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La Prensa de San Antonio
mayo 2, 2010
People’s 50 Most Beautiful
Jenni Rivera regresa a San Antonio
Paquita la del Barrio, Defensora de Mujeres
May 6, 6 p.m. – Guests are invited to bring and show off their pooches at The Life of the Westside Dog
Show and Closing reception for mas rudas collective exhibition. This event is BYOP, Bring Your Own
Perro. There will be prizes in several creative categories and treats for both dogs and humans. This event
is FREE and there will be parking at the Guadalupe Gallery Parking Lot. For more information call (210)
Saturday, May 8, 11:30 a.m. – America’s premier Hintologist Heloise brings her road show “Heloise Presents” to the Alzafar Shriners in a special Mother’s Day gourmet luncheon. This event will take place at the
San Antonio Shrine Auditorium in the Terrace Room, located at 901 North Loop 1604 West. Tickets start
at $35. All proceeds benefit Shrine Hospitals for Children. RSVP is required. Call Carol at (210) 496-1625
for more information.
Through May 9 – Twenty-six American paintings from the Impressionist era from the remarkable private
collection of San Antonians Marie and Hugh Halff. Key artists in the exhibition are John Singer Sargent,
William Merritt Chase, Childe Hassam and Theodore Robinson. Paintings in the collection are notable for
both their range and quality and include superb examples by leading American masters from the 1870s to
1930. An extra $5 admission charge applies to this exhibit (general admission + $5). General admission
is FREE on Thursday nights and the First Sunday of the month. For more information please contact the
McNay Art Museum at (210) 805-1732.
May 15, 8 a.m. – 1 p.m. – Vendors may rent space for $15 and spaces are limited. Pre-registration and
payment are required. The public is invited to shop and browse for free. . For more information call (210)
207-3285 or visit
Tuesday & Wednesday, May 18-19 – ARTS San Antonio’s 28th annual fundraiser, Floating Festival 2010
presents a progressive five-course meal of gourmet specialties prepared by some of San Antonio’s most
distinguished chefs on cruise boats on the San Antonio River. Individual tickets start at $150 and 16passanger cruise boats can be purchased for $2200. Check-in begins at 6:30 p.m. and the cruises depart at
7 p.m. from the Grand Hyatt San Antonio, located at 600 East Market Street. For more information please
call Rachel at (210) 226-2891 or via email at [email protected]
May 21 – Experience the taste and dress of Mexico Viejo as Main Plaza Conservancy honors a San
Antonio visionary with the heart of San Antonio Civic Award. Join 2009 recipient and former Mayor, Phil
Hardberger for this sit-down dinner in our distinct urban public space. This is a ticketed event. For more
information call (210) 225-9800 or visit
El Jugador de baloncesto
Date in the Fastlane
Tsunami film depicts social aftermath
Jon Secada channels Elvis
Grupo Musical
mayo 2, 2010
La Prensa de San Antonio
La vida con Cristina
By Cristina Blackwell
[email protected]
“We’re still friends, right?”
We’ve all heard or preached these
words at some point in our lives
–they’re the kiss of death in many
relationships. So what’s the deal?
Are they simply said to soften the
blow or are they truly genuine?
Even with the best of intentions,
it’s tough to become buddies after
a breakup.
There’s really no way around
it –breaking up is hard to do. The
question is, can you really be
friends? Does it have to be all-ornothing? We all know that ending
a relationship is especially painful
when you’ve invested a lot of time
and emotional energy.
Naturally, the thought of never
seeing or speaking to your loved
one again is scary. That’s why
so many couples want to remain
friends. Others genuinely feel it’s
perfectly fine to be friends –no
strings attached.
Although it would make things
much easier in the dating world,
relationships rarely see mutual
breakups. One person is usually the
heartbreaker, while the other weeps
over the breakup for weeks, even
months. It’s never easy to break up
with someone you’ve shared good
times with.
With almost ten years of dating
experience under my belt, I can
personally say it’s hard to turn the
“lovers” switch to “friends only” if
the breakup was recent –especially
if you or the ex has someone else.
I know I wish all of my ex’s happiness. However, I’m not interested
in doing double dates or hearing
steamy stories with their new lovers. Don’t confuse friendship with
“ending things on good terms.”
Every person handles breakups
their own way and has different
views and maturity levels. We all
know that the person doing the
breakup feels less of a bad guy by
saying the old, “It’s not you, it’s me.
We can still be friends, right?”
Not only does it give “the dumper” the comfort of knowing they
aren’t monsters, but by wanting to
remain friends, it also allows them
to feel that their former lover will
still be in their life, and they won’t
have to miss having them around.
So I made a little survey on my
own and found out some pretty interesting answers. While some say it
is possible to be “just friends” with
an ex –most disagree.
The pro-friends say it’s rare but
not impossible. It all depends on
how the relationship ended and
how long ago it was, especially if it
was mostly platonic to begin with.
However, there must be zero feelings on both ends –otherwise you’re
just asking for trouble.
Those who disagree were very
blunt about it and didn’t give any
“depends.” As hard as it is to accept,
it’s difficult to bring a relationship
back to its normal state after having
been intimate with someone. You
will always have memories that will
be triggered by the smell of their
skin or perfume, or even by hearing
a song that you once shared.
Since breakups are rarely onesided, one party will always feel
resentment or bitterness toward
the other –even if the ex says he or
she is completely OK with being
friends. Don’t forget that when
there’s bitterness, there’s jealousy
–it’s only human nature! The truth
of the matter is that it’s hard to be
sincerely happy for your ex when
they just found the love of their
In a perfect world, exes succeed
at being friends, but in one where
bitterness, jealousy, passion, and
human nature exceed reasoning and
rational thought, it’s impossible.
