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KoAloha Mai
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V o l u m e
2 ,
I s s u e
1 3
M a r c h / A p r i l
Aloha `Oe
2 0 0 8
Who’s Yo Grammy?
Keoki Kahumoku, Daniel, Tia Carrere and Herb
Ohta, Jr. are all smiles at the 50th Grammys.
Photo: GenoaKeawe.com
Inside this
Aloha `Oe
Who‟s Yo
The Belll Tolls
E Komo Mai
Dealer Stuff
We bid a fond farewell to Aunty Genoa
Keawe. For many, she was the essence
and identity of Hawaiian Music. She was
actively performing until the very end, delighting all who came to share her music.
April will see the Kalihi Walking Tour
take a brief break. We hope to see it start
again when there are more arrivals. Great
job to Dan Herbert, and the gang from
Waikiki Trolley, thanks for supporting
Photo: DanielHo.com
Daniel Ho has done it again! I guess Chinese were the first to use the label,
“Dynasty” so it‟s fitting for Daniel to win
three years straight. Of course he had a lot
of support from Paul Konweiser, Wayne
Wong and the many artists including our
friends: Keoki Kahumoku, Garret
Probst and Uncle George Kahumoku.
Daniel was the first artist to endorse our
line so he is dear to our hearts. I have cried
each time he won.
New Stuff
Feel da heat!!! Here comes Kawao! The chart
topping group is back again. Walt, China and the
guys are back strong. Their latest CD The Bond That
Binds was released Feb 26th and is already topping
the list on KCCN and the Places to Be. (Small
kine borrow from Davey D.)
Photo: MidWeek.com
MidWeek and Todd are at it again! Our former worker and still cousin, Todd Saiki (dude
on the right) was featured in MidWeek‟s Spotted, AGAIN. Does this guys ever stay at home?
No wonder my Christmas cards get out late
every year.
Gary Hostallero was busy in
February when he got to visit
home. He did an amazing
demo of a painting, live on a
model‟s back. We thank MidWeek and TV for being good
to him. He‟s a great guy.
The Bell Tolls
Here comes the bride...This March, no
longer Paiva. Get used to hearing
Brittni Watanabe, at least on her
checks and mail. Maybe onstage still Paiva.
Our little girl is getting married to a terrific guy, Brandon. Yours truly will be emceeing the event. Hope she still works
with us after that. I‟m small kine kolohe,
y„know? Want to know the details?
Before all that happens,
Chicken song man,
David Kamakahi, is
tying the knot with a
cutie from Cali. They
met when David was on
tour, then she couldn‟t
Photo: KWXX.com resist his Hawaiian
charm and followed him
home. C‟mon David, I neva hear any original love songs…yet.
Out There
March 10th, mark
your calendar. My
Kumu Mele, Tony
Conjugacion, is
the subject of
PBS’s Na Mele.
This program documents his 39 years
in the entertainment
industry from days
as “Little Anthony”
to Tony C. He is an
amazing man and a
dear friend. Tune in
and be amazed by this versatile and giving man.
NAMM show was a hit, again. It was a very productive time
and, of course, we had some time to enjoy ourselves as well.
Del Taco, you guys miss us, yeah? Our very own Brian got to
play a song with the lovely Ms. Victoria Vox during our visit
to Island Bazaar.
E Komo Mai—Artists
We are not Hapa, but
Nathan Aweau is. At
least one half of the award
-winning group, Hapa.
We will be working with
Nathan in the near future
as he explores his
“Ukulele” side. Heard
any good bass recently?
Log onto
nathanaweau.org and
get ready. Can‟t wait to
get him an uke.
Hapa girl Sakura has
joined our `ohana of
supported artists. She
is an accomplished
singer/songwriter back
home in Japan. Log
onto singersakura.com to see
her impressive list of
Through it all, she is a
not only beautiful on
the outside, but a
beautiful person as
well. You will see her on Japanese TV‟s Max Factor
commercials very soon. Aside from her busy schedule,
she still makes time to teach ukulele to single mothers
and their children. You go girl!
Pali, beautiful
place, great
group and
good guy.
Ka`aihue is
the owner of
and currently Photo:
does the
streaming webcast of the Pakele Live series at the Ala
Moana Hotel. He is also the leader of award-winning
group, Pali. He‟ll soon be making sweet tunes on a
KoAloha as well.
George Harrison
fell in love with the
uke, paving the way
for many Brits to
follow. One such
gentleman is
Simon Clothier.
We are currently
installing electronics
in his tenor
KoAloha and hope
Photo: myspace.com/
that he will be mak- simonclothier
ing beautiful music
for us. Myspace.com/simonclothier. No uke songs
online yet, but I heard enough to BLOW me away.
Dealer Stuff
The Masterpiece Collection Ebony Sceptre is
officially retired after a run of less than a dozen pieces.
Our apologies to everyone that never even saw it.
Due to the difficulty in securing ebony, it was the most
prudent thing to do. On a serious note, it is limited in
supply, high in demand, and dangerous to obtain. Our
contact spent six months in an Indonesian prison in the
forest, simply because he would not pay a bribe.
Welcome to new dealers:
Denver Folklore – Denver,
CO; Hula Supply Center –
Honolulu, HI; Kula Gold –
Lahaina, HI; North Carolina Ukulele Academy –
Me & Gaby
Wilmington, NC; Ukulele
from Music City Cairnes
House LLC – Honolulu, HI;
Stuart Nago Music Center – Honolulu, HI; Ukulele Source –
San Jose, CA; Music City Cairnes – Australia.
KoAloha Ukulele
744 Kohou Street
Honolulu, HI 96817
Phone: 808.847.4911
Toll-Free in the U.S.A.: 866.840.4911
E-mail: [email protected]
KoAloha Mai Staff
Writer & English Editor: Alan Okami
Japanese Editor: Media Etc.
Art Director: Kimberly Yuen
KoAloha Ukulele is regarded as one of the premier ukulele builders in
Hawaii. Founded in 1995 by Alvin “Papa KoAloha” Okami, the company’s solid reputation for sound and quality is the result of its continuous
pursuit for perfection. Each ukulele is meticulously and lovingly crafted
by hand.
KoAloha features several lines of premium ukuleles: KoAlana, Soprano,
Concert, Tenor, and D-VI 6-String. Its exclusive Signature Series will
showcase seven models from Papa KoAloha’s Masterpiece Collection.
The company also sponsors some of the music industry’s leading artists
including Herb Ohta, Jr. and Daniel Ho.
For more information about KoAloha, contact Alan Okami at
Dih zoo nee
(Disney in Japanese)
Heard Kawaihae’s
stuff? They are one of
the groups featured
on Disney Japan‟s Hawaiian CD. These
guys are red hot!
Vance has been rippin‟
it up with a semi custom Ebony Tenor
Photo: Kawaihae.net
Sceptre ukulele.
These models are officially retired, so kinda 8 of a kind.
“For everything there is a time and
for everything a season...” No, this
doesn‟t come from the Byrd‟s song
in the 60‟s. It actually originates
from the Bible, best seller of all time.
Not even Harry Potter comes close.
What season are you in? Are you
pushing too hard or not enough?
Many times, the answer lies in the
season. You don‟t have to look too
far, just listen to that little voice in
your heart.
Fresh off her Grammy nomination,
Raiatea Helm has completed a
West Coast tour. Her latest,
Hawaiian Blossom, is unreal.
People ask me, how does she get
better with each album? No
worry, just buy „em and enjoy.
Tune into “Taking a Chance on
Love,” not only falsetto, huh?
Photo: RaiateaHelm.com
Relax and visit us online at:

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