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Build It And They Will Come - Mid Coast Senior Health Center
For a lifetime of caring
Inside this issue:
Just around the corner
Volume 9, Issue 7
Senior Health Center Staff
Kim Watson, SLP
Medical Director
Florin Olteanu, MD, CMD
Director of Clinical Services
Tim Knight, RN, BSHCA
Director of Operations
Alex Goglino, CHFM
Manager of Quality and
Liz Twombly, DPT
Manager, Thornton Hall &
The Garden
Faith Perry, RN, BSN
Thornton Hall, The Garden, Mere Point, and Bodwell
It’s only fitting that in the month of
Father’s Day we opened the Game Room.
A long awaited and much planned game
room opened on the second floor of
Thornton Hall. The Game Room was the
brain-child of several individuals which
was first proposed over a year ago in a
Thornton Hall Resident Council Meeting.
Food & Nutrition Manager
Jason Whiten
Activities Coordinators
Heather Thomas, ADC
Thornton Hall & The Garden
Charlotte Trufant,
Bodwell & Mere Point
Activities Staff
Nikki Babine & Kayla Despain,
The Garden
The completed Game Room!
The Game Room has a pool table,
card table, and game table all set in a
tastefully decorated room. The room
will now host card games like
Michigan Rummy, Tuck, and Black
Jack and is noted on the events
calendar as
Business Office Manager
Allyson Denyer
Social Worker
Michael Bicknell, LSW
July, 2016
Build It And They Will Come
Nurse Manager, Bodwell &
Mere Point
Heather Raubeson, RN
Admissions Coordinators
Louise Nadeau, LSW
Thornton Hall & The Garden
Sue Levandoski, RN, RAC-CT
Mere Point & Bodwell
The crowd at the opening applauding
Tim Knight’s remarks.
The grand
opening was a well attended event and
Dick Sawyer, who strongly campaigned
and supported the development of the
Game Room, did the honors of cutting
the ribbon.
Rodney Sarle, Geoffrey Stroud,
Tim Knight and Charlie Crocker
look on as Dick Sawyer sets up a
Like all
amenities at the SHC it is intended
for use by everyone, and it is
centrally located— may the best
person win and may fun be had by
all! Joe Chomyn takes a turn at the tables while
Lifeline Coordinator
Deb Muise
Mary Moore, Ed & Cynthia Murphy, and Sue
Levandoski watch.
‘Our’ Fathers on Father’s Day
There are many ways that the men of the SHC are
recognized as special, but none so much as Father’s
Day. The men of the SHC welcomed their families
and friends to an amazing dessert buffet on Father’s
Day. They also received handmade pins in the shape
of a tie, from an art project, saying “#1 Dad,” which
some of our dads proudly display below.
Upper right: Lee Kester. Upper left: Tony Dixon. Bottom row l-r: Ed Murphy,
Allan Dumont, Allen Winslow, Andy Menard, and John Anderson
TimeSlips ®
TimeSlips ® is a improvisational story
telling program using photographs and
creativity to share in an imaginative
process. Mary Becker Weiss, trained
TimeSlips facilitator, joins us once a
month to help us weave and write a story
together from a photograph. Mary is selfdescribed as a mixed media,
photography, and assemblage artist from
Brunswick. Look for her monthly!
Men’s Breakfast Club
Men’s Breakfast Club will be moving in
July from Mere Point to the Community
Room, so that all the men at the SHC can
be welcomed around the table. Charlotte
Trufant has been hosting the Club once a
month, for over a year now in the Mere
Point living room, but the group wants to
open the event to all men throughout our
Participants truly enjoy the conversations
and laughter this time offers and would like
to share the camaraderie with all the
gentlemen at the SHC.
Leading Change
Ellie Hunt, Gertrude Gagne, Tony
Dixion, Dottie Kaler, and Becky
Fournier play bingo on Thursdays.
Bingo is very popular at the SHC.
There are two different groups playing
at respective locations. The Mere Point
group plays weekly (up from every
other week) on Thursday at 10:00AM.
The Thornton Hall group also plays
weekly, but at 2:00PM on Tuesdays.
Come join the fun!
Our very own Tim Knight has been
elected as president of the Maine Culture
Change Coalition. The Coalition is a
group of leaders in long term residential
care who come together, at the state level,
for the purpose of supporting providers
and consumers in making nursing homes
Tim Knight
better places to live, work,
and visit. The Coalition’s is
part of a larger national
organization, the Campaign
for Advancing Excellence in America’s Nursing Homes.
Maine’s nine year old group is our state’s central
organization to ensure the success of Advancing
Excellence. The group’s purpose is to recruit participating
providers and consumers, to promote the Campaign, to
provide access to local education, to foster constructive
relationships among stakeholders, and to identify
evidenced-based protocols.
15 Minutes of Fame: Johanna
Miskill (not pictured here), Dinah
Caldwell, Marguerite Menard, and
Blanche Michaud (above) helped
advance the greater cause by posing
in a photo shoot for advertising.
Photographer Tom is in the back.
Caring advice: Bree Nement and Alysha
Brooks read through an advice book at
their joint baby shower. They were also
presented with beautiful handmade
baskets filled with essentials for care of
their new babies. Best of luck Bree &
Alysha and their newest editions!
