Thermofoil Kitchens


Thermofoil Kitchens
top foil - light elm
The up-to-date, techno style kitchen Adria - Light Elm is one of the favorites among
customers. The prevailing share of wood pattern on the frontal surfaces is combined
with stainless appliances. Transparent doors with milk glass glazing, straight simple
lines, adequate sobriety of colors, metal grips, comfortable inner cabinet
equipment, well-thought and clear arrangement. The combination of all the above
features meets the needs of the users seeking practical use of space. A universal
interior, which facilitates your work, a friend always ready to help.
Alutech - Compact
foil - walnut, full gloss - ivory
A domination of the light color together
with nut surface in this kitchen give an
impression of cleanness. What is stressed
here is a striking simplicity, accessibility of
all spaces and minimal demands on
maintenance. All Alutech doors feature
recessed handles and aluminum trim.
Your Style
A combination of wood decoration with blue color. Apart from the color design it is
the high quality, well-tried materials and practicality, which is the reason for this
kitchen unit’s popularity. This is a kitchen, which entices you to sit and chat
pleasantly for a while.
foil - beech
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Modern kitchens of today are represented by revolutionary European
designs with distinctive look and functional features. This is a very popular
and best selling kitchen line because of its affordable prices, top quality
and undeniable aesthetic appeal. The basic factor of the collection's
success is the use of special thermofoils for furniture surface finish. This
material is attractive not only because of its great, modern look but also
due to excellent practical properties, which guarantee high resistance and
easy maintenance.
Materials and Construction
The thermofoil molded onto the MDF board is a decorative material made up of
several layers: decorative, protective transparent foil, facing, and a final varnish
layer. The foil surface is rub-proof, washable, moisture-proof and environmentally
sound. All foils are developed with an exclusive photographic technology for
distinct look.
The furniture frame is a part of the cabinet including the sides, top, bottom, back
and the shelves. All parts are coated on all sides (except for the assembly sides)
which contributes to the to extended frame durability. The frame construction is
based on the solid (glued) pinned joint. All kitchen units are delivered in fully
assembled modules for easy installation.
Styles Selection
The names of the individual models have been derived from the different types of the
front surface profiles of the cabinets. The choice of front surfaces includes: alder, beech,
birch, cherry, stained cherry, light elm, dark elm, whitened oak, walnut, stainless steel,
and ice blue. There are many profiles of front surface milling: Adria, Compact, Halina,
Klára, Progress, Premia, Omega, Sabina and Trend, which can be combined with a chosen
color of the foil. This makes up dozens of versions of the front surfaces which can be
combined with numerous types of frames (white, grey, beige, black, maple, beech, alder,
cherry, stained cherry, whitened oak, walnut, cherry, light and dark elm, walnut, and
birch) – thus producing over 1,000 possible combinations.
Manufactured by Hanak Kitchens
The kitchens are manufactured at 200,000 sq. ft production facility of the renowned European kitchen company
located in Czech Republic. Hanak has 15 years history of meeting top European standards for quality and offering its
customers uncompromising selection of styles, finishes and sizes in both standard and custom-made kitchens. All
Hanak products are backed by a manufacturers three-year warranty.
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