Hurley
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Lindsey
Mrs. Cheryl Adams Lopez
Dr. Lois Mailander & Dr. John Cole
Martin Wine Cellar
Dr. and Mrs. Gary D. Menszer
Mrs. Nancy H. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Don Norris
Mr. Thomas B. O’Brien
Dr. Sidd Padmanabha
Dr. and Mrs. Lehman K. Preis, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Raymond
Ms. Harriet E. Robin
Drs. Barry & Carol Sartin
Mr. John Sartori
Jeffrey Schwab, DDS
Dr. Leon Shingledecker, D.P.M
Mr. and Mrs. Reginald H. Smith , Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Songy
String a Bead (JABBR, LLC)
Dr. Mohammad Suleman
Mr. Kenneth Swartzfager
Mr. and Mrs. John Victory
Ms. Janet Wusthoff
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Zarba
$500 - $900
South Lake Metairie AARP #4273
Mr. and Mrs. George Barnes
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher N.
Mr. and Mrs. Dale L. Bonnett
Mr. Donald Bradford *
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Brewer
Brighton Collectibles
Mr. and Mrs. Kim Joseph Brown Sr.
Mrs. Nolan P. Burris, Jr.
Ms. Helen Calmes
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Caparotta, Jr.
Mr. Cheryl Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Casbarian
Ms. Mercedes Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Comeaux
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Cosgriff
Mr. and Mrs. Francis R. Daigle , Jr.
Dominos Pizza
EJGH Volunteer Services
Dr.* and Mrs. David Euans
Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Eversmeyer
Dr. Ricardo Febry
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gaston
Gaubert Kickball LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Guillot
Dr. Michael Hickham
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hinyub
Ms. Diane Hollis
Ms. Ella Julian
Glenn Kelley, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. David Lawrence
Mr. Michael Lester
Mr. John D. Manzella
Mr. and Mrs. Bill May
Mr. and Mrs. C.A. McDaniel
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas McWilliams
Dr. George J. Monsour
Ms. Rachel Munoz
Mr. Wayne Nicholas
Dr. and Mrs. Bennie P. Nobles
Mr. Richard O’Donnell
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Pappas
Steve and Sarah Perrin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Saucier
Mr. Michael Shaffer
Ms. Susan Shellabarger
Ms. Katie Shroff
Ms. Janis Sita
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Snyder
Mr. Rick Sotolongo
Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Trapp
Ms. Michele Triche
Dr. and Mrs. Frazier Ward
The Foundation 21
$250 - $499
Aetna Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Nicole Alexander
Ms. Sandra Arnold
Ms. Brittany Arocha
Ms. Cheryl Arriaga
Ms. Deborah Auster
Ms. Janis Avery
Ms. Daniell Banks
Dr. Brian Barkemeyer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnes
Ms. Ann Baugh
Ms. Dorothy Clare Biedenharn
Mr. and Mrs. William Blackwell
Ms. Donna Block
Mr. Lawrence Brashears
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Breaux
Ms. Christe Brewton
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Brian
Ms. Cynthia Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L.
Callicutt , Jr.
Mr. John Campbell
Ms. Hope Cannon
Ms. Donna Carbajal
Ms. Geneva Carter
Ms. Dawn Cedor
Ms. Stacy Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Larry E. Cook
Mr. Ernesto Cortazar
Mr. and Mrs. Howard G. Crosby
Ms. Elizabeth Dannewald
Ms. Teri D’Gerolamo
Ms. Mavis Drayton
Ms. Mary Elliott
EMM Group, Inc.
Dr. Diane Failla
Ms. Mary Finney-Bergeon
Ms. Robyn Foret
Mr. Kevin Fournet
Ms. Albert Fournette
Ms. Jo Ann Francois
Ms. Carmen Frazier
Ms. Lauren Frazier
Mr. Scott Galyon
Ms. Deborah Gauff
Mr. Richard Glass
Ms. Cammy Goldberg
Ms. Holly Gordon
Dr. and Mrs. John Gordon
Ms. Lisa Hickey
Ms. Kathy Higginbottom
Ms. Cheryl Hollier
Ms. Jettina Hopkins
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W.
Ms. Andia Jones
Ms. Nicole Jones
Ms. Susan Jordan
Ms. Glenda Kirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Lacour
Mr. Chad Landry
Ms. Sandra Lavigne
Ms. Betsy Lee
Mr. David Lewis
Ms. Mary Lipani
Ms. Nicole Loeb
Ms. Barbara Malter
Ms. Ashley Manolakis
Ms. Janelle Martinez
Dr. Hildreth B. McCarthy
Ms. Bonnie McCarty
Ms. Reunda
Ms. Rose B. McNamee
Mr. Stephen Menendez
Mr. and Mrs. Bub Millet
Ms. Roeshaun Mobley
Mrs. R. T. Moffatt Jr.
