Care Matters July 2015 - Family Based Care Association North West


Care Matters July 2015 - Family Based Care Association North West
Inside this edition..
• Employer of Choice
• Message from the CEO
• Client Stories
• Awards
• Recipe & Crossword
• Consumer Based Care
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Family Based Care Earns
Employer of Choice Award!
Family Based Care’s commitment to ensuring staff
are able to balance family and work life has seen the
Association rewarded as an Employer of Choice.
Family Based Care was the only North West employer
to be recognised at the 2015 Tasmanian Employer of
Choice Awards, which was a real feather in the cap for
the team, according to Chief Executive Officer, Doug
Family Based Care CEO, Doug Doherty and Ursula Hawkins, CRCC Coordinator,
“After being highly commended in 2014, we were proudly hold the Employer of Choice Award, surrounded by Family Based Care
uncertain if we should apply again, but our health and employees from our Head Office in Burnie
wellbeing committee decided we should”, Mr Doherty
said. The Committee put together the application and
it was highlighted at the awards as a stand-out because
it was staff-driven.
Family Based Care employs more than 230 people in
the North West and Northern region, which makes us
one of the biggest private sector employers. A total of
198 employees work in the field to provide a variety of
support services from home maintenance and personal
care to chronic disease management and respite.
Working to make all staff feel
included and communicating
more closely is a big part of
positive change at Family Based
At the Awards Dinner - Miriam James, Juliet Walsh, Ruth Hanson (Board Member),
Kylie Jessup and Doug Doherty (CEO)
Message from the CEO
Welcome to the new look Family Based Care’s newsletter - Care Matters.
“Care Matters” is a fresh approach to communication. At Family Based Care we believe that the Client is at the heart
of everything we do, because without the Clients and their Carers we lose our purpose. Previously the Association
communicated to its Staff and Clients separately, while this approach worked in the past, today it is important that we
ensure that our messages are consistent and clear for everybody. This newsletter is designed for a broader audience in
order to inform the wider community, our stakeholders and funders of the good work of the Association as the North West
Coast’s largest community care organisation. Since the last newsletter there have been a number of staff changes within
the Association as well as some noteworthy achievements.
Over the last 6 months the Commonwealth Government has made significant progress toward implementing what can
be broadly termed the “My Aged Care” reforms. These reforms include the introduction of nationally consistent client
contributions (fees), changes from local assessments by your provider to a system of the Regional Assessment Agency, and
the single national portal for all things aged care the My Aged Care website and national call centre. HACC (Home and
Community Care) is changing to CHSP (Commonwealth Home Support Program). These are significant changes that will
mean a lot to the way our aged care clients and carers interact with the Association. The best place to get information on
these changes is to either go to or calling 1800 200 422. You can also visit the Department of
Social Services website for further information.
For our clients in the National Disability Insurance Scheme the extension of the scheme is yet to be announced, however there
is a significant amount of work being undertaken by the State and Commonwealth Governments at the moment to ensure
that there is a continued smooth transition to the new arrangements. As details of any changes become available we will share
them with you.
From an employment perspective we are hoping to soon commence negotiation on single enterprise agreement for the
Association. Initial consultations are commencing during the staff meetings in June. A big thank you to everyone for the
success in the Tasmanian Employer of Choice award. It is evidence of how far we have taken the Association to date.
We will soon be sending you an email inviting you to participate in a client and employee satisfaction survey.
I hope that you enjoy Care Matters.
Doug Doherty
dependently at Home
At Family Based Care we recognise that many
people in the community are not eligible
for Government-funded services or require
more support than they are able to access.
We also understand that people want the
peace of mind of having someone in their
home whom they can trust.
Our staff are well trained, have a current
National Police check and have signed a
confidentiality agreement.
Core services are available on request and
often we tailor different services to suit your
individual needs.
Call us to discuss your particular situation
and, support needs and to obtain a quote for
Our packages can include
Domestic assistance
Personal care
Shopping assistance
Minding of the elderly, ill or
• Spring cleaning & Gardening
• Basic computer skills
• Moving house/clean-up
• Day trips
• Meal preparation
invendam ratus
• Assistance
during recuperation
• qui
modifications project
que consequ
minum et el• Interstate
qui dollandenes
ea assistance
sint parumqui.
