Our First Chapter Trip to Rome April 2015


Our First Chapter Trip to Rome April 2015
The Patrons of the Arts in the
Vatican Museums are dedicated to
the restoration, conservation and
preservation of the works of art
housed in the multiple historic
galleries of the smallest country in the
world. The PAVM aims to make art
accessible to all and is committed to
interpretation and education.
About the Patrons
The Patrons of the Arts in the Vatican Museums are a
unique group of people supporting the preservation
and perpetuation of the vast and unique collection of
art contained in the Vatican Museums.
Northwest Chapter
Patrons of the Arts in the
Vatican Museums
Issue 2 • Fall 2014
Our First Chapter Trip to Rome
April 2015
How We Put the Trip
Together: an Insider’s View, “Newness” and a Fun Art Focus!
The Patrons provide the main source of revenue for
the Vatican Museums’ art restoration projects which
include Catholic and sacred art from all traditions as
a method to reach out to the thousands of visitors
that come each day. We also fund various artistic
and educational experiences for children and the
visually and hearing impaired, marking the first of
their kind in Italy.
The Vatican Museums are the main generator of
funds for the City State as all papal masses and
audiences are free of admission and entrance
into St. Peter’s Basilica is gratis. Most people are
unaware that revenue from the ticket sales are only
able to cover basic maintenance, insurance, security
and staff, leaving little money for
restoration or modernization.
That’s where the Patrons have played a valuable and
unique role. Patrons have raised the funds to restore
some of the most famous artistic treasures, such as:
The Pauline Chapel
The Raphael Rooms
The Borgia Apartments
Frescoes on the lateral walls of the Sistine Chapel
All Patrons are able to stroll through the Vatican
Gardens, tour the Sistine Chapel privately, and tour
the museum restoration laboratories buried deep
within Vatican City.
Our Patrons are divided into local chapters that host
a variety of amazing and unrivalled events in the
local area to encourage enthusiasm for the arts.
For more information and
membership benefits go to:
Rome Office
Northwest Chapter
Highlights of Northwest PAVM
Visit to Rome
April 25 - May 1, 2015
- Private after-hours tours of the
Vatican Museums and Sistine Chapel
- Private Cocktail Party in the
Belvedere Courtyard
-Private Candlelight Dinner in the
Vatican Museums
-Private Event at the Villa Borghese
- Reserved seating at the Papal Audience
- Behind the scenes visit to the
restoration laboratories at the
Vatican Museums
- Caravaggio Art Tour
- Private Tour of the Centuries Old Mosaic
School that Created the Mosaics in St.
Peter’s Basilica
- Scavi Tour beneath St. Peter’s Basilica
- Special Tour of the Swiss Guard Barracks
- Mass Celebrated by Cardinal Bertello,
President of the Vatican City
- Tour Papal Gardens in Castel Gandolfo,
only recently opened to the public
- Tour the newly opened S. Rosa Scavi
See Complete Itinerary PDF attached to this email
An Insider’s View. The mission of NW
PAVM, like that of all the Patron Chapters,
is to restore and protect the art in the Vatican museums. This trip is designed to thank
us, as patrons, and to increase our sense of
connectedness with the museums, especially
the world class restoration work performed
Our friends at Corporate Travel (the
travel agency that organizes trips for many
chapters, including ours) and at the Patrons Office in the Vatican, have been very
gracious to develop an absolutely amazing
itinerary with unbelievable insider access.
We are justifiably proud about the restoration work our chapter is funding in the
important Belvedere Courtyard, in many
ways the nucleus of the Vatican collection. After the museums closes, we will be
treated to a private cocktail reception in
the Belvedere Courtyard (as well as an after
hours tour of portions of the museums
themselves). That same day, we will have a
private tour ofh the Sistine Chapel as well as
a candlelight dinner in the museums! On yet
The 30th Anniversary NWPatron’s Group visits
with the restorer and Perseus Statue in the Belevedere
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Rome April 2015
Continued from page 1
another day, we will be guests at a lunch in
the Vatican.
Although neither Rick nor I would ever
had guessed it, when other chapters have
visited the Vatican, the tour of the Swiss
Guards barracks gets rave
reviews. It is another “insider”
experience because they are
obviously closed to the public.
Although tens of thousands
of people can attend a papal
audience when it is held outside, we should have very nice
seats reserved as “guests of the
Vatican City.”
The most successful Patron Chapters
are, like our chapter, comprised of people
from a variety of faith traditions or from
no particular faith tradition. We make a
big effort to be sensitive to that. There will
be opportunities to attend Mass, but they
are purely optional. One Mass, however,
is another “insiders” experience: Cardinal
Bertello, the president of the Vatican City,
has offered to celebrate a private Mass for
us in the Vatican City.
(l) The Altar of the Chair in St. Peter’s
(r) Cardinal Bertello
Newness. Many of you have been to
Rome before. This trip, however, will give
you the opportunity to see things that will
probably be new even to experienced travelers. If you have never been on a tour of the
Scavi (the excavations below St. Peter’s Basilica, including an ancient Roman cemetery
that houses the tomb of St. Peter), trust me,
this will be one of the most memorable experiences one can have on a trip to Rome!
