RLASD Substitutes - Navigating Your Mac


RLASD Substitutes - Navigating Your Mac
RLASD Substitutes - Navigating Your Mac
Logging In
When logging in as a guest, use the following:
Password: Leave it Blank
The apple menu is where to
Log off user
The Go menu is where to
The hard drive
Applications that
do not appear in
the Dock
The dock is like the Start Menu on a PC. You can see a DOT next to the
applications that are open. Just click ONCE on the icon to open the
program. You must then Command+Q to Quit the application after
you’re finished.
Learning the Desktop
My Computer…
Navigating your computer is just like on a PC. To go to My Computer, you click the “Finder” icon on
the Dock. It looks like this:
Once there, your window looks like this:
Notice that I’ve turned all of the “expand” arrows sideways so that the only category of items is
PLACES. This makes it easier to see your “stuff”.
Changing Your File View
Now that you’re there, you should do two things:
1. Drag your network folder icon from the dock to right above the Desktop in “PLACES”
This will allow you to quickly save files from within Word, Powerpoint, etc.
2. Change the view of the window to icon view, list view, or details view by choosing the select
icon at the top of the Finder Window.