building a better community


building a better community
As the 2010-11 year ends, we continue to move
forward with a strategy that will take us into the
future strong and ready to continue serving the
Northwest Florida community, where we‘ve
been an active presence for 130 years.
In the summer of 2010, the YMCA of the USA
formally and officially announced the launch of a
revitalized brand for the Y, which we embraced
fully in our local association last June. While the
design and colors of the brand changed, our
three areas of focus have remained unchanged:
we are for youth development, healthy living
and social responsibility. The main purpose of
our rebranding has been to clarify our cause so
we can better educate our members and the
community about the difference that we make in
our work. We are so much more than a gym or
a pool – we are men, women and children from
all walks of life, brought together with a shared
vision of making our community a better place
to live. Through our scholarship program, we
make sure that the Y continues to be a place for
everyone. While our new brand will help us
better interpret our work, our commitment to
community and Christian values remain
Many people don‘t realize the effect that the Y
has on the lives of those in our community, but
we make a tremendous impact every day. In
this annual report, we‘ll share the story of
Chandler MacGregor, a boy whose entire life has
changed for the better because of his Y
experience. The Y is not just a building. It‘s
people united by a spirit, a cause and a
responsibility to each other.
Our work over the past year supports the launch
of the new brand. We completed our board-led
strategic planning process, identifying the main
areas that will drive our focus in the coming
years: developing the total child into adulthood,
battling obesity and chronic disease, closing the
gaps in teen service and increasing our causedriven funding.
We had a strong year for our Partner with Youth
annual support campaign, adding two dozen
members to our Chairman‘s Roundtable – those
donors who give $1,000 or more in a calendar
year and are recognized with banners in our
branches. The money raised through this
campaign helps us guarantee that no adult,
child or family will ever be turned away.
We continue to realign our leadership staff to
guide our operations. Long-time staff member
Dottie Thomas has been promoted to full Branch
Director of the Pullum Branch in Navarre. At
year‘s end, we also welcomed veteran Y
professional Mike Smiley as our new District
Executive over the Downtown and Northeast
We again humbly thank all those individuals –
members, donors, volunteers and other
advocates – who continue to make our work
possible. It is all of you who truly make the Y
the diverse, vibrant and meaningful organization
that it is.
John Daniel, Board Chair
Michael Bodenhausen, CEO
We have been the community‘s leader in childcare for more
than 40 years, responding to the critical need for quality childcare that supports and strengthens all families. We are dedicated to nurturing the potential of kids in a safe and fun-filled
environment where kids and young teens can learn, grow and
thrive together. Nearly 650 children participated in childcare
programs at our branches and on-site at schools. Locally, we
are the largest provider of school-age childcare and continue
to expand the quantity and quality of programs we offer.
When school is out, parents still need safe and stimulating environments for their children. Y camp does just that, offering
a variety of activities that promote hands-on learning and
team work with others – a great alternative to TV, video
games or an empty house. More than 700 children flexed their
minds and their muscles through summer day camp and holiday camp programs.
We opened our first VPK (Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten) site at
the Pullum Branch. Through this state-licensed program, we
focused on developing the building blocks of education in 4year-old‘s to help prepare them for success in school ahead.
We welcomed 40 children into this program.
In Y sports, we build skills, values and fun in a way that offers an alternative to highly competitive programs. There are
no tryouts, each child plays at least half of every game, and
parents are encouraged to play an active role in practices and
games. Nearly 2,000 children and 200 volunteers from the
two-county area had a ball while developing character values
through sports such as soccer, flag football, basketball and
Living in a beautiful coastal community, we want our children
to learn safety in and around the water. Swim lessons at the
Y give children the skills to be safe in the water, plus a sense
of accomplishment from learning something new and a great
way to exercise for life. We taught more than 1,600 swim lessons to children who developed their water skills through Y
swim lessons at our pools, while more than 3,000 enjoyed
recreational summer fun in the water.
We believe that personal wellness is vital for the
men, women and children we serve. Our goal is to
create opportunities for our members to feel
healthy, welcome and connected as they grow in
spirit, mind and body. This year, more than 7,500
men, women and children from all walks of life
gathered at the Y for fitness, fun and fellowship. This diversity truly makes the Y a place for
We believe in expanding our definition of healthy
living beyond the weight room. Our Corporate
Cup Games promote wellness in the workplace
while building company pride and camaraderie.