Caring for Young Carers
NW Tasmania has an army of young carers who care for a parent or sibling
with a disability, mental health issue, drug/alcohol issue or an illness. In
some instances, the young carer may be directly responsible 24/7 for the
care of their family member for all their daily living activities or they may
have a sibling suffering from a disability which requires intensive support
from both parents. Unfortunately, this leaves little or no time for family
interaction and activities.
Family Based Care provides Young Carers with much needed support
through our Young Carers Respite Camp. The Camp is made possible with
the help of Ronnie and Maggie Burns from Appin Hall.
The camp provides young carers with the opportunity to have a much
needed break from their adult responsibilities in a safe environment. The
camp is held once a year for 5 days usually in the summer holidays. Family
Based Care was fortunate enough to source funding for an additional
camp which was held over the April school holidays.
Young Carers Camp - April 2015
Camp coordinator Judy Sturzaker said the opportunity for a break and enjoying the company of friends was rare for these children. “Many
of these children don’t get a chance to enjoy being young, so this is why we come up to Appin Hall and hold this camp,” Judy said.
“Appin Hall has everything for the children to enjoy whether it’s sporting equipment, bicycles, a nice
open fire and a big screen television, the children are catered for well.” At the most recent camp held
in April, apart from relaxing, the children attended Splash Aquatic Centre on Tuesday and enjoyed a
visit from High Shangrila Dog Training School of Excellence, with a couple of star pooches.
Judy said many of the children form life-long friendships during the camp. “The children really look
forward to coming on this camp and many have been coming for the past seven years,” she said. “
The friendships formed over the week continue on for the rest of their lives and we are very proud of
what this camp can do for those children. “Many of them would find it hard to socialise with friends
when they are the primary carer for a family member.” Our Young Carer Respite Camps are made
possible through funding assistance from the Federal Government.
FBC’s Camp Coordinators, Judy, Aimee &
Damo with Ronnie Burns from Appin Hall
Consumer Directed Care for existing clients
From 1 July 2015, all Home Care Packages will be delivered on a Consumer Directed Care (CDC) basis. During the next
review of your care plan, Family Based Care will need to discuss what CDC means for you. This should include how much
you want to be involved in managing your package, the Home Care Package budget available to provide your care and
services costs under your current care plan. If your needs cannot be met using your Home Care Package budget, then you
may need to look at other options, including being reassessed to see if you are eligible for a higher level of package using
your own money to top up the service. This process must be directed by you, in partnership with Family Based Care.
Today’s Re
1tbsp olive
en breast
750g chick
2 leeks
400g mush
in flour
3/4 cup pla
ken stock
1 litre chic
Salt & Pep
d Sweet Co
1 cup of m
A hearty meal in
30 minutes
01 Saute olive oil, mushrooms and
leeks until leeks are golden.
Add diced chicken breast, plain
flour and pepper and salt. Saute
for 3 minutes.
03 Add chicken stock, sweet creamed corn and milk
Simmer until chicken is cooked
and then serve with crusty
* If you would like to add some spice
to the chowder you can add a sprinkle of chilli powder!
Elder Abuse
Is Not Ok!
National Disability Insurance Scheme
(NDIS) in focus.
The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is the Federal Government’s new
way of providing community linking and individualised support for people with
permanent and significant disability and people with severe mental illness.
No older person should be subjected
to any form of abuse, often referred
to as ‘Elder Abuse’. Elder Abuse can
take various forms such as physical,
psychological or emotional, sexual or
financial abuse. It can also be the result
of intentional or unintentional neglect.
The program is being rolled out in stages because it’s a big change to the current
system. From 1 July 2015, young people in Tasmania aged between 15 and 24 can
access the first stage of the NDIS in Tasmania.
Family Based Care provides support to clients under the National Disability
Insurance Scheme, the Individual Support Program and Young People in Residential
Aged Care Program. At Family Based Care we work with NDIS participants to help
them choose the supports they need to reach their life goals.
Elder Abuse can be defined as “a single,
or repeated act, or lack of appropriate
action, occurring within any relationship
where there is an expectation of trust
which causes harm or distress to an older
person” (World Health Organization).
There is usually no time limit for participants to achieve their goals. We recognise
that each participant is an individual and the journey for them may be different
from another person with similar goals.