Mrs. Marie Molony
Ms. Zelda Moore
Ms. Margaret Mutter
Mr. Bruce Naremore
Mrs. Myrtis L. Nims
Ms. Ariadne Osborne
Ms. Janice Perkins
Ms. Cynthia Perry
Ms. Courtney Ratliff
Ms. Brandi Richardson
Mr. and Mrs. James Sanders
Ms. Lena Savoie
Ms. Judy Scanlon
Ms. Monia Scheel
Mr. and Mrs. George Severson
Ms. Margo Stamoulis
Ms. Shirley Stewart
Ms. Desrehea Terrell
Ms. Rose Thomas
Mr. Todd Tournillon
Ms. Tina Tran
Ms. Deborah Trascher
Ms. Vickie Tullier
Ms. Lisa Vicknair-Silcio
Ms. Lynette Walley
Sandy and Bruce Warner
Ms. Carol Wedig
Ms. Gail Williams
Ms. Julia Williamson
Ms. Jenna Wilson
$100 - $249
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Abadie
Mr. and Mrs. M.D. Abbott, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. David Alexander
Ms. Charmaine Barberito
Mr. Donald Beason
Ms. Barbara A. Beck
Ms. Danna Bennett
Ms. Helene Berot
Mr. and Mrs. Ferdinand F. Berry
Ms. Alexandra Blanchard
Mr. Joseph M. Bordelon
Ms. Shirley Boudreaux
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R.
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Brady
Mr. and Mrs. Fred J. Brinkmann
Dr. Amy Broussard
Mrs. Robert L. Cadwell
Mr. Charles T. Callaghan
Ms. Harilyn Camarata
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Cambias
Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Carriere Jr.
Mr. Philip Carter
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Castelluccio
Mr. John P. Catalanotte
Mr. John P. Catalanotte
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Chambless
Mr. Charles Kyu Cho
Mr. and Mrs. Carlo C. Christina
Mr. and Mrs. R. Preston Cifreo
Ms. Patricia Cobb
Mr. Ralston Cole
Dr. Patricia S. Cook
Mr. Gary L. Copp
Mr. and Mrs. Carmon Costello
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D.
Mr. Mario D. Cruz
Mr. Kew Cuan
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas A.
Danna , III
Mr. David Dawson
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Denstedt
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Dieffenbach
Mr. and Mrs. Maynard Dodge
Mr. and Mrs. Caleb Dortch Jr.
Mr. Tom Dowie
Mr. Douglas Drane
Ms. Ruth Dugas
Mr. Harold P. Dupuy
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Ecuyer, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Edel
Mr. Mongo P. Edmondson Jr.
Mr. Robert Edney
Mrs. Stephen D. Enright, Sr.
Mrs. Stephen D. Enright, Sr.
Mr. Guerre Fabacher, Sr.
Ms. Lorraine F. Foley
Mr. Pete Fountain
Mr. Jack J. Fourcade Jr.
Leon F. Fournet D.D.S.
Mr. and Mrs. John N. Fowler
Ms. Virginia Freeland
Freeport-McMoRan Copper &
Gold Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey A. Gabert
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas J.
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gagnard
Ms. Ashley Gallagher
Mr. Dominick Gannon
GAP Foundation Money for
Time Program
Ms. JoAnn Garma
Mr. Gerald Gillen
Ms. Millie Gladney
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy
Ms. Norma E. Guerra
Ms. Jacqueline Guiot
Ms. Judith Hafford
Ms. Suzanne Haggard
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald J. Hale
Mr. Dan M. Hall
Ms. Kathleen Hannigan
Mr. and Mrs. Leo T. Happel Jr.
Ms. Kathleen V. Harrison
Ms. Florence Hebert
Ms. Doris Heebe
Ms. Sylvia S. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Hogan
Ms. Mee Kuan Hom
Ms. Mary A. Honoree
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Hotard, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Hummel
Mr. Thomas Ittmann
Ms. Veda Jackson
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F.
Mr. Royce K. Jarrell
Ms. Louise Buisson Jenkins
Ms. Joyce Johnson
Mr. Patrick Johnson , Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry King
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth F. Klein
Mr. Richard Knight
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Landry
Mr. John Langford
Mr. and Mrs. Edmond J.
Langhetee Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Bryce J. LeBlanc Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James J. LeBlanc
Dr. Mary Beth Lobrano and Mr.