The Body Challenge and Waist Management Challenge offered adults support and good-natured
competition to make lasting changes in their
health. Meanwhile, martial arts, running club and
SCUBA remained staples of the Y menu of wellness programs.
We believe that the Y‘s resources belong to the community, so we make it a priority to share our blessings
with individuals and groups all year round. We open
our buildings to community groups who need a place
to meet, work and play—groups like the Special Olympics swim team, churches, reading tutors and Scout
groups. At our Downtown Branch, we offered 3,300
free showers annually to transient individuals in need
of a place to clean up.
We support other area nonprofits by offering membership packages to help them in their event fundraising.
And through our Halloween at the Y event, we offer a
safe and fun trick-or-treating experience for 300 special
needs children who have the chance to engage with
others in this unique holiday party.
Chairman’s Roundtable—$1,000 and up
American Fidelity Insurance
The Andrews Institute
Arizona Chemical
BB&T Bank
BigTop Bingo, Inc
Michael & Sharon Bodenhausen
Chad & Cindi Bonner
Cactus Flower Café
CCI/Carson Construction
Anna & Jack Causey
Al & Judy Condon
D.W. McMillan Foundation
Georgia Edmiston
Jonathan Goyert & Karen Daniels
Gulf Coast Community Bank
Gulf Power Company
Don & Kelli Haferkamp
Clint & Eva Hale
Island Resorts Development, Inc.
Jon Kagan
Landrum Professional
Bryan & Laura Lee
Levin Papantonio Family Foundation
Richard & Cyndy Linton
Tammy Manse
Mellow Mushroom
Michele W. Hill Foundation
Navarre Family Eye Care
The Nickelsen Family
Ashley Pace
William & Vicki Parkhurst
Patriots of the Roundtable
Michael Percy
The Phillips Family
Pickett Chiropractic
John Porter
Pullum After-school Penny Wars
Regions Bank
Regions Bank - Navarre
Todd & Andrea Rosenbaum
Running Wild
Sacred Heart Health System
William Sloan
Society of Debutante Charity Cotillion
Dave & Bonnie Stimpson
Lloyd Sutherland
Tim Ludvigsen Photography
Dottie Thomas
The UPS Store - Navarre
Melissa Voyles & Rick Lewis
Wal-Mart - Creighton Road
Wal-Mart - Navarre
Steve & Denita Williams
The Family of Hollice Williams
Petrina Windsor
Woodfin Cabassa Orthodontics
1st Navy Bank
All Seasons Air
Bank of America Matching
Gift Program
Bank of the South
Joseph Buehler
Patty & Chip Campbell
Zolene Carlson
Elks Lodge 2787
Judy & Ed Galbavy
Robert Gowing
Wendell Hall
Larry Hill
Joseph Lloyd
R. E. Mauch
Alan & Margie Moore
Molly Murphy
Bennett Orr
Ottley Smiles Dental Center
Dr. Henry Roberts
Steve Peranich
Southern Scrap Co.
"Through the Fire"
Warrington Bank
Dixon Adams
Stan & Carole Adams
Allstop Water Proofing
David Anderson
Vincent Andry
Apple Corps Foundation
John Armentrout
Paul Austin, D.M.D.
Baird Chiropractic Center
Dick & Laverne Baker
Mark Baker
Phillip Bates P.A.
Beaulieu of America
David Beaulieu
Randy Bell III
Hank Bell
Tom Bell
Ann Belleau
Charlie Benboe
Gilbert Bennett
Robert Benz
Colleen Betz
Thomas Birdwell
Fred & Brenda Vigodsky
Joshua & Tiffany Bloom
Constance Bookman
Sandy Boozer
Tom Boozer
Bradley Masonry
Brent Bradley
Patrick Broadus
Michael Brothers
Gabriel Brown
Michael Brown
Randy & Neely Brown
Richard & Bonnie Bucco
Virginia Buchanan
John Tice
Morgan & Ann Bunch
Michael Burroughs
Cactus Flower Café of
Ed Gray
Charles Carlan
William Clancy
John Clark
Peter Clarke
Steven Clay
Coastal Courier, Inc.