Unless the two of you were the
best of friends before, both broke
up on the same terms in a perfectly
mutual breakup, both have no problems about seeing new people and
both have instilled a policy of total
honesty, you’re better to leave the
friendship behind … at least for
A fresh coat of paint
By Dennis M. Ayotte Jr.
If someone tells you that looks
don’t matter, they’re either lying
through their teeth or a very rare,
but nice person. When was last
time you walked through a parking lot and said, “Wow look at
the 1984 Buick LeSabre with the
faded paint job and dusty hub
caps.” On the other hand, I can
guarantee that you noticed the
2010 BMW with 18-inch chrome
rims and glossy paint job.
The Buick isn’t even given
a chance merely because of its
appearance, even if it was the
most reliable car ever with a
pristine interior.
The same theory applies
to those who are overweight.
Looks play such a big role in
our society and most times, if
you’re overweight you’re often
overlooked in the dating scene,
selected last in any sporting
activity and even passed on for
certain jobs. If we never get
past initial looks, how will we
ever get to know a person’s true
personality and see the amazing
person on the inside?
It just takes a little fresh paint
and a set of shiny rims.
It’s time to start looking for
a new shade of paint and new
rims. Don’t let an issue with
weight hinder you from attaining what you want. There is no
need to go sign up at a gym that
you may never go to. All you
need is a good pair of shoes and
a little motivation. Get up, go
outside and start walking.
Go to the mall and walk
around. Look at things you can’t
afford and girls you wish you
could date. Find something that
works for you. Walking or running doesn’t cost a thing and this
is the best way to start. The only
things you lose when walking or
running are those love handles
and beer gut you’ve been hiding
under your oversized shirts.
Whatever it is you like to do,
stick with it till you feel comfortable stepping up your workout. If you try too much too fast
you won’t want to get up and
do it again the next day. Once
you’ve become semi in-shape,
incorporate some weights into
your workout and increase your
cardio to an hour a day. In addition, immediately start overhauling your diet. The twinkies,
sodas, and loaves of bread you
have in the kitchen need to go.
All the hard work you put in will
be quickly nullified if you have
unhealthy foods around.
It’s like going to a bar; I say
I’m not going to drink but somehow four beers and two shots
later—I’m ordering the next
round. Avoid it all by simply
not having it around. Replace
your sodas with water and zero
calorie drink mixes; twinkies for
fresh fruit and nuts; and cut your
bread consumption to the bare
minimum; pick alternatives like
pitas and flatbreads.
Your primer coat is finished
now it’s time to pick your new
paint. Have you decided on your
new color yet?
People en español reveals its list
of 50 Most Beautiful People
(EFE) - The yearly People En
Español issue containing the
magazine’s picks for the current
50 Most Beautiful People this
time around includes actresses
Jacqueline Bracamontes, Sofia
Vergara and Adamari Lopez,
model Daisy Fuentes, singers
Belinda and Olga Tañon, television host Giselle Blondet and
heartthrob Fernando Colunga,
who appear on the cover.
People En Español breaks
down its annual list into different categories like “divas, heartthrobs and heroines,” where
Mexican actress and singer
Thalia stands out.
Also among the magazine’s
divas and heroines is Venezuelan
actress Lupita Ferrer, who at age
62 and never having undergone
any cosmetic surgery said that
Mexican model and actress
Jacqueline Bracamontes is one
of the people selected by People
En Español magazine for its “50
Most Beautiful People” list this
year. (EFE/File)
“these days, at age 60 woman
are just beginning” to live.
Veteran actors Fernando Colunga and Saul Lizaso, along
with William Levy, who dreams
of conquering Hollywood, and
Mauricio Ochman, all appear on
the list of heartthrobs this year.
Singer Olga Tañon, dressed
like her idol Sara Montiel,
heads the list of Mexican film
legends in People En Español’s
June issue.
Meanwhile, the fans of Mexico’s Christian Chavez will
be surprised to see him in his
role as the famous comedian
“I really like his personality
because I’m a chatty person,”
said Chavez.
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La Prensa de San Antonio
Picks of the Week
“Daria: The Complete Animated Series” (Unrated)
“Smart and funny” aren’t two
adjectives you normally associate with MTV programming,
but “Daria” is one of the few
exceptions. Debuting in 1997 as
a spin-off of the popular “Beavis
& Butt- Head,” “Daria” centered
on the life of sardonic teenager
Daria Morgendorffer, as she and
her bestie Jane skewer pop culture and try to avoid the popular
kids at their upper-middle-class
high school. The DVD includes
all five seasons of the show, plus
the pilot episode and both madefor TV movies. Special features
include interviews with the cast
and crew, two Mystik Spiral music videos, Daria Day intros and
a Top Ten Video Countdown
hosted by Daria and Jane.
“M” (The Criterion Collection) Blu-ray (Unrated)
Iconic director Fritz Lang’s
chilling story of the hunt for a
child murderer finally gets the
high-def, Criterion Collection
treatment.Peter Lorre stars as
Peter Lorre stars in “M”
“M,” the child-killer who is so
expert at eluding the police that
the criminal underworld takes it
upon themselves to hunt down
the psychotic monster. Two
versions of the film are included
in this edition: The original German production and the longlost English-language version.
Both have been restored using
a hi-def digital transfer process. Among the tons of special
features are: audio commentary
by German film scholars Anton
Kaes and Eric Rentschler, a
onehour conversation with Fritz
Lang by “Exorcist” author William Friedkin, a commemorative
booklet and a 1963 interview
with Lang.
“Legion” (Rated R)
If you were suckered by
thetrailers for “Legion,” you
probably went in thinking it was
going to be a tongue-incheek
horror comedy, a la “Drag Me
To Hell.” Sadly, it wasn’t. Instead, “Legion” is a mindless,
CGI poopfest about Angels and
Demons slugging it out at a
remote diner because some pregnant chick might be carrying the
messiah. Knock-knock.
Who’s there? Armageddon.
