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Top Home
Top Home,
so much more than just fire cover
Your house is far more than simply
a roof over your head to protect you
from the elements.
Solid basic policy and options
tailored to your needs
It’s where you come to rest after
a hard day’s work, where you tuck
in your kids at night, where you
entertain your friends and where you
keep your most precious possessions.
A place that means everything to you.
Your home.
Do you own your house? Are you a
landlord? Are you renting a flat? Or
are you in the process of building or
renovating? BNP Paribas Fortis draws
on the extensive product range of
AG Insurance to offer you optimum
protection in all those situations.
Alongside an exceptionally complete
basic policy, Top Home allows you
to choose from a wide
selection of optional covers
that tailor your insurance
to your precise needs.
Choose the very
best protection
for your home
2 Insurance
Top Home 3
peace of mind
Top Home
Your home
deserves the best protection
Discover the extent
of our cover
It goes without saying that Top Home
insures you against fire. It will
reimburse your fire-damaged goods,
find you a hotel during the rebuilding period, help with the children and
your pets, arrange for your home to
be guarded while it is vulnerable, and
more besides.
And that’s not all! Your integrated
home insurance cover also helps you
with all those smaller losses that can
4 Insurance
cost a lot of money too, without ever
losing sight of the fact that your home
is much more than just a set of walls,
with a roof, doors and windows.
If you think your home deserves
the best possible protection,
Top Home is just what you need
Benefit from
the widest cover
|| Gale-force winds? Hailstones the
size of golf balls? You’re covered for
the lot: your carport, gazebo, outside
lights, mailbox, solar panels, satellite
dish and even the greenhouse in
which you grow your vegetables are
all protected. The same goes for your
fencing, even if it consists of a hedge.
|| Damage caused by a leaking pipe?
Top Home will pay for everything,
from locating the problem to putting
it right;
|| A crack has suddenly appeared
in your ceramic glass hob? That’s
covered too. And so are your windows,
skylights, conservatory, glass tables,
solar panels, baths and sinks, as
well as your TV screen, whether it’s
LCD, plasma, LED or the latest 3D
model! You’re even insured against
condensation inside your doubleglazing that stops you seeing through
your windows properly.
|| Has an electrical fault caused your
freezer to defrost? We’ll compensate
you for the spoiled food.
Top Home 5
Top Home
Your most treasured possessions are in good hands
Protect yourself
against natural disasters
Top Home goes
way beyond
the minimum
compulsory cover
You don’t have to take out fire cover.
But if you’re smart and you do, the
insurer has to provide minimum
‘natural disaster’ cover.
Top Home goes much further. We
also cover a house being built, your
gazebo and your terrace. What’s
more, AG Insurance applies a low
policy excess compared to the legal
6 Insurance
A promise is a promise
Top Home makes the clearest possible promise:
‘Everything is covered, apart from...’
There are very few exclusions, and these are
spelled out clearly upfront. What’s more, Top Home
doesn’t just cover your main residence, but also
physical damage to your children’s student accommodation, your rented holiday home, a garage you
rent further up the street, reception rooms you hire
for family events, through to your parents’ room in
a pensioners’ home. Your insured contents are also
covered when moved to those locations.
Top Home 7
Three key
|| The
number of rooms in your home;
your home is a single
family dwelling or flat;
|| Whether you own or rent your
|| Whether
And that’s it. No complicated
calculations requiring you to measure
everything up or specify the detailed
condition of your home: you simply
count the number of rooms and you’ve
nothing else to worry about.
and transparency
Your insurance
means assistance. 24 hours a day
Knowing that your losses will be
reimbursed quickly and smoothly
isn’t necessarily the first thing on
your mind if your roof has just blown
off or water is flooding in.
cover for total certainty
How much should you insure your
home and its contents for to avoid
being underinsured?
Calculating the value you need
to insure couldn’t be easier!
You know exactly where you are with
Top Home, thanks to a simple formula
based on:
8 Insurance
You can count on
A single phone call is all it takes for
our TeleClaims service to put your
Top Home cover into action: whether
it’s guarding your home and furniture, finding emergency shelter for
your kids and your pets, or paying
for alternative accommodation if you
can’t stay in your home. You can also
ask for a technician to help you with
the first emergency measures.
Top Home 9
means you don’t have to pay any
part of the claim yourself as soon
as the level of that claim rises
above the ‘excess’ applying within
Top Home.