If you are concerned about Elder Abuse
you may want information about the
issue, or the opportunity to talk to
someone independently about your
concerns and the options for getting
We encourage participants to identify the gender
and age group of staff they would prefer as support
staff and we endeavour to match them with
appropriate support staff.
Individual support plans are reviewed annually
or when requested due to achieving plan goals or
requiring changes to the plan. With our support,
some of our participants have achieved their short
term daily living goals and moved on to independent
accommodation options.
Help is close at hand. Contact the
Tasmanian Elder Abuse Helpline
on 1800 441 169 or visit Advocacy
Tasmania’s website:
Picture is Family Based Care NDIS client Katrina- Rose
(left) and her support carer Amy.
For further information about Family Based Care
NDIS Support Services contact Tammy or Fiona on 6431 8411
Mental Health
Too often people stop and stare
Look away without a care
And never stop to help
If only you would get to know them
They have dreams and ambitions too
Family Based Care is fortunate to have been
given the opportunity to publish a poem
written by one of our clients.
The Poem, Mental Health, was written by
Anne-Maree when she was a 16 year old
student at Hellyer College in 2001.
Anne-Maree hopes her poetry will help and
inspire other people dealing with mental
health illness.
It’s quite hard to live with mental illness
I know that for a fact
But if you really get to know us
We are quite special too
So don’t stop and stare
Don’t look away without a care
Stick around and help us beat it
And remember......We are quite special too!
A day at the drags
On Saturday 14th March 2015, three Family Based Care clients Sam, Morgan and
Trent accompanied by support workers Damien and Jessica set off to the Tasmanian
National Drags (Tassie Nats). Damien arranged for VIP access for the group, starting
with a personalised welcome at the gate. The group were treated to free entry to
the facility as well as invited for the opportunity to have a private viewing in the pits
with drivers and cars, followed by a meet and greet with officials and competitors.
Tassie Nats is an event which is held once a year at Powranna Dragway, located
2.7km south of Symmons Plains International raceway on the Midland Highway.
It attracts not only local drivers, but also mainland competitors who bring with
them a variety of vehicles competing in categories such as; Street, Super Street,
Supercharged Outlaws, Top Alcohol cars, and bikes as well as street and super street
bikes. The varied program draws a large crowd.
The day was overcast from the beginning but everyone was determined to make
the most of it as it was a first time visit to the drags for car enthusiasts Sam, Morgan
and Trent. The group quickly made their way to trackside as events got underway.
They all enjoyed being up close with revving engines from their vantage point just
metres away from the start line.
Between races the group wandered around the pits at leisure getting up close
with some of the vehicles. After quite some time of being extremely close to the
noise and tyre smoke, having seating in the spectator area on the other side of the
dragway was in order. This was perfect timing, as the Supercharged Outlaw class
were teeth chattering loud and the vibration from the engine was phenomenal,
even from the spectator stands!
The heavens threatened to open up with rain all day a, but once the sky turned a
darker shade of grey it was decided to call it quits after a long day. It was a fantastic
day, especially for Sam, Trent and Morgan who experienced for the first time the
adrenaline and atmosphere of drag racing and all that it entails. They enjoyed
interacting as a small group at a big event. The day was finished off by heading
into Launceston for a bite to eat before heading back to Devonport. It was a good
decision to leave slightly early, as the rain finally hit and the rest of the events were
cancelled at the dragway.
Somerset Social Club
As we age it is important to stay as active as possible and at Family Based Care we also want to
encourage our clients to maintain social contacts. With this in mind we have established the
Somerset Social Club, which operates between 10 am to 3 pm every Thursday at the Somerset
RAOB Club, 4 Old Cam Road.
The club is open to people aged 65 and over who are reasonably physically independent and
involves a variety of entertaining and socially engaging activities. Participants will be involved in
the planning and delivering of activities, which may (depending on available resources) include
hobbies and crafts, gardening, movie afternoons, day trips, computer skills and more.
People interested in attending can self refer and referrals are also welcome from family/carers,
health professionals and other service providers. Cost is $5 which includes tea, coffee and a light
lunch. Participants will be required to use their own transport to get to the centre.
For more information contact Damien on 6431 6777 or email [email protected]
Kiralee aims high!
Family Based Care Program Coordinator, Kiralee
Ainslie was nominated by her colleagues for the 2015
Southern Cross Young Achiever Awards.