To top that off, we will also see the newly
open Santa Rosa Scavi, which has been
the source of exciting international press,
particularly in travel circles.
As you have probably read, Pope Francis
has opened up the gardens of Castel
Gondolfo, the papal summer residence, so
people can enjoy the
wonderful parklike setting. We will
visit the gardens in
the afternoon and
follow-up our visit
with a superb dinner
overlooking nearby
Gardens at Castel Gondolfo
Lake Albano.
A Fun Art Focus. Since we are an artbased organization, we thought it would
be fun to have an art focus to our tour. We
selected the artist Antonio Caravaggio. If
his own life story was not exciting enough,
we will be able to visit Caravaggio pieces
not only in
the Vatican
museums, but
in Rome.
are within
of our
The Calling of St. Matthew,
wonderby Caravaggio
ful hotel,
the Grand Hotel de la Minerve! We’ve also
arranged a tour of the Galleria Borghese,
which includes not only art by Caravaggio, but a stunning collection of sculpture.
There will be a private cocktail party for us
at the Galleria Borghese as well.
Since our Chapter is in the “art restoration business” (so to speak), a private
tour of the Vatican museums restoration
laboratories is not only a must, but an
incredible treat. Museums from all over the
world, including the Louvre, come to visit
and observe these laboratories. We will get
to see them up close and I mean, REALLY
up close.
Other Related Websites of Interest
looking at paintings, not mosaics). Our private tour of the Basilica will be followed by
a private tour of the famous mosaics school
so we can learn at close range how the mosaics are constructed and restored.
Are you coming? We hope you can
travel with us on this trip of a lifetime.
Even for people who have traveled to Rome
before, this trip
will offer a truly
insider’s view
of the Vatican,
together with
some new and
really interesting experiences.
Even if you are not a serious art student,
we think that it will be fun to learn about
Caravaggio (he was a character!), art restoration and really wonderful mosaics. Although
there will be plenty of memorable dining
experiences for the whole group, we have
left parts of the itinerary open so that you
can explore
Rome in smaller
groups as well.
We hope to see
you there in
Rome in Spring
of 2015 on our
first chapter trip!
- Tom James, Co-Chair, NW PAVM
To Register
for the April 2015 NW PAVM
Trip to Rome
Complete the form in the
attached itinerary
for our next
NW Patron’s Event
The Restoration Laboratories
Whether this is your first trip to St.
Peter’s Basilica or you have been there many
times, you have to be struck by the gorgeous mosaics, including the sheer volume
of them in the Basilica (unfortunately, some
people visit the Basilica and think they are
Sunday, January 18, 2015
Steve Jensen Studio
1424 10th Avenue
3 - 5 p.m.
Invitation to follow
Belvedere Perseus
The restoration of
our first project, the
marble statue of Perseus, carved in late
1800 - early 1801 by
Antonio Canova, is almost complete. These
photographs are a
small hint at the beauty of this work of art and
show the difference between the cleaned and
restored marble and its “before” conditon
(square swatches).
Why hasn’t this statue
been seen yet by the
public? Because Vatican Restorers are still
working to find a way
to make the pedestal
without changing the exterior of the pedestal.
The conservators are hoping to be able to
use the same solution on future restorations of
statuary. Rest assured, whether the statue is on
display to the public
in April 2015 or not,
you will be able
to see it when the
NW PAVM enjoys a
private cocktail party
in the Belvedere
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I join PAVM?
Questions? contact Tom James
[email protected]
or Rick Altig [email protected]
How much does it cost?
$600 per individual per year
$250 for junior membership (35 years
of age and under) per year
Your tax deductible donation supports
the Vatican Museums’ preservation
efforts.Your membership supports restoration work, conservation projects, equipment for the restoration laboratories, and
specialized restorers.
What are the benefits of belonging to
Patrons receive many exclusive benefits
in addition to the privilege of preserving
one of the world’s greatest collections of
art, now and for years to come.
Standard Member Privileges
As visiting Patrons in the Vatican, guests
are received in the Office of the Patrons
of the Arts in the Apostolic Palace. They
are provided with:
(continued on page 4)
Hermes NW PAVM 2015 Project
page 3
Artist: Unknown
Date: Hadrian period, I-II Century AD
Dimensions: 195cm - 6ft 4in
Materials: White Marble
Hermes was an Olympian god of Greek mythology, son of Zeus and the Pleiad Maia. Known as the
messenger of the gods, he was quick and cunning and
moved freely between the worlds of the mortal and divine as an intercessor. He was protector and patron of
travelers, herdsmen, thieves, orators, literature, poets,
athletes, sports, inventors, and tradesmen. Hermes was
a notorious trickster and outwitted other gods for his
own satisfaction or the sake of humankind. His attributes and symbols include the herma, the rooster and
the tortoise, a satchel, winged sandals and a winged cap,
yet his main symbol was the herald’s staff—the Greek
kerykeion or Latin caduceus, which consisted of two
snakes wrapped around a winged staff. In the Roman
pantheon Hermes was named Mercury.