Coins, Sportscards & Racing Collectibles
Dolores Coleman
Collector Solutions
Scott & Katie Collins
Rick Columbia
Thomas Condon
Contract Resources
Daniel & Jodi Cooke
Larry Cooke
Covenant Hospiice
Shirley Cronley
Blair Crooke
Cub Scout Troop #104
Rachel Culberson
Kenneth Curtis
Stacy Dahlberg
Dr. R. Edward Daniel
J. Nixon Daniel
John & Marie Daniel
Jennifer Darden
Frank Daughtry
Linda Decocker
Greg Derycke
William Dickerson
Charles Dodson
Tim & Valerie Dunsford
East Bay Insurance
Scott Eddy
Energy Services of Pensacola
E.W. Bullock Associates
Mark Faulkner
Rae Faust
Virginia Fenstemacherr
Ferry & Ferry, P.A.
Michael Finney
Fisher Brown, Inc.
John Fleming
Mike Flounlacker
Connie Formby
Fountain, Schultz & Associates
Frank Fox
Stephanie Frazier
Jeffrey French
Gary Sapps Automotive
Steve Geci
Tim Giertz
Rachael Gilmer
Brooke Goldberg
Brad Gowing
Bob Graves
Green Consulting
Wanda Greene
Mark Griffin
Terry Gross
Gulf Coast Office Products
Donavin Hagee
Ashleigh Hall
Rob & Dianne Hamer
Lane Harper
Don Hess
Stacy Holland
James Holmes
Mark Huffman
Sarah Hulsey
Christopher Hyche
J&D Properties of Okaloosa
Bernard Jacob
Brett Jeffrey
Joe Dereuil Associates
Doug Johnson
Hilda & Ray Jones
Chuck & Laura Kaiser
Christopher & Jules Kariher
Donald Kelly
Gabrielle Kerns
Ted Kirchharr
Dale Knee
Kool Breeze of Northwest
Ed Koontz
Dale Korn
Larry Downs Jr. Plumbling
Barbara & Dennis Larry
Jennifer Larson
James Lay
Pepe & Jean LeBoeuf
Rev Russell Levenson, Jr.
Lyle & Wendy Levesque
Lighthouse Private Christian Preschool
Lion's Club of Navarre
David Lister
Robert Lowell
Rob & Justyn MacFarland
Dave & Irene Macy
Bob Maloy
Craig Martin
Maxfit Sports Nutrition
Michael Mazenko
Kenneth McClanna
Laurence McCrary
Megan McGrew
Johnny Meads
Melissa Menard
Lawrence Metz
Mitch & Michelle Miguez
Ronald Mitchell
Marcia Monti
Cal Moore
Ed Moore
Mike Morette
Carson Morton
Katrina & Peter Mougey
Mark Sortino
Ben Myers
Karen Naselius
Michael Nicholas
Alan & Mollie Nickelsen
Ric Nickelsen
Matthew & Jana Nixon
Nurses on Call, Inc.
Bob Olliff
Gayle Ortiz
Tom Owens
Julie Parker
James Parrish
Elizabeth Payne
Pen Gulf, Inc.
