Mail Order Pharmacy


Mail Order Pharmacy
Added-Value Services
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Programs such as Auto-Refill, Sync Rx and email and
text notifications assist members in managing their
prescriptions. These programs save time and keep the
member’s medications on track. miRx encourages
members to understand the advantages of each
program. Members may choose the program that
works best for them, but they are not required to
participate in any program.
iRefill, a smart phone application that patients can use
to manage their prescriptions.
Auto Refill
Members may opt-in or opt-out of the Auto Refill
program—there is no automatic enrollment. Having
prescriptions on Auto Refill increases compliance,
ultimately reducing healthcare costs.
For any questions regarding miRx, please call
866.894.1496 or email us at [email protected].
Medication Therapy Management available for high cost/
high risk patients.
The goal of SyncRx is to synchronize prescription fills
and delivery dates to improve medication adherence
and the customer’s experience. This is accomplished
by decreasing the number of packages delivered and
assuring the customer has the appropriate supply
of their medication. The program saves time, keeps
medications timely and eliminates waste, decreasing
costs to both the member and the plan. Patients
receive personal phone calls from the pharmacy
to address any questions or concerns about the
medications and to verify, prior to mailing, that no
medications have been discontinued.
Mail Order
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A sensible approach to mail order
Benefits for Members
Mail Service pharmacies are the largest profit center for
mainstream Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBMs). Large
national PBMs leverage their massive purchasing power
to acquire medications at significant discounts – far
superior to the discount achieved in the retail pharmacy
environment. However, only a portion of the discount
advantage at mail service is passed on to the client in a
traditional PBM mail service contract. The PBM retains
much of their discount advantage as profit in the buysell spread model. That is, the PBM purchases drugs at
one price and contracts with their clients at a different
price – the difference is profit to the PBM.
The miRx cost plus model eliminates the traditional
PBM model entirely – with miRx the cost of the drug
to the client is simply the cost of the medication plus
a dispensing fee. There is no spread manipulation
margin to the PBM, no undisclosed revenue and the mail
service pharmacy discounts are 100% transparent and
Transparent Cost Savings
Average savings of $16.43 per 90-day maintenance
medication prescriptions
miRx delivers instant savings when higher-cost,
brand name medications go off patent and become
less expensive generics
No AWP manipulation or NDC re-packaging
games which are common in the
Medicine delivered to the privacy of the members
Ordering available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via
phone or online
Text or email notification when Rx is completed and
Prescriptions received in about 5 business days
Medication Management programs available to
help increase patient compliance and ease of
Next day delivery available in emergency situations
Benefits for Clients
Home Delivery of prescriptions is proven to
increase patient medication adherence – higher
levels or medication adherence result in lower
overall plan costs Non-adherence to prescription
medication is estimated to cost up to $290
billion per year and accounts for nearly 20% of all
One study showed that compliance for
medications taken for anti diabetics,
antihyperlipidemics and antihypertensives was 7
to 8 percent higher for people using mail order.
The same study showed that for every $1 spent on
diabetes medication saves $7 in medical costs.
When well analyzed plan designs with the
appropriate member cost shares are implemented,
mail service delivers significantly greater plan and
member savings than retail and retail maintenance
As more brand drugs lose patent protection and
convert to generics, mail service offers a higher
brand to generic conversion percentage that then
the retail channel
Faster Turnaround on Prescriptions
Average turnaround time between order and receipt of
the prescription is 5 business days, Next day delivery is
available in emergent situations.
Specialty Program
Specialty medications through miRx are processed
by skilled pharmacists who provide knowledgeable
consultation before each specialty product is mailed.
Diabetic Programs
miRx uses True Results Glucose meters and test
strips to save money for clients while preserving
product quality for members. miRx also encourages
all diabetics to enroll in auto refill or Sync to increase
compliance and education.