The Southern Cross Young Achiever Awards aim
to acknowledge, encourage and most importantly
promote the positive achievements of young
Tasmanians up to 28 years of age. The Awards
recognise the achievements of Tasmania’s youth in ten
categories, with one of the category winners being
named the Southern Cross/Premier’s Young Achiever
of the Year.
Kiralee is passionate about her work and her
commitment and dedication to helping others is well
known amongst Family Based Care employees and
clients. Kiralee plays an active role in coordinating
Family Based Care client care needs and programs
that improve the living environment for people who
can no longer do everyday tasks for themselves.
Kiralee received funding for a research project focused
on providing appropriate support for carers, the frail
aged, those living with a disability and clients living in
squalor and hoarding type environments. The project
enables people to live independently in their homes
for longer and assists with social inclusion.
The fact that Kiralee reached the finals of the Awards
makes her a winner in the eyes of her colleagues at
Family Based Care and our clients.
Awards & Recognition
Defence Support Awards - Tasmania
Our commitment to providing exceptional
support services has been recognised once
again. Last week Family Based Care received
an award for our exemplary support to
employees serving in the Australian Defence
Force Reserve. Amanda Finnegan represented
Family Based Care at the Awards ceremony.
The Defence Reserves Support Council
Tasmania Employer Support Awards were held
on Friday (12 June 2015) at Government House.
Her Excellency, Professor the Honourable Kate
Warner, Governor of Tasmania presented the
Well done everyone!
Ms Amanda Finnegan from Family Based Care Association North West Incorporated
and Her Excellency Professor the Honourable Kate Warner, AM, Governor of Tasmania
Puzzles & Crosswords
Why Work for
Family Based Care?
‘Because we care’
Being a trusted local service provider with the expertise to provide
consistent and quality support to the community is what Family
Based Care is about.
To be listed on our Employment Register please fill in and submit
an expression of interest form which you can obtain by visiting our
What we Offer
Innovative company direction
Professional induction training to all new
Flexible and family friendly workplace
Employee assistance programs
Career pathways
Opportunities to feel rewarded, respected
and valued for your contributions
Opportunities to make a difference in
people’s lives
To become a part of our workforce please
fill in and submit an expression of interest
CEO Sleepout
This year Family Based Care was well represented at the Vinnies CEO
Sleepout. The event was held at Aurora Stadium in Launceston and our
Executive Officer, Olivia Davies volunteered to join CEO Doug Doherty’s
wife, Maureen to help create awareness of homelessness in Australia
and raise much needed funds.
The funds raised provide crucial assistance to people experiencing
homelessness and to address the very causes of homelessness. The aim
is to break the cycle of homelessness permanently for as many people
as possible.
The latest figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics show
that 105,237 people in Australia are experiencing homelessness, with
60% of those under the age of 35. Perhaps surprising to many people is
that 44% of these are women and 13% are under the age of 12.
Family Based Care’s Olivia Davies (right) with Maureen Doherty
Family Based Care proudly supports the Vinnies CEO sleepout and would
like to congratulate Olivia and Maureen for their contribution to a very
worthy cause. Olivia raised $390. Thankyou to everyone who made a
donation and supported Olivia and Maureen.
NAME: Josh Hicks
Position at FBC:
Support Worker for elderly and disabled clients and Field Service Management Assistant
which is the rostering team, sorting out staff to support the clients, and any other changes
to either the staff or clients rosters and availabilities.
How long have I worked at FBC :
February (4 months), but I’ve been in the industry for 11 months.
What do I enjoy about my job?
I get to be both out in the field supporting clients and in the office helping the rostering
team. FBC put me through a HACC cert 3 course and are very flexible working around my
time at TAFE. The staff at FBC are very friendly and professional.
Watching movies, spending time with friends, Travelling ( I’ve been to America, Hawaii,
Fiji, Europe, and all around Australia)
Favourite Food:
All things chicken related
Favourite Movie:
I’ve watched too many to be able to pick a favourite.
People you admire most:
I don’t really have anyone that I admire the most, but I admire anyone who is successful
and motivated in their chosen career.
73 -75 Mount St
PH: (03) 6431 8411
70 Oldaker Street
PH: (03) 6424 8461
76 York Street
PH: 1800 684 098
PH: 1800 684 098
[email protected]

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