Armageddon who? Armageddon
outta here and goin’ to watch a
better movie.
“Anyone who
doesn’t take
truth seriously
in small matters
cannot be
trusted in large
ones either.”
Albert Einstein
mayo 2, 2010
Top 10 Video Rentals
Top 10 DVD Sales
1. Sherlock
Holmes ......................(PG-13)
Robert Downey, Jr.
2. The Blind Side ......(PG-13)
Sandra Bullock
3. The Men Who Stare
at Goats .............................(R)
George Clooney
4. 2012 .......................(PG-13)
John Cusack
5. Alvin and the
The Squeakquel .............(PG)
Jason Lee
6. The Twilight Saga:
New Moon .................(PG-13)
Kristen Stewart
7. Brothers ........................(R)
Jake Gyllenhaal
8. Up in the Air .................(R)
George Clooney
9. Did You Hear About
the Morgans? ............(PG-13)
Hugh Grant
10. Law Abiding
Citizen ...............................(R)
Jamie Foxx
© 2010 King Features Synd., Inc.
1. Alvin and the
Chipmunks: The
Squeakquel .....................(PG)
(20th Century Fox)
2. Sherlock
Holmes ......................(PG-13)
3. The Blind Side ......(PG-13)
4. The Princess
and the Frog .....................(G)
(Buena Vista)
5. The Twilight Saga:
New Moon .................(PG-13)
6. Alice in
Wonderland ......................(G)
(Buena Vista)
7. Alvin and the
Chipmunks .....................(PG)
(20th Century Fox)
8. Up ...............................(PG)
(Buena Vista)
9. Curious George 2:
Follow That Monkey .......(G)
10. Ice Age: Dawn
of the Dinosaurs .............(PG)
(20th Century Fox)
mayo 2, 2010
La Prensa de San Antonio
Grab The Popcorn!
By Luis Muñoz
Movie: “The Runaways”
Rating: R (Drug Use / Sexual
Studio: River Road
Where I Saw It: Santikos Bijou
This one is for the music fans.
I just spent the last half-hour discussing my latest review with my
friend Christopher, so this should
be easy.
I’ll start by saying that “The Runaways” is not a film I would typically
go watch. I was never a true fan of the
band, nor am I the biggest Joan Jett
groupie either. The movie is based on
the 70s teen band, by the same, and
the rise of its all-girl band members.
I’ve heard lots of mixed reviews on
this movie, but what really attracted
me to the film was the interesting
choice of actors chosen to portray
band members Joan Jett and Cherie
As always, I think Hollywood
sometimes thinks that adding big
names to a great script will somehow,
magically, make the movie so much
better. Did it in this case? It’s hard
to say. I mean, I am a fan of Dakota
Fanning (“New Moon,” “Man on
Fire”). While, she let me down in
the terrible film known as “Push,” I
understand why she took the part of
the drug-addicted, sex-kitten, Cherie Currie. Eventually, she needs to
take on roles that don’t paint her as
the innocent little girl, and this was
certainly one.
More questionable was the decision to cast Kristen Stewart (“Twilight Series,” “Into the Wild”). I am
sorry to say, the girl can barely act.
I am sure she’s a nice person but I
know amateurs here in town that
can run circles around her in theater
class. Her acting is so dull and not to
mention, lifeless.
I feel she was more of a distraction
than a benefit to the movie. I just
didn’t feel that passion and fire that
Joan Jett was known for. My guess
is producers cast her because of the
“Twilight” fame roller-coaster she is
presently riding with young teens.
Still, this was a 70’s band so I think
they should have gotten better actors
for the parts so that the older crowd,
the real fans of The Runaways, would
enjoy the film a bit more.
Don’t get me wrong, the movie
is great if you’re a true rock and roll
fan or simply, a music history fan.
Whether or not you are a fan of this
particular band, I still think you will
find the story behind their rise to
fame interesting. After all, this was
still a time in history when bands had
to really pay their dues to become
They had to do it by hitting the
road and actually touring, not by just
appearing on an overrated TV show
like “American Idol.” The movie is
also good at being honest about the
sex, drugs, and troubling private lives
the band members lived.
While, I would have loved to see a
little more about the life of Joan Jett, I
understand this film was really about
showcasing the rise of the band and
its front-runner, Cherie…something
the movie did very well.
Would I buy the DVD … Probably not.
So, is it good? Watch it and you
Luis Muñoz is currently an executive television producer for “Vamos
Travel Show” and has reviewed
movies for the last 6 years for TV and
print. Go SPURS Go!
50 most beautiful ....... (viene de página 3-E)
Colombian actress and model
Sofia Vergara, in addition, poses
for the magazine as the great
Mexican diva Maria Felix.
Rounding out the list are
Maite Perroni as the also legendary Dolores del Rio and Adamari
Lopez as Libertad Lamarque.
Cuban-born Daisy Fuentes
heads the list of “Heavenly
Bodies” in a photo where she is
reclining on a soft rug with only
a red blanket partially covering
her seminude body.
Miss Universe 2009, Venezuela’s Stefania Fernandez,
and Venezuelan actress Gaby
Espino, in a black bathing suit,
demonstrate why they were included on the same list, which
also contains Mexican singers
Paulina Rubio and Anahi, heartthrobs Jean Carlos Canela and
Mario Cimarro, and performing star Ricky Martin, among
Among those who are followed most by the paparazzi is
Spanish singer Alejandro Sanz,
who said that when God made
the world and divided good
looks up among its creatures he
didn’t get any of them.
“I don’t consider myself goodlooking. I have never been tall
enough or slender enough. (But)
I know how to make interesting
conversation. I’m attentive, affectionate,” said the 41-year-old
The edition also includes a
Adamari López channels Libertad
Lamarque in “People’s 50 Most
Beautiful.” (Foto Omar Cruz)
non-celebrity, aspiring musician Victor Alfredo de la Torre,
who was selected as the winner
of the “El Bello 51” (51st most
beautiful) contest.