David Penniman
Pensacola Honda
Pensacola Photo Supply
William Phillips
Henry "Skeeter" Phipps
Playground Auto Service
Renee Pouvreau
PR Chemical & Paper
Prime Lending
Albert Pruden
Bart Pullum
Quina Grundhoefer Architects
Sally Rabinowitz
Tom Raia
Andy Remke
Mr. & Mrs. John Renfroe
Maurice Reynolds
John Richardson
Buzz Ritchie
Susan Ritenour
Melissa Roper
Andrew Rothfeder
Les Rushing
Kevin & Chandra Ryan
Craig Sammons
Rick & Sarah Sanchez
Linda Sawyer
Stephanie Saylor
Sue Schwartz
Robert Sellers
Mitzi Shanks
Helen Sherman
Simply Perfect Photography
Linda Simpson
Amy Sliva
Andrea Smith
Jodi Snodgrass
Bob Snyder
Frank Spitzage
Starr's Auto
Brittany Stevens
Eric & Carrie Stevenson
Richard Stone
William Stuart
Bobby Switzer
Tommy Tait
Sandra Takaro-Miller
James Tarwater
Bentina Terry
The Fish House
Trademark Properties
Gloria Tyler
Urban Infil Corporation
Grant Urquhart
Bonnie Vail
Van Chem
Kerry Vermillion
Christine Viator
Guy & Leslie Vilardi
Cynthia Villanova
Vision Bank
Skip Vogelsang
Danny Wade
Jonathan Wade
Sarah Walton
Warren Hollow Metal Doors
Aaron Watson
Jane Weaver
Carl Wernicke
James West
Whitney National Bank
Charles Wiggins
Wilson Floor Covering
Women of St. Christopher's
Justin Wymore
Marie Young
Lawrence Zachow
Joseph Zarzaur
Zumbathon Event
up to $99
James Allen
Appleyard Agency
Meri Asmar
Amy Baldwin
Connie Bednar
Keith Bell
Virginia Bell
Raymond Bisson
Bob Cole's Import
James Bowden
Jeffrey Bowen
Tracy Brent
Paula Brewer
Susan Brown
Estelle Browne
Steve Bryars
Dorothy Buchanan
Jessica Buchanan
Louise Burch
Jeff Burdo
Fred & Sue Byfield
Miller Caldwell
Thomas Camp
Christopher Campbell
Paulette Campbell
Michael Carmody
Vernisa Carraway
Jonathon Carter
Paul Castillo
Ed Castleberry
Dallas Chapman
Susan Chapman
Christine Clements
Tim Coleman
Lisa Common
Rachel Courtney
Nicholas Crosswell
Vincent Currie, Jr
Kimberly Davion
Evelyn Davis
Patsy Dean
Lockett Degraaf
Samantha Denham
Bill & Wendy DePury
Mike & Millie Desorbo
Rob Dill
Michael Dooley
Doug Fulford Landscaping
Maria Dudley
Karen Dupree
Carl & Marge Durfee
Julie Dyson
Reid Edmiston
Maryanne Edwards
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Cynthia Ellis
Dean Emerson
Charles & Joyce
Ennis & Associates
Claire Escobedo
Duwayne Escobedo
Sarah Escobedo
Liz Evans
Regina Ewing
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Donna Fetter
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Angela Florez
Jack Forester
Douglas Fulford, Sr
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Gulf Coast Trophies
Brad Guthrie
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Angela James
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David & Tina Johnson
Phyllis Johnson
Ricardo Johnson
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up to $99
Kari Keeton
Sandi Kemp
Kimmel & Baston
Dallas King
Lunette Kovatch
Portia Kozma
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Kenneth Larson
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J. O. Zachow
Among our professional staff, 100% contribute to our annual
support campaign. Of these, four are members of our Chairman’s
Roundtable. Among our part-time staff, 31 contributed to the
We have made every effort to produce a complete and accurate
list of this year’s donors. If we have made an error or omission,
please notify us so that we may update our list.
According to doctors, Chandler McGregor shouldn‘t have lived long enough
to celebrate his first birthday. He was one of a set of quadruplets, delivered to
Katina White when she was 21½ weeks pregnant. At birth, he weighed just 15
ounces. As a newborn, he underwent open heart surgery, spent months in the
NICU and eventually had 20 diagnoses, including autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and failure to thrive.
But Chandler defied the odds, and today, at age 11, is thriving at Holm
Elementary and in the Y‘s after-school child care program and summer day
The family was living in Gulf Shores, but Katina says the schools there
simply couldn‘t handle her son‘s complex needs. She moved to Florida in
search of better care for Chandler, and, after months of meetings and documentation, was able to enroll him at Holm.
Katina, a West Florida nurse manager, needed after-school care to keep
her job, but she knew she needed to find the right place with the right staff to
make it work. She found a program for kids with special needs, but her doctor‘s recommendation was that Chandler needed to be around more typical
kids to progress. Anything less, and he predicted Chandler would lose ground.
