ALES - copie - Lion Truck Racing


ALES - copie - Lion Truck Racing
06th of October - Jarama
Successful weekend in Jarama for Javier Mariezcurrena
The external conditions at the 8th event of the season, carried out on
Circuito del Jarama north of the Spanish capital Madrid, were great:
summer weather and 30,000 enthusiastic truck-racing fans.
At both of the free practices, the German pilot was amongst the top ten.
At the first qualifying though, she had to drop out and park her MAN after just
a few laps – the diagnosis: defective steering, possibly as a consequence of
several heavy crashes during the last races. Repairing this defect turned out to
be so complex, that fixing it on site wasn´t possible to at the circuit.
The second Lion MAN was piloted by the Spanish race driver Javier Mariezcurrena.
He achieved position 13 at the qualifying. Heading for the top ten positions,
he was penalized with a drive-through penalty for running over penalty markers.
As a consequence, he fell back to position 14. At the second race of the day,
however, Mariezcurrena got away with a great start overtaking some competitors
yet in the early stages before he ranked up to position 8 during the race.
Concomitant with this result he earned himself the third position on the podium
of the Spanish Championship: Gran Premio de España!
On Sunday, Mariezcurrena continued with his success. Just as he did on Saturday,
he ranked 13th again at the qualifying. Finishing the race on position 11,
he just missed the FIA points by a wee bit.
At the final race of the weekend, the local hero even managed to rank 8th.
As a consequence, he stood on the podium for the second time of the weekend.
In spite of all of the misfortune, several guests of the team partner Meritor
experienced a chequered weekend at the Lion marquee.
The final of the 2014 FIA ETRC will take place next weekend on Circuit Bugatti,
the Le Mans race track rich in tradition. Lion Truck Racing will participate at the
European Championship with Halm and Mariezcurrena and at the French Cup with
Artur Ardavichus!
LION TRUCK RACING - 5 bis rue de Châlon-sur-Saône - Port Edouard Hérriot - 69007 LYON

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