Maine’s Coalition is an inclusive group that has
participants from across the state. Tim will lead a fine
assembly of people from a variety of organizations such
as Maine Health Care Association, Healthcentric
Advisors (healthcare quality organization), and
residential long-term care facilities.
We voted! Local issues and offices were the measure of the short ballots in this
early June election. Dick Sawyer, a Brunswick Town Clerk, Marguerite Menard,
Claire Leonard and Helen Johnson were captured voting together.
Survey Results by Kim Watson
Every year healthcare communities, including the SHC, are surveyed by the Maine
Department of Health and Human Services to ensure the provision of quality care.
The Garden was surveyed in May; with Bodwell and Mere Point receiving their state
surveys just a few weeks ago.
The professional team that conducts the surveys is interested in our environment;
our medical and social services; our adherence to resident rights; our compliance with
state and federal regulations; and our commitment to quality care.
We are pleased to report that we did very well on both surveys! There were no
concerns regarding our quality of care. With that being said, there is always room for
improvement. We were told we have some paperwork to catch up on in The Garden;
and some aesthetic issues to address on Bodwell and Mere Point. We quickly
addressed those issues, and are now in full compliance with all requirements.
We want to THANK YOU – our residents, for making SHC such an enjoyable place to
work. We take pride in what we do, and we love to do it WITH YOU!
My Masterpiece
Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
On a very hot day we visited the botanical
gardens in Boothbay and were rewarded with
a day of fun! We picnicked in one of the
garden areas on a boxed lunch artfully
prepared by the dietary staff and literally
frocked in the gardens for hours.
In the
section of
Tim Knight, John Anderson & Sylvia Hollman work on
their renditions of Monet’s work.
we even
Painting has become very popular at
the SHC. My Masterpiece and Paint
Nites are producing many beautiful
works. After discussing a little bit of
Claude Monet’s life, members of My
Masterpiece painted their
interpretations of Vase of Yellow
Coming in July- Winslow Homer and
possibly an art show in the fall!
A moment in the shade:
Gerard Dorian, Helen
Johnson & Johanna
Anne Hazzard
Gratitude Corner
We Love Elias!
The generosity of community members
and organizations and the difference that
their thoughtful actions make to our
community are so immense.
We would like to recognize the Orr’s
Island Library, it’s president, John Webster,
and librarian Joanne Rogers, for the
donation of an Optelec ClearView+ Speech to
the SHC. The device allows users with low
vision to enlarge materials to a more
comfortable reading size with one simple
master dial. Additionally,
the Optelec has a speech
feature which is activated
by simple touchscreen
technology. The speech
feature allows the instant
enjoyment of listening to
articles, letters, and books Cynthia Murphy trying out
with a natural sounding the Optelec
voice and full page
overview. Thank you Orr’s Island Library!
Periodically Mary Boutin brings our
friend Elias to visit, and Elias brings
out the crowds and the memories.
Ever engaging, Elias enjoys the
opportunity to visit just as much as we
Usually we see Mary with Sadie, a
equally beloved
dog, but Sadie is
taking the
summer off. Rest
well Sadie &
thank you Elias!
Right: Gerard Dorian
with Elias.
Left: Paul
Godfrey pets
Elias while
Paula Roy
admires Elias’
beauty and
We would also like to recognize the
anonymous donation of a performance by the
Nor’easter Barbershop Chorus and Quartets to
the SHC.
Nor’easters Barbershop Chorus participants
range in age from 16 to 88. Seventeen
performers, including director Kathy Robitaille
(the only woman in the chorus), performed
recently SHC and we had a blast with them.
They sang a variety of songs and even got us all in on the fun! In the Jungle by Harry
Belafonte, When I’m 64, by the Beatles (they even had a group member that was
turning 64 the next day!), the Cheers theme song, Take Me Out to the Ball Game, and
of course the classics like Wild Irish Rose and Let Me Call You Sweetheart were some
favorites. The performance was so lively they got us laughing and singing along.
Dementia Caregivers’
Resource and Support Group
The July presentation will be
Making Connections: Motivating
Self-Care Management, by Nicola
Morris, OTR/L with Mid Coast Senior Health Center. A group
discussion to follow.
The group will meet on Thursday,
July 21 from 4:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the
Community Room of the Mid Coast
Senior Health Center. Enter at
58 Baribeau Drive.
This program is free and open to
the community.
It’s not ice cream
it’s frozen custard!
On an outing to
Classic Custard, a
Maine tradition in
Freeport, Anne
Hazzard, Andy
Menard, and
Eleanor Marcy
wait in line for
their treats!
Adam Epstein from Channel 13 News did an
engaging and informative presentation he
calls Weather 101.
During the presentation Adam walked us
through a day in his life as a meteorologist
and a part of the Channel 13 News team
teaching us a little bit about how he tracks
and reports on the ever changing weather in
Maine. Adam, only 24 years old, is very
impressive as he is already so accomplished!
your calls and
Louise Nadeau
Thornton Hall
& The Garden
Thornton Hall, Assisted Living
The Garden, Memory Care Community
Mere Point, Long Term Care Community
Bodwell, Nursing and Rehabilitation Center
Sue Levandoski
Mere Point
& Bodwell