She learned that the Y offered after-school care at Holm and decided to approach staff to see if they
could manage her son‘s needs. She vividly remembers meeting Child Care Director Angela James and
her words: ―You know what, there‘s no guarantee. But we‘re going to give it a good try!‖ That good try
quickly turned into an answer to Katina‘s prayer in the form of the Y and especially Site Director Joyce
―He started talking to me, and I just connected with him,‖ Joyce says. She learned Chandler‘s preferences and needs, worked closely with him on homework strategies, and developed a special relationship
with him. ―I remember the first time he said, ‗Ms. Joyce, I love you. Last night I prayed for you.‘ I
started crying.‖
―Ms. Joyce is so in tune with Chandler,‖ Katina says. ―She can calm him down. She knows if there‘s
something wrong. I have total confidence in her. She takes care of him like I do. She loves my child!‖
Chandler‘s mother was so thrilled at the progress her son made at the Y‘s after-school program that
she decided to enroll him in summer camp. ―Chandler excelled in camp. Learning to swim and being with
children his own age allowed his social skills to mature,‖ she explains. That success has continued, as
Chandler now makes eye contact with others, introduces himself and engages in conversation – all social
skills he‘s developed at the Y.
To the casual observer, Chandler fits in quite nicely with the rest of the Y kids. What does he like
about summer camp? ―I get to play outside, swim and talk with friends I‘ve made,‖ he says. And his
opinion of Ms. Joyce? ―She‘s a really good counselor!‖
―If he hadn‘t made it at the Y‘s program, I would have had to quit my job, and I don‘t know what we
would have done,‖ Katina says. ―The Y has given him a sense of belonging and has helped him with a
sense of accomplishment.‖
―Without Ms. Joyce, he could not be successful in this program. He loves her like a mother. She has
changed his life, and our whole family‘s life, forever.‖
We are committed to sharing the Y with all men, women
and children, regardless of their financial situation.
Nearly 700 donors contributed more than $172,000 to
our Partner with Youth Campaign over the past fiscal
year. We also receive United Way and grant support that
enables us to reach even more people in need. We value
our partnership with those who demonstrate how much
they value the Y experience by giving so generously.
YTD Actual
Special Events
United Way Allocation
Fees & Grants
Membership Dues
Program Fees
Miscellaneous Income
Salaries & Benefits
YTD Actual
Special Events
Contract Services
United Way
Fees & Grants
Equipment Costs
Travel & Transportation
Conf & Training
Membership Dues
World Service Support
Financing Costs
In 2010, our local community impact totaled more than
$492,000, including direct financial assistance with
membership and programs, plus indirect assistance
through subsidies, facility use and community outreach.
Other Insurance Premiums
Miscellaneous Expense
Intra-YMCA Expenses
Equipment Purchases
Net Assets
Healthy Living
June 30, 2011 - unaudited
Youth Development includes childcare, camp, sports, aquatics and teen development.
Healthy Living includes health and wellness membership.
Social Responsibility includes facility use and community outreach.
Cindi Bonner
Ed Carson
Steven Clay
Rick Columbia
Alison Davenport
John Daniel, Chair
Don Haferkamp
Jon Kagan
Chuck Kaiser
Ted Kirchharr
Alan Moore
Molly Murphy
Michelle Ortiz-Miguez
Tom Owens
John Porter
Buzz Ritchie
Dr. Henry Roberts
Todd Snyder
Kelley Thompson
Aaron Watson
David Williams
Steve Williams
Bill Phillips, Special Advisor
415B N. Tarragona St.
Pensacola, FL 32501
850 432 8327
FAX 850 465 9924
Downtown Branch
410 N. Palafox St.
Pensacola, FL 32501
850 438 4406
FAX 850 465 0596
Michael Bodenhausen, Executive Director
Angela Fell, Administrative Assistant
Adrienne Maygarden, Finance Director
Andrea Rosenbaum, Director of Advancement
Mike Smiley, District Executive
Stephanie Frazier, Membership Director
Dale Korn, Maintenance Director
Matthew Nixon, Wellness Coordinator
Bonnie Steffensmeier, Aquatics Coordinator
Northeast Branch
3215 Langley Ave.
Pensacola, FL 32504
850 478 1222
FAX 850 478 7255
Pullum Branch
2379 Pawnee Dr.
Navarre, FL 32566
850 936 0049
FAX 850 939 7447
Mike Smiley, District Executive
Mark Baker, Senior Program Director
Dan Cooke, Membership Director
Angela James, Child Care Director
Dottie Thomas, Branch Director
Jenny Darden, Child Care Director
Doug Johnson, Program Director
Vanessa Porten, Membership Director
Tom Raia, Maintenance Director
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