Kitchens with the Puustelli group - Piri-Piri


Kitchens with the Puustelli group - Piri-Piri
Kitchens with
the Puustelli group
n a digital world, it is a joy to create by hand; the world becomes
concrete. Handwork is not completed by imagining; the end
result depends on the hand skills, on the head and the heart. At
best, handcraft is meditative and satisfying. When skills are further
trained, in comes the metaphysical – and the freedom.
My collaboration with the Puustelli kitchens is based on lasure
painting, layer upon transparent layer. I treat each element by hand.
The finished kitchen is both according to the plan, and unique. My
workshop at Puustelli, since 2008, is an arts & crafts nest in the
middle of an industrial process; an ingenious symbiosis.
Piri & Puustelli kitchen; The “Perspektiivi” curtain design is produced by Vallila Interior.

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