Jerry J. Lobrano
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Lobrano
Ms. Valerie Luker
Mrs. Elsie J. Manos
Mrs. Sadie Marcello
Mr. Alan Markfield
Mr. Frank Martinez
Father Robert D. Massett
Ms. Allison May
Mr. Michael W. Mayer
Mr. Edward D. McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Ms. Mary Medeiros
Dr. and Mrs. Archibald Melcher
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Menszer
Mrs. Jeannette R. Messa
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence
Mr. Joseph Monaghan
Dr. Frank Monte
Mr. Nicholas A. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mouton
Ms. Gloria S. Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Owen Q. Niehaus
Dr. Thomas Nuttli
Mr. Patrick Patten
Dr. Katherine L. Pedersen
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Peperone
Dr. Carmen I. Posada-Pepper
Mrs. Lydia S. Perez
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Persich
Ms. Elizabeth Peyton
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Pierce
Dr. and Mrs. Johnny R. Porter
Mr. and Mrs. James Prest
Mr. John A. Provenzano, Jr.
Ms. Pamela R. Rankins
Mr. Robert E. Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ricks
Ms. Lela Robinson
Mrs. William M. Roeling
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred L. Rohli, Jr.
Mr. Jacob Rohm, III
Mr. Tyronne Rombach
Mr. Andre Roques, Jr.
Ms. Una Sacco
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Sanford
Mr. Allen Schick
Mr. Warren Schlesinger
Mr. Arthur H. Schmidt Jr.
Mrs. Doris L. Segal
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Sellers
Mr. Matthew A. Sherman
Dr. John J. Signorelli
Mr. and Mrs. Steve Simone
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Sisung
Mr. and Mrs. I. William Sizeler
Ms. Shellie Slade
Mr. and Mrs. Elvin Sloan
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Smith
Dr. Paul M. Spring
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Stegen
Mrs. Patty Sue Juanita
Ms. Gina Stoltz
Mr. and Mrs. Brian
Mr. and Mrs. Perry Strait
Mr. Delery Strassel
Dr. Kathleen Sullivan
Mr. Martin Sylvia
Ms. Emmie Tabor
Ms. Helene DeLaHoussaye
The Catholic Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Mack Thomas
Mr. Herbert E. Thomson, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Henry Threefoot
Mrs. Robert Tobey
Mr. and Mrs. Leon G. Toups
Dr. and Mrs. Luis G. Uribe
Ms. Patricia Vedros
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Velez
Ms. Ana Verde
Ms. Lucy Vicidomina
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Vining
Mr. Lee Vorisek
Dr. and Mrs. Terence E. Walsh
Dr. Thomas Weatherall
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Wegmann
Mr. Davis White
Mrs. Rose Marie White
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Wilder
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson
Ms. Gale M. Woods
Mrs. Rose B. Zarba
22 East Jefferson General Hospital
Uniteam is the EJGH Employee Giving Program where team members can choose to donate to The Foundation through payroll deduction,
automatic monthly donations or one-time gifts. The generous support of our team members in 2014 helped to fund the building of the
new Outpatient Oncology Infusion Center, the project to expand our Breast Care Center and the Humanitarian Fund – a fund that provides
financial assistance to EJGH team members in a time of crisis. We are incredibly grateful to the nearly 900 team members that participated
in Uniteam in 2014.
