Document 6447538


Document 6447538
Kings Copse
Primary School
Headteacher: Mr Gavin Hayman, BA (Hons), PGCE QTS, NPQH
Kings Copse Road
Hedge End
SO30 0PQ
Tel/Fax: 01489 785040
17 June 2014
Dear Parents
Ukulele World Record Attempt.
You may be aware, as the children are incredibly excited, that Year 3 and 4 are participating in a World
Record attempt. Year 4’s musical instrument, provided by Hampshire Music Service, is currently Ukulele
and, fortunately, this year they are attempting to break the current World Record for the most Ukulele players
playing together. Alongside this, schools have been invited to enter a singing group, which we are, in the
form of Year 3. I have been informed that the number of schools participating means that we do break the
current record on paper! So, as long as we all turn up, there will be over 2150 children playing Ukulele, in
time, for five minutes. As part of the event, Justin Fletcher from Cbeebies will be attending and entertaining
the children.
The World Record attempt is being held on the afternoon of Friday 18th July at St Mary’s Football Stadium.
Our arrival time is yet to be confirmed as, with so many schools taking part, a timetable is being created by
Hampshire Music Service. The event starts at 1:30pm so I am advising that all children bring a packed
lunch and a water bottle, in disposable containers. If your child has Free School Meals and you wish us
to provide lunch, please ensure that you indicate this on the slip attached otherwise we will assume you will
be providing you own packed lunch on the day. There is the possibility that we will be eating lunch within the
stadium and I will confirm this with you as soon as I have the final details.
We have been informed that the event will be filmed in order to ensure the attempt meets World Record
criteria. It is also highly likely to be covered by local television, press and radio. Therefore, in signing the
return slip, you are authorising your child to be part of the event and giving permission for their
image to be used. Please come and speak to me regarding this if you need further information or
We will be travelling by coach to and from the event. Although current departure time from school is yet to
be confirmed, the performance is expected to finish by 3.00pm. Please anticipate a delay in returning to
school as there are over 50 schools to be evacuated from the venue but again, when I receive a coach
arrival/departure time, I will provide further details.
The children will need to be in school uniform for the event and dressed appropriately for the weather. If
you are available to support the trip, please indicate on the form below or if you or a family member are a
Ukulele player and would like to be a World Record holder, feel free to come in and speak to me.
We would be grateful to receive from you a voluntary contribution of £10.00 per child to help towards
the cost of transport and entrance fees into the stadium.
Please complete the reply slip attached and return to school together with your voluntary
contribution by Friday, 11 July 2014.
Yours sincerely,
Mrs K Warland
Year 4 Class Teacher
Ukulele World Record Attempt.
Year 3 and 4
Friday 18 July 2014
Child’s Name: …………………………………………………... Teacher: ………………………………..
Please Tick
I enclose a £10.00 donation to help towards the cost of the trip.
I have paid a £10.00 donation via the internet to help towards the cost of the trip.
I am unwilling / unable to provide a voluntary donation towards the cost of the trip.
I am happy for my child to take part in the Ukulele World Record attempt at St. Mary’s
Stadium and being transported to the event by coach.
I understand that images may be taken of my child participating in the event by local
media and by allowing my child to go to the event I agree for this to happen.
Emergency telephone number on the day.
In the event of illness or accident I agree to any necessary emergency medical
treatment which might include the use of anaesthetics.
My child is entitled to Free School Meals and I would like to order a picnic bag for my
I can play ukulele and would like to participate in the event.
I am able to help on the trip. Name:
Mobile No.