Advantages of Bieri pumps



Advantages of Bieri pumps
September 2012
Dear Hydac Colleagues
Welcome to the second issue of our Bieri newsletter, which gives you a more detailed look at
our assortment of pumps. Together with valves, pumps form part of our standard product
portfolio. We deal in high-pressure hydraulics, so all of our pumps are of course specially
designed to handle pressures in excess of 500 bar. Our highly diverse selection of pumps
covers a very broad range of displacement and pressure configurations.
The newsletter explains their main features and advantages. You can find out more on our
website at
Please don’t hesitate to ask us if you can’t find what you’re looking for – we can offer a
solution to suit virtually any technical demands! We also would like to draw your attention to
our special micro pumps, which are proofed under strongest conditions.
Best regards
The Bieri Team
Advantages of Bieri pumps
 Very long economic lifetime
 Very good suction
- due to the longer
piston stroke (8 mm)
- due to low piston
 Very good volumetric
 No venting required on
run up
 Continuous pressure of
700 bar for all pumps, as
much as 1,000 bar for some
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 All pumps are self-venting
 Small and compact design
 Suitable for use with mineral
oil or fluids such as HFD
with a viscosity of 2 mm²/s
or higher
September 2012 – page 2
Radial piston pump BRK
- up to 1,000 bar
- large selection of displacements
- continuous operating pressure
up to 1,000 bar
- high volumetric efficiency
- broad viscosity ranges
- valve controlled
Applications: for hydraulic systems with working pressures
above 400 bar  press and machine tool construction,
energy industry and mobile applications
Combination pump KKP
- LP 160 bar / HP 700 bar
- motor can be installed directly with no bell housing or
- design with hollow shaft
- integrated shut-off valve between LP and HP
Applications: for high flow rates at low pressure and low flow
rates at high pressure  press construction, power units for
industrial applications such as blanking machines and rescue
Radial piston pump SRK-Atex
- explosion-proof to Atex standard CE Ex II 2GcT4
- continuous operating pressures up to 700 bar
Applications: valve-controlled pump suitable for installation
anywhere  offshore, gas systems
Multi-outlet radial piston pump MRK
- up to 1,000 bar
- up to 12 outlets
- for multiple hydraulic circuits
Applications: for synchronous lifting systems or systems that
use different displacements and pressures
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September 2012 – page 3
Small axial piston pump AKP
- up to 700 bar
- low noise
- continuous self-lubrication and cooling through the inlet
oil flows
- rotation possible in either direction, speed range
<500 - 5,000 rpm
- valve controlled
Applications: for low flow rates with high rotational speeds and
high overall efficiency  offshore applications oil and gas,
dispensing systems
Combination pump BKP (BRK and gear pump)
- LP 250 bar / HP 1,000 bar
- many combination possibilities
- any installation position possible
Applications: for two different hydraulic circuits with different
pressures and displacements  pressing machines, feed
Radial piston pump HRK
- up to 700 bar
- design with hollow shaft
- can be installed anywhere in the tank
- motor can be installed directly without bell housing and coupling
Applications: for small, lightweight power units up to 700 bar
Combination pump SKP
- LP up to 100 bar / HP up to 700 bar
- integrated low-pressure unloading valve and pressure relieve
- motor can be installed without bell housing or coupling
- design with hollow shaft
Applications: for high flow rates in the low-pressure range or
low flow rates in the high-pressure range  press construction
and industrial applications
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