Denise Abadie
Donna Ackermann
Paula Adamcewicz
Debra Adams
Alycia Adams
Kris Akkaya
Nicole Alexander
Robin Alexander
David Alexander
Tina Alfonso
Paula Alford-Estrade
Willean Allen
Ruth Alonzo
Vallerie Alphonse
Shontel Alvarado
Marjorie Amick
Jennifer Amos
Alma Anderson
Rainell Anderson
Kristy Anderson
Ashley Annaloro
Linda April
Tracy Arbour
Tina Arceneaux
Min Arlos
Belinda Armand
Melody Armstrong
Elizabeth Arnold
Sandra Arnold
Brittany Arocha
Cheryl Arriaga
Cathy Artigue
Maha Askar
Mary Aucoin
Deborah Auster
Ira Austin
Janis Avery
Kathleen Babin
Carol Bailey
Susan Bailey
Chad Bailey
Juanita Baker
Tina Balentine
Theresa Balser
Daniell Banks
Adelina Banks
Larry Barbe
Terry Barber
Heidi Bardy
Tanya Barrett
Destiny Barrilleaux
Cara Bass
Ann Baugh
Judy Bealer
Precious Bell
Camille Bender
Wendy Bennett
Jennifer Benoit
Kathy Bensel
Jason Bergeron
Craig Bergeron
Maria Berlin
Aimee Berthelot
Dorothy Clare
Alexis Black
Sherri Blanchard
Michelle Blanke
Donna Block
Rebecca Blum
Bridget Boogaerts
William Bopp
Troy Bordelon
Cynthia Borne
Mindy Botts
Patricia Boudreaux
Jessica Bourg
Lisa Bourgeois
Glenn Bourgeois
Brandie Bouza
Lanell Boyd
Lawrence Brashears
Antoinette Braun
Alesia Brazile
Melissa Breaux
Vanessa Breaux
Ruby Brewer
Christe Brewton
Renauda Brisco
Delores Briscoe
Eddie Brock
Christine Brouillette
David Broussard
Leah Broussard
Amy Broussard, MD
Jennifer Brown
Gloria Brown
Cary Brown
Cynthia Brown
Abigail Brown
Judy Brown
Marie Browne
Veronica Bruzeau
Andrea Bryant
Erika Buck
Leslie Bueso
Tracey Bullock
Raymond Burke
Michael Burke
Terrie Butler
Carla Byrd
Patricia Cade
Jonathan Cahill
Helen Calmes
Brittany Campbell
Sally Campbell
Bryan Campo
Allison Cannatella
Hope Cannon
Shavonda Caples
Donna Carbajal
Barbara Carson
Geneva Carter
Beverly Carter
Cheryl Carter
Nicole Carter
Linda Caruso
Natalie Cavalier
Dawn Cedor
Kendra Chambliss
Julie Chappuis
Daniel Charles
Nicholas Charles
Rebecca Charneco
Tori Chatman
Danille Chatman
Deborah Chesser
Philip Chilton
Helen Chow
Pamela Christensen
Ronna Christopher
Nisha Chudasama
Wanda Cieslinski
Russ Cimo
Brad Ciolino
Christy Clark
Kay Clemons
Christine Cole
Rayonda Coleman
Mary Collins
Tracy Collins
Mercedes Collins
Elesha Collins
Stacy Collins
Diane Colomb
Dawn Comardelle
Christine Comeaux
Susan Conley
Dianne Conner
Theresa Connick
Jessie Conravey
Tiffany Cook
Karen Copeland
Ernesto Cortazar
Sheila Cothern
Brandon Coulon
Lindsay Craft
Lillian Sue Crawford
Jacquelyn Crawford
Amanda Creel
Phoebe Crockett
Eva Crosby
Marilyn Cross
Sharon Crumb
Jonathan Cruse
Dawn Cryns
Angela Cuadra
Chuck Cucchiara, MD
Jeanne Cunningham
Debra Cunningham
Dawn Curole
Mary Jane Curson
Gena Curtis
Latonia Daggs
Melissa Daigle
Elizabeth Dannewald
Todd Danos
Peggy D’Antonio
Monica Darcey
Keith Darcey
Dee Datri
Sherzelle Davis
Nannette Davis
Linda Davis
Janice Davis
Cynthia Davis
Gary Debarbieris
Suzanne DeCorte
Raymond DeCorte, MD
Amy Denton
Robert DeQuair
Teri D’Gerolamo
Peggy Dietrich
Judyann Dilbert
Cindy Dimaggio
Elizabeth Dimattia
Thu-Nga Dinh
Denise Doll
Dianne Dorsey
Wayne Downum
Lauren Doyle
Karen Doyle
Mavis Drayton
Nina Dubret
Charlene Dubroc
Michael Ducote
Darrin Dufauchard
Nicole Duffaut
Shanelle Dufrene
Nancy Dufrene
Beverly Dufrene
Fortune Dugan, MD
Stacey Duggan
Charlene Duke
Penny Dunbar
Christina Dunnam
Sydney Dupont
Gale Dupuy
Mechell Durell
Donna Durr
Tammy Dwelle
Lauren Eagan
Jeffery Edge
Amy Edwards
