Five good reasons to go to Rome this Fall or Winter…



Five good reasons to go to Rome this Fall or Winter…
Five good reasons to go to Rome this Fall or Winter…
The weather is cooler for sightseeing,
there are fewer tourists, hotel prices
are lower, Rome’s cultural life is in
full swing and more than ever this
year you’ll find great bargains and
sales in the shops and boutiques –
Christmas is coming!
Culture Corner
The Art Scene: There are
many exhibits to choose from.
For example, the Castel Saint
Angelo is exhibiting “The Popes of
Memory” until Dec 8. Dedicated to
the most famous Popes and their
key role in the Christian religion.
“Akbar-The Great Emperor of
India” is on view at the Museo del
Corso, Oct. 23 through Feb. 3.
And, at Ara Pacis, an interesting
exhibit of the illustrations by
Jacovitti, (1939-97), crossing
60 years of Italian history with
brilliant irony is on view Dec. 1 to
Jan. 27.
The Bettoja Hotels “Arts and
Culture” package offers an insider’s
view of the famous Scudiere del
Quirnale art gallery. Their exhibition
of Vermeer -“The Gold Century of
Dutch Art”, Oct. 1 until Jan. 20,
includes carefully selected paintings
by this famed artist and other works
by his Dutch contemporaries. This
show will be followed by “Tiziano”,
February until June, 2013, an
exhibition of the famous 16th century
Venetian painter, Titan. Other goodies
in this two-night package are: One
free dinner at La Terrazza, the rooftop
restaurant at the Mediterraneo or
at the renowned Massimo d’Azeglio
restaurant, also included is free
access to the fitness center at the
Nord or Mediterraneo. Check www. “Special Offers”.
Music Notes: Architect, Renzo
Piano’s spectacular auditorium,
Parco della Musica, has become
the center of musical life since it
opened in 2002. Its three concert
halls have different types of
music programmed all year long.
This year the Rome Jazz Festival
“Visual Jazz” begins October 12,
ending November 28. (www. At the
nearby Accademia Santa Cecilia,
the classical music program is
full. A Schumann piano concert
and symphony is scheduled
for Nov. 19 and 20 and Daniel
Barenbolm will perform Mozart/
Chopin on Dec. 13. Opera lovers
can enjoy La Giaconda, Oct. 23-31
at the Theatro dell’ Opera.(www.
Fall / Winter 2012
Fall & winter are for walking in Rome!
Taking a stroll? Be sure to pick up a
copy of Roma a Piedi (Rome by Foot)
at the front desk before going out. It
outlines a series of walks with brief
descriptions of what to note along the
way, lovingly designed by the Bettoja
family who have lived in Rome for over
a hundred years. One section, Antique
shops routes, includes Via Margutta,
near Piazza De Populo which, during the
Middle Ages, was the site for stables of
the nearby palaces, now hosts many art
galleries and fashionable restaurants.
Gradually converted to art studios by
Flemish, German and Italian painters
over the years, Picasso and Balla to
name a few, the stables-turned-art
studios are still active with today’s
artists. Via Margutta was immortalized
when Fellini lived here while filming
Roman Holiday. (Gregory Peck and
Audrey Hepburn). Today you can stroll
through this 500-year-old tree-lined
Rome Photography Festival
20 September - 28 October 2012
Via Margutta
cobble stoned street and chat with
artists. Stop for a bite – Try Osteria
Margutta, Via Margutta, 82. (www.
Rome’s new Eataly won’t be
on your list of ancient or historic
sites to view, but it’s certainly part
of the new scene. And, according
to Katie Parla’s New York Times
article (July 18,’12), “Big Box
Italian Food, in Rome”, it’s worth a
visit. It was built in an abandoned
glass domed airport terminal
Proscutto section in Eataly
beside Rome’s old railroad station
Ostiense. (Via Octobre, 1492). It’s
four stories and spectacular. Katie
Parla says, “The complex opened
in June, bringing 170,000 square
feet of artisanal Italian food to,
well, Rome.” Besides thousands of
artfully displayed nicely packaged
products to tempt you over, there
are 18 casual restaurants, wine
stores, and open markets. Katie
continues, “escalators deliver
visitors to various dining and
drinking spaces, the most exciting
of which is the Birrieria, where
Baladin, Birra del Borgo, and
DogFish Head are collaborating to
brew beers on site. A fine selection
of quality craft brews is sold…”
Sounds like fun! On the top floor,
Eataly has Arclinea designed
cooking spaces for classes by wellknown chefs and other events.
Our Picks for Top Dining in Rome:
Thom Meintel, editor of
TravelSquire, returned recently
with tips of his top dining spots:
Primo, Via del Pigneto 46,
(06/7013827) – centered in
Pigneto, Rome’s hippest district,
and off the tourist track is abuzz
with bars, cafés and restaurants.
Discover one of the city’s bestkept secrets. Check out cool bars
like Pigneto 41 on the central
thorough fare Via del Pigneto,
and the slow-food inspired
restaurant Primo. This large,
comfortable restaurant touts a
warehouse-chic décor. Young
waiters in stripy t-shirts serve
up dishes with a slow-food bias:
Black cabbage soup, croutons
and mussels, seared tuna and
the like. Select from over 200
wines, arranged alphabetically
rather than by region –
unusual! Besides good food and
atmosphere, it’s a prime peoplewatching spot on the “hood’s”
main drag. Check it out at www.
Up for a little nightlife after dinner?
Traveler, July 2012, highlights
Rome’s Animal Social Club.”
What: A transformed warehouse in
eastern Rome that hosts cultural
events, art exhibitions, live music
and DJ in two loft spaces and an
outdoor courtyard…..Who goes:
Roman hipsters…The sound track:
A fun menu of house, indie, and
electronica spun by up to ten DJs
a night… What to wear: Anything
goes…..What to drink”…Tap beer.
and no nonsense cocktails…
The door policy: A membership
card, available online at www. is required.
(Via di Portonaccio 23E.)”
Too tired to go out?
Don’t forget the incredible view
at the “La Terrazza” the Hotel
Mediterraneo’s rooftop restaurant
retreat. One of the highest points
in Rome, the view expands from
St. Mary Major to St. Peters. It
is now open all year due to the
installation of a retractable roof.
And, just around the corner on the
top of the Nord Hotel, there is “La
Limonaia”, a charming bistro roof
terrace overlooking the Baths of
Diocletian – a perfect place to take
in the view, sip a refreshing drink
in summer of fall. It doesn’t have
a full menu but it is a perfect place
for a pizza or Panini. And enjoy
the scent of the blooming lemon
plants decorating the terrace.
for our Gourmet and Art packages!
The Nord Hotel’s charming bistro roof terrace
Hotel Mediterraneo
Hotel Massimo D’Azeglio
Hotel Atlantico
Hotel Nord Nuova Roma
For more information on
Bettoja Hotels,
Please call 800-783-6904

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