“For me, it’s an almost surrealistic feeling to have been
selected as El Bello 51 by Yahoo! and People En Español,”
he said.
La Prensa de San Antonio
mayo 2, 2010
Llega a San Antonio “La Gran Señora”
Por Domingo Banda
Foto cortesía de 3 Collective
Reafirmando el éxito obtenido
con su música de mariachi, Jenni
Rivera inicia su gira “La Gran
La cantante ha sido bien
aceptada en este género donde
siempre había querido incursionar.
En esta gira se hará acompañar por Paquita la del Barrio,
quien es también una artista altamente aclamada por el público
en general.
La carrera profesional de
Jenni Rivera “La Diva de la
Banda”, ha adquirido grandes
magnitudes a nivel internacional
en los últimos años. Por lo que
ha sido cotizada en la mayoría
de los eventos de entregas de
premios en los cuales se ha presentado con su música dándole
el lugar que merece el género
regional mexicano.
Este éxito no ha llegado fácil,
se sabe que Jenni ha tenido una
vida llena de altos y bajos, que
el éxito no ha venido solo sino
por trabajo el sudor de la frente
de la cantante.
Sin embargo, como toda una
mujer fuerte ha sabido superar
todos sus obstáculos. Por eso en
sus temas le canta al amor y al
En entrevista vía telefónica
desde California, la cantante
habló de las satisfacciones que
le ha traído la música de mariachi a su carrera y de cómo será
tan esperada gira.
Jenni Rivera y Paquita la del
Barrio se presentarán este 14 de
Mayo en el Freeman Coliseum a
las 7 pm. Los boletos están a la
venta en
o en la taquilla del lugar.
¿Cuáles son las expectativas
para esta gira?
Jenni Rivera: Yo espero mucha felicidad y muchas satisfacciones de esta gira, no solamente
por que lleva el título de mi
disco. Hace tiempo deseábamos
que fuera un éxito y ocupar un
lugar importante en lo que es
la música de mariachi. Hemos
demostrado que si se puede y
que tanto ha sido el éxito que
ahora tenemos la gira de “La
Gran Señora”. Invitamos a
Paquita la del Barrio, lo cual
para mí es un gran halago de
llevar a cabo esta gira con una
señora que ha sido tan exitosa en
la música de mariachi también.
Tú siempre has defendido a
la mujer no solo con tu música
sino con tu fundación y ahora
unida a Paquita la del Barrio,
las mujeres sentirán más esa
defensa de parte de las dos.
J.R.: Las dos lo hacemos
de una manera diferente. Obviamente cantando, pero de una
manera diferente, Paquita canta
temas más fuertes que los míos.
Mi música incluye más sobre el
amor y las desilusiones.
¿En qué consistirá tu parte
del show, veremos mariachi y
J.R.: Para mí es muy importante traer a mi banda conmigo
porque así me di a conocer, ya
hace muchos años que la gente
me conoce con banda. No creo
que sería inteligente, ni bueno,
dejarla a un lado. Andaremos
todos juntos y estará el mariachi
con Paquita, le pediré prestado
el mariachi para cantar y yo le
prestare mi banda para que se
eche unas canciones con banda.
Será algo muy especial.
El público esperaba una gira
especial como esta desde hace
J.R.: Creo que es el tiempo
de ofrecerle algo bueno y de
calidad al público, para que la
gente salga de sus casas. Hay
tantos problemas en este momento con la economía, tanto
crimen y mucha tristeza. Que
queremos regalarles una tarde
en familia con estas dos artistas.
Nosotras queremos hacer algo
importante musicalmente con
esta gira.
Aunque naciste en Estados
Unidos, has representado
orgullosamente a México en
eventos como entregas de
premios, donde la música
regional mexicana no se le ha
venido dando la importancia
que merece. Sin embargo, tú
has hecho que te presenten en
los escenarios principales con
tu música de mariachi.
J.R.: Escuchas un mariachi y
sabes de donde viene, de México. En diferentes premiaciones
estuve muy orgullosa de poder
presentarme con el mariachi
y los bailarines folklóricos,
para poder demostrarles de
que podemos llegar a lugares
importantes no solamente yo
como artista, sino que el público
también. Hay gente que como tú
y otros medios nos han ayudado
a demostrar que los chicanos y
los latinos si podemos llegar a
grades lugares.
Vi c e n t e
dez es consentido en San Antonio y hace tiempo esperamos
una gira donde compartas escenario con él y no se ha dado.
¿Crees que ahora que tiene
este disco de mariachi podamos verlos juntos en gira?
J.R.: Me encantaría hacer
algo con él, Vicente me quiere
mucho, me respeta mucho, me
admira mucho y me tiene un
cariño grande. Nuestras oficinas
han tratado en el pasado de que
podamos hacer la gira juntos
pero por fechas no nos hemos
podido juntar pero esperamos
en el futuro poder hacerlo. Sería
muy importante para mí y un
gran regalo para el público.
No podemos dejarte
ir sin preguntarte tu
postura ante la ley SB 1070,
que criminaliza a los indocumentados en Arizona.