Rene Edwards
Calynthia Eloie
Amelia Embley
Sharee Encalade
Tod Engelhardt
Valerie Englade
Melissa Ensminger
Joseph Eppling
Yolande Epps
Karina Estrada
David Euans
Jeanette Euper
Sarah Evans
Monique Every
Monique Fank
Barbara Farren
Amy Favalora
Tiffany Fenroy
Sheila Fields
Sandie Finchis
Lee Finkelstein
Mary Finney-Bergeron
Melissa Fisher
Rhonda Fleishmann
Shalanda Fleming
Carmen Flores
Anedra Fobb
Janine Fontenot
Robyn Foret
Kelly Forrest
Gary Fortenberry
Chelsea Fortune
Albert Fournette
Pamela Fox
Betty Francois
Jo Ann Francois
Herman Frank
Carmen Frazier
Lauren Frazier
Melissa Freaner
Emily Frechette
Jeanne Frederic
Ruth French
Lindsey French
Wendy Furr
Richard Gabriel
Wanda Galtney
Scott Galyon
Cheryl Ganier
Jaime Gannon
Brandi Garcia
Jo Ann Garma
Dequitta Garrett
Tiffany Gary
Deborah Gauff
Veneta Gautreaux
Lynne Gendusa
Wanda Genovese
Kimberly Gerbitz
Nicole Giambrone, MD
Jessica Gilbert
Cynthia Gildersleeve
Karen Giles
Joe Gilmore
Joseph Giovingo
Shewanda Givens
David Glanton
Richard Glass
Jan Glaudi
Keith Gleason
Cammy Goldberg
Margarita Gongora
Dionne Gonzalez
Ashanti Gonzalez
Kristine Graff
Annie Graham
Kathi Graham
Sarah Granier
Juliann Gravolet
Erin Gray
Deion Gray
Deandrea Green
Shirley Green
Randolph Green
Gladys Green
Linda Grimes
Johannie Grob
Jared Gros
Amanda Gruber
Sandra Guedry
Leann Guerin
Tracy Guerin
Marlene Guidry
Michael Guillot
Deon Gullage
Cassandra Gullatt
Enrique Gutierrez
Ely Guzman
Ealice Haley
Carmen Hamberger
Debbie Hamilton
Susan Hammant
Theresa Hamrick
Jessica Hanemann
Carmen Harber
Jesse Hardeman
Zena Hardy
Catina Harry
Lauren Hartley
Karen Hassell
Lori Hebert
Anna Heim
Karen Heisser
The Foundation 23
Kourtney Heisser
David Hemstreet
Peter Henderson
Julie Henley
Penny Henry
Denise Henry
Belinda Hernandez
Jennifer Herron
Denise Herzog
Lisa Hickey
Juanita Hickingbottom
Vivian Hidalgo
Debra Higgerson
Kathy Higginbottom
Marta Highstreet
Robert Hinyub Jr
Mattie Hobley
Patricia Hoerner
Tiffany Holdsworth
Todd Holley
Cheryl Hollier
Amaris Hollins
Renee Hooter
Jettina Hopkins
Allison Horn
Jessica Hotard
James Hritz
Sharon Huffman
Britany Hughes
Allyssa Hughes
Percy Humbles
Jennifer Hunt
Scott Hunter
Cynthia Hurst
Dawn Hymel
Mary Hymel
Audie Hymel
Mandy Indest
Lynette Jacks
Shernell Jackson
Lisa Jackson
Lucia Jackson
Darrell Jackson
Tammy Jackson
Raymond Jacque
Brandon James
John James
Jacqueline James-Mason
Pamela Jamison
Santyeum Jarvis
Cheryl Jeanmarie
Albert Jefferson
John Jenkins
Erin Jiminez
Monica Johnson
Victoria Johnson
Venice Johnson
Jamie Johnson
Areaine Johnson
Yoshi Johnson
Jauna Johnson
Shelia Johnson
Donna Johnson
David Johnson
Tracy Johnson
Mozelle Johnson
Rowena Jones
Andia Jones
Mark Jones
Nicole Jones
Kay Jones
Susan Jordan
Nina Joseph
Shelia Joseph
Mildred Joseph
Michelle Joseph
Raquel Joubert
Ella Julian
Kelly Juluke
Kasey Juneau
Cristina Kazibutowski
Glenn Kelley, MD
Charmaine Kemp
Melanie Kennedy
Brenda Kennedy
Tristan Kenner
Tinga Kenner
Sheila Ketchens
Wilda Keys
Deidre Kimble
Rebecca King
Lucy King
Glenda Kirsch
Amy Kishbaugh
Mary Knieper
Cynthia Knight
Sheri Knobloch
Marjorie Koerner
Lisa Kowitz
David Krol
Megan Kushner
Monte Labatut
Beverly LaBeaud
Brandon Laborde
Gail Lacaze
Phuc Lam
Anthony Lama
Blanche Landry
Doretta Lane
Charlene Lane
Jean Lange
Julie Laurent
William Laurent
Sandra Lavigne
Kelli Lee
Betsy Lee
Karl Lehmann
Justinia Lejeune
Dawn Lemoine
Sharon Leshe
