DEWI EVITA REIJS Agent NL: Tsilla van Coevorden- [email protected] - +31 624284141
Amsterdam Academy for Drama & Contemporary Music Theatre (2005)
Atheneum, Libanon Lyceum Rotterdam (2000)
FILM (Actress)
2016 A Real Vermeer (supporting role) Fu Works, Rinkel Film, director: Rudolf van den Berg
2016 Gamelan (leading role) FilmLab CinemAsia, director: Daniel Porcedda
2014 Perjalanan/The Journey (leading role) director: Josscy Vallazza Aartsen
Selection Balinale International Filmfestival 2014 and CinemAsia Film Festival 2015
2013 Hurt by love (supporting role) director: Ari Deelder
2012 Accepted (leading role) CinemAsia, director: Daan Vree
2011 Dolfje Werewolf (supporting role) director: Joram Lürsen
2010 For granted (supporting role) director: Eva van Pelt
2008 The end of the world (leading role) director: Mirjam de With
2007 Atjehstreet 145 (leading role) director: Mauri Mendes
2007 Ernst, Bobbie and the vile Onix (supporting role) director: Pieter Walther de Boer
2006 Yurei (leading role) director: Sandesh de Rijk
2005 Wolf (supporting role) graduation film NFTA, director: Joris Hoebe
2015 Golden Mountains, TV series TALPA, director: Idse Grotenhuis (guest appearance)
2015 Ghirardelli Commercial USA, Caramel Pictures, director: Wil van der Vlugt (leading role)
2014 New Texas, TV series VRT 1/Kanakna (BE), director: Dries Vos (guest appearance)
2014 Tempo Team commercial, director: Jeroen Annokkee (supporting role)
2014 10 Ways to…RTL productions, director: Teun Senders (leading role)
2013 Murder Wife, TV series Endemol/RTL 4, director: Hanro Smitsman (guest appearance)
2013 A'dam - E.V.A, TV series VPRO, director: Norbert ter Hall (guest appearance)
2013 Danni Lowinski, TV series TALPA fiction, director: Marc Willard (guest appearance)
2013 Ideal Love, EU1, script: Bart Juttmann, director: Sia Hermanides (guest appearance)
2012 DIESEL ‘’The Magic of Christmas” campaign.
2012 SONY Internet commercial, Lukkien, director: Peter Linssen (leading role)
2011 Naranjina and the hijackers TV series Nickelodeon, director: Harald van Eck (guest apearance)
2011 IKEA TV commercial, director: Bram van Alphen (supporting role)
2011 Police Post The Hague TV series KRO, director: Hesdy Lonwijk (guest apearance)
2011 Etos TV commercial, director: Anne de Clercq (leading role)
2010 KMART TV commercial, USA-Canada, directors: Stefán Árni/Siggi Kjartansson (leading role)
2010 A Quarter To series HKU-NTR, directors: Tom Rijpert &Thijs Bazelmans (leading role)
2009 Puppy Patrol TV series Ned 3, director: Annemarie Mooren (guest apearance)
2009 SIRE antisocial TV commercial, director: Frank Devos (leading role)
2009 CZ Insurance Internet commercial, director: Max Porcelijn (supporting role)
2008 Start Internet commercial, director: Hesdy Lonwijk (supporting role)
2007 The Santa Claus Journal TV series NPS, various directors (guest apearance)
2007 Cops Maastricht TV series Eyeworks/ TROS, director: Pieter van Rijn (guest apearance)
2007 UPC TV commercial, director: André van Duren (leading role)
2005 Shouf Shouf TV series VARA, director: Tim Oliehoek (guest apearance)
2003 Douwe Egberts Coffee TV commercial, director: Peter Molle (leading role)
2000 Brothers TV comedy NPS, director: Mischa Alexander (guest apearance)
2000 The Street TV series Teleac/Not (leading role)
1996 Mosquito TV series, KRO (guest apearance)
THEATER (Actress)
2016 & 2015 The Hidden Force, Couperus, Amsterdam Theatre Group, director: Ivo van Hove
