How to use TumbleBooks - Halifax Public Libraries


How to use TumbleBooks - Halifax Public Libraries
Visit the Library website
TumbleBook Library is an online
collection of animated, talking picture
books which teach young children the
joys of reading in a format they’ll love.
Halifax Public Libraries subscribes to
this service to provide free access to
our community.
To access the TumbleBook Library, you
must go through Halifax Public Libraries’ Kids
site, at, and
click on the TumbleBook icon. (Because this is a
paid subscription, TumbleBooks won’t work using
bookmarks or a search engine like Google.
Bookmark the Library website instead.)
Click on the TumbleBook Icon
Choose English, French or Spanish
The TumbleBook
home page allows you to
choose your preferred
language, type of activity
and learn more about the
site. Click on Story Books to
view the list of books for
Grades P-2.
Choose “Story Books” for Gr. P-2 books
Change view
Sort menu
The Story Books
page offers information
about each book. If you want
to only see the covers of the
book, choose “View by
Cover” instead of “View by
Detail.” The sort menu allows
you to choose different ways
of looking at the list. Choose
“Sort by Reading Level” to
get the easiest-to-read titles
first. Click on “View Online”
to start your story.
Start story
During the story,
each sentence is highlighted
while being read aloud, so
children can follow along.
The buttons on the side
allow you to control your
viewing and listening.
Turn sound on/off
Turn page automatically
or manually for
independent reading
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Previous page
Other great features to explore:
· Games
· Playlists
· Favorites
· Non-fiction titles
· Read-Along stories for older children

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