Michael Lester
Daniel Levy
David Lewis
Garard Lewis
Kathleen Lewis
Shirell Link
Mary Lipani
Janet Lipp-King
Janet Littlejohn
Natalie Lockett
Marion Loisel
Valerie Long
Margaret Longstreet
Cheryl Lopez
Walter Lorino
Kathleen Lovecchio
Valerie Luker
Pamela Luwe
Velisha Magee
Alisha Mahfouz
Natalie Mallette
Winston Malone
Barbara Malter
Rachel Maltese
Denise Malveo
Denise Mancuso
Brenda Maniscalco
Ashley Manolakis
Tivonna Manuel
Brandi Manuel
Shannon Manzella
Michelle Mares
Karen Margin
Mary Mariche
Marcia Marin
Patricia Marino
Tana Marshall
Gaynell Martin
Richard Martin
Angeline Martin
Janelle Martinez
Theresa Martinez
Ericka Martinez
Jennifer Martinsen
Julie Mathes
Jeffrey Matrana
Pam Mattio
Melissa Mayer
Muffett Mayet
Denise Mayeur
Juanita McBride
Toni McCalister
Sherry McCall
Bonnie McCarty
Lisa N McCloy
Kristie McConnell
Shawn McCoy
Cheryl McDonald
Janeen McGee
Patricia McGuinness
Anzell McGuire
Joy McKnight
Chari McQueen
Rebecca McWilliams
Jena Meche
Jaime Melancon
Stephen Menendez
Gary Menszer, MD
Rhonda Mercadal
Madeline Meyer
Bianca Milla
Chermaine Miller
Bub Millet
Crystal Milton
Sandra Mistich
Layne Mistretta
Krystle Mitchell
Cornelius Mitchell
Roeshaun Mobley
Tracy Moens
Stacey Moldthan
Arthur Montana
Heather Monteleone
Martin Montgomery
Robert Montgomery
Zelda Moore
Shirley Moore
Jessica Morales
Leea Morales
Lisa Morgan
Reginald Morris
Linda Morris
Eric Morson
Kathryn Mortillaro
Mary Morton
Tommie Morvant
Lisa Moss
Precious Motley
Tiffany Mouton
Susan Mumphrey
Rachel Munoz
Leonel Muralles
Margaret Mutter
Xiomara Myers
Kenneth Najolia
Krystle Naquin
Bruce Naremore
Anne Nash
Donna Nesbit
Ann Newfield
Romina Newman
Christy Newman
Thuy-Duong n
Hoang Nguyen
Shannon Nold
Samantha Norman
Beth Norris
Sueann North
Heidi Nugent
Lynnette O’Baugh
Juan O’Bear
Wendy Ohle
Deborah Olavarrieta
Carolyn Olson
Lindsey Orchard
Ariadne Osborne
Sandra Oster
Danielle O’Sullivan
Anita Paddack
Xiomara Padilla
Stephanie Palmisano
Nicholas D. Pappas, MD
Mary Parent
Pamela Parra
Maria Patterson
Sharon Pattison
Roxanne Peacock
Ashley Penick
Magda Pennisson
Todd Perilloux
Janice Perkins
Erica Perkins
Lucinda Perret
Naomi Perrilloux
Sarah Perrin
Steve Perrin
Cynthia Perry
Mark Peters, MD
Heather Petit
Caroline Phillips
Nicole Pichon
Sherri Pickering
Dorothy Pierre
Paulette Pierre
Christina Pinto
Ireon Pittman
Leslie Plaisance
Margaret Pomerleau
Shalette Pond
Dawn Pontiff
Latasha Poree
Rayonna Portis
David Potter
Angela Powell
Roxanne Powell
Linda Powers
Lehman Preis, MD
Elliott Price
Jamal Privott
Kim Puissegur
James Rabb
David Rafidi
Katie Ragas
Leslie Ragus
Alonia Rainey
Pamela Rankins
Courtney Ratliff
Shawn Reed
Michele Reed
Charles Reed
Austin Reeder
Jennifer Regua
Nikki Retif
Michell Revader
Justin Reynaud
Marian Reynolds
Felecia Richard
Brandi Richardson
Markeisha Rickson
Susan Riecke
Ona Robbins
Shannon Robertson
Joseph Robertson
Essie Robinson
Shakia Robinson
Michael Robinson
Jeffrey Roche
Lovie Rodgers
Pamela Rodrigue
Odile Rodriguez
Sharon Rogers
Alice Roque
Sandra Rose
Shirley Ross
Sheila Rost
Barbara Roth
Diane Rougelot
Marcy Roussel
Christine Rovira
Mary Rowe
Lee Russell
Darlene Russo
Nicole Sambrone
Becki Sanchez
Schyain Sandolph
Dawn Saracione
John Sartori
Jane Savage
Lena Savoie
Judy Scanlon
Marlene Scelson
Warren Scelson
Courtney Scelson
Michael Schaffer
Monica Scheel
Danny Schellhaas
Leslie Schexnayder
Laura Schilling
Michael Schiro
