WSB-NLU Accommodation


WSB-NLU Accommodation
our univęrsity cooperateswith the private dormitory..osiedle Campus'', located on Jana Pawła
II street, 10 minutęs on foot from the school. The way the flats are organized is the following there arę either three single rooms' each with its own bathroom and thę kitchęn to share' or - one
single and one double room - each with its own bathroom and the kitchen to share.There is a
fridge and a cooker in the kitchen, but no kitchen utensils, so bring them with you - or buy them
herę- thęre is a cheap supermarket(..Biedronka'') nearby. The towels, bed linen and duvets are
provided. You will pay a refundable deposit equaling the one month rent, and the payment for
the rooms can be done after you sign the contract. The price is 500-600 PLN ( approximately
100 / 150 EURO) / dependingon the size of the room.
Here is the wębsite of the dorm ( at the momęnt they are working on the English version, so
only Polish one is available):
WSB-NLU provides the incoming studentswith the room reservation service.
}V5B.NLUz siedzibą Y/ Nowym Ęczu
ul' 7ie1ona27' 33.3m Nowy sącf
t e l . 1 8 4 4 9 91 0 0 . f a x 1 8 Ą 4 9 9 1 z 1

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