Special possessions deserve
special care
That’s why you can add individual
options to Top Home for peace of
mind tailored to your exact personal needs.
The answer to all
your needs
The Garden Pack, meanwhile, is
ideal if you’ve invested a lot of time
and money in a beautiful garden.
An absolute must:
the Home & Assist Pack+
Even for losses that
aren’t insured
With this formula, you can count
on urgent assistance from technical
specialists to deal with all sorts of
building-related problems. It doesn’t
even have to relate to covered
damages: if your central heating
decides to break down on a Sunday,
for instance, or you have a blocked
drain or your garage door is jammed.
The Home & Assist+ pack also features
a ‘British-style’ policy excess, which
10 Insurance
If you have a swimming pool, for
instance, you can insure it with our
Swimming Pool Pack, which also
covers poolside accidents.
Our Building & Renovation Pack
provides full building site insurance,
including accident cover for unpaid
assistants and visitors to the site.
And if your home contents include
expensive art works or valuable
collections requiring special facilities, you should
definitely ask about our
Security Pack.
Take advantage
of a ‘British-style’
policy excess
Top Home 11
A specialist
The experts at TeleClaims will take care
of everything for you
24 hours a day,
7 days a week
Your home is no longer habitable?
Emergency measures are needed to
prevent further damage?
TeleClaims will provide you with
immediate, round-the-clock assistance: temporary accommodation
for your family, emergency repairs
by qualified tradesmen, and so on.
TeleClaims itself will also deal with
all the paperwork, notify a loss
adjuster and make an appointment
You can even ask for a repairman
A claim?
Call TeleClaims
Assistance and claims handling are
so important that we’ve created a
specialist service to deal with them:
The professional know-how and
experience of our TeleClaims
specialists mean that most claims
will be processed before you know it.
Full guarantee
on any repairs
carried out
Notify us of your
claim online
12 Insurance
If an incident occurs, simply call
TeleClaims on the free phone number
0800 96 040 (Dutch) or 0800 96
050 (French) or report your claim
online at: www.bnpparibasfortis.
be/declaration (FR) / www. (NL).
If the losses allow it, TeleClaims will
offer to have them repaired for you
straight away. It will send registered
tradesmen to do the work, which
will even be covered by a six-month
guarantee. It’s up to you.
Top Home 13
out all
about Top Home
Our General Terms &
Conditions are available
from our branches or
on our website
The right choice
begins with solid information
As far as BNP Paribas Fortis is
concerned, the right choice begins
with clear, precise information.
If you’d like more
information about Top
Home, our packs or
the services offered by
TeleClaims, or to get a
personalised quotation
14 Insurance
|| Make an appointment at one of
our branches;
|| Call us on 02 433 40 34
(Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.,
and Saturdays, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.);
|| Visit
Top Home 15
BNP Paribas Fortis is here for you.
Visit your branch
(by appointment, Mo–Fr to 7pm; Sa 9–noon)
Call us on 02 261 11 11
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Financial transaction?
(Mo–Fr, 7am–10pm; Sa 9am–5pm)
Visit our mobile website (24/7)
Top Home is a product of AG Insurance SA/NV, Boulevard E. Jacqmain/E. Jacqmainlaan 53,
B-1000 Brussels, VAT BE 0404.494.849. Company licensed under code number 0079 to
engage in all ‘Non-life’ classes (classes 1–18) (Royal Decree 4/7/79, Gazette 14/7/79; Royal
Decree 29/12/86, Gazette 14/1/87; Royal Decree 7/12/88, Gazette 20/12/88; FSMA Decision
31/5/05, Gazette 14/6/05). Top Home is offered by Fortis Bank SA/NV, Montagne du Parc/
Warandeberg 3, B-1000 Brussels – RPM/RPR Brussels – VAT BE 0403.199.702. Accredited
intermediary, FSMA no. 25,879A, acting as insurance
­intermediary for AG Insurance SA/NV. BNP Paribas
Fortis is the trading name of Fortis Bank SA/NV. This
This brochure is printed
document contains general information about Top
on 100% recycled
Home. The precise level of cover is set out in the
paper with the
General Terms and Conditions for Top Home.
European Ecolabel
Fortis Bank SA/NV
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Warandeberg 3
1000 Brussels
RPM/RPR Brussels
VAT BE0403.199.702
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AG Insurance SA/NV
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E. Jacqmainlaan 53
1000 Brussels
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VAT BE0404.494.849
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Fortis Bank SA/NV,
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