Deborah Schmitz
Darrell Schneider
Stacie Schudmak
Jeffrey Schwab, DDS
Hannah Schwartz
Carol Scioneaux
Bernice Scott
Carmen Scott
Lisa Scott
Linda Scott
Susan Scotton
Teresa Seagle
Alice Seals
Patricia Seawright
Michele Seeman
Steven Seiler
Johnathon Sellers
Rose Sepulveda
Linda Sevilla
Craig Sexton
Angenetta Sharpe
Susan Shellabarger
Brett Shellabarger
Jasmine Shelling
Barbara Shelvy
Kelly Shepherd
Renell Sherman
Sherry Sherwood
LaToya Shine
Carolyn Shorts
Ashley Simmons
Lafilya Simmons
Janis Sita
Ronald Smith
Barbara Smith
Tanya Smith
Judy Smith
Tammy Smythe
Suzanne Snider
David Snyder, MD
Kortney Sorensen
Ellen Speice
Elizabeth Spiers
Tammi Springer
Catherine Stackhouse
Tiffany Stafford
Margo Stamoulis
Jennifer Stanley
Steven Stein
Kaitlyn Steinvorth
24 East Jefferson General Hospital
Willie Mae Stephens
Jennifer Sterling
Elizabeth Steudlein
Sandra Stevens
Keyana Stewart
Antonina Stewart
Doris Stewart
Shirley Stewart
Mark Stolf
Lynn Strain
Donnus Straughn
Vicki Strecker
Jeremy Street
Jared Stroderd
Lisa Sunseri
Sandy Sutton
Michon Sylve
Carolyn Tabor
Jennifer Tabora
Wendy Tassin
Glenda Tauzin
Ronald Taylor
Alida Telleria
Desrehea Terrell
Rose Thomas
Kanisha Thomas
Danielle Thomas
Dora Thomas
Wanda Thomas
Herman Thomas
Shontel Thompson
Jeanne Tillery
Patricia Tillman
Peggy Tobin
Jody Torres
Olivia Tracey
Loan Tran
Tina Tran
Tuan Tran
Christine Tran
Thuy Tran
Deborah Trascher
Brenda Travis
Steve Traylor
Michele Triche
Natalia Troches
Vickie Tullier
Olivia Turner
Pam Turner
Laila Tusa
Cynthia Tzerefos
Stephanie Uddo
Cathy Vaccaro
Joy Venezia
Michelle Verdin
Lisa Vicknair-Silcio
Nina Victory
Christine Vidrine
Everette Vigne
Tia Vilardo
Carmelita Villanueva
Sharon Villaronga
Monica Villarrubia
Jena Villere
Stacy Virgets
Karen Vix
Casey Volion
Quinn Vorhaben
John Waits
Glendora Walker
Rheena Walker
Casey Wallace
Lynette Walley
Amanda Walsh
Lasaundra Warren
Bobby Washington
Connie Wasike
Tiffany Watkins
Ebony Watson
Erika Webb
Carol Wedig
Christine Wedig
Bonny Weiss
Jo Ann Welch
Jacquia Wells
April Wensel
Renee Werling
Linda West
Joel Whalen
Mervin Wheat
Alberta Whitaker
Deanna White
Kristin Wiesner
Jennifer Wilkinson
Tammy Williams
Lekeisha Williams
Marlene Williams
Michael Williams
Jacqueline Williams
Mary Williams
Dennis Williams
Rose Williams
Antoinette Williams
Julia Williamson
Jenna Wilson
Terri Wilson
Joyce Wilson
Michelle Wilson
Michelle Wilson
Gaynell Wilt
Nerissa Wood
Carlette Woodson
Leah Woolf
Latoya Wright
Janet Wusthoff
Susan Wyatt
Robert Yates
Nicole Yeatman
Natasha Young
Erin Young
Louis Youngblood
Melinda Youngblood
Sarah Yrle
Tara Zaabel
Mozhgan Zamin
Karen Zamora
Jessica Zara
Collette Zeiour
Patricia Zeringue
Pamela Zimmerman
In addition to providing the highest quality care to our patients day in and day out, many physicians are also generous
supporters of The Foundation. From attending Up on the Roof or the Golf Pre-Party, serving on event or fundraising
committees or inspiring gifts of gratitude, we are incredibly grateful to the many physicians that partnered with The
Foundation this past year. In the fall of 2014, we launched a successful first-ever Physician Annual Giving Campaign
chaired by Dr. Luis Arencibia, Dr. John Lindsey and Dr. Joseph F. Uddo, Jr. Listed below are active members of the EJGH
Medical Staff that made a personal gift to the annual fund, capital campaign or other restricted fund.**
