MC2 February March 2012



MC2 February March 2012
Purchased for product development, NM Engineering
liked it so much they kept it once the work was done!
~~ f~:u've ever been to the shop of an aftermarket parts
developer then you know that they usually have a
current vehicle or two that has been purchased as
product development test
sled. These cars are often
barely street legal and loaded
with prototype equipment everything from custom exhaust
systems, hop-up engine parts,
suspension kits, body kits and
other goodies. The interiors
are loaded with laptops, loosely
wired and often trim pieces and
other bits are out right missing
from the car. Then when the
development work is done, the
cars are hastily reassembled and
sold for the prevailing market retail, which because of what
they've been through, is usually far below high blue book.
Not so NM Engineering's 2008 CooperS development
sled. According to Jerry Tambayong, NM's general
manager, this MINI is different. So different, in fact,
that the company has been using it as the model in its
advertising campaign (See the inside front cover of this
issue) to highlight the
various performance and
body parts that the company
"We usually buy cars only
for R&D," says Jerry. Then
we buy, develop products,
test products, and bolt on
products and try to sell the
car before it depreciates
too much. Our '08 R56 is
different. We bought it as
a used, low mileage car (to
save money) from a local fire
fighter. It wasn't even a year old. We started developing
parts and software for the car, and the more parts we
installed, the more 'fun' to drive it became. Finally, this
winter, the car was finished. Anything and everything
by Peter D. DuPre
Photos by
Jerry Tambayong
Issue 36 - MC2 Magazine
that could possibly be improved was
replaced by our NM products ... She is a
lot different now. It went from a go-kart
handling out of the box and is now road
And what a little monster it is.
According to Jerry, the car is currently
pushing out 235 wheel horsepower
and goes like a rocket, thanks to the
Orange LEDs in the side scuttles look cool and offer a margin of safety.
installation of a Forge
intercooler, NM induction
kit, remapping of the ECU
with an NM Stage II upgrade,
and a NM 60mm down pipe stainless exhaust.
It also stops well, too. The crew at NM installed
Wilwood 12.2-inch rotors up front with
Wilwood 4-piston calipers and pads, plus NM
stainless steel brake lines.
Chassis upgrades include NM 22mm solid
rear sway bar, NM 7075 alloy sway bar bracket
with grease fitting and an NM 7075 alloy rear
sway bar link. Up front is a NM 7075 alloy front
sway bar link, Koni Sport Shocks (Yellows) on
all four corners, NM RSA performance springs,
rear NM Titanium control arm, NM Front Strut
Brace w/ Strut Tower Plate. The car has been
lowered 1.3-inches all around and the rubber
is a set ofBFGoodrich G-Force Super Sport
- 215/35R18 tires mounted to NM's Rse07,
18x7.5-inch black 7-spoke alloys.
The exterior body work has been upgraded
with a JCW grille, and air flow has been
improved with NM carbon fiber front lip
spoiler and rear spoiler extension, plus an Out
Motoring stubby antenna.
Headlights and taillamps have color-matched trim rings. NM extended wing aids
air flow.
BF Goodrich 215/95ZR18 runflats are mounted to NM RSeo718-inch 7-spoke
wheels. A Wilwood big brake kit makes stopping quick.
Just-for-fun items include NM carbon
fiber scuttles with LED light, color matched
headlight/taillight trim, blackened fuel filler,
and an NM short shift kit with cover.
Currently, NM is developing an oil catch
can for the car and then they plan to enjoy it for
a while.
"But not too long," says Jerry. "We love our
'08 Cooper S hatchback, but we are planning
on buying a Countryman later in the year and
budgets being what they are, the '08 will have
to go at some point. Until then, we plan to
drive the heck out of it!" MD
All NM performance products installed on the development car are dyno-test to
prove their pudding before the product goes to market.
Issue 36 - MC2 Magazine

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