The origin and discovery of this Hermes statue is
still not completely clear. Some documents state that
the Hermes was found between 1540 and 1543 in the
Vigna Pallini near Castel St. Angelo not far from the
Vatican in the original mausoleum of Hadrian. The second theory of Pirro Ligorio was
that it was found during the pontificate of Paul III (1534-1549) at St. Martino ai Monti.
In 1543, the statue was purchased by Paul III to decorate a niche in the Belvedere and
around 1560 was heavily restored by Guglielmo Della Porta. For many years it was
identified with the Antinous, the favorite Greek youth and member of the entourage
of the Emperor Hadrian. The alleged Antinous was later recognized as Hermes. In this
work, he is represented in a rather thoughtful stance, mantel thrown over his left shoulder and forearm folded, waiting to accompany the deceased in the afterlife. This wonderful statue of Hermes is a Roman copy of the original from the school of Praxiteles (late
classical period, 4th cent. BC).
Years later, Poussin saw in it as an aesthetic canon of ideal proportions. Winckelmann
recognized it as a statue “of the first class” and expressed much admiration for what he
proclaimed “undoubtedly one of the most beautiful heads of a young man from Antiquity.” In 1683, Gérard Audran included it in his collection of engravings representing the
Proportions of the Human Body Measured from the Most Beautiful Statues of Antiquity, meant for young sculptors. Oliver Cromwell acquired a bronze copy by Hubert Le
Sueur that had previously been a part of the collection of Charles I of England. Other
rulers, such as Louis XIV of France and Peter the Great, also obtained copies of the
Hermes. Copies of this work can also be found in art academies, such as those of Milan
The restoration is particularly urgent. The statute needs a new stable support and the old glue used
during the previous restoration must be replaced. The old glue is significantly damaging the statue
and causing marble to detach.
• Scientific Research
• Documentation with 3D laser scanner
• Stratigraphic analysis
• Cleaning and consolidation of the surface
• Removal and replacement of iron nails with
fiberglass, steel or new titanium materials
• Diagnosis of state of the statue and pedestal
• Possible recreation of the pedestal
• Photographic documentation
from the 2014 Wishbook - http://www.vatican-patrons.org/hermes-3-541
page 4
Portland News
(FAQ continued from page 3)
•No waiting in line for entrance into
the Museums - early entrance before the
Museums open
•Complimentary tour of the Vatican
Museums with a private, selected, official
Vatican Museum tour guide
•Complimentary entrance into the
Vatican Museums
•Invitation to view areas of the Museums
closed to the public
•Viewing of a restoration in progress at
the Restoration Laboratories alongside
the Restorer
•Tickets to a Papal Audience with special
access seating
•A visit to the International Director’s
office located in the Apostolic Palace
•Special access to St. Peter’s Basilica
•Entrance into the Vatican Gardens
•30% Discount at all Vatican Museum
Gift Shops
•Subscription to The Vatican Museums
Report from the International Director at
the Vatican
•Subscription to PAVM eNewsletter
•Invitation to Vatican ceremonies for
important restoration unveilings that share
in the legacy and heritage of the art of
the Vatican Museums
•Membership in local Patrons Chapter
and invitations to local and international
How is my money handled?
Membership dues and other contributions are controlled by the local chapter,
which selects restoration projects from the
annual Vatican Wishbook. Projects are
selected for the Wishbook by the
Curators of their respective departments.
Do I need to be Catholic to join PAVM?
No. Patrons come from all over the world,
representing various religious backgrounds and bringing different experiences to the Patrons Chapters throughout
North America and Europe. While the
collections are stored at the Vatican and,
historically, the church sponsored artists
for many years, our mission is to preserve
and restore artwork, creating an ongoing
legacy of art to all future generations.
Oregon Hosts First Event
Jennifer Lamb learned about PAVM while visiting the Vatican. She was
so excited about the organization that she has lead the Patrons effort in
Oregon. She and her husband, Bob, hosted Unveiling: Michelangelo’s
Pieta on July 13 at the
Lawrence Gallery in McMinnville, OR.
Michelangelo considered
the Pieta to be the consummate expression of both
his personal talent and the
divine inspiration that he
believed to be the guiding
hand behind his work. This
is the only sculpture he
ever signed.
The Vatican Observatory
Foundation has licensed
Arte Divine, represented
by Lawrence Gallery, as
At the Lawrence Gallery Opening, July 13. Jennifer Lamb, the exclusive distributor of
the Carrera casting, made
Lisa Altig and Cassandra Webster.
from molds taken from the
original. The result is precisely accurate and faithful to the original in every
nuance and detail.
We wish the new members of the Portland Chapter a warm welcome,
successful future, and many years of enjoyment with their involvement in the
Patrons Group.
If you live in Oregon, or have friends who might be interested in learning
more, please contact: [email protected]
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“Jennifer Lamb, President of our Northwest Chapter in Portland, visited us along with
her friend after an eventful trip to Florence. So lovely to see you! Your help with the
Patrons in Portland has been invaluable!”
Check Out Our New Chapter Website: www.nwpatrons.com