** This list does not include individuals who purchased tickets to Up on the Roof or the Golf Pre-Party.
Dr. and Mrs. Luis R. Arencibia
Dr.* and Mrs. Stanley Bleich
Dr. and Mrs. Roland Bourgeois, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Brousse
Dr. and Mrs. John Carradine
Dr. and Mrs. Sean Collins
Dr. and Mrs. Charles Cucchiara
Dr. and Mrs. Raymond DeCorte
Dr. and Mrs. Sidney “Beau” Raymond
Dr. Arshed Malik
Drs. Barry & Carol Sartin
Dr. Hildreth B. McCarthy
Dr. Jeffrey Schwab
Dr. Cynthia Mizgala
Dr. Leon Shingledecker
Dr. Frank Monte
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Songy
Dr. and Mrs. Andre Mouledoux
Dr. Mohammad Suleman
Dr. John F. Nitsche
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Uddo, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Bennie P. Nobles
Dr. and Mrs. John H. Wales
Dr. Thomas Nuttli
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas D. Pappas
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas J. Persich
Dr. Nicole E. Rogers
Dr. and Mrs. Fortune Dugan
Dr. Amy Broussard
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Ehrensing
Dr. and Mrs. Vernon Carriere Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Tod Engelhardt
Dr. Patricia S. Cook
Dr. Catherine T. and Mr. Stephen A. Fitzmorris
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Cosgriff
Dr. Susan Fuzzard and Mr. Charles Booker
Dr. and Mrs. Brian Creely
Dr. Nicole Giambrone
Dr. and Mrs. Nicholas A. Danna , III
Dr. Michael Grieb and Dr. Joy Cohen
Dr. James Elston
Dr. and Mrs. Friedrichs H. Harris , Jr.
Dr.* and Mrs. David Euans
Dr. and Mrs. Tom Kennedy
Dr. and Mrs. Walter H. Eversmeyer
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Lindsey
Dr. Diane Failla
Dr. Lois Mailander & Dr. John Cole
Dr. Ricardo Febry
Dr. James McKinnie
Dr. Michael Hickham
Dr. Lesley A. Meng
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin F. Jacobs
East Jefferson Radiation Oncology
Dr. and Mrs. Gary Menszer
Dr. Glenn Kelley
Metropolitan Gastroenterology Associates
Dr. Siddhartha Padmanabha
Dr. Dolleen Liccardi
Parish Anesthesia
Dr. and Mrs. Lehman K. Preis, Jr.
Dr. Gordon Magonet
Radiology and Interventional Associates of Metairie
Dr. and Mrs. Steven A. Scalco
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Snyder
Dr. and Mrs. Douglas Swift
Dr. and Mrs. Luis G. Uribe
We are grateful to the following physician practices that supported The Foundation in 2014:
EJGH Emergency Physicians
EJGH Medical Staff
Our Mission
East Jefferson General Hospital, community owned, provides the highest quality,
compassionate healthcare to the people we serve.
Our Vision
To be the region’s healthcare leader providing the highest quality care through innovation
and collaboration with our team members, medical staff and community.
Our Values
•Quality - We commit to quality in everything that we do through achievement and
innovation, always contributing to excellent care and patient satisfaction.
•Integrity - We uphold the highest standards of behavior encompassing fairness, trust,
respect and ethical practices.
•Collaboration - Teamwork is the key to our success. Working together, we ensure everyone
benefits from our collective wisdom.
•Continual Improvement - We embrace and encourage creativity and innovation as well as
ongoing self-evaluation of our processes and outcomes.
•Compassion - By our thoughts, words and deeds, we create and maintain a caring,
compassionate environment.
•Stewardship - We are accountable to make wise use of time, skills and resources.
The Foundation
The mission of The Foundation at East Jefferson General Hospital is to generate philanthropic
support for EJGH through education, communication and active ambassadorship to the
community. Established in 1969, The Foundation is an independent 501(c)3 non-profit
organization governed by a community board of trustees. Every gift, no matter how large or
small, makes a difference in the lives of our patients and the community served by EJGH.
The Foundation Staff pictured left to right:
Rebecca McWilliams, Donor Relations
Valerie Englade, Sr. Vice Priesident of Community Affairs
Lucy King, Corporate and Community Partnerships
Ashley Knight, Foundation Coordinator
East Jefferson General Hospital
The Foundation
4200 Houma Blvd.
Metairie, Louisiana 70006