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SYMPHONY IN Style - Federal Furniture Lifestyle
IN Style
Exceptional quality and striking design paired with value pricing makes Symphony
kitchens a must-have addition to any home.
For those who have long admired the
stunning collection of kitchens from
Symphony - United Kingdom’s largest
privately-owned provider of fitted kitchens can rejoice in the fact that it has now reached
our shores, made possible by Federal
Furniture Lifestyle.
A company synonymous with affordable and
high quality imported modular kitchens,
Federal Furniture Lifestyle is one of the oldest
and most established furniture retailers in the
country with a history that stretches back to
more than 40 years. The company is also the
sole distributor for Mirari, a high-end range of
kitchens by the Symphony Group.
To reflect Symphony’s exquisite style,
Federal Lifestyle Furniture’s 1,700 sq-ft
showroom in Bandar Puteri Puchong is
fitted with more than 8 different kitchens for
display. This spacious showroom is specially
designed to showcase Symphony designers’
philosophy of combining space, colour, light
and occasion to create the prefect living
space of the kitchen. As one of the most
recognised manufacturers throughout Europe
that supplies to more than 1,000 outlets
worldwide, the Symphony brand emphasises
on creating kitchens that bring together all
factors in perfect harmony.
This is strongly reflected in more than 40
stylish collections, ranging from classic,
time-honoured traditional timber designs
to the modern and contemporary highgloss look. Variety is also an outstanding
trait of Symphony, where it offers more than
50 types of cabinets and a wide selection
of accessories to help create customised
kitchens suited for each individual.
Modular Functions
The design of a kitchen has to be complemented with the
technical aspects, and this comes in the form of a wide array
of features such as fully-concealed, adjustable wall hanging
brackets, metal-sided drawer box with full extension and
soft-close action, 18mm cabinets and internal shelving as well
as 40mm worktops. Bored of the usual white interior cabinet
finish? Symphony kitchens come with seven colour choices
of interior cabinet finish that coordinate with the exterior
finish, an option not readily available locally due to costs and
logistics constraints.
Apart from that, the quality of installation is an aspect that is
commonly overlooked when building a kitchen. The kitchen is
only as good as the fitting standards, and customers can take
comfort in the knowledge that their Symphony kitchens will
be fitted by Federal Furniture Lifestyle’s team of installers who
are specialists in their trade. In addition, customers can also
enjoy free consultation for kitchen planning and a one-year
warranty for all Symphony kitchens.
The Perfect Kitchen
If you’re wondering what makes the perfect kitchen,
Symphony has the answers. Based on extensive global
research, Symphony kitchens are all created with the right
balance of space between units, influence of lighting,
accumulative colour and most importantly, the function of
the kitchen in mind.
Finally, how the kitchen is used is what ultimately shapes it.
The kitchen holds a different purpose for different people whether to cook, dine, celebrate, write, read or experiment
- and it has to capture the unique meaning and capability
for each user to ensure that it can be enjoyed for many
years to come.
In other words, space holds everything together and is
the architecture that shapes everything you do. Colour
selection is also important, as it carries an emotional,
physiological and symbolic effect on us. Besides that,
lighting also plays a part in transforming the shape and
atmosphere of the kitchen, and to correctly illuminate it,
the nature of light must be first understood.
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