J.R.: Es importante echarle
ganas y ser positivos. Tenemos
que saber que así como hay
cambios negativos también
hay cambios positivos. Que
no esperemos que los demás
hagan algo sino, nosotros mismos hacer algo. Salir a la calle
si es necesario a mostrarle a la
gente que nuestro voto vale. Que
vean también que es importante
hacernos contar. Hagamos que
nuestra voz cuente. Nosotros los
artistas tenemos que tomarnos el
tiempo para hacer algo porque
la gente cree en nosotros. Si
dumostramos que podemos juntarnos tantos latinos en lugares
para asistir a un concierto tenemos que unirnos para luchar,
esta gente se dará cuenta que
somos importantes no solo los
cantantes sino la gente que
asiste. Hay que darnos a contar
siempre y ser positivos.
mayo 2, 2010
La Prensa de San Antonio
Paquita la del Barrio regresa a San Antonio
Por Domingo Banda
Foto cortesía de 3 Collective
Conocida como la defensora número uno de las mujeres,
Paquita la del Barrio regresa
con su singular estilo musical y
con una gira por varias ciudades
acompañada, ni más ni menos que
por Jenni Rivera, estos conciertos
prometen ser especiales.“Me va
ayudar un poquito ella, si viene
a darme un respaldo. Me parece
muy bien esta mancuerna y será
un evento bonito”, dijo Paquita
refiriéndose a que Jenni es otra
defensora del sexo femenino.
Con grandes expectativas sobre
sus espectáculos, previstos para los
próximos dos meses, la intérprete
de “Rata De Dos Patas”, dice sentirse muy a gusto de volver a Estados Unidos.“Me siento a todo dar.
Ya quería ir para haya, hace tiempo
que no voy para haya. Vamos a estar junto a Jenni Rivera”, comentó
en una entrevista vía telefónica
desde la capital mexicana.
Conocida también en el ambiente musical como “La Guerrillera del Bolero”, a la artista
se le ha visto actuar en grandes
escenarios acompañando a Don
Vicente Fernández. Giras en las
cuales aprovecha para lanzarles su
conocida frase “Me estás oyendo
inútil”, a todos los varones que
asisten a los conciertos, quienes
en lugar de ofenderse se sienten
halagados y le aplauden su dureza
hacia ellos.
“He ido con Don Vicente a trabajar en lugares grandes y eso se
necesita hacer porque va mucha
gente. Lo importante es que la
gente se divierta. Ahora con Jenni
y conmigo espero que la gente
también tenga un momento de
alegría y que lo disfruten”.
Cuando hablamos de Don Vicente Fernández no podíamos
dejar de mencionarle que ella ha
sido una de las pocas artistas que
han actuado junto al “Charro de
México”, por varios años consecutivos. Ya que a Chente no le gusta
repetir el mismo acompañamiento,
solo Paquita y Ana Gabriel han
sido privilegiadas de compartir
escenario con él en más de una
“Efectivamente así es. Yo le
agradezco a Don Vicente que me
tome en cuenta y me lleve a sus
giras. Me la pasó muy a gusto y
Paquita la del Barrio llega la defensora de mujeres, intérprete de “Ratas de Dos Patas” a San Antonio.
la gente queda a gusto eso es lo
importante y que todas las cosas
salgan bien”, dijo muy contenta
cuando se le mencionó a su amigo
Don Vicente.
Paquita La Del Barrio no para
de trabajar, pues en el momento
se encuentra también promoviendo
su nuevo disco. “En México estoy
promoviendo la canción ‘Resultó
Vegetariano’. Ahí se los dejo a la
imaginación para que lo piensen
(se ríe)”.
Conforme pasaba el tiempo de
la entrevista sentí que Paquita
se sentía más cómoda, ya que le
comentamos que nuestro enfoque
no era sus situaciones personales,
sino su talento y su música. En la
plática habló de las primeras veces
que dejó México para cantar en
Estados Unidos y nos dijo donde
fue el primer lugar en el cual se
presentó. “Fui a Los Ángeles en el
Pico Rivera, ahí fue la primera vez
que vine por acá. Hemos estado
ahí varias veces desde entonces”,
También nos compartió que no
celebrará el día de las madres,
“Este año voy a estar trabajando,
no me han dicho pero lo más
seguro es que me toque trabajar.
Como yo no tengo madre (se ríe),
yo me desentiendo”.
Su imagen es autoritaria y dominante, Paquita es una mujer dulce
y amigable, los que hemos tenido
la oportunidad de trabajar de cerca
con ella lo sabemos bien. Por eso
mismo la cantante no quiso dejar
la entrevista sin antes dejarles a
los latinos que dejan sus países en
busca de una vida mejor, su respeto
y admiración.
“Es un poco difícil para la gente
que está por acá, yo considero a
esa gente. Yo quiero mucho a los
latinos en Estados Unidos, porque
son gente que se han aventado al
ruedo sin protección, digámoslo
así. Con el riesgo de que a lo mejor
ya no regresan a su casa. Son gente
que por la necesidad han tenido
que salir de su país, esa es una cosa
que hay que admirarles y alagarles.
El irse a otro país sin el cobijo de
nadie y a veces sin comer. Mis
respetos para toda esa gente y mi
cariño”, expresó.
Antes de terminar dejó un saludo a toda la gente de esta ciudad
que la admira y apoya su música.
“Un saludo a todos los latinos de
San Antonio, a la gente de todos
los países que está ahí. Saludos
de mi parte y espero nos veamos
pronto”, concluyó.
La presentación de Paquita la
del Barrio junto a Jenni Rivera será
el día 14 de Mayo. El lugar es en
el Freeman Coliseum a las 7:00
p.m. Los boletos están a la venta
en y en la
taquilla del recinto.
Las Princesas del Mariachi se presentan éste
sábado en el Alamodome, junto a George Strait
Por Patricia Garza
Este sábado 01 de mayo a las 5:30
p.m., el mariachi “Las Eréndiras” se
presentará en el Alamodome, tendrán
4 participaciones a lo largo del concierto, donde compartirán el escenario
con Randy Rogers Band, LeeAnn
Womack, Reba McEntire y George
Strait, ícono de la música country, con
el cual cerrarán el concierto cantando
con él, el tema de “El Rey”.
