Please register at helpforobesity@mcvh


Please register at helpforobesity@mcvh
Take your first step in VCU Medical Center’s bariatric
surgery program for weight loss by attending one of our
free informative seminars. Join the multidisciplinary team
from our Surgical Weight Loss Center, who will explain:
The health risks related to obesity
When to consider weight loss surgery
Realistic goals for weight loss
Eligibility requirements
for weight loss surgery
The types of weight loss surgeries offered at
VCU Medical Center, including a discussion of the
potential risks, benefits and alternatives for each
June 4
Stony Point Surgery Center
8700 Stony Point Parkway
Suite #100
5:30 pm
VCU Medical Center
MCV Campus
The Learning Center
Main Hospital, First Floor
5:30 pm
June 16
Guilherme M. Campos, M.D., FACS
James Bittner IV, M.D.
Please register at [email protected] Directions to Stony Point Surgery Center:
Gretchen Aquilina, D.O.
Directions to VCU Medical Center:

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