2014 Normal (reprise), Esther Gerritsen, Team TONY, director: Tonje Langeveld
2013 Test animal, Amsterdam Fringe Festival/Roest, director and writer: Bor Rooyackers
2013 Pink Ladies (pitch), writer: Dewi Reijs, MAAS theatre&dance, coaching: Bor Rooyackers
2013 Normal, Esther Gerritsen, role: Suzan, Team TONY, director: Tonje Langeveld
2012 The principles of certainties, T. Martinus, MC Theatre, director: Peer van den Berg.
2011 The thief of certainties, T. Martinus, Winner Hollandse Nieuwe Festival,
director: Peer van den Berg
2011 MC Theatre Readings, directors: Marjorie Boston, Paulette Smit
2010 Can I go? Studio 52nd, director: Muriël Besemer
2010 Battlefields, R. Goetz, School of Theatre Amsterdam-directing, director: Caitlin van der Maas
2009 & 2010 The Tea Lords, role: Engko, from the famous novel by Hella S. Haasse,
Hummelinck Stuurman Theatercompany, director: Ger Thijs
Nomination AVRO Theatre publicity price /Winner Delftse Kijker
2008 The Interpreters, TG Ceremonia (BE)/Theater Rast, directors: Saban Ol/Eric de Volder
2007 Kain Pikul, Blindfolded stories, director: John Leerdam
2007 Sivas, Paul Pourveur, Theater Rast, director: Saban Ol
2006 The Crucible, Arthur Miller, role: Mary, Cosmic Theatre, director: Kasper Kapteijn
2006 The Imaginary Invalid, Molière, role: Beline,Company Huis aan de Amstel,
director: Liesbeth Coltof
2005 Vipers, Eva Keuris, Hollandse Nieuwe Festival, director: Bart Kiene, Winner 2005
2005 The Famished Road, Ben Okri, Rieks Swarte Company and Huis aan de Amstel,
directors: Rieks Swarte and Liesbeth Coltof
2005 A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Shakespeare), graduation play
Amsterdam Central School of Speech and Drama, director: Johan Doesburg
2005 Above your head, Dewi Reijs, coach: Saskia Temmink,
International Theatre School Festival Amsterdam
2004 Don Carlos (Schiller), role: princess Eboli, Company Huis aan de Amstel,
director: Liesbeth Coltof
2004 1001 Nights (Oriental Dance&Music Event/ Concertgebouw Amsterdam) director: David Prins
2016 Nadra, feature film, Fu Works, Anton Smit, co writer: Dewi Reijs, director: Theu Boermans
2015 Idiot, short film, In Soo productions, writer and director: Dewi Reijs
Selection Cannes Short Film Corner 2016.
2015 The Holy Virgin, short film, OneBigAgency, writer: Dewi Reijs director: Randa Nassar
2015 Hani & Henio, in development, producers: In Soo productions and Fu Works (Black Book)
2014 Perjalanan/The Journey, short film, FilmToko, co writer: Dewi Reijs
2012 Dewi in Jakarta, 8 personal articles for
2011 The forgotten forest. Theatre Play 6+ writer and director: Dewi Reijs
2010 Kind en Kleur, screenwriting course Dutch Cultural Media Fund, coach: Franky Ribbens
2010 RAFI. Theatre Play 6+ writer and director: Dewi Reijs
2009 Air in the kitchen cabinets, selection Dutch Playwrighters Festival, coach: Marijn van der Jagt
2009 Rafi in the park, Theatre Play, writer and director: Dewi Reijs
2008 The life of Njabala! Theatre Play (Uganda), writer and director: Dewi Reijs
2007 Kain Pikul, writer of the poem: Kamu Adik. director: John Leerdam
2005 Above your head (ITS Festival), writer: Dewi Reijs, director: Saskia Temmink
2004 Moving Box, Theatre Play, writer: Dewi Reijs, director: Nelleke Zitman
2003 I only eat pink apples (solo) Theatre Play, writer: Dewi Reijs, director: Ira Judkovskaja
2002 Victor (solo) Theater Play, writer and director: Dewi Reijs