Las Eréndiras son un mariachi
formado por 12 talentosas mujeres, el
cual hizo su primera aparición en el
Festival de Fiesta, en el River Walker
de San Antonio, en el año de 1996,
bajo el nombre del Mariachi Eréndira
Xochitlán. Después de la celebración
del festival, el grupo se consolidó y
dio origen al Mariachi Femenil Las
Eréndiras de San Antonio. El origen
de su nombre se atribuye a la cultura
Azteca, Eréndira significa Princesa,
de manera que las integrantes de la
“realeza” llevan gran aplomo y lustre
en cada una de sus presentaciones.
La experiencia musical de las Eréndiras abarca una amplia gama de lugares, a donde han llevado su música.
Han recibido invitaciones para actuar
en países como Tokio y Hong Kong.
También se han presentado con artistas de la talla de Vikki Carr, artistas
tejanos y leyendas locales.
El grupo femenil ha participado
en varios festivales de mariachi
nacional e internacional en El Paso,
Albuquerque, Tucson, Las Cruces,
Ciudad de México y Guadalajara.
Tienen la dicha de haber compartido
escenario con mariachis como “Los
Camperos de Nati Cano de Los
Ángeles” y recientemente con el
Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán, con
el cual compartieron el escenario,
ante una audiencia de más de 10.000
personas en la Plaza de Las Américas,
en la ciudad de Zapopan,
durante una gira de 10 días que
realizaron por el estado de Jalisco,
Las Eréndiras, uno de las mariachis más importantes de la
región. (Foto cortesía)
en México, como parte del Encuentro Internacional del Mariachi y
Su material discográfico incluye,
“Princesas Aztecas”, “Navidad con
Las Eréndiras”, y su más reciente CD
“X Aniversario”.
El mariachi está integrado por,
Desarae Rodríguez, Brenda Smith,
Christina Garza, Debra Barrera, Cristina Calderón, Cassandra Márquez,
ellas están a cargo de los violines,
Claudia Franco, quien además se
desempeña como directora administrativa, y toca la vihuela, Beatriz
Delgado, en la guitarra, Josephine
García, en el guitarrón, Joanna M.
Cantú, en la trompeta, y su director
musical, José Torres.
Previo a su presentación, integrantes del Mariachi “Las Eréndiras”
nos concedieron una entrevista.
L.P. ¿Cómo nace la idea de
fundar un mariachi solo con mujeres?
M.E. La verdad es que no es el
primer mariachi integrado solo con
mujeres, pero hemos logrado mantenerlo por más de 14 años, después
de la participación en Fiesta, en
1996, vimos que a la gente le gustó
muchísimo, y pues a partir de ahí
decidimos continuar, y aquí estamos.
Puntualizó José Torres, fundador de
Las Eréndiras.
L.P. ¿Qué les aconsejaría a las
jóvenes que quieren pertenecer a
un Mariachi?
M.E. Lo primero es que tengan
las ganas de aprender, de desarrollar
en este género musical, que tengan
la disposición de adaptarse a nuestro
estilo. No es difícil que pertenezcan
al grupo, lo más difícil es que se
mantengan, pues tienen que acoplarse. Manifestó Claudia, integrante
y representante del mariachi. Aquí
no llegan Eréndiras, nacen Eréndiras,
agregó Torres.
L.P. ¿Cuéntenos la anécdota más
memorable del grupo?
M.E. Es difícil poder decir alguna
en especial, pero podría ser cada viaje, en cada uno de ellos todo el tiempo
nos estamos riendo, el ambiente que
vea Mariachi pág 10-E
La Prensa de San Antonio
35. -/.
mayo 2, 2010
7%$ 4(5
mayo 2, 2010
La Prensa de San Antonio
Dating craze for the single, ready to mingle
By Cristina Blackwell
[email protected]
Speed Dating, Rapid Dating,
Express Meet, Mini-Dates…
Whatever you want to call it, it
is a dating craze that is changing
the life of singles in many parts
of the world.
And now it’s here in S.A.
But before you completely
dismiss the idea of speed dating,
consider the following scenario:
You’ve worked hard all your life
to get through university and
then find a decent job to guarantee yourself financial stability.
The problem is you never had
time to meet or date that special
someone along the way.
So now what do you do?
It’s time to set your personal
life in order and begin your
search for the man or woman
of your dreams and live happily
ever after.
However, you don’t have time
to meet these people, nor do you
know where to start. Maybe it’s
time to consider the art of speed
dating as a viable option.
It’s called Speed Date SA
–they’re a Singles Alliance
Organization that specializes
in hosting speed dating events,
charity/fundraisers and networking mixers for single professionals around the San Antonio,
Corpus Christi and soon to be
Austin area.
“It gives people an opportunity to meet other individuals
that are at the same situation as
them,” said Tea Santos, market-
ing director for Speed Date SA.
“It’s an opportunity to talk to
somebody that they probably
wouldn’t normally talk to had
they met at a bar or at a club.”
Speed Date SA is at the forefront of the dating scene in San
Antonio and quickly spreading
throughout surrounding cities.
They make their speed dating
events fun and exciting for all
age groups. This type of dating
is a simple, and “pressure free”
way of meeting other singles.
Participants have the opportunity to socialize with a variety
of people in quick one-on-one
It eliminates the stresses of
going out to different bars/
clubs/lounges. Knowing that the
busier people are, the harder it
is to date.
No more worrying about long
lines or expensive blind dates
(where you’ll probably end up
disappointed!) This place takes
pride in providing the best
venues to host the speed dating
They target anyone who is
ready to meet new people: senior
citizens, baby boomers, the gay
community, and young professionals. “These people don’t
get a lot of opportunities to talk
to other people when they’re
in bars or clubs, so here’s their
chance!” Santos added.
The rules are quite simple. A
group of singles gathers at a cafe
or similar venue. Armed with a
nametag, a scorecard and their
sparkling personality, couples
At Speed Date SA, single professionals can mix, mingle and match
with up to 25 people in just one night. (Courtesy photo)
are paired up to begin their first
Following five minutes of
conversation, a bell is rung, and
the men move on to meet their
next date. Think of it as a flirt’s
version of musical chairs.
