Peds Vital Stim Brochure


Peds Vital Stim Brochure
Pediatric VitalStim
The only FDA cleared Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Dysphagia Approach
VitalStim Specialty Program includes the pre-requisite course MBS: The Clear Picture
This dynamic and innovative program is revolutionizing dysphagia therapy!
Speech-Language Pathologists and Occupational Therapists will bring their
facilities to a state-of-the-art-level with certification from this course.
VitalStim® Therapy is the only FDA cleared treatment approach that
successfully combines Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation and traditional
dysphagia techniques. This energetic certification course will focus on topics
such as muscle physiology, kinesiology of the swallowing mechanism and on
pathological swallowing mechanisms and processes. [The Pediatric
Certification course will focus on topics such as muscle physiology and
kinesiology of the swallowing mechanism as it changes across infancy
through childhood.] The basic principles and concepts of neuromuscular
electrical stimulation will be taught and the VitalStim® Therapy protocol will
be extensively reviewed and practiced. The participants will receive
one-on-one attention from two instructors, a certified SLP and a PT. Through
extensive hands-on labs; attendees will apply the theory of neuromuscular
electrical stimulation to the treatment of dysphagia [or Pediatric dysphagia].
This exclusive program will provide participants with the building blocks to
implement a successful VitalStim® Therapy program and will add value to
therapists, facilities, and most of all patient care!
Successful course completion of the pre-requisite online MBS: The Clear
Picture and the 2-day VitalStim® Therapy Specialty will certify the participant
to utilize VitalStim technology in the treatment of dysphagia.
VitalStim Renew
Renew every 3 years to ensure ongoing standards of safety, protocol, and efficacy
Therapist who become a provider or renewed within the last 3 years will be listed on the
VitalStim Registry along with their facility
Receive an up-to-date manual
Renew online or at a live course
Receive CEU's (.75 online 1.6 live)
VitalStim Registry (Requires Renewal if certified more than 3 years ago.)
Lists providers who are current (within the last 3 years) in safety, efficacy, and protocols
Place for patient families to find current and qualified VitalStim Providers and facilities VitalStim
Place for recruiters and quality assurance managers to validate Provider status
Providers can choose to be not-visible on the Registry and still enjoy the benefits
of Renewing
Adult Focus
Jan 23 - 24
Jan 23 - 24
Feb 20 - 21
Feb 27 - 28
Mar 05 - 06
Mar 12 - 13
Mar 12 - 13
Mar 19 - 20
Apr 02 - 03
Apr 02 - 03
Apr 09 - 10
Apr 10 - 11
All VS course dates are SA/SU unless otherwise noted.
San Jose, CA
Houston, TX
New Orleans, LA
Nashville, TN
Baltimore, MD
Atlanta, GA
Columbus, OH
Philadelphia, PA
Charlotte, NC
Seattle, WA
Denver, CO
Long Island, NY (Sun-Mon)
Apr 23 - 24
Apr 30 - 01
May 14 - 15
May 21 - 22
May 21 - 22
Jun 04 - 05
Jun 04 - 05
Jun 11 - 12
Jun 25 - 26
Jul 09 - 10
Jul 23 - 24
Minneapolis, MN
Dallas, TX
Orlando, FL
Pittsburgh, PA
Chicago, IL
Kansas City, MO
Detroit, MI
Boston, MA
Tampa, FL
Indianapolis, IN
Houston, TX
Peds Focus
Mar 13 - 14
Jun 03 - 04
Aug 27 - 28
Fort Lauderdale, FL (Sun-Mon)
Dallas, TX (Fri-Sat)
Detroit, MI (Sat-Sun)
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Go to:
$525 Super Group
$625 Large Group
$725 Small Group
$775 Individual
Click: VitalStim tab
1-888-909-CIAO (2426)
$350 Live Course
$100 Online
1.6 Live Course
1.2 Online
Pre-requisite Course
(28 Contact Hrs)

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