Hospital Information
System (HIS)
Electronic Medical
Record (EMR)
Hospital Information System (HIS)
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Arcron Systems, Inc.
Arcron Systems has been providing hospital information
technology and services to the global healthcare industry
for around 20 years. Arcron Systems delivers cutting edge
technologies to hospitals for enhanced medical care as
healthcare management solution.
Arcron Systems specializes in Healthcare Information
Technology such as Hospital Information System (HIS) and
Electronic Medical Record (EMR). Arcron Systems helps
modernize hospitals by creating health care networks, offering
advanced System Integration (SI), and Information Technology
Operations (ITO).
ArcronHIS Hospital Information System
ArcronHIS has many benefits to help improve the quality of
patient care.
•Customizable interfaces for making quick prescription orders
•Clinical research data available
•Advanced patient schedule management
•Real-time patient status check for improved bedside care
•Timesaving logistics for improved work productivity
•Easy-to-use computerized workflow
•Fast and high quality medical services
•Real-time access to the most up-to-date health records
•Efficient resource management
•Various data analysis and statistics offer
•Accurate and prompt profitability analysis
ArcronHIS is a technology platform and offers a full array of
functionalities required by medical facilities of different sizes
throughout the world. ArcronHIS is a Hospital Information
System that integrates all possible hospital tasks into a single
networked system : Administrative Services, Clinical Services,
Ancillary Services, and Electronic Medical Record. ArcronHIS is
also a fully integrated and web-based system that is efficient
and expandable. With its modularized architecture and highly
customizable functions, ArcronHIS increases the task efficiency
and the productivity enhancing the patient care quality and
the profitability for the modernized hospitals.
ArcronEMR Electronic Medical Record
ArcronEMR is an EMR management system that stores and
manages the patient information received through hospital
networks. ArcronEMR solves age-old problems, namely
paper-oriented documentations of hospital records. EMR
supports comfortable use of storage space, shorter process
time, quick information transfer to other departments of the
hospital, and easy maintenance with a single touch while
being very cost-effective.
ArcronEMR is systematically interlocked with PACS (Picture
Archiving Communication System) and CPOE (Computerized
Physician Order Entry) to create single integrated medical
Originally designed to integrate healthcare networks,
AcronHIS was developed with the flexibility and technological
Administrative Services
Patient Management | Scheduling l Admission/Discharge/
Transfer | Chargemaster | Billing | Statistics
•Fully integrated administrative system to support all sections
of a hospital
•Flexible design to adapt quickly to any changes
•Fast and accurate billing management system
Powering Healthcare innovation with Arcron Systems
Clinical Services
Prescription | Nursing | Surgery | Dialysis | Infection/Allergy
With set of strength, ArcronHIS helps improved speed &
accuracy of patient care.
• Prescription features to read and write easily
•Efficient management of surgery, anesthetic, and nursing
related records
•Integrated with EMR functions to send and receive real-time
Fully Integrated System
Real-time data and information shared throughout the entire
hospital site
Highly customizable and efficient interfaces to adapt to any
Easy-to-use interface offers
Modularized designs of the system for easy upgrades and
system repairs
Single Sign-on
Single user interface for all types of information
Ancillary Services
Radiology | Laboratory | Pathology | Blood Bank |
Rehabilitation | Pharmacy | Dietary
•Convenient view and search for all the required information
• Efficiency of treatment processes
• Accurate test result management with real-time sharing
EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
Physician Records | Nursing Records | Template Creator
•Quick and user-friendly documentation of treatment and
nursing records
•Full customization of documents through template creator
•Instantaneous access to any authorized medical records
Convenient Order Entry
Preset orders by physician, department, and hospital
The 4-lesses
100% slip-less, chart-less, film-less, and paper-less
Real-time Sharing
Order and patient data to all departments
Arcron Systems, Inc.
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