Following each date, participants mark on a card whether
they would have an interest in
meeting their date again. If a
mutual interest is noted, speeddating organizers provide each
party with the other ’s phone
What if you don’t find love?
No worries –you’re still a winner
at Speed Date SA. “If anything
you’ll make ten or fifteen new
friendships that you wouldn’t
gain anywhere else,” she explained.
For more information about
speed dating or to register, visit
So if you’re single and ready
to mingle, be sure to join this
place. After all, where else can
you go out on a date with 25
different people, have fun… and
not pay the tab?
La Prensa de San Antonio
mayo 2, 2010
Tsunami film depicts stories of survivors
(NAPSI)-A new documentary
tells the story of the tsunami of
2004--and its aftermath--from the
perspective of those who lived
through it. The documentary film
tries to capture what happens
after the media and public attention moves on to the next big
headline, while the critical work
of healing and recovery have only
just begun.
In December 2004, an undersea
earthquake produced a series of
waves unlike any ever recorded.
Reaching heights of 100 feet and
traveling over 5,000 miles, “The
Tsunami,” as it came to be known,
leveled coastal communities and
killed more than 230,000 people.
Ultimately, it was considered by
some to be one of the deadliest
natural disasters in human history.
The film “Kepulihan”: Stories
from the Tsunami”--follows the
lives of three survivors of the Indian Ocean tsunami of 2004. These
individuals actively volunteered to
tell their stories and participate in
the making of the film. The film’s
title comes from an Indonesian
word for healing and recovery.
As the film crew returned to
Sumatra each year, the survivors
being profiled were allowed to
view footage from their previous
interviews so that they could reflect on their experience and report
on their lives since then.
Filmmakers were intent on al-
Film depicts the lives of survivors, after the rush of media attention is gone. (Courtesy photo)
lowing each survivor to participate
in the creation of the documentary,
letting it play a critical role in their
personal recovery process.
The film attempts to draw a
clear line between the immediacy
of news coverage and attention
in the aftermath of a disaster and
how people’s lives are impacted
for years after a life-altering event.
The end result is the need for longterm disaster recovery assistance.
Filmmaker David Barnhart
worked closely with partner
groups, including The Presbyterian Disaster Assistance, relief
workers and medical agencies,
to establish a connection with the
people being considered for the
Barnhart has specialized in documenting communities impacted
by war and natural disasters, focusing his lens in Latin America and
the Democratic Republic of the
Congo. He has also profiled homeless migrant workers in Chicago
and the survivors of Hurricane
The film will air on select ABC
affiliates throughout the country
on November 21, 2010. Check
local listings or contact local ABC
affiliates for information.
To learn more, visit the film’s
Facebook page or
Mariachi ......... (viene de página 7-E)
se vive es de mucha armonía, nos divertimos mucho, todas nos llevamos
bien, dijo Brenda Smith, integrante
de las Eréndiras, quien además,
participa con otros grupos locales del
género regional.
L.P. ¿Qué sienten al compartir
el escenario con el Sr. George
M.E. Nos sentimos muy contentos, porque por ejemplo, es bien
común que en este tipo de eventos,
al mariachi lo pongan “donde caiga”
y en este caso no fue así, tenemos un
lugar asignado para nuestra presentación, en pocas palabras compartiremos el escenario junto a esto grandes
de la música. Hace días me llamo el
ingeniero de sonido y me preguntó
que necesrtábamos para nuestra presentación. Finalizó José Torres.
mayo 2, 2010
La Prensa de San Antonio
Jon Secada returns
to the “Classics”
By Michael León
Bilingual singer, Jon Secada,
has released his latest album
–a collection of remakes of
classic hits in both English
and Spanish. The multiple
Grammy Award winner has resulted in numerous hits in both
languages so it’s no surprise
that he’s chosen to pay homage to some of the artists and
songwriters who helped shape
his own musical history.
The CD, simply titled “Classics” is a timeless and romantic recording of songs made
famous in both languages by
some of the world’s most wellknown artists, including Elvis,
Perry Como, Doris Day, Richie
Valens and Frank Sinatra.
“I grew up in a very bilingual
environment,” said Secada
in a recent interview, “and
these songs were a big part
of shaping my musical style
and inspiration, whether I
knew them first in English or
Spanish. This collection truly
represents my musical history
that is both very Latin and very
Secada added that because
he grew up in a very bilingual
environment, these songs were
a big part of shaping his musical styles and inspirations.
A tribute to the songwriters
and artists, “Classics” is a fully
orchestrated album recorded
in Nashville, Tennessee, and
produced by James Stroud
with Bill Edwards as executive producer. The collection
features standards: “Cuando
Cuando,” “Spanish Harlem,”
“Besame mucho,” “My way,”
“La Bamba,” and “Que Sera
Sera,” among others.
“This CD is different from
other standard CDs because
each song was dually success-
In March 2010, Secada released
“Classics,” a collection of standards that were hits in both English and Spanish including “My
Way,” “Besame Mucho,” “Que
Sera Sera” and “La Bamba,”
among others. (Courtesy photo)
ful in both English and Spanish by a host of international
artists who have had success
either as bilingual or crossover
artists,” explained Secada.
Though he doesn’t have a
favorite song on the CD, he
does have a special bond with
“My Way.”
Having recorded a duet with
Frank Sinatra for his Duets II
album, getting the change to
record this song was special. “I
really wanted to pay homage to
Sinatra on this record because
of the impact he had on me
when we worked together,”
admits Secada.
Secada, a musician who is
always on the cutting edge,
recently finished his fourth
season as one of the star judges
on the international hit show,
Latin American Idol.
Secada lives in Miami, Florida with his wife and two
children. For more information about his music, concert
tours, Latin American Idol
and new projects visit www., his Facebook
page at
JonSecada or follow him on
Twitter at
La Prensa de San Antonio
Do we live and
learn by TV?
By Nina Duran
The cultivation theory states that television viewing promotes negative feelings in heavy viewers. In 1987, the Mass Communication Journal, researched
whether greater television viewing could change someone’s objective, attention and perceived realism. The subjects consisted of 392 adults, 50.5 percent
male and 49.5 percent female.
The result:
The analysis showed that television cultivates in both a positive and a
negative way. A major factor that played into the research was the use and
affect of demographic differences. Findings also suggested that television
viewing could affect interpersonal relationships.
Allow me to continue:
Recently, The Media Psychological Report tested whether television exposure would result in constructing real-life examples versus people using
factual and personal experiences. The study reported that accessibility and
availability of television would ultimately decide who experienced the cultivation effect versus those who did not.
The results of the analysis supported the argument that “television influences
social judgment.” Those who watched a high volume of television tend to
recall more television examples of real-life situations, while low television
viewers recalled their own personal experiences.
More than 30 years of research into television’s ability to cultivate viewers’
social reality demonstrates a moderate but reliable link between television
exposure and some social judgments.
Understanding this relationship still remains unexplainable to this day.
Mass communication researchers also say that individual knowledge can
affect the influence of television. In other words, someone who watches a
documentary on Nostradamus for the first time may become frightened and
terror-stricken, while someone more knowledgeable in this area may not react
to this documentary at all. The same concept applies to the news, dramas and
other programs.
Although individual knowledge can determine the amount of influence,
some studies show that the way reporters cover an issue in regards to news
can determine whether or not we accept something as true.
Several studies have found that journalists tend to cover specific, dramatic
environmental events, most often those with negative consequences; stories
about the risks associated with ongoing public policy or individual behaviors
receive substantially less coverage.
Hard news and entertainment news often show the most dramatic or most
detrimental news for effect. This effect cultivates a perception of reality for
the viewer.
People assume that crime consumes them because they see it all the time.
People fear terrorists because our news saturates us on a daily basis.
This has become our reality, rather than the lives we live. Our fears and
desires come and go because of what we see on television. Our social judgments remain contingent upon what television tells us.
If perceived realism and social judgments can arise from hard news
and entertainment news then is it safe to say that we live and learn by television?
Maybe not entirely, but it certainly plays a large role in our beliefs as a
Nina can be emailed at [email protected]
mayo 2, 2010
Querida Nina:
Estoy profundamente enamorada de un hombre
casado, desde que lo conocí supe que era ajeno,
sin embargo me ilusioné como una quinceañera, el
me dijo que la relación con su esposa estaba muy
mal, y que de un momento a otro el terminaría
con ella, que era cuestión de tiempo. Han pasado
ya 2 años y él sigue con su esposa, al lado de su
familia, yo quiero dejarlo, pero solo de pensar
que ya no lo veré me hace sentir muy mal. ¿Qué
me recomienda hacer?
Mujer enamorada.
Querida mujer enamorada:
Desafortunadamente pusiste tus ojos en el hombre equivocado, ser la
“otra” te pone en desventaja, pues siempre estarás en segundo plano, y
estos dos años creo que son prueba suficiente de ello. Su esposa siempre
llevará las de ganar, ya sea por los hijos, por los años de matrimonio o
por la propia comodidad del hogar. Termina con esa relación, al principio
sufrirás, pero pasará, tú te mereces a un hombre solo para ti, alguien con
quien puedas pasear de la mano en público, con quien pasar fechas especiales, una persona que esté disponible todo el tiempo, no solo a ratos,
alguien con quien formar un hogar. Te mereces lo mejor de la vida, lucha
por tu felicidad, ese hombre no vale la pena no te hará feliz NUNCA, tal
vez ni él mismo lo sea, pero ese es su problema, no el tuyo. Que Dios
te bendiga y abre los ojos, el verdadero amor tal vez está más cerca de
lo que crees.
Querida Nina:
Soy una persona muy perceptiva y últimamente en mi trabajo hay
un ambiente de mucha envidia lo cual me hace sentir mal, pues no
es cómodo trabajar rodeada de personas que emiten una energía
negativa. ¿Cómo le hago para sobrellevar esa situación?
Querida Lorena:
La envidia, sin duda, es un sentimiento de baja autoestima, cuando una
persona ve superior a otra, al mismo tiempo se ve inferior ella misma. No
quiero desalentarte Lorena, pero ningún trabajo, ningún lugar en el que
se den las relaciones interpersonales, está exento de este sentimiento tan
negativo, mi consejo es que te concentres en tu trabajo, no dejes de dar
lo mejor de ti, no te contamines de las actitudes negativas de los demás,
recuerda siempre que tus buenas acciones tendrán recompensas favorables,
no caigas en el juego, no te dejes llevar por lo que la envidia ocasiona. Te
voy a compartir una Fábula: Cuenta la leyenda, que una vez, una serpiente
empezó a perseguir a una Luciérnaga; ésta huía rápido y con miedo de la
feroz depredadora, pero la serpiente no pensaba desistir. Huyó un día y ella
no desistía, dos días y nada. En el tercer día, ya sin fuerzas, la Luciérnaga
paró y dijo a la serpiente: ¿Puedo hacerte tres preguntas? No acostumbro
dar éste precedente a nadie pero como te voy a devorar, puedes preguntar. ¿Pertenezco a tu cadena alimenticia? No. ¿Yo te hice algún mal? No.
Entonces, ¿Por qué quieres acabar conmigo? Y la serpiente le contestó:
porque no soporto verte brillar. Lorena, no permitas que nadie apague tu
brillo, siempre habrá quien desee hacerlo. Suerte, sigue brillando.
Escriba a Querida Nina, 230 N. Medina San Antonio, TX 78207 ó al correo electrónico: [email protected]